2019 TOP 3 hair straightening brush easy your busy morning

Hate to manage your frizzy, messed, fly hair routinely? Try styling with a hairbrush straightener to easy your busy morning. Here introduce TOP 3 hair straightener brush for your choice:

Hate to manage your frizzy, messed, fly hair routinely? Try styling with a hairbrush straightener to easy your busy morning. Here introduce TOP 3 hair straightener brush for your choice:

GlamFields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

Best choice for THICK HAIR:

AUTHOR’S CHOICE: If you have naturally frizzy or thick hair, the GlamFields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush is for you! As our editor’s pick, this hair straightening brush is packed with professional-grade features to give you the silky, shiny hair you have always wanted!



Negative ion technology protects hair, Promotes shine and locks in moisture, Eliminates frizz, Wide tooth design is ideal for longer or thicker hair, Promotes healthier looking hair with use, Heats in just 40-seconds, Maximum heat settings of 450° F, 360° swivel power chord, Auto shut off feature after 30 minutes, Temperature lock setting


MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush

Best choice for THIN HAIR:

AUTHOR’S CHOICE: The MiroPure Enhanced Straightening brush doesn’t just straighten your hair in minutes, it actually massages your scalp and stimulates your hair follicles. With this brilliant hairbrush straightener, you can get a stunning, smooth, radiant style as you seal your cuticles, meaning that you cut down your splits ends. Your locks will soon be looking lustrous, silky and healthy, with fewer flyaways and frizz.



Professional Nano Com, 16 temperatures settings, Dual-ionic generator, Metal-ceramic heater, Warms up in 60 seconds, Temperatures lock, Automatic shut-off in 60 mins


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Styler

Best choice for WET HAIR:

Dries And Styles Your Hair

AUTHOR’S CHOICE: By far, the best feature of the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler is its ability to dry and smooth at the same time! With this unique tool, you no longer need multiple styling gadgets like a blow dryer, flat iron, or separate hair straightening brush since all of these tools can be replaced with the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler! If you need a little help getting started with this all in one tool, check out these step-by-step instructions provided by the wonderful pros at Revlon.

Revlon-One-Step-Hair-Dryer-And Styler


Dries and styles hair all at once, Features tangle-free bristles, Each bristle has a massage ball tip for a gentle massage on the scalp, Multiple heat settings for various hair types, Includes a cool setting, Easy-to-use rotating dial control temperature settings


Our Top Tips for Using and Cleaning Your Hairbrush Straightener

You’ve done your research and you’ve purchased your new hairbrush straightener; now all that’s left to do is start styling and caring for your new beauty tool! To help you get started, we have created your go-to guide for using and caring for your hairbrush straightener so you can start living life with the glossy, straightened hair you have always wanted!

Tip #1: Use A Heat Protectant Spray

Even the most advanced heating tools can cause a bit of damage to your hair over time. To avoid this, simply spritz a bit of heat protectant spray on your hair before styling. You precious strands will be glad you did!

Tip #2: Less Is More

Unlike traditional flat irons or blow dryers that require repetitive styling over the same section of hair, hairbrush straighteners typically get the job done in a swipe or two. Before you start brushing your hair to oblivion, take it slow and see what a single pass can do to avoid unnecessary heat damage.

Tip #3: Give Your Locks a Breather

Yes, hairbrush straighteners typically contain anti-heat damage technology and yes, sometimes they can even be good for your hair; that said, give your hair a rest and try to incorporate at least one non-styling day per week, if possible. This break allows your hair’s natural oils to build up and condition your strands from the root down, which can strengthen your hair and restore shine!

Tip #4: Keep it Clean

Like any styling tool, your new hairbrush straightener will accumulate dust, oil and loose hair over time. Make a point to clean your hairbrush straightener at least once per week (when it is turned off and cool, of course!) to prolong its lifetime.

Tip #5: Store in a Safe Place

Store your hairbrush straightener in a cool, dark place away from water, such as a bathroom cabinet or linen closet.

Tip #6: Practice Makes Perfect!

Like any new styling trend, mastering the art of hair brush straightening can take a little practice. You will find that this method of hair straightening is much simpler than other styling techniques, but give yourself a little time and practice. In no time at all, you will be brushing your hair to straightened perfection in a matter of minutes!


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How to make your hair looks thicker?


Method 1

Change hair care products


1. Shampoo should not be too frequent. Keeping your hair and scalp clean is a must, but washing too often can cause your hair to become sparse. Each time the shampoo washes away the natural nutrients of the scalp, making the hair more fragile and easy to break. Wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week. Use conditioner to nourish your hair every time you wash your hair. Dry clean once a week to keep your hair clean.

2. Use skin care products containing natural ingredients. Most shampoos contain strong detergents that dry and break hair. In addition to reducing the number of shampoos, you should use a shampoo-free shampoo and try to choose a natural or organic shampoo.

3. Avoid excessive use of high-temperature tools. These tools can burn your hair, causing split ends and breaks. Avoid frequent use of hair dryers, straight hair tools and curling tools. Use up to once a week. It is best to let your hair dry naturally. Hairdressing tools can be used in an emergency. If you don’t like how your hair will dry naturally, you can apply some hair styling products to your wet hair to make your hair look.

If you have to use hair styling tools frequently, use some heat-resistant products like argan oil on your hair before making shapes.

4. Avoid hair dyeing. Many people like to dye hair, but bleach or other chemical hair dyes can make hair dry and seriously damage the hair. Try to avoid using these hair dyes to dye your hair. You can use a more natural product such as lemon juice to dye hair.

5. learn to comb your hair properly. Regularly combing the hair can evenly apply the oil on the scalp. Too frequent will cause oily hair and hair loss. And using the right comb is also critical. It is best to use a wide-toothed comb. Do not comb your hair when it is wet. At this time, the hair is most easily combed. Comb your head once a day.


Method 2

Use homely therapy


1. Make a protein hair mask. Hair is made up of protein, so you want to make your hair thicker and you have to add it. Mix 1 to 2 eggs (depending on your hair volume and length) with a little fresh aloe vera. Apply the mixture thoroughly and evenly to your hair. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water.

2. Fenugreek hair mask. Fenugreek seeds are not only good for health but also have anti-dandruff and thick hair. Soak the fenugreek seeds in water for 8 to 10 hours. It is then stirred into a batter. It is then applied to the hair and rinsed with water soaked with fenugreek after 30 minutes.

3. Hot oil massage. Natural oils, especially olive oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil help to enhance hair flexibility and promote long hair. Massage the scalp with oil to stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Heat the oil to a comfortable temperature, then massage the scalp with oil and let the oil stay on the scalp for 30 to 60 minutes before washing off.

4. Flaxseed. Flaxseed is rich in fatty acids that help the hair thicken. Soak the flaxseed in the bowl for 5 days. Then spread it on the scalp with flaxseed water, leave it for 10 minutes, then wash it with clean water.

5. fruit hair mask. The nutrients contained in the fruit are not just for eating. They can also be used to increase the density of hair. Mix avocado, banana, and orange peel into a batter, then spread the hair with a hair mask and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes. [2]


Method 3

Changing lifestyle


1. Pay attention to eating habits. The nutrients of the food also enhance the flexibility and density of the hair. Eat foods rich in protein, vitamins B, C, D and E, and zinc. In short, you need to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains to promote hair growth. The food for hair care is: walnuts, spinach, flaxseed, lentils and blueberries.

2. Reduce psychological stress. A heavy psychological burden, high mental stress can also cause hair loss. Take steps to reduce stress and maintain a peace of mind.

3. More sports. More exercise can release stress. Exercise 30 minutes a day to help your body’s overall health, including hair.

4. Take hair care supplements. Sometimes it is impossible to get all the nutrients needed for hair through your daily diet. So we have to resort to supplements. Some supplements can speed up hair growth and increase hair density. Try taking biotin (vitamin H), Viviscal, fish oil, etc.

5. Check the medication you are taking. Some drugs have no effect on the hair. But some drugs affect the balance of hormones, leading to hair loss. Drugs such as birth control pills that alter hormonal balance are likely to cause hair loss. Ask your doctor if you can change other medicines.


Method 4

Take helpful measures


1. Bald treatment. If your hair loss is serious, you can go to the pharmacy to buy a cream for the treatment of hair loss. Applying daily can promote the growth of hair in the hair loss area.

2. Hair transplants. Hair loss can be considered if you have severe hair loss or baldness. The surgical technique for male baldness is to transfer hair from other parts of the body to the bald top. Consult a doctor to see if your condition is suitable for hair transplants.

3. Buy a laser comb. This comb, which sounds very high-end, is the latest technological innovation that promotes hair growth through lasers. Of course, the price is very high, you probably need to spend 3,600 yuan. If you are worried about sparse hair, then it is better to buy a laser comb for yourself.

4. Pick up the hair. To connect the hair, use a string or glue to temporarily stick the hair to the head. The hair that was successfully picked up is very natural, but the price is not cheap. And after the hair extension, you should change it every three months.

5. Keratin therapy. This service is generally available in high-end salons. Keratin therapy specifically increases hair growth rate and consistency and shine. You need to do it every few months, and it costs about $300 each time. Even if it does not increase the consistency of the hair, it will make the existing hair healthier and without damage.


Method 5

Cover up


1. Change the hairstyle, can’t change the gene, you can use the hallucination to make the hair look thicker. Let the hairdresser trim the hair that is the most fluffy and looks the most. Increase the level of hair to make your hair look fuller. Especially effective for straight hair. If you don’t mind, try bangs. The contrast between Liu Hai and the rest of the hair will produce a visual effect with a lot of hair.

Repair the tail. The split ends will make the hair look unhealthy and thin. Frequent trimming of the hair ends can make the hair look healthier and more vibrant overall. Trim every 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Using color to create a hairy environment, highlighting the hair will give the hair a three-dimensional feel and make the hair look more. However, as mentioned above, excessive bleaching can damage the hair. So it’s best to get close to the color of your hair color.

3. Real hair clips. If you are not ready to complete the hair extension, you can try the real hair clip hair extension. This type of hair extension is cheaper and more natural. General barbershops offer this kind of wealth. It is best to choose a hair that is very close to your hair color. Put it on your hair every day to make your hair look thicker.


  • Do not wear the same part every day or wear a hat every day, which is not good for your hair.
  • Keep an eye on the side effects of over-the-counter therapy. If you have questions, you can consult a doctor.
  • It is best to consult your doctor before taking medication or vitamin supplements.


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These curly hair tips will not let you disappointment.

It is not easy to care for curly hair, especially dry or damaged curls. Regular use of conditioners, natural oils and intensive care can help curls restore natural shine and prevent further damage.

It is not easy to care for curly hair, especially dry or damaged curls. Regular use of conditioners, natural oils and intensive care can help curls restore natural shine and prevent further damage.

Using conditioner

1. Choose the right conditioner. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Check the label and buy a special formula for curly hair.


a) If it is loose curls and oily hair, it is suitable for use with a refreshing, moisturizing conditioner. If the curls are fine and dry, it is suitable for a more moisturizing conditioner.

b) Fine curls usually require the use of thick conditioners.

c) Dry curly hair requires a powerful moisturizer or conditioner that contains a lot of oil.

d) Damaged curls require the use of a hair conditioner for damaged hair.


2. Apply conditioner. Hair growth is the result of the constant division and proliferation of cells, so the hair is the oldest part of the hair. The hair ends of the curls look the driest and the damage is most severe. Carefully apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair, then slowly apply it to the hair roots. Apply a little more to the hair, and apply a little bit of rooting to prevent the oil from accumulating in the hair roots and destroying the natural shape of the hair.


3. Wait 5-20 minutes. Let the conditioner stay on your hair for at least 5 minutes. If the hair is severely damaged or very dry, you can wait 15 or 20 minutes.

4. Wash your hair with cold water. Wash your hair thoroughly. Cold water seals the skin’s epidermis, locks in natural oils and leaves hair smooth. When rinsing, comb the hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb and untie the knotted hair. Wide-toothed combs are especially useful for tight, fine curls.


5. Use disposable hair care products (optional). Many companies have introduced disposable hair conditioners or hair masks for hair. These products provide extra protection to the hair and make it easier to care for the curls. Apply the product according to the instructions on the package, then do not need to clean it, and do it directly as usual.

6. let the hair dry naturally. The best way to prevent curling and getting rid of hair is to let it dry naturally. If you usually rely on a hair dryer for styling, you may want to use other methods to curl or straighten your hair.

7. Set the heat setting tool to the lowest temperature. High temperatures can damage curly hair! If you want to use a curling iron, hair straightener or electric comb, try to adjust to the lowest temperature. Choose a large diameter curling iron so you can roll your hair quickly and without overheating.


Oil care for hair

1. Select the right oil according to the hair quality. When you use natural oil to care for your hair, you don’t need to use chemicals or worry about hair products remaining in your hair. Choose the most suitable oil based on your hair and personal preference.

Jojoba oil is very light in texture and not as greasy as other oils. All curls are suitable, especially loose curls.

Coconut oil penetrates well into the hair, leaving it tough and suitable for people with rough hair. However, some people may not like the smell of coconut oil.

Olive oil or grape seed oil is not thick or thin, suitable for curling medium to fine curls. In addition to making the hair soft and shiny, olive oil also helps to relieve scalp itching and dandruff. However, the smell of olive oil is strong and not everyone likes it.


2. Heat the oil with warm water. Warm oils are usually in liquid form and are easier to apply. Do not use a microwave or stove to heat the oil to avoid igniting them! The correct way is to put the oiled container in a bowl of warm water and heat it up until the outside of the container is warm.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so be sure to heat to melt. If the temperature is high enough, it may melt by itself.

3. protect your clothes. The oil will leave a permanent stain on the clothes. Before using oil to protect your hair, remember to put a cloth, apron or raincoat for your haircut on your clothes.

4. Apply oil from the tip of the hair. Start with 30 ml of oil and then add it later. Apply it from the tip of the hair, rub the oil into your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, and untie the tangled hair. Do not apply oil directly to the scalp to avoid blocking the pores.

5. Let the oil stay on the hair for 5 to 20 minutes. Give your hair some time to absorb oil, help preserve nutrients and repair damage. Wait about 5 minutes. If your hair is badly damaged, you can wait for 20 minutes.

6. Wash your hair with cold water. Cold water locks in the nutrients in natural oils. You may need to take longer to wash off all the oil compared to regular conditioners. Be sure to wash it! The residual oil will make the hair look oily. Allow the hair to dry naturally after washing.



  • Most shampoos contain sulfates such as ammonium lauryl ether sulfate or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. They can damage the curls and become very dry. Buy shampoo-free shampoos, or use shampoos like African-American women, or wash your hair directly with conditioner.
  • Consider a hairstyle that protects your curls, such as tying your throat or putting your hair up. These hairstyles can last for a month or two, reducing the damage caused by hair exposure. Do not hold for more than two months, otherwise the hair will be severely knotted.
  • Curly hair has different needs in different seasons. In summer, use thinner products, and/or reduce the use of disposable products. In winter, use a thicker product and increase the amount of conditioner to fight dry, cold air.
  • Hair care is important, especially after swimming in the sea or in chlorine-laden water.


  • Sunlight can damage your hair. Choose a sunscreen conditioner or wear a wide-brimmed hat or cover your hair with a scarf when you go out under the scorching sun.
  • After the curls are dry, they can no longer be combed with a comb. This can cause hair to break and destroy the natural shape of the curls.
  • If you want to use essential oils, whether applied to the hair or the skin, first dilute them with a lighter oil. Do not use water.


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Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

Why your hair easier getting oil in the Winter?

The main reason why winter hair is easy to get oil: Oil scalp is the root cause of hair oil. When sebum secretion exceeds normal by about 10%, the hair will appear oily, and sebum accumulated on the scalp may cause itching. Simply “washing” does not solve the oil scalp problem. Repeated cleaning will only disturb the secretion of oil glands and exacerbate the oil in the scalp. Professional scalp care for oil scalp causes

Other reasons
1, The body is short of water
Winter is a dry season. If the body is short of water, once the body is water, the scalp will be in a state of water shortage. This will result in imbalance of water and oil, and the hair will be easy to produce oil.

2, Shampoo too hard
If you wash your hair too hard at ordinary times, it will speed up the hair oil, because shampooing will destroy the water and oil balance of your scalp, and naturally it will be oily, and the hair will be oily.

3, Eat too much irritating food
If you eat too much irritating food, for example, too much spicy or greasy food, it will also stimulate your hair to oil, which will also cause the hair to oil fast.

eating-an-esophageal-friendly-soft-food-diet-irritating food
4, Irregular sleep
In particular, some people who stay up all night will find a lot of oil after getting up the next day. This is the irregular sleep that causes the hair to not get an effective rest. How to solve it?

Irregular sleep

10 Useful Tips for Oil Hair
1) Do not use the same shampoo in different seasons
Skin will have different problems in all seasons and even different ages. At this time, we will choose a variety of targeted care products, such as sunscreen, whitening, hydrating, anti-aging and so on. This should also be the case for scalp care. Affected by the environment and its own conditions, our scalp will have different problems at different times. Only by selecting targeted professional care products and solving the problem source can we really restore the scalp to a healthy state.

2) Improve winter hair oil – the right medicine
The scalp, like the skin, may have multiple underlying causes of the same surface symptoms. In the case of dandruff alone, it may be caused by the excessive growth of Malassezia naturally occurring on the scalp. If the scalp type is different, it will also produce oily dandruff and dry dandruff. In addition, if you see a small piece of dandruff on your head immediately after shampooing, it may be caused by sensitive desquamation. Therefore, professional hair stylists should be asked to solve the scalp problem through the professional scalp diagnosis equipment and the right medicine.
3) First of all, the habits should be good, don’t stay up late, not only have enough sleep, but also ensure the quality of sleep, let the brain get rest, will reduce hair oil.

Beautiful Young Woman good Sleeping
4) Try to eat lightly as usual, do not eat very greasy all day or eat often, reduce oil intake.

5) When washing your hair, do not wash your hair with too hot water. The water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. You can massage the acupuncture points on the head to make the blocked pores clear, and also allow oily substances to be discharged.

6) Like the cold season in winter, it is very normal to soak the hot water feet. For those who don’t like to soak their feet and have hair oil, this time must be soaked in the feet, often soaking the feet can reduce the discharge of grease.

feet-treatment-soaked feet
7) Don’t wash your hair too often. The hair is too dry and the water is not enough. On the contrary, it is easy to make oil. You can only wash the head one or two times a day.

8) If it is the oily hair pro, it is recommended that the shampoo do not buy oily, you can buy a milder. Also reduce the use of conditioner, or apply conditioner only at the end of the hair.

9) Because the metabolism of people in winter is slower, it is necessary to pay more attention to exercise conditioning in addition to diet, otherwise the oil will accumulate easily and the hair will easily become oily.

10) Toner is facial hydration, but it can also be used for hair hydration. Hair is easy to oil because of the lack of moisture, so spray a layer of toner on the scalp evenly, or spray a little more on the hair roots, which will not only relieve hair oil, but also add proper moisture to the hair.


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Why is your hair getting worse after 23 years old?

Why your hair super straight and healthy from the top but frizzy and dry from the length? Newborn baby’s skin always smooth and tender, and new growth hair should soft and shiny.

Why does the hair become dry and rancid, and the hair is getting worse?

Dry hair is caused by lack of nutrition in the hair, especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are more intense, causing serious damage to the hair. It is easy to produce oil. If you wash hair every day, hair will lose moisture, and it does not doubt that will become dry. The hair dryer would deepen the damage to the hair, resulting in the hair getting worse and worse, losing the original luster and becoming dry and rancid. 


In addition, staying up late usually, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, secreting too much junk material, resulting in hair without nutrition, will make the hair very dry and easy to hair loss, less night to the hair is good. If you have a perm in the near future, it will cause some damage to the hair, the hair will become fragile and lackluster. After perming, you must use hair care oil that has a repairing effect on the hair.

How to care your hair? 

One thing that must be recognized before hair care is that hair care depends on internal adjustment, followed by external support, and finally external care. Even if you use the appropriate care products, yet other does not do enough, even the better hair care product is just a cure for the symptoms, once the hair adapts to the cycle, the care products may not play a role. But this does not mean that the care products are not important, come with me and I will detail you more about hair care.


What is the internal adjustment?

Most people never know their hair state reflects the condition of the body, the internal organs are not adjusted. Seldom people know the health of the hair depends on the kidney, if you have good kidneys, you will have better hair. The main method of internal adjustment is tonic. Girls need to realize that the essence of hair is mainly protein, amino acids, and Vitamin B. No matter how you reduce your meal for losing weight, the rice must be guaranteed, because the rice contains the amino acids and Vitamin B are necessarily needed to the hair growth, and then the protein. It is suggested to eat one egg a day, for their protein nutrition supplement.

Of course, you can be added from other foods. As well known that the most important food supplement was black sesame black bean and black rice flour. This is a coarse grain that is easy to digest for lose weight and will never gain weight. It is recommended to go twice a day, morning and evening.


Some people reacted to black sesame seeds. just try to learn about whether black sesame seeds are cooked or fried before purchase. In addition, you can add honey or milk to the paste. Of course, it can be mixed with other coix seed red beans, etc. You need to pay attention to the amount of black sesame. This food supplement must be adhered to, insist on the healthy meal to see the change of hair!

Hair wash cycle and shampoo frequency

The first step in raising hair is to keep your hair wash frequency in place! Hair clean cycle is longer than the cycle time of the face cleaning, so you must pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair to maintain your hair. Wash it once every 3 or 4 days in the summer, and twice a week, using the hair mask every time will be better. Too often will break the balance of water and oil! Unless you have a super good foundation and the hair is super oily, it will be washed every day!


Some people with oily hair that can’t stand without washing one day! In fact, they don’t know their hair would more and more oily if daily hair wash. So if you really want to improve your hair quality, first change from the frequency of washing your hair, try to insist on it, wash it once every three days. After one month, you will find the hair may itch after three days. Only keep a good habit, then you can talk about hair care!


If you are lazy, what are the easiest ways to avoid hair damage?

Hair burrs due to your less care to maintain your hair. If you don’t have too much time to care for your hair, here are some reasons why you can avoid hair from getting rid of frizzy and dry. As long as you pay more attention, avoid it properly and your hair will not be excessively damaged.

1. Inferior shampoo, some people’s hair lack of wetness. Dry, if you comb with your hand, you will find it is not smooth.


2. Frequency Hot dyeing, many girls love to toss their hair, and finally, it is difficult to recover from hair damage. I am an example!

3. Excessive use of hair dryers or electric styling tools, I usually do not shape, but every time I wash my hair, I will blow my hair with a hairdryer, make sure the temperature should not be too high, or it will damage hair.

4. Excessive exposure to sunlight or strong winds can result in severe water loss.

5. The chlorine content contained in the swimming pool or hot spring bath or bathing water source causes the hair to be damaged by the chemical attack.


If you really like do your hair, enjoy different hairstyle, I would suggest you a hair tool Glamfields iron hair straightening brush, I use it in my daily life, I’ve been using this brush for about a year and I love it. If you want your hair to be super straight a flat iron is probably a better option. I have naturally wavy fine hair and I prefer this over a flat iron. The flat iron takes away all the volume and body from my hair. I keep some of my wave but it does a great job of smoothing out the frizz.


I use the lowest heat setting to minimize the damage. It doesn’t snag or pull on my hair so there’s less hair left in the brush. It made my hair smooth and shiny. Easy to use and quick to achieve a straight and smooth look.

Is it true that you do not need to wash your hair?

Why do you think it is good to not wash your hair? Do you worry that shampooing every day causes hair loss to make hair less and less? However, wash hair does not cause the hair to fall more. In general, the total number of people’s hair exceeds 100,000. Normal people will drop about 50 to 100 hairs per day. At the same time, there will be a corresponding amount of new hair supplements to keep the total amount of hair unchanged.


Absolutely impossible not to wash your hair. The hair still needs to be washed. Yet, can it be washed every day? Not really, washing your hair every day will not let your hair fall more, nor will it make dandruff more, but it will harmful to the hair. However, if we do not wash our hair for a long time, the oil and other impurities secreted by the sebaceous glands will block the hair follicles, then affect the normal hair growth of the hair follicles, then lead to hair loss.


How often is it necessary to wash your hair?

Actually, people can base on their hair quality and the season and activity space to decide the times to wash their hair per week.

Oily hair, If your hair excreted sebum vigorously in the summer or you’re oily hair, you will find the hair is greasy and thick, and it is easy to knot and not shiny. Then it will be better to wash your hair once a day to ensure the hair clean and healthy.


Neutral or dry hair, Adjust the frequency of cleansing hair once every 2 days or once every 3 days. If you are an outdoors lover, your hair is easily stimulated by strong ultraviolet rays and dust in the air. It is also advisable to wash your hair every day in order to avoid damage to the hair.

Hair loss patients, Unless it is a very oily person, it is recommended to reduce the number of hair washing for two reasons. One is that the hair loss itself is in the period of retreat and the number of hair in the rest period is too large, too often hair wash may make them fall faster. The psychological pressure, this kind of hair loss patient may be relatively fragile. Patients with seborrheic alopecia can wash their heads once every 1-2 days. Patients with normal hair loss can also wash their heads in 2-3 days.


To wash your hair in winter should be reduced by 1-2 times compared to summer. If you wash your hair every day, you could reduce the amount of shampoo or use shampoo once every other day, in case damage to your hair.

Prevention” What should I pay attention to before and after shampooing?

In addition to the amount of shampooing, how to wash your hairs also very important. Some people who wash their hair that not hurt their hair every day. Yet those who will not wash their hair scientifically. Even seldom wash hair, one hair washes will still damage it. Here are some tips on shampooing you need to know:


1. Do not use irritating shampoo. This suggestion varies from person to person. If you feel itchy, sloppy, dry, and not clean, indicating after washing your head, that this shampoo is too alkaline. so it will be better to change something softer.

2. Do not pour shampoo directly onto the scalp. The normal practice is to pour shampoo into the palm of your hand and then wash your hair with plenty of foam. This method will wash your hair more fully and reduce shampoo residue.


3. Do not use excessive amounts of shampoo. The problem of shampoo residue needs to be paid enough attention. If you use a lot of shampoo every day, you may leave some shampoo on the scalp. Over time, it is bad to your hair.


4. Don’t sleep if your hair still wet. The scales are open when the hair was wet. At this time, the hair is very fragile and not resistant to friction. If the hair is combed and sleeping at this time, hair loss will obviously increase.

5. Do not use your nails when you wash your hair. The correct way is to gently push the scalp with your fingertips. Because there are many bacteria in the nail, once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection.


6. Do not wash hair while sick, or in menstruation. During this period, the human body generally has poor resistance. Although the shampoo itself does not cause illness, the water on the scalp absorbs a lot of heat when it evaporates. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to have headaches and colds.

Those Secret of Women’s Shopping Cart

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

The reasons for this are as follows: First, the changes in the times have accelerated the development of the economy and made life services more convenient. Second, the pace of life is going fast and the psychological pressure feels higher. When the psychological state of tension and desire dissatisfaction reaches saturation level, the driving force behind the dissatisfaction is to shift to all aspects, to find a “venting point”, and the desire to buy will happen.


Especially women, you can find a lot of interesting things in their shopping carts. Let’s explore the shopping carts of female. Talking about female shopping cart is very excited and happy. If you want to know a woman’s shopping cart, or are annoying to choose what gift to her, then this article will help you.

Young Women
Beauty and personal care Series

Skincare (Essential Oil, Face Mask, Face Cream & Lotion, Eye Mask, Skin Care Serum, Body Lotion, Other Skin Care Products, Lip Balm)


Makeup  (Lip Make-up, Eye Makeup, Powder, Nail Polish, Makeup Remover, Makeup Sets, Concealer, Body Glitter)


Hair  ( Hair Straightener, Comb, Hair Dryer, Other Hair Salon Equipment, Hair Extension Tools, Hair Trimmer, Hairdressing Cape, Hair Roller)


Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories 

(Necklaces, Pendants & Charms, Rings, Earrings, Watches, Belts)
(Handbags, Backpacks, Wallets & Holders)
(Slippers, Boots, Sandals, Sports Shoes)


Middle-aged Woman
Kitchen supplies & Household items


Above mentioned is only a part. As a beautiful woman, have to buy any gadget, and one of the biggest reasons in cart but not buy is: Money. Because most women are pursuing brand and quality, and the price is affordable, there are not many choices, so they will add a few in shopping carts and wait for final choice. At the same time, due to women love beauty, they are very willing to invest in themselves, whether external or internal.

It is really not easy to be a woman. If you meant a lot of a woman, please cherish her with your heart and don’t lick your wallet.