How to get Smooth hair, Soften or Straighten?

Is it the hair soften or straighten?  There is not an exclusive answer. But most of the girls will ask whether it is better to soften or straighten, so the answer to this question depends on your own hair requirements. If you prefer smooth and very straight hair, then you can choose to straighten it.

Softening and straightening are actually the same as the previous steps, but straightening is more than softening a splinting procedure. The softened hair is straight and looks natural, giving a very natural and comfortable feeling. But straightening your hair will make it look very vertical, giving you a sense of competence. Whether it’s straightening or softening, it is to make our fluffy hair soft and shiny. We can choose according to our preferences.

Modeling Differences

Straightening style is very simple and fashionable. It is a long, smooth hair, which gives people a feeling of complete neatness, and it looks quite straight, giving people a gentle feeling.


Soft styling makes the hair look soft, shiny and straight, but compared with straight styling, soft styling is much more natural.


Practice differences


The process of straightening hair is basically shampooing, then straightening the lotion, then straightening the hair with splints, finally setting lotion, and then blowing dry.


The process of softening hair is basically to wash it first, then apply lotion, then fix it, finally wash it off, and then blow it dry.

Differences caused by practices

In short, softening reduces one step of splint pulling in straightening. That is to say, softening is less harmful to hair than straightening, and straightening is obviously better than softening.


Select modelling

Suitable for straightening

Straight-haired girls make people look particularly comfortable, so many times boys prefer girls with long straight hair. Girls of this type are almost the standard that all boys like. Long and elegant hair can not only show the unique temperament of girls but also show the gentleness of girls. Straightening your hair can make a big difference to your image, but it should be noted that this hairstyle is not suitable for girls with less hair, otherwise, it will look strange.


Suitable for softening

People with poor hair quality, or those who have done hair several times, still choose to soften better. First, because of bad hair quality, the absorption of medicine is better, so it is easier to straighten up. Second, softening does much less harm to hair, which is very suitable for damaged hair quality, and the effect is more natural. Although softening our hair will improve our personal temperament, we can not soften our hair regularly, otherwise, it will cause great damage to our hair.

Hair Care

Hair needs to be cared for whether it is straightened or softened because even the smallest damage is harmful to the hair. After a perm, it’s better to choose a shampoo with perm repair to nourish your hair. You can also choose to go to a barber’s to do nursing.

How to get beautiful hair in your lifetime?


Hair is mainly used to protect the head, in addition, enhancing the aesthetic feeling. Soft, fluffy and flexible hair can withstand lighter collisions and help evaporate sweat from the head.

The basic maintenance process for having dark hair is very simple, and you can slowly adjust your hair condition back as long as you follow the hair maintenance methods shown below.


1. Comb your hair properly

Before washing your hair, it’s better to take some time to comb it first, then unknot the knot. The motivation of combing is to comb the dirt on the scalp and the dirt on the hair first.

Here are some good Hair Combs we suggest to us. No Static Hair Comb by PureBeauty

2. Wash your hair properly

Shampoo can give injured hair nutrients, rejuvenate your hair from the inside out. Therefore, the health of hair depends on the number and type of hair care you use. Basically, wash your hair before you protect it. Therefore, if you want to have dark and bright hair, you should pay attention to the method and frequency of hair care.

When you wash your hair, you must take care of your scalp and hair roots, because these two places are related to your hair health. Pressing on the scalp through the fingers can increase scalp health, blood circulation and, of course, hair health. Then the hair tail must be carefully cleaned to absorb nutrients.

3. Nursing after washing

After washing your hair, wipe the wet hair with a towel first, and then pay attention to it. Don’t pick up the hair dryer and blow the whole hair at once. Must use the towel to squeeze the water dry with a light pressure way, and then use the hair dryer to dry.

4. Notes for blowing

the hair will be messier because of the random use of hair dryer. So, it is better to comb the hair before blowing, to avoid the knot of the hair and injured in the blowing process.

Shorten the blowing time and the distance between the blower, the blower should be taken away, about 17 cm because the blower is one of the reasons for hair damage.

5. For seriously damaged hair care

If your hair is badly damaged due to indiscriminate perm and dying, you can apply a hair conditioner to prevent bifurcation or to replenish moisture and oil on the surface of the hair to enhance the health of the hair.

6. The appropriate frequency of shampooing

Two or three times a week is more appropriate according to personal habits.


Simple care

1. When shampooing, choose a shampoo with low alkalinity, and then use conditioner to keep the hair soft, loose and shiny.

2.Hair treatment. It is best to have a hair treatment every month.

3.Ironing and dyeing separation. Perms are suggested that not done together. Hair perm and hair dye are rich in chemical composition, which can cause more damage to hair.

4.Time distance. If someone is not satisfied with the new perm, he/she will re-perm her hair or need a hairstylist to help her recover. However, this can do a lot of damage to the hair. If you really want to do it again, take more than half a month.

Comb your hair properly

Combing your hair is one of the indispensable habits of maintaining good hair. Combing your hair can help to remove dirt from your hair, stimulate the scalp and promote blood circulation in the head. Prevent white, yellow hair and hair loss due to poor nutrition. At the same time, combing can also eliminate the head swelling and numbness caused by overuse of the brain.


Pay attention to cleaning combs. Combing your hair just removes dirt from your hair. Clean with water and a soft brush, wipe gently with a towel immediately after washing, and then dry naturally in a cool place. If it is found that the comb is not straight, it should be replaced by another one.

What to eat for hair care

1. Walnut

Vitamin E contained in walnut kernels can protect cells from oxidative damage of free radicals. Frequent consumption of walnut kernels can moisturize the skin and make the skin smooth and elastic. Walnut kernels are recognized as anti-aging substances in the medical field. Therefore, walnuts are known as “longevity fruit” and “longevity fruit”. So in peacetime, you can eat five or six walnuts a day, you can also mash walnut kernels with ice sugar into “walnut paste” and hide them in a ceramic vat, take two spoons at a time, flush them with boiling water, and a layer of white liquid floats up in the cup when flushing. This is “walnut milk”, which is delicious and delicious. Frequent consumption of walnuts can make your hair black and shiny and has a good effect on the early white and withered hair, such as Walnut porridge boiled with walnut kernels and japonica rice is good food for beauty. In addition, you can also drink walnut dew directly, such as six walnut dew, walnut almond dew and so on. Experts interpret nuts, such as walnuts when eaten raw, nutrients cannot be fully absorbed, which will waste part of the nutrients, so it is better to drink walnut milk.

Tip: As we all know many girls will use hair tools like hair straightener brush, hair curly brush, etc. Remember even these tools will not too hurt your hair, but it will be better to put some hair care essential oil on your hair.


2. Black rice

Black rice contains pigments formed by natural plant and sunshine, which can directly or indirectly regulate metabolism in vivo and promote black hair. It can also nourish hair follicle cells.

3. Peanut

Peanut contains water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, B6, E, K, mineral calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. Peanut is rich in cystine and methionine, which are the main components of hair. Peanut can be used as a nutritious food for hair care.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil contains vitamin B and E, which can prevent hair loss, oil production, dandruff, dryness, and split ends. Sometimes olive oil can also be used instead of shampoo or hair film. Usually, olive oil can be used in hair conditioner by dropping a few drops, which can provide deeper care for hair.

5. Almond

Scientists have found that people with hair loss are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B6, vitamin E, iron and zinc. In addition, a high-fat diet can cause an increase in male hormones, leading to hair loss. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and zinc, which can reduce cholesterol and is a super food for hair.

6. Soybean

After soybean germination, vitamins changed greatly, including carotene, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, folic acid, and pyridoxine increased by 2-3 times, riboflavin increased by 2-4 times, nicotinic acid increased by more than 2 times, and vitamin B12 increased by about 10 times. In addition, the content of vitamin C also increased greatly. The higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content, the higher the vitamin C content.



Dry your hair with a dry towel at the back of your head, use natural air drying, and useless hair dryer.

Wash your hair 3 to 7 times a week in summer and 1 to 3 times a week in winter.

The water temperature when shampooing should not exceed 40℃, close to 37℃.

No plastic combs. The most ideal is to choose boxwood comb and bristle head brush, can massage scalp again, promote haemal circulation.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions is a hairstyle technology recently introduced in Europe. As the name implies, tape in extensions is to receive hair from your own real hair, and instantly change from short hair to long hair. The hair used for hair extension can be a wig or real hair.

There are two kinds of hair extension: mechanism and manual wig. The materials used are chemical fiber yarn and human hair. The fibre is mainly made of PVC and PET. According to the added flame retardant, the flame retardant yarn and the non-flame retardant yarn can be distinguished. The international trend is the quality of KANEKALON in Japan. Hair wigs by purpose: accessories (ACCESSORY, or HARDWARE) hairpiece (toupee), headgear (wig, lace wig, full lace wig, front lace wig) hair extension (tape in hair extensions).

Mechanism wig



Manual wig




There are basically five kinds: nail hair (also known as keratin hair extension), clip hair, hair curtain, glue hair, braid. These five methods have their own strengths, among which the weaving technology is newer and more natural. Basically, each method can last for three to six months.

There are three main methods of hair extension in the hair salon: adhesive hair extension, button hair extension and weaving. These three methods have their own strengths, among which the weaving technology is newer and more natural. Basically, each method can last for three to six months.

There are two main methods of hair extension in the hair salon: adhesive hair extension and button hair extension.

Adhesive hair extension is to divide the hair used for hair extension into a small group of hair, about 10 to 20 hairs per sputum, and then use keratin-rich glue to wipe the hair roots of a small hair. Take the same amount of real hair at the right place, and quickly connect the hair to the hair root of the real hair, about one centimetre away from the hair. The adhesive will solidify quickly, so that a long hair will be connected. If you don’t need it in the future, go to the hair salon and let the hairdresser heat it to dissolve the glue, or use a special wash to wipe the joint and remove the hair.

The button is also divided into hair, and the long hair to be connected is fixedly attached to the hair root of the hair with a special button. The hair on the top of the head will naturally hang down to cover the button. The advantage of this hair extension is that it is easier to remove the button and long hair when not in the future.

Recently, a new type of seamless glue has been added, and there are pictures in the post. The effect is currently the best.


Steps of Hair Extension

The time for receiving and dispatching is about 3 hours.

  1. Before sending the hair.
  2. First divide the hair into V-shapes, then pick the hair a little from the side according to the designed hairstyle. Cut the hair that will be picked up before bonding.
  3. After all the hair has been picked up, trim it slightly according to the hairstyle.
  4. After the hair is taken out for 2 hours, you can freely apply perm, dye hair and carry out nutrient care.


The connected hair can be kept for about 3 months under the correct care, but you must do the following:

  1. Combs for combing hair every day must be round and wide, and do not use too much force during combing, otherwise it will cause hair loss.
  2. Shampoos and conditioners must be acidic.
  3. Do not expose to the sun for too long.
  4. Do not leave the air cylinder too close to the root when blowing.
  5. Do not use force to grasp the root when shampooing.
  6. Wig hair needs regular care: wigs bought by professional wigs can be sent back regularly to clean with professional cleaning agents. If it is bought in a general store, you can use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak the hair piece in cold water for a few minutes, then change the water and add 2 drops of shampoo. Stir well by hand and then put it in the air.
  7. Always keep a smooth hair spray on one hand: One of the uncomfortable hair extensions is that you can’t comb your hair, especially after being blown up by the wind, the more you rush, the more you comb, and it is easy to get mad. It is much more convenient to have a Shunfa spray in your hand, and you can use your fingers to clear it.


The disadvantages of hair extension:

shampoo is not convenient, cannot be washed, easy to dandruff, and even the roots are picked up, it is very difficult to receive, 1~2 months after the haircut, unloading, finishing hair extension, because of people The length of hair growth is different, the speed is the same, so the hair roots will be messy, and the nutrient cream should be used for shampooing after unloading, because the hair is messed up, it is difficult to comb with normal washing, and it is unloaded. When you comb your hair, you will lose a lot of your own hair and take it with you.

It is recommended not to pick up, when your hair is dry, split, not shiny, and take time to do nutrition.

Need to pay attention after receiving

The connected hair can be kept for about 3 months under the correct care, but you must do the following:

  1. Combs for combing hair every day must be round and wide, and do not use too much force during combing, otherwise, it will cause hair loss.
  2. Shampoos and conditioners must be acidic.
  3. Do not expose to the sun for too long.
  4. Do not leave the air cylinder too close to the root when blowing.
  5. Do not use force to grasp the root when shampooing.
  6. Wig hair needs regular care: wigs bought by professional wigs can be sent back regularly to clean with professional cleaning agents. If it is bought in a general store, you can use a moisturizing shampoo. Soak the hairpiece in cold water for a few minutes, then change the water and add 2 drops of shampoo. Stir well by hand and then put it in the air.
  7. Always keep a smooth hair spray on one hand: One of the uncomfortable hair extensions is that you can’t comb your hair, especially after being blown up by the wind, the more you rush, the more you comb, and it is easy to get mad. It is much more convenient to have a Shunfa spray in your hand, and you can use your fingers to clear it.

FAQ: much do hair extensions cost

Typical costs: A partial head of hair extensions typically costs between $150 and $300, plus the cost of the hair. Total cost ranges from $400 to $800. A full head of hair extensions (for fullness only) typically costs between $300 and $600, plus the cost of the hair. much do hair extensions cost in a salon

If you are looking for something long term you will spend between $200-$2000 at the salon for application, plus maintenance every 2-3 months (***does not include the cost of hair). It’s important to know how often you will need to be in the salon for maintenance and upkeep for your extensions. long do hair extensions last

On average, and if you’re taking good care of them, tape-ins last up to six to eight weeks, glue-ins last four to eight weeks, and protein-bonded extensions last six to eight weeks. The only kind of extensions that last up to a year are clip-ins, since you’re not wearing them every single day.

What’s the best alternative to chemical hair straightening?

Are there any alternatives to chemical hair straightening for naturally frizzy hair? Curly hair is beautiful, but we never stop to pursue beauty, so there’re many people style hair every year, Ion perm is the top choice.

Ion perm has been popular in the hairdressing market for many years, however, any perm technology can damage the hair and have side effects. If you going to try chemical hair straightening, you may pay attention to below reminder:


1. Not for everyone: Industry insiders remind that ion hot is not for everyone. Natural straight hair has elasticity, fluffy feeling, with a certain curvature. Although ionized hair is straight, it has no suppleness. Ion hot will be better for those people who are naturally born with a lot of hair.

2. Ion perm will hurt the hair: Experts pointed out that any kind of ion straightening will definitely hurt the hair, it is impossible to straighten the hair without damaging the hair. Ion perm makes hair straight by changing the hair structure, only the hair can be destroyed first to rebuild the new structure.


3. Adding nutrients cannot straighten your hair: Some hairdressing salons claim that by adding nutrients in the chemical water can protect the hair from perm damage. However, the structure of the hair scales of the damaged hair after being burned has been destroyed, you will find your hair is hairy and dry, and hair care product can only supplement the nutrition of the lack of nutrition, and can not change the hair scale structure.


What should you care if Ionic perm:

1. About the ionic hot potion: The perm effect of the Ion perm has a lot to do with the medicinal liquid. Low-grade fake and inferior medicinal liquid damages the hair particularly, causing the hair to be yellow and split, and make poor smoothness, even hair loss.

There are many kinds of ion perm in the hairdressing market, no less than one hundred kinds. But there is a relatively simple identification method: good medicinal liquid, high viscosity, transparent, certain gloss, soft does. Poor medicinal liquid, poor gloss, turbidity, and some odor.

2. About the ion perm clip: do ion hot, and inevitably use a clip, you should ask the hairstylist uses a ceramic clip to hair. If other hairdressing tools, such as iron clips (lower cost than ceramic clips, and small clips used in small and medium-sized stores), it is easy to break hair. You will also find that poor smoothness after shampooing, dullness, not easy to maintain the hairstyle.


3. Depending on the technician of Ionic perm: The level of the hairstylist will affect the ion hot effect more than the quality of the chemical medicine. For example, how to control a splint is the key to this process, especially the stylist’s gestures and strengths. Different softening time and degree according to different hair types are important, Therefore, experts recommend that consumers, if you want to do ion perm, you must be careful to choose a hair salon, otherwise it will not damage the hair.

What’s the best alternative to chemical hair straightening?

I am also a fancy with doing hairstyle. After many perm loss, I decided to look for a product instead of chemical straight hair. I don’t want to burn my hair easily. Hot dyeing hair, no matter how high-grade products are selected, it will cause damage to hair scales and keratin. It damaged the outer scales by the oxidation of the perm water, and the hair becomes dull and dull. Further, since perm changes the curl of the hair by first reducing and then oxidizing to change the structure of the keratin, the keratin structure is also easily destroyed and the hair becomes fragile.


Last year, I decide to hunt something that can save my hair and keep hair beauty. I saw a guy on YouTube use an iron hair straightening brush on her beard to straighten it. I couldn’t argue with the results, but being YouTube, ya never know. My beard is naturally curly. Looks like a bird’s nest. I always have to blow dry it with a product to straighten it.


I can’t stand my semi-thick anymore, stubborn wavy hair that tends to get frizzy. Then all of them recommend Glamfields hair straightening brush, I got it without hesitating because I know my hair should not wait. From then on, I’ve used a flat iron for a year and countless products but my hair ends up flat after flat ironing… no in between. I washed my hair last night and let air dry naturally overnight. I braided it this morning while waiting for this product to arrive. So my hair was a frizzy wavy mess when I started straightening with this brush… no product at all!!! It took me 10 minutes to straighten my hair! I like the fact the cord swivels and is made into the brush, many brush straighteners had bad reviews from the cord not staying in place. The bristles are not hot to touch so it makes it easy to apply tension using only your hand. The shape and length of bristles are perfect for long thick hair. The LED temperature screen and ionic button are a super nice feature too!

Everything about Glamfields iron brush seems to be high quality! Best of all the price is totally awesome as similar brushes with poor reviews are twice as much! The only thing I can say remotely negative is it does seem to be a little heavy but that’s to be expected I believe with this type of product. It’s just going to take a little getting used too! I love this and highly recommend it!


Why is your hair getting worse after 23 years old?

Why your hair super straight and healthy from the top but frizzy and dry from the length? Newborn baby’s skin always smooth and tender, and new growth hair should soft and shiny.

Why does the hair become dry and rancid, and the hair is getting worse?

Dry hair is caused by lack of nutrition in the hair, especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are more intense, causing serious damage to the hair. It is easy to produce oil. If you wash hair every day, hair will lose moisture, and it does not doubt that will become dry. The hair dryer would deepen the damage to the hair, resulting in the hair getting worse and worse, losing the original luster and becoming dry and rancid. 


In addition, staying up late usually, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, secreting too much junk material, resulting in hair without nutrition, will make the hair very dry and easy to hair loss, less night to the hair is good. If you have a perm in the near future, it will cause some damage to the hair, the hair will become fragile and lackluster. After perming, you must use hair care oil that has a repairing effect on the hair.

How to care your hair? 

One thing that must be recognized before hair care is that hair care depends on internal adjustment, followed by external support, and finally external care. Even if you use the appropriate care products, yet other does not do enough, even the better hair care product is just a cure for the symptoms, once the hair adapts to the cycle, the care products may not play a role. But this does not mean that the care products are not important, come with me and I will detail you more about hair care.


What is the internal adjustment?

Most people never know their hair state reflects the condition of the body, the internal organs are not adjusted. Seldom people know the health of the hair depends on the kidney, if you have good kidneys, you will have better hair. The main method of internal adjustment is tonic. Girls need to realize that the essence of hair is mainly protein, amino acids, and Vitamin B. No matter how you reduce your meal for losing weight, the rice must be guaranteed, because the rice contains the amino acids and Vitamin B are necessarily needed to the hair growth, and then the protein. It is suggested to eat one egg a day, for their protein nutrition supplement.

Of course, you can be added from other foods. As well known that the most important food supplement was black sesame black bean and black rice flour. This is a coarse grain that is easy to digest for lose weight and will never gain weight. It is recommended to go twice a day, morning and evening.


Some people reacted to black sesame seeds. just try to learn about whether black sesame seeds are cooked or fried before purchase. In addition, you can add honey or milk to the paste. Of course, it can be mixed with other coix seed red beans, etc. You need to pay attention to the amount of black sesame. This food supplement must be adhered to, insist on the healthy meal to see the change of hair!

Hair wash cycle and shampoo frequency

The first step in raising hair is to keep your hair wash frequency in place! Hair clean cycle is longer than the cycle time of the face cleaning, so you must pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair to maintain your hair. Wash it once every 3 or 4 days in the summer, and twice a week, using the hair mask every time will be better. Too often will break the balance of water and oil! Unless you have a super good foundation and the hair is super oily, it will be washed every day!


Some people with oily hair that can’t stand without washing one day! In fact, they don’t know their hair would more and more oily if daily hair wash. So if you really want to improve your hair quality, first change from the frequency of washing your hair, try to insist on it, wash it once every three days. After one month, you will find the hair may itch after three days. Only keep a good habit, then you can talk about hair care!


If you are lazy, what are the easiest ways to avoid hair damage?

Hair burrs due to your less care to maintain your hair. If you don’t have too much time to care for your hair, here are some reasons why you can avoid hair from getting rid of frizzy and dry. As long as you pay more attention, avoid it properly and your hair will not be excessively damaged.

1. Inferior shampoo, some people’s hair lack of wetness. Dry, if you comb with your hand, you will find it is not smooth.


2. Frequency Hot dyeing, many girls love to toss their hair, and finally, it is difficult to recover from hair damage. I am an example!

3. Excessive use of hair dryers or electric styling tools, I usually do not shape, but every time I wash my hair, I will blow my hair with a hairdryer, make sure the temperature should not be too high, or it will damage hair.

4. Excessive exposure to sunlight or strong winds can result in severe water loss.

5. The chlorine content contained in the swimming pool or hot spring bath or bathing water source causes the hair to be damaged by the chemical attack.


If you really like do your hair, enjoy different hairstyle, I would suggest you a hair tool Glamfields iron hair straightening brush, I use it in my daily life, I’ve been using this brush for about a year and I love it. If you want your hair to be super straight a flat iron is probably a better option. I have naturally wavy fine hair and I prefer this over a flat iron. The flat iron takes away all the volume and body from my hair. I keep some of my wave but it does a great job of smoothing out the frizz.


I use the lowest heat setting to minimize the damage. It doesn’t snag or pull on my hair so there’s less hair left in the brush. It made my hair smooth and shiny. Easy to use and quick to achieve a straight and smooth look.

What was your worst haircut experience?

People always hesitate to choose something especially before they trying to do one thing that they think it important.

Recently, Tracy posted a question on Reddit, “I an appt tomorrow morning and I picked the top right picture but what do y’all think?”


Well, as we can see, women bubble below this post, everyone is the artist of their beauty, people give their opinion, it seems a really successfully salon topic.

“Colour Technician here, it’ll work but I personally think the first one is gorgeous and will suit you well. You can do contouring and highlight with color (face framing freehand lightened parts) Blending the dark with the lightener on the ends will be a slight challenge but always fun.” Holly said with a professional vision.

“Remember to ask questions if you’re still uncertain, it’s your hair and any proper stylist appreciates it.”

While Jocelyn keeps a more conservative and objective evaluation. “The one you picked seems the lowest maintenance so if you want to leave it alone for another year or two after this appointment I think you should grow with that one so it looks good for longer.”


Tony always stand with his customer and try to understand the women’s thinking. “Stylist here, make sure you point out what you like and dislike about each photo. Especially if you like the blond pieces in front, that usually come right from the root, while the rest blend up soft about an inch or two below the root.

What I always try to tell people and clients, is don’t be afraid to give me direction! And be clear about what you want, and any good stylist will tell you an exact plan to get you where you wanna go! Hope this helps! You have beautiful hair 🙂 it will be fun to get something new!”


You may never meet a stylist who always understands you, you check out some beautiful hairstyle and trying to do a salon like that. Yet, sometimes, life cheats you. Do you have any experience if the barber has cut an ugly hairstyle for you?

Last month, I lost my justification and been to a barbershop nearby my school, which was opened by my classmate. I thought this classmate was very smart. Her mother should also be a listener! Got it! understand my request. His professional word made you feel like he is an excellent hairdresser. I didn’t need to cut it too short, but it was too long to be combed. I just took the glasses and then took it for 15 minutes.


My long hair became the lid of the pot? Everything must kidding me. I put up my glasses, looking in the mirror, crashing, yet I couldn’t get angry with my classmate’s mother. So I’m stiff and wow. It’s really short. When I got home, I started crying, how to go to school? All my classmates must laugh at me! At that time, feels that this is the most powerful one I have ever cried in my life. I haven’t been able to stand it for two hours. I back home and asked my mom, “How do you think of my hair? Is it ugly?” My mom looked up, and shut up. I was convinced in an instant, definitely you already know the result.


Sometimes, you feel the stylists are unprofessional, you don’t think they really know you. I know someone said, “Pretty up my face?” You got an ugly face, man? If you have an ugly face, then there’s no putting lipstick on a pig and asking for a miracle. If you want a certain hairstyle, bring pictures.

Another horrible bad hair cut story is from my old friend Sue, “Getting my hair cut always filled me with anxiety, so I would wait for over a year to do it, but then my hair would get all raggedy looking and have hella spilt ends…finally I’d get sick of it and go into a salon, I would explain my fears, bring pics of how I wanted it to look, and every time the stylist would assure me they knew how to cut naturally curly hair, and each time I’d end up in tears when I got home.


I have an uneven curl pattern, so the cut may have looked good in the shop but after a wash or two it would look like crap. My right side would always be way shorter than the left, and the layering would look too puffy for my already chubby face. I don’t have any pictures of those terrible times since I avoided the camera…but I did stumble across one that shows how dry and damaged it would get in between the haircuts.

I finally got tired of all the bad hair days, you can only wear your hair in a ponytail so many times, right? so I started watching youtube videos on how to cut curly hair using the Deva cut method, then I got some hair cutting scissors, took a deep breath, and started cutting. I haven’t looked back.”


This just about made me cry. I’ve struggled with my hair for a very long time. I got a deva cut once, but it’s so expensive I simply can’t do it again. To think I can actually learn how to do it myself…wow. This is an emotional moment for me. Good luck all, wish you meet a hair stylist who knows you.

What is the best shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair? 2019

Personal care and health have been raised up to daily life course in my course, I am a high school biology teacher, and I often remind my students to take care of their scalp. Only healthy scalp can grow healthy and quality hair, and hair care is especially important the day after tomorrow. Here is related to a question, what are the best shampoos and conditioners for people with thick, frizzy, curly hair


How to make hair well?

Except we have discussed before “Vegetable make hair good“, today we are going to talk about something Shampoo. According to Wikipedia,  Shampoo is used by applying it to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out. In the human consensus, we all know this amazing cleanser, which makes a good smell in our hair and comfortable our scalp. Shampoo is generally made by combining a surfactant, most often sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium sulfate, with a co-surfactant, most often Cocamidopropyl betaine in water.

However, not all the Shampoo do a good job, some may have an unsatisfied affection, and even damage hair, cause hair loss, or hair split, frizzy. If you used to test some shampoos or conditioners, yet hair worse and worse, now you can stop it and try the below one.


Real personal feedback on their hair shampoo testing: 

Coming from someone with very oily fine hair. It not only is the best smell ever! She told us that she loves the scent of this stuff, it is a very fresh clean scent, but it also leaves her hair bouncy, and so so soft and shiny.

She had to stop using store bought shampoos because it was starting to damage her hair and cause scalp problems (dry, oily, itchy, dandruff). The stylist convinced she to start using this expensive shampoo and conditioner from their solan and though she couldn’t really afford it she couldn’t deny how much better it worked for her hair and scalp. She told us that she decided after running out to see if there was anything else she could use. Everything has met her expectations and now she in love with my shiny soft locks.


One month later, we received her letter, in the word, she told us that she still has some scalp issues she have to work on though, but she has noticed a little different in that, She also has started to put argon oil alone on her scalp for an hour once a week, it seems like the Moroccan shampoo with this treatment together makes a big difference.

If this reader is just one of an example, I ‘m not sure if those people just lucky or the Shampoo does really work!

Does this Shampoo only work on oily hair?

Daven spends years looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for his dry hair until he found this product and he told us he meets his “Ms. Right”. Actually, I totally understand why Daven think highly to the Shampoo. He always reorders every time he needs more, it’s very refreshing it’s organic. He detailed us that he has been washing his hair with the wrong product and with hot water damaging his hair and follicles. Getting dry scalp and dandruff he been using head & shoulder. He always hunts something naturally, and this one is it. Every product they sell is just purely organic and fresh sense and most important sulfate free. Sulfate is the reason that damage the hair in a person bc the shampoo that you buy in the local store is all chemical. Daven even make his own hair mask to give it some freshness and then wash it with these two products he loves it Daven show us a great satisfied report and said that he won’t stop buying it.


When Daven say this to his eyes it’s the best, “You will not regret this just get one and see for yourself. I even use it on my 2-year-old daughter, she has thin curly hair just like me and I have to keep healthy. Go to there website and check out the other stuff if you’re interested. I love the packaging and I’m glad they change the open top to a push open because it was a little annoying trying to keep it open every time I open it close right away, lol.”


Another lady who used to be our reader, because she bought an iron hair straightening brush from Glamfields, and we keep a long term letter parent. Recently, we got her letter, she suggests us indeed to recommend this conditioner to those women who use our iron brush. According to she said,  her hair has never been so healthy. The lady we know she used to break at the ends so frequently despite trims every 2 Mon. Now, it already feels so healthy. She’ve only used the shampoo and conditioner twice over 4 days and already notice a great difference. I am sure why she likes it so much, her hair is usually very frizzy for up to 10-14ish hours after washing even with defrizz products put in. You can read her exciting in her word, “Using this product my hair drys so nicely. I love it. Totally hooked. Also now I use an organic leave in organic serum I made myself of argan oil, vegetable glycerin, sandalwood essential oil, and lemon essential oil.”


So what is the Shampoo people said above?

ArtNaturals Organic Moroccan Shampoo. This brand of shampoos and conditioners is affordable, it is sulfate-free, paraben-free. As it said, natural ingredients, such as argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, keratin, botanical extracts, and vitamins, ensure that hair is clean, shiny, and hydrated, with no sulfates and no parabens, ever.

If you’re looking at the labels on a shampoo or conditioner bottle. Ingredients are listed like “ammonium lauryl sulfate,” “sodium laureth sulfate,” “sodium lauryl sulfate,” “methylparaben,” “ethylparaben,” and “butylparaben.” Yikes! What are these things, and do you want them on your hair? Absolutely no. Sulfates are “surfactants,” meaning they make foaming easier, which is why many manufacturers still use them. But they can also strip your hair of essential oils, leaving it frizzy, damaged, and dry.


So, currently, will you consider testing ArtNaturals Organic Moroccan Shampoo? And do you know how to choose Shampoo? I usually sure, most of all, let’s try to know about your hair, to know the hair type and then you can choose the right thing. Remember one thing, any shampoos or conditioner you use on your hair scalp should use warm water to clean enough. congrats you all have healthy and textured hair.