How did I Get Rid of all Acne in 30 days! 2018

Have you ever tried to clean your facial by using a facial brush? Recently I picked up Glamfields that recommended by my friend.

Great for sensitive skin

When I first received the face brush I was so discouraged due to the weight of the box. I was so wrong. I won’t lie it’s a bit cheaply made but it works just as well as any other face brush. My biggest regret is not taking before and after pictures. I use it morning and evening and I paired it with the equate three-step cleansing system and in a week or so my face is completely clean. It cleared away my blackheads on my nose and chin. If you use the soft bristle fixture slowly you can see the blackheads whipping out. Ready to use because it charges fast. It has three bristles on it which are great for makeup removal, cleansing and to exfoliate. The soft bristle is great for the neck area. It feels cleaner rather than using a cloth pad or make-up remover.


It’s comfortable when holding in your hands not too thick or too narrow, and it is pretty quiet. it has 2 speed and came with three brushing head, super soft, exfoliating head and sponge. I use super soft brush every morning and night for daily use, I do have oily skin get Blackheads easy so usually every two days I will have to exfoliate my face so then exfoliating head come in handy, Put on lower speed with exfoliate brushing head and my daily cleanser to exfoliate my face, no irritation and leave my skin smooth and soft after. And I have to mention the battery last pretty long, I have been using twice a day for a week already in one charge and still going.


Its very light and handy and I love the way they design it, I can have a grip on it even if its wet. Considering the price, this one has a great quality and do the job and do have to spend.