“Peach Pink Fever”, Dress up your fashion

Fashion is like a gust of wind, fast, and come to your side without any sound, then walk quietly.

Everyone love fashion, it is like a wind, Starting from July, it ushered in the autumn and winter haute couture week in Paris, France. All fashion brands are exerting force to show its own high finished workpieces. And in the high week of this session, a prominent element is–“fairy“.


Lots of brands use the Peach Color. Dedicated to creating a fairyland full of peaches, it is also known as the “Year of the Peach” 2018, that provides more fashion inspiration.

What is on popular in the hot summer? I think a simple and special peach bag would be the best accessory for leisure and commuting. Especially when the children’s bag is on the hot topic, the convenient and beautiful peach mini bag has become a popular choice for various combinations.


When talking about a peachy sense of youth, it may remind you the motorcycle leather jacket like Gigi, it weakens the neutral wind and balanced girly and man mix and match.


You should totally agree that Peach-colored pouch is especially suitable for matching with geometry. No one against Elegant colors hit the minimalist geometric design properly and can handle any style of wear well.


Not too eye-catching colors, even with exaggerated fashion and fun design. It won’t be too awkward in everyday collocation, instead, there is an increase in detail.


Speaking of here, is your girlish rippling? If you fashion enough and you will find Glamfields Hair Straightening Brush is Rose pink, why not fill your life in this summer with a peach pink hair straightener?




Can Irons Hair Straightening Brush use on curly & thick hair?

Makes Hair Look Like It’s Fresh Out Of The Salon, Save Money Every Day, Good Hair All Day!

I usually hear that if Glamfields Hair Straightening Brush suit thick and curly hair or not, most of the beauty afraid if they get a wrong gadget. Actually, if you see my real picture before and after, you may feel surprised and will change your mind.

Was very excited to try this. Here’s my “hair background”…I have hair that falls about 4 inches past shoulders when it’s wet or straightened. After shampooing my hair and doing nothing with it, it dries frizzy/curly ( mostly frizzy) to my shoulders. I purchased a blow dryer just to straighten and try to remove frizz before I actually straighten with a Chi straightener. Blow drying and straightening actually works fine but it’s damaging my hair and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Also, what’s very frustrating is by the time I’m done blow drying and straightening, I m literally sweating.

So here’s my review..washed my hair tonight, let it air dry…so now it’s very frizzy and curly. Let the brush heat up to 350. And brushed my hair, brushed it thoroughly for about 10 minutes…I’m very impressed, to say the least, not only did I not have to blow dry my hair, it’s straight and frizz free and I’m not even hot, (sweating). The brush is really easy to use its light in weight, about the same weight as my Chi straightener. Absolutely love it and will be buying one for my daughter who unfortunately has my hair.

Equipt double holes for releasing anion
When the brush is heating, it releases abundant anion automatically. This helps protect hair from damage by high temperature, keep your hair hydrated. Have BearMoo straightening brush, no need to go to the salon, because it makes your hair look like it’s fresh out of the salon!

I would like to share some Tips for best results:


Dry and brush your hair.
You are recommended to apply heat protectant or argan or coconut oil.
Section your hair and put it deep into the inner area of the brush, brush tooth should be toward the outside, brush slowly in a pulling motion.​
Then repeat it, but brush tooth should be toward the inside.


30 Seconds Fast-heating
Glamfields straightening brush takes new MCH technology, this is an improved heating way for hair appliance, which gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.

12 different temperatures from low to high can be setted

  • Thin, fine or bleached hair: use 250℉ 
  • Dyed or Dark colored hair: use 350℉ 
  • Normal or Slightly curly hair: use 250℉~370℉ 
  • Thick, curly and wavy hair: use 430~450℉ 

Life will be more convenient with Glamfields hair straightening ceramic brush. It’s the best solution for you when you are hurry to go to work or date. There is no need to get your hair blown dry straight in a salon, you can style your hair at home!

The Course of My Straightening Hair

You should know very much about the Hair Straightening Brush, and pretty impressed with how it works.

When I first saw this picture, I don’t believe how well it works.  After my black people friend Ashely used the Glamfields hair straightener, I decide to have a try. I have a ton of curly hair, 3A type if you’re into that sort of thing, and I am wildly uncoordinated with little patience for hair styling. Back in college, I used to straighten with a curling iron but after burning my ear a number of times, plus the hassle of sitting in front of a mirror for two hours (that’s literally how long it took) I quit. It just wasn’t worth it. Enter this straightening brush. I bought a different one first, it worked ok, didn’t reach 450 degrees and it was pretty small but it actually worked somewhat so I decided to “invest” (is 40 bucks investing?) in a better one. This brush is amazing. It gets HOT, and the size of the head means it works faster. As for safety, if there’s a way to burn yourself with this I haven’t found it yet, and I’m the person who would.


First, I do not blow dry my hair, because, time. So my method is this: wash it, let it air dry, usually overnight, brush it out, and then straighten with this brush. I’m certain I’d get a better result by blow drying but my hair takes ages to dry and I just don’t care enough about it being perfect. With this method, and I just timed it, the straightening process takes 8 minutes. EIGHT MINUTES. That includes adding a smoothing product after. And you must understand, this is so not my wheelhouse. Is it Jennifer Aniston circa Friends straight? No, of course not. But it’s a whole lot straighter than any other product could get me in 8 minutes.

The Course of My Straight Hair
My Straightening Hair

My Straightening Hair
When I pay for a professional blowout it looks better, not gonna lie. So if you currently straighten your hair with something else and it looks absolutely perfect, don’t expect this brush to give you equal results. But if like me, you lack the time and skill to give yourself a good blowout or straighten your own hair, and you have my “good enough!” attitude, then this brush is for you.