Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

The main reason why winter hair is easy to get oil: Oil scalp is the root cause of hair oil. When sebum secretion exceeds normal by about 10%, the hair will appear oily, and sebum accumulated on the scalp may cause itching. Simply “washing” does not solve the oil scalp problem. Repeated cleaning will only disturb the secretion of oil glands and exacerbate the oil in the scalp. Professional scalp care for oil scalp causes

Other reasons
1, The body is short of water
Winter is a dry season. If the body is short of water, once the body is water, the scalp will be in a state of water shortage. This will result in imbalance of water and oil, and the hair will be easy to produce oil.

2, Shampoo too hard
If you wash your hair too hard at ordinary times, it will speed up the hair oil, because shampooing will destroy the water and oil balance of your scalp, and naturally it will be oily, and the hair will be oily.

3, Eat too much irritating food
If you eat too much irritating food, for example, too much spicy or greasy food, it will also stimulate your hair to oil, which will also cause the hair to oil fast.

eating-an-esophageal-friendly-soft-food-diet-irritating food
4, Irregular sleep
In particular, some people who stay up all night will find a lot of oil after getting up the next day. This is the irregular sleep that causes the hair to not get an effective rest. How to solve it?

Irregular sleep

10 Useful Tips for Oil Hair
1) Do not use the same shampoo in different seasons
Skin will have different problems in all seasons and even different ages. At this time, we will choose a variety of targeted care products, such as sunscreen, whitening, hydrating, anti-aging and so on. This should also be the case for scalp care. Affected by the environment and its own conditions, our scalp will have different problems at different times. Only by selecting targeted professional care products and solving the problem source can we really restore the scalp to a healthy state.

2) Improve winter hair oil – the right medicine
The scalp, like the skin, may have multiple underlying causes of the same surface symptoms. In the case of dandruff alone, it may be caused by the excessive growth of Malassezia naturally occurring on the scalp. If the scalp type is different, it will also produce oily dandruff and dry dandruff. In addition, if you see a small piece of dandruff on your head immediately after shampooing, it may be caused by sensitive desquamation. Therefore, professional hair stylists should be asked to solve the scalp problem through the professional scalp diagnosis equipment and the right medicine.
3) First of all, the habits should be good, don’t stay up late, not only have enough sleep, but also ensure the quality of sleep, let the brain get rest, will reduce hair oil.

Beautiful Young Woman good Sleeping
4) Try to eat lightly as usual, do not eat very greasy all day or eat often, reduce oil intake.

5) When washing your hair, do not wash your hair with too hot water. The water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. You can massage the acupuncture points on the head to make the blocked pores clear, and also allow oily substances to be discharged.

6) Like the cold season in winter, it is very normal to soak the hot water feet. For those who don’t like to soak their feet and have hair oil, this time must be soaked in the feet, often soaking the feet can reduce the discharge of grease.

feet-treatment-soaked feet
7) Don’t wash your hair too often. The hair is too dry and the water is not enough. On the contrary, it is easy to make oil. You can only wash the head one or two times a day.

8) If it is the oily hair pro, it is recommended that the shampoo do not buy oily, you can buy a milder. Also reduce the use of conditioner, or apply conditioner only at the end of the hair.

9) Because the metabolism of people in winter is slower, it is necessary to pay more attention to exercise conditioning in addition to diet, otherwise the oil will accumulate easily and the hair will easily become oily.

10) Toner is facial hydration, but it can also be used for hair hydration. Hair is easy to oil because of the lack of moisture, so spray a layer of toner on the scalp evenly, or spray a little more on the hair roots, which will not only relieve hair oil, but also add proper moisture to the hair.


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