Eyebrow shapes and trimming tips #3 Makeup

Eyebrow shapes,  It is roughly divided into an arched toward the tail eyebrow, straight eyebrow, around eyebrow, and so on. The eyebrow reflects a person’s personality attitude from a certain angle. A pair of beautiful eyebrows, like the designer’s hair, has an absolute bonus to us. Different eyebrows give people different impressions.

Eyebrow Shapes

Arched Toward the Tail: delicate feelings, far-thinking, and elegant temperament.

Applicable industry/face type: artist, literary and art worker/melon face


Straight Eyebrow: Have the responsibility, be thoughtful, have a plan to do things, and give people a decisive and bright impression. The disadvantage is that the personality is less flexible, and it is not willing to give in, it is better.

Applicable industry/face type: Female strongman, financial industry/face type with golden rice bowl.


Arched in the Middle eyebrows: character is determined, not to the last moment, never give up. Everything can be done in the end, so it is one of the good eyebrows.

Suitable for face round and short (babyface), and the eyebrow length is only a little more than the end of the eye, it has a decorative effect.


S-Shaped eyebrows: personality is very proud, stubborn, very confident about yourself, believe in yourself, not easy to trust others.

Applicable industry/face type: Model, free industry/square or round face can be


High Arches: the sense of justice is very strong and upright. The shortcoming is that it is not self-reliant and somewhat self-willed.

Applicable industry/face type: lawyer, business staff/face round

Eyebrows are messy: impulsive, self-willed, and moody, have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships.


Tapered eyebrows:: It is very popular on the surface. The shape of the eyebrows is quite large, and the eyebrows of the arc type are present at the same time, and the long eye reaches the rear of the eye. The woman with the eyebrow eyebrows is a gentle and beautiful gentleman with a very soft heart. There are not many women with such eyebrows. If they encounter it, they must actively grasp it so as not to miss the opportunity and be chased away by other people.

Tapered 1.jpg

Eight-character eyebrows: The mind is broad and has no contention with the world, but it is easily troubled by human feelings. Easy to be led by the nose!

Intimate Tips: Try to raise the curvature of the eyebrows to make the brow bones appear, it seems more confident; carefully choose friends around you to avoid being betrayed.

According to your favorite eyebrow shape, you should correct your personality, think twice, and do not make mistakes.


Tool preparation

Pulling the eyebrow clip: Especially dealing with short hairs, and pulling out the first-class sticks.

Eyebrow scissors: Repair the eyebrows that are too long to make the eyebrows more solid.

Eyebrow knives: Build a perfect eyebrow angle.

Eyebrow comb: Let the eyebrows be affixed, and help the eyebrow scissors to control the length of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow powder: The color of the eyebrow powder is lighter and more natural than the eyebrow pencil, and is suitable for people with clear eyebrows. Use the eyebrow brush to apply the right amount of eyebrow powder, first mix the eyebrow powder color on the back of the hand and then draw it, so that it will not be uneven, first draw the eyebrows to the eyebrows, then use the remaining powder to draw the part of the brow, then use Eyebrow brush brushing the eyebrows can make the eyebrows even.

Eyebrow dyeing: It can adjust the eyebrow color naturally, and can make the eyebrows three-dimensional. Talents with eyebrows can use it. After extracting the eyebrow brush, first remove the excess eyebrow cream on the paper and then brush it. Use the eyebrow cream to start brushing from the root, from the eyebrow to the brow, and brush in the opposite direction of the hair flow. Then dye the eyebrow cream on the hairbrush, the eyebrow color will be more obvious.


Eyebrow pencil: used to draw the backbone line and the lower line, you can draw a clear eyebrow. Choose a color that is closer to the eyebrow color. The best eyebrow pencil color is brown and brown, and the color is more natural. The core of the pen should be thin, and it is easier to draw slender lines. The pen core is moderately soft and easy to color. After drawing the eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, brush it again with a spiral brush, and the eyebrow color is more even and natural.

Eyebrow-type glue: Fix the hair flow of the chaotic hair, make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional, and the eyebrow color is not thick enough. First, draw the eyebrow color and then brush the eyebrow-type glue to have the effect of modification.

Eyebrow pen liquid: Super sweat-resistant liquid eyebrow pencil, before using the eyebrow pencil liquid, first use the cotton swab to clean the emulsion and cream on the eyebrows, and the eyebrow color is more durable.


Drawing your eyebrows

  1. Determine the eyebrow shape

First draw the correct eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, then remove the extra eyebrows, and the drawn eyebrows will be more accurate.

Brow: Place the eyebrow pencil vertically next to the nose, in line with the corner of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the brow.

Brow head: Place the eyebrow pencil on the side of the nose and draw it in line with the outside of the pupil. The intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the eyebrow.

Brow tail: Place the eyebrow pencil next to the nose, in line with the end of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrows is the eyebrow.


  1. Trimming

First brush your eyebrows with a brow brush, then wipe with a lotion to clean.

Apply cotton flakes or hot towels soaked in warm water for 2 minutes at the eyebrows to reduce the pain during removal. You can also apply a layer of moisturizer.

In bright natural light, use a magnifying glass with a normal mirror to reduce the rate of eyebrow errors.

Trim the oversized eyebrows to the appropriate length, leaving the tail part slightly shorter and staying closer to the brow.

Use the eyebrow tongs to pull one out of the eyebrows in the direction of eyebrow growth. Immediately after pulling out, brush the eyebrows and check if there is any error.

When an eyebrow is removed from the root, it should be transferred to another eyebrow to ensure balance.

After pulling out the extra eyebrows, use a razor to scrape the cold hair around the eyebrows, and finally use a small brush to lightly brush.

If you have pain, use cold ice to relieve it; or use tea tree oil to improve redness.


  1. Drawing

You should choose a lighter eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, which looks more comfortable overall.

Eyebrow powder is more natural than eyebrow pencil. If you use an eyebrow pencil, the texture is softer and harder to master.

When using the eyebrow pencil, start from the center of the eyebrow and draw a stroke at the vacancy to the brow or the end of the eyebrow. This effect will be more natural. You can also sweep the eyebrow brush on the eyebrow brush, and then gradually smudge the color from the middle of the eyebrow to the brow, the effect will be more delicate.

The middle of the eyebrows is slightly heavier, and the brows and brows are slightly lighter, which makes the makeup more vivid.

After drawing, use a spiral eyebrow brush to lightly brush a few times to make the color blend better. Finally, use the eyebrow shaping liquid to swipe to make the eyebrows tidier. You can also use transparent mascara instead.


Have no hesitation to check the step-by-step eyebrows shape, trimming and drawing tutorials out in today’s post. They can provide you with makeup tricks as well as beauty tips. You can go nowhere but stay with us to learn these useful ways, get inspired and enjoy.

Eyes Makeup Tutorial – #2 Cosmetic

Eye shadow is a kind of make-up for makeup around the eyes. Eyeshadows are available in powder, stick, cream, lotion and pencil shapes. The primary role of eye shadow is to give the eye a three-dimensional, color tension. There are many types of eye makeup, and the main function is to enhance the contour and create a more three-dimensional makeup.

Eye shadow is a kind of make-up for makeup around the eyes. Eyeshadows are available in powder, stick, cream, lotion and pencil shapes. The primary role of eye shadow is to give the eye a three-dimensional, color tension. There are many types of eye makeup, and the main function is to enhance the contour and create a more three-dimensional makeup.

Eye shadow Categories ( Eye shadow is rich in color and variety. The commonly used eye shadow is divided into eye shadow powder and eye shadow paste.)

The eye shadow powder is a powdery block. The powder is fine and rich in color. It is divided into pearlescent eyeshadow and matte eye shadow. The pearlescent light eye shadow powder can also be used as a face brightening.

Creamy eyeshadows are made from grease, wax and pigment. The appearance and packaging of creamy eyeshadows are similar to lipsticks and are now popular eye cosmetics. Its color is not as rich as eye shadow powder, but it gives a feeling of luster and moisture after application.




#1 Choose a creamy eye shadow or a powdery eye shadow?

Creamy eyeshadow: Paste eye shadow has been popular in recent years, it can achieve a transparent oily, natural makeup, easy to carry, easy to apply. But the disadvantage is easy to remove makeup, suitable for moderate to dry skin.

Powder eye shadow: powder eye shadow is more common in the cosmetics market, it can make the makeup lasting, easy to color, relatively dry, suitable for medium to oily skin.

Matte texture is suitable for natural makeup, and women with puffy eyes are more suitable.

The delicate pearlescent texture is suitable for any skin, and the texture is smooth and easy to apply. The subtle pearls make the eyes look brighter.

#2 Does eye shadow hurt the eyes?

Eye shadows contain moisturizing ingredients so they don’t dry out, and they go through a series of safety tests that generally don’t cause damage to the eyes. If you use some kind of eye shadow to make the eye skin itchy and red, it may be sensitive to the pigment particles of the color. Generally, the darker eye shadow is more likely to occur.


What is my favorite eyes makeup?  — CUT CREASE.

What is Cut Crease? Recall for a moment the last time you applied eyeshadow. Most likely, you would have dusted your favorite shade onto the lids of your eyes, extending the shadow just up to the point where the eyelid skin dips into a crease. The cut crease makeup technique defines that line, extending it slightly above the natural fold with a few clever tricks. As such, it shows off and widens your eyes by creating the illusion of added depth. Whether your eyes are small, large, slanted or hooded, a cut crease will open them up for a beautiful, doe-eyed look. Additionally, the extra space created on the lids will offer a more extensive canvas to show off your favorite eyeshadows.

What should we ready before making a cut crease?

Step1: Choose the right eye shadows



Step2: Choose the right eye brushes


6 Cut crease color  + 4 Levels to do it

# 1 Glitter Cut Crease

Adding a little glitter to your eyeshadow while experimenting with a cut crease will ensure a stunning, evening look that will make your eyes pop. The trick when it comes to glitter is to apply it to the eyelids themselves. Doing so means keeping the eyeshadow above the crease glitter-free and well blended. For a seriously beautiful look, match the glitter color to that of the shadow above your crease. Just make sure to use a slightly darker version of the shade for the cut crease eyeshadow, as this will create depth and let the sparkles stand out. However, if you want to get experimental, you can also use a neutral shade of glitter, and a darker shade of shadow above to create a beautiful two-toned look. While metallic glittery lids are an instant winner on anyone, the shimmer will be particularly dazzling when paired with hazel eyes.



# 2 Gold Glitter Cut Crease

Take the gold cut crease look one step further with a dusting of gorgeous glitter. The metallic sheen of the sparkles will emphasise any gold or green flecks in hazel eyes while the gold undertone will complement all eye colours. Keep your winged eyeliner sharp with an elongated flick to truly enhance the glamour.



# 3 Purple Cut Crease

Across the world, purple is renowned as the colour of magic and allure. As a result, a purple cut crease will add an intriguing element to your makeup. This look is especially captivating on women with olive or darker skin tones. Naturally highlighting any glimmers of green in the eyes, this colour is perfect for those with greeny-blue, green or hazel eyes. Additionally, the dreamy shade will create a mystical effect on icy blue or grey eyes.



# 4 Silver Cut Crease

An ultra-modern and sophisticated silver cut crease will transform your entire appearance by drawing all attention to your eyes. Highlight beautiful brown eyes with this opposing shade or emphasise the piercing allure of light blue or grey eyes. Due to the shimmering, standout nature of this colour, opt for a half cut crease to keep your look refined.



# 5 Pink Glitter Cut Crease

For all the pink ladies out there, a pink glitter cut crease is a fun and flirty way to play up your eyes on a night out. This shimmering style will make your eyes sparkle, but the key is to choose the best shade of pink for your eye color. If you have rare grey eyes, light shades such as salmon pink and coral are for you. Additionally, coral will look incredible on blue-eyed beauties. Alternatively, if you have hazel or green eyes, a dusty, metallic pink will really make you stand out.



# 6  Burgundy Cut Crease

Highly versatile, a burgundy cut crease look can work for both day and night. Whether you’re off to to the office, a daytime wedding or a night out on the town, this alluring look will ensure you appear sophisticated. For a fantastic look, use a neutral, nude shade on your eyelids to emphasise the burgundy cut crease above. Finally, complete the look with a matching burgundy lipstick. This colour looks incredible on women with any colour eyes. However, it is particularly complementary for dark blue or green eyes.



How to Do a Cut Crease

To create a cut crease, you’ll need to apply eyeshadow just above the natural crease of your eyes, and ‘cut’ this new line with concealer or foundation to ensure it appears sharp and polished. Additionally, it is also essential to select an eyeshadow to be applied above the crease that is darker or contrasting to your chosen lid color.



#1 Natural Cut Crease

If you’re looking for a simple, stunning way to define your eyes, but still want that effortless, “I woke up like this” appearance, a natural cut crease is for you. This style will make your eyes stand out by creating definition and highlighting your features. With a little practice, the steps to achieve this look are simple.



  • Apply primer to the eye area.
  • Use a warm neutral shadow to define your crease.
  • Apply concealer or foundation to cut the crease.
  • Set the concealer with a neutral powder before applying nude eyeshadow to your lids.
  • Line the upper eyelid with brown eyeliner and add a coat of mascara.


# 2 Easy Cut Crease

While a cut crease can be the perfect makeup trend to experiment with colours and sparkle, it can also be toned back for a subtle, beautiful look. If you want an easy way to highlight your eyes, aim for a natural cut crease. Then, add a little extra glamour with winged eyeliner.



  • Prime the eyes from the lids to the brow bones and apply a warm, neutral eyeshadow above the crease line.
  • Cut the crease with foundation or concealer and use a translucent powder to set.
  • Apply a natural eyeshadow color that complements your skin tone to the lids.
  • Use a black liquid liner to create a sultry winged eye.
  • Curl your lashes and apply your favorite black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.


# 3 Half Cut Crease

Mastered the easy cut crease and ready to take your makeup skills to the next level? A half cut crease is the beauty weapon to add to your artillery. If you want to experiment with bold colors or shimmering metallics, the half cut crease is the technique to try. Instead of keeping the colors above and below the cut crease separate and defined, this style blends the eyeshadow above down onto the lid, starting at the outer corners and extending towards the middle.



  • Prime the eye area and use a small brush to apply eyeshadow above the natural crease line of your eyes.
  • Cut the crease with concealer or foundation. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply your chosen eyeshadow. We suggest a color that is a lighter shade of the eyeshadow above your crease.
  • Take the first eyeshadow color (used above the crease) and apply to the outer corners of your lid. Blend.
  • Apply winged liquid eyeliner to emphasize the look.


# 4 Double Cut Crease

For a look straight off the runway, we recommend the double cut crease. While this look is usually not for beginners, with a few simple steps and a little practice, you’ll have it mastered in no time. Although it is called the ‘double’ cut crease, this style requires three distinct sections. This includes the eyelids, the cut crease area, and the skin above this space. Instead of the eyeshadow above the cut crease and the shadow on the lids meeting at the crease line, there is a gap created in between the two. The result, therefore, is an incredibly fashionable and intriguing look.



  • Apply primer. Use a small angled brush to apply eyeshadow slightly above your usual cut crease line. Blend.
  • Cut the crease with foundation or concealer. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply your chosen shade to your eyelids, leaving a small gap between it and your other shadow.
  • Use a small brush and concealer to redefine the crease. Apply shimmering powder on top. Tidy eyeshadow if needed.
  • Apply liquid eyeliner, creating a wing that follows the line of the cut crease.


Your eye makeup speaks volumes about your style and when done right, it has the power to be immensely transformative. You don’t have to be a makeup pro or a beauty guru to achieve big, bold and gorgeous eyes. Just try it what you got here today.



Best Lipstick tips and tricks 2019 #1 Makeup

When it comes to beauty products that we love, lipstick is forever at the top of our list. Whether you’re looking for ways to customize your perfect color, application techniques to ensure flawless wear or even the easiest way to get rid of a lipstick stain (ever), here are going to revolutionize your lip game—forever. Here are introducing a number type of lipstick, Favorite brands and our 10 most brilliant lipstick tricks.

When it comes to beauty products that we love, lipstick is forever at the top of our list. Whether you’re looking for ways to customize your perfect color, application techniques to ensure flawless wear or even the easiest way to get rid of a lipstick stain (ever), here are going to revolutionize your lip game—forever. Here are introducing a number type of lipstick, Favorite brands and our 10 most brilliant lipstick tricks.

Lipstick Type

1, lipstick

Lipstick is arguably the oldest and most common type of lipstick, with a creamy solid. The advantage of lipstick is high color saturation and strong color hiding power. If you want to create a gorgeous lip, you can use a lip liner to outline your lips and apply lipstick. However, some lip balms are less moisturized than lip glaze or lip gloss. Before using, you need to apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips. Otherwise, the lips will become drier in a few hours.


2, lip gloss

The lip honey texture is a gel. Professional makeup artists generally use it in combination with lipstick, and use it less separately. Its benefits are very bright makeup, suitable for light makeup or nude makeup, to create a sexy full lip makeup. However, in order to achieve a clear makeup effect, the hiding power of lip gloss will be much weaker than lipstick. Because lip gloss has fluidity, it also has better moisturization.


3, lip glaze

Lip glaze is a liquid lipstick. It has a thick texture and is better than a lipstick. It is very silky. Because of its special texture, the lip glaze has better color rendering ability than most lipsticks, and there are various effects after the upper lip, such as water, matte, lacquer and so on. Moreover, the sponge head of the lip glaze is particularly suitable for the curve of the lips, and is particularly compact, and is suitable for sketching delicate lips.


4, lipstick pen

Lipstick pens can be considered as a derivative of lipstick, that is, a pen-like lipstick. Compared with ordinary lipstick, the lipstick pen is more convenient for delineating and modifying the lip shape, so that the lip contour is more perfect and clear. Better to get started than lipstick. However, for reasons such as craftsmanship, the moisturizing degree of the lipstick pen will be discounted accordingly, so it is necessary to make a lip base before use.


The texture of lipstick

1, colored lip balm

The colored lip balm has a lipstick ball, and the color is clear and natural, and the texture is moist.

2, high-quality texture

The high-gloss texture is the most moisturizing one in the lipstick. Because of the high oil content, it has a moisturizing feeling of lip gloss, and the texture is light and smooth, while the hiding power and durability are not very good. Most of the colors are fresh and shiny, which is more suitable for the lip color of the sister paper, and if you are a dry skin star, you will love this texture!

3, pearlescent texture

The pearly texture has a strong luster and will be flashed. The cover is also low to medium and has a long-lasting degree. The lipstick of the moist texture is more or less discolored, but the sister-like paper that likes to be in love may not feel good. This texture is the most feared and least recommended by the Huangpi girl. Unless you go to the counter and try to paint the grass chicken, look good, or don’t buy it, because it is particularly easy to get dirty~

4, satin texture

This texture can be regarded as the easiest to look advanced texture, there will never be a lump mouth feeling, the color is also close to matte but not so dry, and as the name suggests, the mouth will give off the satin-like luster. Another outstanding advantage is that its durability is also very good, it is not easy to stain and fade, and the durability is second only to the matte texture.

5, matte texture

From gloss to opacity and color rendering are good, although sometimes there will be a feeling of pulling the feet, but as long as the lip of the previous period is done, it is beautiful if you paint it. The color is heavy and beautiful and there is a gas field, but sometimes the lip pattern is not suitable for a girl who can’t move. Matte is the hot lipstick texture nowadays, everyone is fascinated by its color and high-quality texture, especially in the winter, the gas field up, up, up! But the matte light is best for a makeup, otherwise, the whole face can only see the mouth when you look at it.

6, moist texture

The texture is rich and the color is better than the former. Most of the lipsticks in this texture are small and fresh, and the sister paper that likes moisturizing can choose this texture. The disadvantage is that the hiding power is not strong, and it is suitable for the sisters who are not very deep in the lip color, otherwise the color cannot cover.


My favorite 6  hot  lipsticks brand


#1 YSL


BENEFITS: Achieve pure color in a satin or matte finish. Hydrospheres and natural extracts provide all-day comfort and hydration.

How to apply: Smooth the lip contour with Touche Éclat before defining it with Dessin des Levres lip liner. Apply Rouge Pur Couture starting at the center of the lip and gliding to the corners. Then reverse the movement for maximum color impact.


#2 Totcha


Inspired by the Japanese Beautyberry, a botanical prized for its richly colored berries and packed with antioxidants, this jewel-toned lipstick lights up any complexion. The Japanese name of this timeless botanical, Murasaki-Shikibu, was inspired by Lady Murasaki, a lady-in-waiting of the 11th century Japanese Imperial Court and the world’s first modern novelist, and is said to honor the dignified beauty of women. The berry’s luminous hue and its representation of grace and intelligence are brought to life in this uniquely flattering color.

Silk and Beautyberry extract nourish and hydrate lips for a smooth satin finish, while 23-karat gold adds a touch of glamour.

More than just a lipstick, together with our custom-made case and formula are an homage to Kyoto’s craftsmanship.

Suggested Usage

Apply directly on lips, beginning in the middle and sweeping outwards. The edges of the facets on the lipstick can be used to help guide your application.

The moisturizing formula is buildable and allows for a sheer wash of color with one swipe or layered for a full-coverage look.


#3 CT ( Charlotte Tilbury )


Supermodel Lip Slick in Super Sexy is a look-enhancing, creamy, long-wear lip duo in a modern, nude-rouge shade. Formulated to flatter all skin tones, apply these moisturizing matte shades for a SUPER sized, SUPER seductive finish!

Supermodels have always known how to maximize their beauty with neutral colors – now, Charlotte Tilbury has bottled iconic Supermodel DNA to give everyone, everywhere, the ultimate ‘your lips but better’ NUDE lips.

Lip Cheat lip liner in Hot Gossip (1.2g)– A tawny rose-pink to re-shape and re-size the look of your lips

Matte Revolution in Super Sexy (3.5g) – A matte nude-rouge for a sultry, naturally gorgeous lip look


  • Lipstick Tree & Orchid Extracts soften, protect and hydrate lips.
  • 3D glowing pigments create the illusion of lit-from-within lips that appear fuller and wider.
  • A perfect blend of oils and waxes allow the long-lasting color to glide over lips.
  • The revolutionary, square-angled tip mimics the shape of a lip brush for a flawless application and precise finish.

COMING SOON! SUPERMODEL BODY XL. Over 3 x more magic, Charlotte’s best-selling body highlighter will soon be available in a luxurious 200ml bottle! Get ready to enjoy sculpted, sun-kissed skin every day…



Please note, this kit does not come pre-boxed. Add my signature gift box at check out or select Fast ‘N’ Fabulous delivery option to receive all your items beautifully packed in a gift box. Individual components may not be returned separately.



#4 CL (Christian louboutin)


Inspiration :

Velvet Matte Lip Colour, an opulent color and soft touch feel, with non-drying comfort.

For Christian Louboutin, a designer and creator of rare objects, lipstick is a woman’s magic wand. No longer tucked away between the key ring and the nail file, the Louboutin Lip color transforms a forgotten object into a treasured jewel.

Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip color into a necklace.

Product Description :

  • Features an intensely rich pigment blend for velvet matte color with a soft touch finish.
  • Applies with smooth precision and full coverage in one stroke.
  • Protects effectively against dryness thanks to a complex of natural oils and seed butters.
  • Lasts with comfort and excellent appearance without feathering for up to 4 hours.
  • Presented in a re-usable black lacquer carton jewelry box including a silk ribbon and a silk carrying pouch.

Clinically tested. Formulated without Paraben, Mineral Oil, DEA or Phthalate.


#5 Channel


Product: Three shades of ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER matte lip color. This unique formula delivers a blurred effect and glides onto lips for seamless coverage.

composition:This set of blurred-effect matte lip color includes: ROUGE ALLURE LIQUID POWDER Liquid Matte Lip Colour, Powder Effect in Plaisir, Invincible and Volupté. All in a limited-edition signature pouch. Only on chanel.com, limited edition.

How to apply:Apply color from the center of lips outward using the sponge applicator.


#6 Dior


Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is the first incredibly long-wearing lipstick with the comfort of a lip ink*: a true revolution in the history of lipstick. Ultra Rouge offers a lightweight, ultra-comfortable formula and all the color of a high-pigmentation lipstick. The colors seem more saturated with a luminous, semi-matte finish** for incredible sensoriality and hydration.

** Instrumental test carried out on 20 subjects. Except shade 000.

These 10 tips and tricks of Lipstick you should know:

1. Use an angled brush for perfect application.

2. Blot with shimmer.

3. Turn any shade into a pastel.

4. Get rid of lipstick stains.

5. Use a slightly blunt lip liner.

6. Wear dark lip colors with ease.

7. Eyeshadow + lip balm = custom lipstick.

8. Use your favorite lipstick as blush.

9. Create your perfect nude.

10. Repair a broken bullet.


After above mentioned, I believe you got some acknowledge about lipstick. To get a perfect makeup, pls pay more attention on your lipsticks, it plays a very important role.  Should you have any question, pls feel free write to us.



How to take care of your skin after 30 years old?

At the age of 30, the skin ages to accelerate, the body’s collagen is lost, the metabolism rate is weakened, the skin aging is aggravated, and dry, fine lines, sagging, dark circles, eye bags, sagging skin, wrinkles around the eyes and other skin problems begin to appear.

At the age of 30, the skin ages to accelerate, the body’s collagen is lost, the metabolism rate is weakened, the skin aging is aggravated, and dry, fine lines, sagging, dark circles, eye bags, sagging skin, wrinkles around the eyes and other skin problems begin to appear.


Maybe some female friends have noticed such skin problems and started a series of skincare solutions, but what kind of skin care products to choose, how to skin care, how to remove makeup while skin care, and whether makeup removal is a thorough concern is unreasonable. In addition to not improving the skin condition, the skin care will increase the burden on the skin and accelerate aging. The following are some of the things you might encounter after the age of 30:
1, The skin loses its elasticity
At a certain age, the skin epidermis will become thinner. As the strength and elasticity of connective tissue decrease, the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands will decrease, and the skin will be dry and lose its elasticity.

2, Skin relaxation, pores highlight
After the woman is 25 years old, the blood circulation of the skin begins to slow down, and the fat layer of the subcutaneous tissue begins to become slack and lacks elasticity, which causes the tension between the pores to decrease, making the pores appear.

3, Wrinkles appear
With the increase of age, the skin collagen is lost and oxidized, the skin is dry and rough, and wrinkles appear, especially in the corners of the eyes.

4, Freckle
Oxidation of the skin is an important cause of women’s aging. After the skin is oxidized, the skin cells secrete a large amount of melanin, which makes the skin dull and produces pigmentation.


For these skin problems, we recommend a 30-year-old woman to maintain 9 hauls:
1, Hydration
After 30 years old, the skin’s ability to retain water plummets, and the loss of water will cause problems such as dryness, roughness, and lack of elasticity. Therefore, the first priority of skin care is to replenish water.
Countermeasure: Light mature women can apply deep water to the skin by applying a water mask. They can also prepare a bottle of mineral spray in the office. When the skin feels dry, spray it. In addition, often drink chrysanthemum tea or rose tea from the inside. A good way to hydrate your skin.


2, Antioxidant
When the skin is oxidized, it will become dull, produce stains, and do antioxidant work to avoid these.
Countermeasure: You can use skin care products with antioxidant function. Regular consumption of healthy foods is also a good way for women to take antioxidants from the inside of the body. Usually, eat less meat and spicy and greasy foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.
PS: Some pearl masks, ginseng masks and collagen masks have anti-oxidant properties and can also be used.


3, Firm skin
Skin sagging is a precursor to aging, and anti-skin relaxation is also an important part of 30-year-old woman maintenance.
Countermeasure: Regularly lifting and massage the facial skin can make the skin firm, and also massage the eye, chin and neck joints. It is recommended to wash the face alternately with hot and cold, using skin care products with firming effect.


4, Detoxification
Long-term use of unqualified skin care products, bad habits, will make the skin dull, rough, and often oil, this time indicates that the skin is “poisoned.”
Countermeasures: Fruit juice and vegetable juice are good detoxification foods, can help the body to discharge toxins, can drink a cup of vegetable juice at breakfast, drink plenty of water is also a good detoxification method, in addition, drink more milk, pig blood soup and Kelp can also help detoxification, as well as sports detoxification.


5, Save skin collagen
Eat more collagen-rich foods, such as trotters, pigskin, fish skin, chicken skin, and the rice oil on the millet porridge is the most affordable collagen supplement food.

soybean milk

6. Calcium supplementation
Experts have confirmed that after 28 years of age, the calcium in the body is reduced by 0.1% to 0.5% per year. During this period, women should take at least 1000 mg of calcium per day; if they are pregnant, lactating or 40 years old, they will be added to 1500 mg. Calcium supplementation is best to use active calcium instead of calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate. The latter two kinds of calcium have low absorption rate, and may deposit on the inner wall of the blood vessel and the gallbladder, kidney and urinary tract to form stones.

7. Replenish cellulose, vitamin C and vitamin E
During this period, women often have constipation, obesity and other distress. Cellulose can save women from worries, it is effective in laxative, detoxification, blood fat reduction, and prevention of obesity. Healthy women are given more than 1200 mg of vitamin C per day, 400 IU of vitamin E. These are the two most important antioxidants that can reduce harmful deposits on the walls of blood vessels. Sub-healthy women can add up to 5,000 mg of vitamin C per day. They can also choose grapes with higher antioxidant capacity to prevent the development and development of gynecological diseases.

8. Building a quality life
Sex is a first-rate age-reducing agent that relieves stress and relaxes. Don’t treat work as everything. The more orgasm you get in a year, the younger you are. The increased safe life between husband and wife to 116 times/year will make your true age younger 1.6 years old.
9: Sleeping every night on time 

The best sleep is to sleep 7-8 hours a day regularly, and the best night sleep (sleep) time for women is 22:30. Good sleep is very important to keep women’s face. The majority of sisters must pay attention to sleep.


30 years old, for women, it is a very embarrassing age, skin and other aspects have begun to decline, so be sure to take care of yourself, follow the above methods for maintenance, but also a lot of attention to the maintenance needs of 30-year-old woman matter.

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What is the most popular color of makeup in 2018?

Make-up is one of the means of beauty, out of courtesy and more confident. Some performances also use make-up, and even include costumes such as masquerade, imitation show, Cosplay and so on.

Sorry, I won’t answer you directly, but below this blog will help you find the answer.

Make-up is one of the means of beauty, out of courtesy and more confident. Some performances also use make-up, and even include costumes such as masquerade, imitation show, Cosplay and so on.


BASE –Highlight

Natural, transparent and bright, is the main appeal of 2018 makeup.

But it is not a plain makeup like a sense of fog, but a delicate radiance on the makeup of a plain face. There is no glimpse of the radiance, but there is no trace of the makeup product, and the bright luster from the inner layer of the skin.

I have to mention HIGHLIGHT when talk luster this year! Brightening is a very important makeup keyword in 2018! Brightening products, whether liquid, powder or even creamy, can be seen everywhere this year.

With a high-gloss look, European and American bloggers like to brighten their cheekbones and create a very cool look, like Rehanna’s makeup. However, if the Orientals brighten their cheekbones, they will be very proud, so they can be converted into bright spots at the apex of laughter to create a cute feeling.


Lip Makeup

Lip glaze is also the main item of lip makeup this year, with high concealer and color.

I also like to use the lip glaze to draw the lips full of lips, and then use cotton swabs to gently slide from the center of the upper lip to create a heart-shaped effect.

In addition, 2018 will be popular “make your lips.” That is, the pattern is drawn on the lips, or the lip products of different textures are used to achieve the effect of makeup. For example, only the lip line is drawn, or only the half lip is drawn, and there are many exaggerated colors.


Dry Rose Eye Makeup

 Earth-shadow eyeshadows are a must-have item for this year. However, you can match it with different textures.

For example, first use the skin gold, or dry rose to make a base, dark to paint the eyelids, the depth of the eyes will come out. Then use the crystal diamond to spot the pupil directly above the pupil to create a shiny feeling. Be sure to draw your eyeshadow, the entire eye will naturally zoom in, and the complete eye makeup will add a sense of light.


Emma Watson’s Gradient Blush

This year’s cheek color is focused on the layering. Through a stack of different textures and colors, a blush of gradation is created. This year, I personally like to blush the blush on the top of the laughing muscles, so that you can create a youthful, cute, slightly sensation, and also improve the popularity of people!


Those Secret of Women’s Shopping Cart

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

The reasons for this are as follows: First, the changes in the times have accelerated the development of the economy and made life services more convenient. Second, the pace of life is going fast and the psychological pressure feels higher. When the psychological state of tension and desire dissatisfaction reaches saturation level, the driving force behind the dissatisfaction is to shift to all aspects, to find a “venting point”, and the desire to buy will happen.


Especially women, you can find a lot of interesting things in their shopping carts. Let’s explore the shopping carts of female. Talking about female shopping cart is very excited and happy. If you want to know a woman’s shopping cart, or are annoying to choose what gift to her, then this article will help you.

Young Women
Beauty and personal care Series

Skincare (Essential Oil, Face Mask, Face Cream & Lotion, Eye Mask, Skin Care Serum, Body Lotion, Other Skin Care Products, Lip Balm)


Makeup  (Lip Make-up, Eye Makeup, Powder, Nail Polish, Makeup Remover, Makeup Sets, Concealer, Body Glitter)


Hair  ( Hair Straightener, Comb, Hair Dryer, Other Hair Salon Equipment, Hair Extension Tools, Hair Trimmer, Hairdressing Cape, Hair Roller)


Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories 

(Necklaces, Pendants & Charms, Rings, Earrings, Watches, Belts)
(Handbags, Backpacks, Wallets & Holders)
(Slippers, Boots, Sandals, Sports Shoes)


Middle-aged Woman
Kitchen supplies & Household items


Above mentioned is only a part. As a beautiful woman, have to buy any gadget, and one of the biggest reasons in cart but not buy is: Money. Because most women are pursuing brand and quality, and the price is affordable, there are not many choices, so they will add a few in shopping carts and wait for final choice. At the same time, due to women love beauty, they are very willing to invest in themselves, whether external or internal.

It is really not easy to be a woman. If you meant a lot of a woman, please cherish her with your heart and don’t lick your wallet.