How to make your hair getting longer faster?

Maybe you regret having cut a new haircut, or a special event is coming, do you want your hair to grow faster and easier to make a shape? For whatever reason, there are ways to help you. Try to nourish your hair with a care product, such as using warm oil to massage the scalp, and adjusting the usual hair care method to avoid stress on your hair. In addition, you need to take more nutrients that are good for hair growth, such as protein and biotin. Hair grows in a limited amount of time in a week, but as long as it is well cared for, it can be maximized in the short term.

Maybe you regret having a new haircut, or a special event is coming, do you want your hair to grow faster and easier to make a shape? For whatever reason, there are ways to help you. Try to nourish your hair with a care product, such as using warm oil to massage the scalp, and adjusting the usual hair care method to avoid stress on your hair. In addition, you need to take more nutrients that are good for hair growth, such as protein and biotin. Hair grows in a limited amount of time in a week, but as long as it is well cared for, it can be maximized in the short term.

bad-short-haircut women
Use care products

1. Massage the scalp with warm oil.
Massage the scalp with natural oil to help improve scalp health and promote hair growth. Coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and argan oil can be used to massage the scalp. Heat the oil in a stove or a bowl of boiling water. Try the temperature before use to make sure it is not too hot. It is the temperature you can withstand to avoid damaging the scalp or hair. Gently massage the warm oil with your fingers and gently massage the scalp in slow circular motion. If your partner or friend is around, let them help you massage your scalp. Let them massage your scalp with your fingertips for 15 to 20 minutes. Then apply oil to your hair. Wait 30 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo. You may need to wash more than once to remove the oil.


2. Use hair mask.
Care for your hair and apply it once or twice a week to promote hair follicle growth. You can use your own natural oil as a hair mask, or buy a ready-made hair mask at a local pharmacy. Mix 240 ml of coconut oil with about 15 ml of almond oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil and apply to wet hair. After 10 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

use-hair-mask-washing hair

3. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar is very effective in removing dirt, dirt and grease from the hair, and it can also clean up the residue of the hair products. You can use apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo, or wash your hair with apple cider vinegar after shampooing with normal shampoo and conditioner. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of water, then rinse the hair with it. The water may have a strong vinegar smell, but the smell will slowly fade, so don’t worry.

wash-your-hair-with-apple-cider vinegar

4. Wash your hair twice or three times a week with shampoo.
Reduce the number of shampoos to two or three times a week so that the natural oil from the scalp penetrates into the hair. Hair is moisturized and you can repair it yourself. The correct method of shampooing is to apply only shampoo to the scalp, massage while rubbing it, and then let it flow down into the hair while rinsing.

wash-your-hair-twice- or-three- times-a-week-with shampoo

Adjust the usual hair care method

1. Take care of your hair every time you shower.
Unlike the role of shampoo, it is important to use a conditioner on wet hair when taking a shower. The conditioner can replenish the lipids and proteins in the hair shaft to make the hair grow longer and healthier.

2. After the shower, rinse your hair with cold water.
After washing the hot bath, the head layer can be sealed with cold water and the hair is not easily damaged when the shape is made. When shampooing with shampoo and conditioner, it is best to also reduce the water temperature. Hot water can cause hair to overheat.

3. Do not wrap wet hair in a towel.
After the shower, you may get used to wrapping your hair with a towel, but the hair is easy to break and the hair bundle will be under a lot of pressure. Wet hair is especially fragile, so wrap your hair with a dry towel.


4. Combing your hair before going to bed.
You should use a natural wild boar bristle brush to brush a few times before going to bed, so that the oil in the scalp is evenly distributed in the hair, so that the hair will naturally remain moist. Start combing from the scalp with a uniform force, and comb each part at least once. Combs once a day before going to bed can also increase scalp blood circulation, improve scalp health and promote hair growth.

combing-your- hair-with-brush-before-sleep

5. Do not use a heating hair tool too much.
Hair is damaged and unable to grow, usually caused by heat setting tools such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons. Try to use less or not at all. Choose to make a more natural look so as not to interfere with healthy hair growth. If you want to use a heat setting tool, you should adjust to a low temperature and apply a heat protection cream or gel to avoid damaging your hair.

6. Repair your hair.
Regular hair repair prevents the split ends of the hair from spreading upwards, which in turn reduces the number of haircuts. The split ends will cause the upper hair to follow the split ends, making the hair shorter, and you need to cut hair frequently into the hair salon. The hair salon is obtained every 10 to 12 weeks, allowing the hair stylist to cut off about 1 cm from the bifurcation point to prevent the damaged hair tissue from spreading. Regularly repair your hair to keep your hair healthy and without forks.

Working on a new hairstyle.

Change diet and habits

1. Diet
The main component of hair is the protein of sulfur-containing amino acids. Eating fish, lean pork, milk and soy products every day will have a certain effect on the growth rate of hair, at least not inhibited. Vitamins A, B, and E are important ingredients for hair growth. Walnuts, animal livers, and fish and shrimps are rich in vitamin A. Peanuts, soybeans, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms are rich in vitamin B. Corn, sesame, and vegetable oils are rich in vitamins. E. Also need to pay attention to avoid spicy food, they may promote blood circulation in the short term, but in the long run it will inhibit some activity of hair follicles.

2. Minoxidil
Everyone knows that Minoxidil is a very famous hair-developing drug. In fact, it does not mean that hair loss must be very serious before you can use minoxidil. When hair loss is trending, 2% minoxidil can help hair grow quickly. Although many hair loss patients have difficulty growing their hair as before due to DHT, etc., as long as the hair follicles are still there, these methods are somewhat helpful, and the hair can be cured to a certain extent, so that the hair grows faster.


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What was your worst haircut experience?

People always hesitate to choose something especially before they trying to do one thing that they think it important.

Recently, Tracy posted a question on Reddit, “I an appt tomorrow morning and I picked the top right picture but what do y’all think?”


Well, as we can see, women bubble below this post, everyone is the artist of their beauty, people give their opinion, it seems a really successfully salon topic.

“Colour Technician here, it’ll work but I personally think the first one is gorgeous and will suit you well. You can do contouring and highlight with color (face framing freehand lightened parts) Blending the dark with the lightener on the ends will be a slight challenge but always fun.” Holly said with a professional vision.

“Remember to ask questions if you’re still uncertain, it’s your hair and any proper stylist appreciates it.”

While Jocelyn keeps a more conservative and objective evaluation. “The one you picked seems the lowest maintenance so if you want to leave it alone for another year or two after this appointment I think you should grow with that one so it looks good for longer.”


Tony always stand with his customer and try to understand the women’s thinking. “Stylist here, make sure you point out what you like and dislike about each photo. Especially if you like the blond pieces in front, that usually come right from the root, while the rest blend up soft about an inch or two below the root.

What I always try to tell people and clients, is don’t be afraid to give me direction! And be clear about what you want, and any good stylist will tell you an exact plan to get you where you wanna go! Hope this helps! You have beautiful hair 🙂 it will be fun to get something new!”


You may never meet a stylist who always understands you, you check out some beautiful hairstyle and trying to do a salon like that. Yet, sometimes, life cheats you. Do you have any experience if the barber has cut an ugly hairstyle for you?

Last month, I lost my justification and been to a barbershop nearby my school, which was opened by my classmate. I thought this classmate was very smart. Her mother should also be a listener! Got it! understand my request. His professional word made you feel like he is an excellent hairdresser. I didn’t need to cut it too short, but it was too long to be combed. I just took the glasses and then took it for 15 minutes.


My long hair became the lid of the pot? Everything must kidding me. I put up my glasses, looking in the mirror, crashing, yet I couldn’t get angry with my classmate’s mother. So I’m stiff and wow. It’s really short. When I got home, I started crying, how to go to school? All my classmates must laugh at me! At that time, feels that this is the most powerful one I have ever cried in my life. I haven’t been able to stand it for two hours. I back home and asked my mom, “How do you think of my hair? Is it ugly?” My mom looked up, and shut up. I was convinced in an instant, definitely you already know the result.


Sometimes, you feel the stylists are unprofessional, you don’t think they really know you. I know someone said, “Pretty up my face?” You got an ugly face, man? If you have an ugly face, then there’s no putting lipstick on a pig and asking for a miracle. If you want a certain hairstyle, bring pictures.

Another horrible bad hair cut story is from my old friend Sue, “Getting my hair cut always filled me with anxiety, so I would wait for over a year to do it, but then my hair would get all raggedy looking and have hella spilt ends…finally I’d get sick of it and go into a salon, I would explain my fears, bring pics of how I wanted it to look, and every time the stylist would assure me they knew how to cut naturally curly hair, and each time I’d end up in tears when I got home.


I have an uneven curl pattern, so the cut may have looked good in the shop but after a wash or two it would look like crap. My right side would always be way shorter than the left, and the layering would look too puffy for my already chubby face. I don’t have any pictures of those terrible times since I avoided the camera…but I did stumble across one that shows how dry and damaged it would get in between the haircuts.

I finally got tired of all the bad hair days, you can only wear your hair in a ponytail so many times, right? so I started watching youtube videos on how to cut curly hair using the Deva cut method, then I got some hair cutting scissors, took a deep breath, and started cutting. I haven’t looked back.”


This just about made me cry. I’ve struggled with my hair for a very long time. I got a deva cut once, but it’s so expensive I simply can’t do it again. To think I can actually learn how to do it myself…wow. This is an emotional moment for me. Good luck all, wish you meet a hair stylist who knows you.

Periodically trimming hair really make it grow faster?

Regular hair cutting does not grow faster. Although it is widely believed that regular hair cutting will help hair grow faster, the frequency of hair trimming has little effect on hair growth rate. The health of the hair follicles determines the health and density of the hair and requires nutrients to grow healthy hair.


However, cut hair may not necessary, as there are many beauties keep their long hair. While if you seldom do hair care, will lead the tip of the long hair root more prone to bifurcation and dryness. So you can go to the barber shop to trim the ends every two or three months, which helps your hair grow healthier. For most people, no haircut for a few months does not cause problems such as increased oil, hair disorder, and metabolic disorders. However, those people with oily hair may secrete lots of oil, and their scalp is more sensitive. In my personal concern, hair cutting should be frequent. Dry hair, yellow, and brittle, and the number of haircuts can be slightly less.

Dry hair

Periodically trimming hair really make it grow faster? Exactly, not really.

Hair growth cycle:
The growth of hair is cyclical and is divided into a growth period, regression period and rest period.

1. Growth period: The hair growth in the growing season is 0.27~0.40mm per day for 2-6 years, characterized by continuous growth, and then enters the regression period.

2. The period of retreat: at this time the hair stops growing, easy to fall off, usually 2 to 3 weeks, and then enter the rest period.

3. Rest period: The rest period generally lasts for 3 to 4 months until the new follicular cycle begins.

Hair growth cycle

Influencing factors:

Growth hormone and thyroid hormone will promote hair growth, corticosteroids can shorten the growth period and prolong the aging process. If you got anemia, it will hinder your hair growth due to protein deficiency and chronic wasting diseases, especially endocrine has a significant impact on hair growth.


How to promote hair growth?
1. Massage the scalp, and keep combing your hair every day. Notice, combing the scalp instead of combing the hair! Hair can’t be combed too much, too much friction will make hair quality worse. There are several ways to massage the scalp. Of course, choose the best tool to stick to.

(1) Finger. This is the most affordable tool that can be used at any time. But pay attention to these, keep your fingers clean, you must wash your hands and then massage. Long nails should use your fingers while nails, or easily scratch the scalp.


(2) Massage comb. Air cushion comb is definitely comfortable. It must be stressed but not excessively applied. Generally, you can comb dozens of times every morning and evening. When combing, remember to comb the scalp instead of hair.


(3) Skin Scraper. Massage the scalp with a scraper and scrape it along the scalp. No necessary what material brand, comfortably will be the first value.


2. By making ginger to grow hair, it does work, but not suitable for everyone. For example, if the scalp is damaged, you cannot use ginger. Of course, if you really want to use this, you should accept the smell left on your hair.

3. If you want your hair to grow fast, your scalp must be kept fresh. If it is oily scalp, then needs to be washed frequently since too oily, because oil will cause pores to clog and cause hair loss. However, you should pay attention to ingredients when choosing shampoo, notice that should be oil control, but don’t be irritating. If it is not oily scalp, do not wash it too often, it may damage the natural protective film of the scalp. In addition, alternately using different shampoo brands usually.


4. Food supplements. Everyone knows that eating sesame is good for hair, but even if all know, few people insist on eating. Sesame can’t be a snack either a staple food. You can’t keep eating every day. Yet vegetables can play a role in your daily life! It is a habit to have a vegetable for every meal. Vegetables contain many trace elements necessary to make hair. Now you should highlight the importance of it. Stick to it and your hair will grow very fast!


5. It is necessary to trim frequently, never believe that any advertisement says that their products can repair the burst! Once the hair is formed, it is impossible to heal and can only be cut off. Check out your hair ends for every 2 days, cutting the split roots. Only when the hair is cut off can the hair be healthy.


6. An old growing topic, don’t push to lose weight, keep unstressful, although it is easy to say while sometimes keep us crazy. Truly speaking these two mentions are really important, excessive stress and weight loss will hinder hair growth. Obstruction and stressful must cause hair loss.


7. Using rice washing water, there is a lot of rice nutrition in the washing water. These are what the hair growth needs. The rice washing water can be used to wash your hair, then rinse it with clean water.


Which type of haircuts looks hot?

A stylish haircut is not only the basis of impeccable style and attractive appearance of women who love to be noticed but also a must have for every contemporary woman. 

A perfect stylish haircut,  not only the basis of impeccable style and attractive appearance of women who love to be noticed,  but also a must have for every contemporary woman.

Whether you like to wear your hair curly and full of natural texture or smooth and straight, a short haircut can make an excellent choice. All you need to do is find the perfect style for you. From beautiful pixie cuts and ultra-short crops to bold bobs and mini afro styles, short hair has more options than you might think. Here are the best hairstyles for black women that will leave a lasting impression.


1. Short Twists

If your cropped cut is looking a little “common”, try giving it more special. By twisting your hair into short points, you can take your locks from average to awesome.


2. Short Afro

If your curls look a little on the wild side, try embracing their unpredictability instead of fighting it. A short afro will show the strengths of your hair, such as its natural texture and volume.

Short Afro.jpg

3. Voluminous Pixie Cut

A voluminous pixie cut is one of great hairstyle for ladies with naturally thick curls. Try it with your black hair if you want a style that screams retro chic.

Voluminous Pixie Cut.jpg

4. Straight Layered Pixie

A straight and smooth pixie cut make you look cool when worn all in one length. To combat this issue while maintaining a sleek look, try having your stylist cut a few layers into the top.


5. Side-Parted Pixie

Naturally curly, pixie cuts can often lack definition and shape. As such, they can often appear more stylish when partnered with a focal point, such as a side-part, Awesome and incredible for heart face.

Side-Parted Pixie.jpg

6. Straight Asymmetrical Lob

Although natural curls are gorgeous, sometimes a sleek look is what you want. For those occasions, a straight, asymmetrical lob is the answer. The sharp and smooth cut is modern glamour at its best, suit for those girls with an oval face, and better ready a good hair tool if you want to keep a perfect hairstyle.

Straight Asymmetrical Lob.jpg

7.Ringlet Afro

Healthy, bouncy coils deserve to be shown off, and there’s no better way to do so than with an afro. Full of volume and texture, a ringlet afro is a killer statement style, feel more active and vivid.

Ringlet Afro.jpeg

8.Short Ringlets

Short ringlets that finish just above the shoulder can look beautiful. To ensure your spirals are smooth and soft, keep your hair hydrated with a lightweight leave-in conditioner, the oblong face can try it.

Short Ringlets.png

9. Pinned Up Ringlets

Natural ringlets look stunning when worn in a relaxed up-do. To create the good-looking, all you need to do is pin up the back section of your short hair and let the rest fall loose.

Pinned Up Ringlets.jpg

10. Mini Afro

Your afro doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful, but need soigne and keep the shape. A mini afro can be just as gorgeous as those of longer lengths. On top of that, this stylish and short haircut is also more easily maintained than longer versions.

Mini Afro.jpg

11. Micro Bowl Cut

A micro bowl cut is perfect for ladies who aren’t afraid to try something different. The cute and quirky cut looks seriously stylish when worn with complete confidence.

Micro Bowl Cut.jpg