What was your worst haircut experience?

People always hesitate to choose something especially before they trying to do one thing that they think it important.

Recently, Tracy posted a question on Reddit, “I an appt tomorrow morning and I picked the top right picture but what do y’all think?”


Well, as we can see, women bubble below this post, everyone is the artist of their beauty, people give their opinion, it seems a really successfully salon topic.

“Colour Technician here, it’ll work but I personally think the first one is gorgeous and will suit you well. You can do contouring and highlight with color (face framing freehand lightened parts) Blending the dark with the lightener on the ends will be a slight challenge but always fun.” Holly said with a professional vision.

“Remember to ask questions if you’re still uncertain, it’s your hair and any proper stylist appreciates it.”

While Jocelyn keeps a more conservative and objective evaluation. “The one you picked seems the lowest maintenance so if you want to leave it alone for another year or two after this appointment I think you should grow with that one so it looks good for longer.”


Tony always stand with his customer and try to understand the women’s thinking. “Stylist here, make sure you point out what you like and dislike about each photo. Especially if you like the blond pieces in front, that usually come right from the root, while the rest blend up soft about an inch or two below the root.

What I always try to tell people and clients, is don’t be afraid to give me direction! And be clear about what you want, and any good stylist will tell you an exact plan to get you where you wanna go! Hope this helps! You have beautiful hair 🙂 it will be fun to get something new!”


You may never meet a stylist who always understands you, you check out some beautiful hairstyle and trying to do a salon like that. Yet, sometimes, life cheats you. Do you have any experience if the barber has cut an ugly hairstyle for you?

Last month, I lost my justification and been to a barbershop nearby my school, which was opened by my classmate. I thought this classmate was very smart. Her mother should also be a listener! Got it! understand my request. His professional word made you feel like he is an excellent hairdresser. I didn’t need to cut it too short, but it was too long to be combed. I just took the glasses and then took it for 15 minutes.


My long hair became the lid of the pot? Everything must kidding me. I put up my glasses, looking in the mirror, crashing, yet I couldn’t get angry with my classmate’s mother. So I’m stiff and wow. It’s really short. When I got home, I started crying, how to go to school? All my classmates must laugh at me! At that time, feels that this is the most powerful one I have ever cried in my life. I haven’t been able to stand it for two hours. I back home and asked my mom, “How do you think of my hair? Is it ugly?” My mom looked up, and shut up. I was convinced in an instant, definitely you already know the result.


Sometimes, you feel the stylists are unprofessional, you don’t think they really know you. I know someone said, “Pretty up my face?” You got an ugly face, man? If you have an ugly face, then there’s no putting lipstick on a pig and asking for a miracle. If you want a certain hairstyle, bring pictures.

Another horrible bad hair cut story is from my old friend Sue, “Getting my hair cut always filled me with anxiety, so I would wait for over a year to do it, but then my hair would get all raggedy looking and have hella spilt ends…finally I’d get sick of it and go into a salon, I would explain my fears, bring pics of how I wanted it to look, and every time the stylist would assure me they knew how to cut naturally curly hair, and each time I’d end up in tears when I got home.


I have an uneven curl pattern, so the cut may have looked good in the shop but after a wash or two it would look like crap. My right side would always be way shorter than the left, and the layering would look too puffy for my already chubby face. I don’t have any pictures of those terrible times since I avoided the camera…but I did stumble across one that shows how dry and damaged it would get in between the haircuts.

I finally got tired of all the bad hair days, you can only wear your hair in a ponytail so many times, right? so I started watching youtube videos on how to cut curly hair using the Deva cut method, then I got some hair cutting scissors, took a deep breath, and started cutting. I haven’t looked back.”


This just about made me cry. I’ve struggled with my hair for a very long time. I got a deva cut once, but it’s so expensive I simply can’t do it again. To think I can actually learn how to do it myself…wow. This is an emotional moment for me. Good luck all, wish you meet a hair stylist who knows you.