How did I get rid of the split hair?

I think very few people would like split hair ends, the ends of the forked hair make you look not so brilliant, even if you use the expensive shampoo, you probably won’t be excited with the party shines at the weekend. Such a dull hair.


But everything goes better in this year, I got rid of the dry hair in a few months which I have been carrying for many years before! You may wonder how can I do that, read on:

  • Decisively bid farewell to the past! Bad things are not worth having.

I have always had long hair and never done a hair salon. The only time I remember to straightening hair was in my senior high school, that caused my hair to be dry for a few years from then on. It not more glossy, even though I use a good shampoo, and cut it several times. Until last year, I no longer missed this long hair that disappointed me. One day, I walked into the salon and asked the hair stylist to cut it all off. The barber looked at me in surprise, “Are you sure to cut it? It has been really long and good looking.” “I am pretty sure that I am sure I will lose it all.” The hair stylist picked up the scissors, after half an hours my long hair became a short one.


  • Good menu make your beauty from the inside out.

Most of my friends know that I am a carnivorism. They rarely see green vegetables and fruits in my recipes, but more meat and pasta. The dry split hair made me realize that cutting my long hair can’t put an end to this dull hair, and when it grows, it will still become dry. Hair absorbs nutrients, which must be related to food. So I decided to start with my menu. Since then, my recipes have increased green nutrition, green vegetables, broccoli and so on.


  • Proper conditioner can protect your hair

About March this year, I re-visited the salon and did the first perm in my life. This is a satisfying hairstyle. Surprisingly, my hair is no longer forked and dry, it becomes shiny, this is definitely not an accident. I insist on using the conditioner, the hair can be well nourished.

I used to thought that my hair would never return to the previous lustrous and supple state, but later this series of changes brought me surprises but also made me believe that many things in life can be changed by persisted and working hard. improve. Today’s sharing hopefully will bring you useful suggestions. If you like my share, I will appreciate if you thumbs up.

Meet my best Facial Skin when 47 years old

When I first eye to Glamfields Facial Brush was attracted by its materials. Saying that made of natural latex sponge and manufactured with great craftsmanship, natural sponge brush is elastic, flexible and environmentally -friendly. What’s more, if used with the help of cleanser, will very effective at clearing up the dirt in the pores, dealing with the oily skin, removing the residue of make-up, easing the weariness around the eyes and getting rid of the bags under the eyes.

Decide to buy this cleanser last December, in fact, I saw everything change when March. I think this system legitimately helped my skin. I have some moderate acne scarring, active acne, and discoloration on my face. I was feeling very insecure about my skin. I even considered microdermabrasion treatment. I started washing my face using the system once or twice per day for a few weeks and there is a noticeable difference. My skin feels smoother, less dry, I have less active acne and my skin tone is evener. You have to be consistent with this product, but it will work for the problems I had. It’s not dramatic but it is 100% noticeable, and I would recommend this product. It surprised me!


Something to share with every beauty:

❀ I’ve been using it for a month and I can say that it’s pretty awesome. If you use this stuff 7 days a week, your skin will definitely improve and you’ll have that teenage girl glow (without the hormonal acne & low self-esteem). If you just wash your face that many times a week though, your face will probably improve anyway, but it won’t be as much fun as using this cool brush. 😎
❀How clean does your face get? Very. I have tried washing my face regularly and then used the brush and saw more makeup and gunk on the brush – so it is objectively better cleaning than just hands.
❀How good is the microdermabrasion? I don’t know. I never spent money on a real microdermabrasion, but it’s a nice scrub and leaves my face amazingly soft without the usual harshness of using a regular scrub with my hands.
❀Is it loud? No, it’s pretty quiet – even quieter than my electric toothbrush.
❀ How much “stuff” do you get? The included face scrubs are tiny – the size of a highlighter and marker, but you can use a pea-sized amount each time and it lasts over a month. ❀❀


I used to use another skin cleanser this for 10 weeks before I met Glamfields. I didn’t like it. I did have the normal breakout period for two weeks at first until my skin became accustomed to it. It didn’t seem to remove my foundation properly and I had to go over my face with cleanser and a cloth afterward. It doesn’t get into nasal creases or wrinkles, so maybe it’s not the best for mature skin. I felt like it didn’t leave a clean feeling. The head seemed to keep falling off after the first week. The more I changed the brush head to the buffer head, the more the head started to fall off. It’s marketed to change the head every three months, but they make sure it has to be done by making the part of the head that attaches to the body of the device loosen up as time passes if you change the head to exfoliate with the buffer pad. If you apply pressure with the device the spinning action stops, I’m sure it’s a protection but it seems normal to use different pressures on different parts of the face. That cleanser was terrible and made me break out really badly, the microdermabrasion didn’t exfoliate at all, I got more exfoliation from using a baking soda paste and my bare hands.


The one good thing it might be good for is skin massage. Skin massage brings blood to the surface and even out skin tone. But you can do this with your hands and some coconut oil. I wouldn’t buy this again, batteries die after 8 weeks of use. Might work better on younger skin, I’m 47. Young skin is plumper and more delicate, older skin needs stronger exfoliation. I stop to use that brush system when I found it doesn’t do anything for me. And now, Glamfields Facial cleanser save my money and time to do skin care.

Can Irons Hair Straightening Brush use on curly & thick hair?

Makes Hair Look Like It’s Fresh Out Of The Salon, Save Money Every Day, Good Hair All Day!

I usually hear that if Glamfields Hair Straightening Brush suit thick and curly hair or not, most of the beauty afraid if they get a wrong gadget. Actually, if you see my real picture before and after, you may feel surprised and will change your mind.

Was very excited to try this. Here’s my “hair background”…I have hair that falls about 4 inches past shoulders when it’s wet or straightened. After shampooing my hair and doing nothing with it, it dries frizzy/curly ( mostly frizzy) to my shoulders. I purchased a blow dryer just to straighten and try to remove frizz before I actually straighten with a Chi straightener. Blow drying and straightening actually works fine but it’s damaging my hair and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Also, what’s very frustrating is by the time I’m done blow drying and straightening, I m literally sweating.

So here’s my review..washed my hair tonight, let it air dry…so now it’s very frizzy and curly. Let the brush heat up to 350. And brushed my hair, brushed it thoroughly for about 10 minutes…I’m very impressed, to say the least, not only did I not have to blow dry my hair, it’s straight and frizz free and I’m not even hot, (sweating). The brush is really easy to use its light in weight, about the same weight as my Chi straightener. Absolutely love it and will be buying one for my daughter who unfortunately has my hair.

Equipt double holes for releasing anion
When the brush is heating, it releases abundant anion automatically. This helps protect hair from damage by high temperature, keep your hair hydrated. Have BearMoo straightening brush, no need to go to the salon, because it makes your hair look like it’s fresh out of the salon!

I would like to share some Tips for best results:


Dry and brush your hair.
You are recommended to apply heat protectant or argan or coconut oil.
Section your hair and put it deep into the inner area of the brush, brush tooth should be toward the outside, brush slowly in a pulling motion.​
Then repeat it, but brush tooth should be toward the inside.


30 Seconds Fast-heating
Glamfields straightening brush takes new MCH technology, this is an improved heating way for hair appliance, which gives even heat distribution and quick temperature recovery time.

12 different temperatures from low to high can be setted

  • Thin, fine or bleached hair: use 250℉ 
  • Dyed or Dark colored hair: use 350℉ 
  • Normal or Slightly curly hair: use 250℉~370℉ 
  • Thick, curly and wavy hair: use 430~450℉ 

Life will be more convenient with Glamfields hair straightening ceramic brush. It’s the best solution for you when you are hurry to go to work or date. There is no need to get your hair blown dry straight in a salon, you can style your hair at home!

How to Stay away from wrinkles?

People do not hesitate to invest in their own beautiful career. Wrinkles, Aging become the target of the public. As well known, Moisturizing Cream is the most basic skin care product, according to the survey data show that three-fourths of women and half of the men use the moisturizing cream every day. Even the straight man who never studies skin care may put a little moisturizing cream on his face in autumn and winter. Is moisturizing cream really useful? Will the more expensive moisturizing cream effect is better?!


The researchers invited 25 volunteers to do the experiment. Asking they to rub moisturizer on one side of their face for the next three weeks, and then compare the data before and after the experiment. The researchers selected the three kinds of UK’s top-selling moisturizing creams, priced at 1.6 pounds per 100ml, 24 pounds, 43 pounds, represent of the cheap, medium and top level. Of course, the volunteers didn’t know what they were using. Before release of the results, the moderator let everyone guess which effect is the best, while most people believe the theory of “cheap No Good goods”, they all thought the most expensive one was being used on themselves. However, data hit their face: The cheapest moisturizing effect is the best one, following is the middle section, and the most expensive that is actually the worst!

Is moisturizing cream really useful?

The main reason to cause wrinkles is sunshine, not age?

In this BBC program, the host and experts to find a 40-year bus driver, show us his left and right face, you can see clearly, the right face by the window side which was exposed to the sun for a long time, the eyes around the wrinkles significantly more than the left!

The main reason to cause wrinkles is sunshine, not age?

The professor then explained: 75% of wrinkles are blamed for the sun’s rays, and a large portion of the remaining 25% is due to external factors, such as environmental pollution and smoking. 



If a person almost does not touch the sun, her skin will also be very good even if in his 60-year-old, until about 80 years old, will begin to have the traces of aging. So the original we are most concerned about the age of growth will not cause wrinkles, in fact, the impact is negligible! Specifically, the real culprit is ultraviolet light in the sun, where short-wave ultraviolet (UVB) can cause sunburn, and UVA (UVA) lead skin aging.




Do you Hate Acne? Let’s Say goodbye

Why is acne so not like to be seen by people? Do you hate it, do you think acne is ugly? Can acne be cured? How should we prevent acne?

We all know that acne makes people’ face look dirty, we never want it to appear on our faces. Usually, people are frustrated because of acne, think it makes us ashamed. I have a female roommate in college, she has a good figure, but what bothers her is that there is always an endless acne on her face. Long acne and blackheads in her face leave a lot of potholes, as we know, such kind of facial skin will not too smooth, even the thick foundation cannot cover. What’s more, she lost some interview opportunities because of the relationship between acne.


Another friend of mine, now she is working for a professional beauty company. Also plagued her is the acne, she is a woman that loves beauty very much, there has a variety of skin care products and cosmetics in her room. there is a period of time, her face crazy grow out acne because of the pressure of work, you can hardly imagine a so beautiful people encounter acne. She began to stop using cosmetics, accepts medication, and medical beauty, absolutely spent nearly two months salary on a few courses of treatment.


Everything change since she takes my opinion, I am a person seldom has acne, because I do my skincare every day and always clean it deeply. However, 3 years ago, I was a person that with crazy acne on my face. I read a tip that told people why Acne exist and what is the original reason. Clean Skin! Then I try it myself, in my 3-year testing, I found a great gadget to help me with my skin beautifully, it is a facial brush. This product is a must for anyone even men, if you suffer from acne buy this! The reason I bought this is because I was using the new too faced foundation for a week and oh man it destroyed my face, I broke out everywhere and I rarely break out, if I do it’s usually on my forehead. Well anyways this foundation turned my face to look awful and I wanted to cry, I tried buying high-end products from Sephora because I was so desperate to fix my face and nothing worked, I stopped putting that too faced makeup on but my face still did not clear up and I really wanted to cry because of how bad my face was getting so I went on a search on Amazon to try and find something to help and I discovered this scrubber and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and I am so happy I did! It is the best $20 I have ever spent in my life. As a die-hard Sephora fanatic, I almost bought the former mini or the Clarisonic, both are extremely expensive but thanks to the Glamfields cleanser I don’t even need to waste the extra money because this device is amazing! You will not be disappointed! And on a side note, I have really really sensitive skin and the brush did not hurt my face at all.

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As you can see from my before and after pics I do still have some acne but the majority of it has gone away and that was from me using the Glamfields only once.