How to use electric hair iron brush and keep straightening in long time?

Straightening your hair with a hair straightener is a very convenient and easy task at home. Ceramic hair straighteners are widely considered to be the best tool for causing minimal damage to hair. Professional-grade ceramic hair straighteners produce negative ions and infrared rays when straightening your hair, so you can lock your hair without losing moisture.

Straightening your hair with a hair straightener is a very convenient and easy task at home. Ceramic hair straighteners are widely considered to be the best tool for causing minimal damage to hair. Professional-grade ceramic hair straighteners produce negative ions and infrared rays when straightening your hair, so you can lock your hair without losing moisture.  Keep your hair straight for a whole day by using the correct straightening technique and properly handling the hair before and after straightening the hair, while protecting your hair from heat damage. From the following steps you can learn how to use the hair straightener correctly from start to finish.

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Preparation before straightening

1-Use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner to smooth out the hair. You don’t need to buy expensive hair care products. Anything you can buy at a local pharmacy or beauty shop is enough to achieve the desired effect. Just make sure you have a smooth moisturizing effect.


2-Dry your hair after showering. Use your towel to gently squeeze some of the hair to absorb moisture, rather than rough to dry, and dry hair to help prevent excessive curling after bathing.

3-When your hair is still wet, use a thermal protection serum or heat treatment. You should use it when your hair is wet, because it allows you to apply the essence evenly without tangling your hair. Use the wide-toothed comb to comb your hair after using the essence.

  • Hair care products with anti-aging berries, argon oil, Moroccan oil or coconut oil help keep your hair straight.
  • Silicone-containing hair care products are said to also keep hair straight.

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4-Dry your hair. You should dry your hair as much as possible while straightening. This will not only achieve better results when using hair straighteners, but also prevent your hair from being damaged by thermal shock.

  • Blow the hair dryer down the direction of your hair. This orientation away from the hair roots will make your hair smoother while drying.
  • Use the lowest heat file of your hair dryer. If you have more curly hair, use a lower heat profile and a longer blow to prevent your hair from becoming fluffy during the drying process.

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Hair Straightening Hauls

1-Plug in your hair straightener to power it up and switch to the start button. There are also some thermal settings buttons near the start button that you can adjust to the level of heat you want. The thicker your hair is, the higher the level of heat setting. If your hair is very thin and soft, make sure your hair straightener is set to a minimum level to prevent damage to your hair.

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2-Divide your hair into sections. Divide according to the thickness of your hair. The key is to keep each part of the hair between 2 and 5 cm thick, which will ensure that this part of the hair is easy to use when using the hair straightener.

When holding a part of the hair straightened with a straightener, clip the other part of the hair with a clip so as not to block the hair being clipped. An easy way to do this is to clip all the other unused hair to the top of your head or to the back of your shoulder. Then move some of the hair that needs to be clipped to the shoulder to straighten it.

3-When using a hair straightener, clamp up from the hair root as much as possible without burning the scalp. This generally means that the hair straightener is clamped from 2 cm away from the scalp.


4-Tighten the hair straightener down so that the heated side can touch the hair caught inside. Make sure that the clips are not too tight, because if the clips are too tight, the difference between the hair that is not straightened near the scalp and the hair that has been straightened is too obvious. In addition, do not hold a part of the hair for too long when using the hair straightener, which will cause a big difference.

5-Clip the hair straightener down. This process should be smooth and smooth from root to tip. The most important point in using the technique is not to hold a part of the hair for too long. Doing so will hurt your hair and cause creases that are not expected.

6-When straightening a part of the hair with a straightener, it can be straightened multiple times until it is completely straightened. Depending on how thin your hair is, you may only need to operate it once, or it may be operated multiple times to straighten it.

  • The length of the hair straightener also determines the number of straightening operations required to straighten a portion of the hair.
  • The lower the heat level of the hair straightener is set, the more operations you will need.
  • Don’t be surprised when you see hot air coming out of the hair straightener. The appearance of heat is the result of hot ceramics coming into contact with the moisture remaining in your hair. However, if you start to smell the burnt hair, immediately lower the heat level of the hair straightener.


7-After straightening a part of the hair, remove the part of the hair and start to straighten the new part of the hair. Often, straightening a section around the head in a circle rather than randomly is considered the easiest way, because you can easily distinguish between straight and unstiffed hair. If some of the hair caught by the clip is messed up, you need to comb the hair before straightening it.

  • If your hair is easily curled, use a hair spray or serum immediately after straightening with a straightener.
  • Avoid using any hair care products before straightening. Hair care products may have the opposite effect of the straightening process and may cause damage to your hair or hair straighteners.


8-After straightening a portion of the hair, repeat the same operation for each remaining part of the hair. Make sure that each process from the root to the tip should be smooth and smooth to avoid curling your hair.



Keep Your Hair Straight

1-Set the airflow to the lowest level of the blower. Carefully dry the straightened hair for one minute with a hair dryer. If you prefer, you can use a thick comb to guide your hair straight during the drying process.

2-Use a straightened hair spray or a specific spray to keep your hair straight for a whole day. Anti-curling serum with silicone is especially effective for straightening hair after straightening

3-Carry an umbrella with you. If the climate in which you live is humid and rainy, carry an umbrella with you to prevent rain or fog. Moisture in the outside air can curl your hair.


Warning tips:

  • For safety reasons, be sure to turn off the hair straightener each time you use it. Uncorrected hair straighteners may break or cause a fire.
  • Be careful to use hair straighteners around your neck and ears, which can cause burns.
  • Do not place the hair straightener on a piece of hair for an extended period of time. Keep it moving smoothly to prevent breaks.
  • The hair straightener is very hot, making sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Combing your hair when your hair is wet, causing a sharp split and causing damage to your hair.


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