What does a bronzer do? #4 Comestic

Bronzer is a type of makeup (most often in a powder form) that adds a bronze color to the skin. Bronzer comes in golden bronze flesh tone colors that are deeper than a person’s natural skin color. Most bronzers are not flat looking, but have a little bit of shimmer, or light reflective quality to them. People use bronzer to add a little more color to the skin, or to “fake a tan”.

What does a bronzer do?

Bronzer is a type of makeup (most often in a powder form) that adds a bronze color to the skin. Bronzer comes in golden bronze flesh tone colors that are deeper than a person’s natural skin color. Most bronzers are not flat looking, but have a little bit of shimmer, or light reflective quality to them. People use bronzer to add a little more color to the skin, or to “fake a tan”.


Bronzer types

#1 Powder Bronzer

Powder bronzer is one of the more traditional types of bronzers used by makeup junkies, and is typically applied with an angled bronzer brush. “When using a powder solution, make sure to tap off any excess product from the brush. Create a “3”, starting from the forehead (moving outward, toward the temple), then under the cheekbone, and along the jawline,” says Oliver.

And of course it’s also great for contouring. “To make noses appear smaller or straighter, use an eyeshadow brush to trace bronzer along both sides of the nose — this gives the illusion of symmetry and slimness.” In terms of shades, Oliver prefers a taupe bronzer versus a red or terra cotta one, as the latter tends to pull more orange tones when they settle on the skin, whereas a taupe shade looks more natural.


#2 Liquid Bronzer 

Liquid bronzers, like the Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer, are quite easy to work with once you get the hang of them. “I use liquid bronzers on clients who want to have a naturally contoured appearance,” says Oliver. “And since liquid bronzer almost melts into the skin, it’s easy to blend, and sits well on top of textured skin (acne, rosacea, eczema, etc.).”

Pro Tip: Squirt a little liquid bronzer into the palm of your hand. Take a bronzer brush (or blush brush), and swirl the bronzer until the color is entirely in the brush. Then, apply your product as you would a powder bronzer — it totally takes the intimidation factor right out of the application.


#3 Cream Bronzer 

“Cream-based bronzers are fantastic for applying for heavier coverage or creating a more sculpted contour on the skin,” notes Oliver. She also recommends cream bronzers for those with dry, mature or wrinkled skin. “There’s something so beautiful about the way a cream bronzer glides over the skin,” she says. “And applying a cream-based bronzer immediately after liquid foundation for a more natural finish!”

Oliver recommends dipping a flat foundation brush into a cream bronzer, even something like the Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done, and create a line starting under the cheekbone and working upward toward the ear. Use a wet beauty blender to blend it in. Apply the bronzer to the forehead, along with the hairline (make sure to blend it right up to the hairline so there aren’t any visible lines or streaking) and jawline with the flat foundation brush, finishing on both sides of the nose with a concealer brush. Finally, blend, blend, blend!



Powder Bronzer Makeup Tips

Bronzer comes in powder, liquid or cream formulas, but powder bronzer is the easiest and most adaptable bronzer you can use.

Powder bronzer can quickly be applied to both the face and body. I like to apply powder bronzer as the last step in finishing up a makeup application.

This can prevent the bronzer from looking too heavy-handed.

So first, apply all of your makeup, including blush, and set with a little powder. Then, you can lightly dust on the bronzer afterward for the finishing touch.

To add bronzer to the skin, visualize where the sun would most likely tan you first, and then add the bronzer to those areas.

Sweep a little across your forehead and then slightly under your cheekbones to enhance your bone structure.

And don’t forget to add a little to both sides of your neck! I also like to add a little to the collarbone, decolletage and shoulders.

To get the most “natural tan”  look, I recommend using the proper brush to apply powder bronzer.



The 8 Biggest Mistakes You Make With Bronzer

If you’re religious about sunscreen and don’t get as much time in the sun as you’d like, bronzer is the perfect way to get a nice sun-kissed look without a lot of effort. The only downside: It’s easy to mess up. Here’s how to avoid the most common bronzer mistakes, so you can get as close to that natural glow as possible.

1. Loading the brush and directly applying it.

Repeat after me: Swirl, tap, apply. If you don’t tap the brush on a table or countertop first, you will probably wind up applying way too much product. If you’re using a liquid or cream formula, make sure to add bronzer to your applicator in gradual amounts rather than loading it all on at once.

2. Attempting too much contouring.

Contouring is a wonderful way to enhance your bone structure by utilizing lighter and darker shades, but trying to totally change your face can look heavy and unnatural. Use bronzer to complement your face — not disguise it.

3. Picking a shimmery formula.

Shimmery bronzer gives your complexion a shiny, sparkly look. But on oily skin, it can make things look anything but natural. Same thing applies for normal skin if your start to sweat. So skip the sparkles for your face and stick to a matte formula. If you do feel the urge to add a little shimmer, use it to highlight your collarbone, shoulders, and décolletage.

4. Applying it too quickly.

Just like foundation and other base makeup, bronzer should be applied gradually, allowing you to build it up until you get a pretty, sun-kissed color. If you’re too hasty with your application, you could risk getting that way-too-heavy, Real Housewives of Orange County type of look — which is probably not what you’re going for. Bronzer is like perfume: You can always add later, but if you use too much, it’s tough to fix without washing it all off.


5. Overly sculpting your cheekbones.

Women are often advised to suck in their cheeks, then apply a dark shade of bronzer underneath their cheekbones in order to make their bone structure “pop,” but this can actually make you look gaunt and jowly. Sweep blush lightly on your cheeks, then use bronzer sparingly along the top of your cheekbones.

6. Using a shade that’s too dark.

Bronzer should be no more than two shades darker than your skin tone. Anything deeper than that will make your complexion look off, not sun-kissed.

7. Applying it all over your face.

A sheer veil of bronzer applied with a big, fluffy brush can look fine if you’re incredibly light-handed, but it’s much safer to stick to using it on the spots that are naturally hit by the sun: the forehead, top of the nose, along the cheekbones, and jawline.

8. Using the wrong brush.

Many women choose kabuki brushes to use with their bronzer, but dense brushes can result in applying way too much product. Pick a fluffy blush brush or angled bronzer brush for a lighter application.


Have a gorgeous makeup must make a delicate bronzer, so that be a good-looking girl when dating, shopping, and hang-out,  always obviously in the crowdy, be the best eye-catching one, you will appreciate today’s reading, just do it.

Eyebrow shapes and trimming tips #3 Makeup

Eyebrow shapes,  It is roughly divided into an arched toward the tail eyebrow, straight eyebrow, around eyebrow, and so on. The eyebrow reflects a person’s personality attitude from a certain angle. A pair of beautiful eyebrows, like the designer’s hair, has an absolute bonus to us. Different eyebrows give people different impressions.

Eyebrow Shapes

Arched Toward the Tail: delicate feelings, far-thinking, and elegant temperament.

Applicable industry/face type: artist, literary and art worker/melon face


Straight Eyebrow: Have the responsibility, be thoughtful, have a plan to do things, and give people a decisive and bright impression. The disadvantage is that the personality is less flexible, and it is not willing to give in, it is better.

Applicable industry/face type: Female strongman, financial industry/face type with golden rice bowl.


Arched in the Middle eyebrows: character is determined, not to the last moment, never give up. Everything can be done in the end, so it is one of the good eyebrows.

Suitable for face round and short (babyface), and the eyebrow length is only a little more than the end of the eye, it has a decorative effect.


S-Shaped eyebrows: personality is very proud, stubborn, very confident about yourself, believe in yourself, not easy to trust others.

Applicable industry/face type: Model, free industry/square or round face can be


High Arches: the sense of justice is very strong and upright. The shortcoming is that it is not self-reliant and somewhat self-willed.

Applicable industry/face type: lawyer, business staff/face round

Eyebrows are messy: impulsive, self-willed, and moody, have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships.


Tapered eyebrows:: It is very popular on the surface. The shape of the eyebrows is quite large, and the eyebrows of the arc type are present at the same time, and the long eye reaches the rear of the eye. The woman with the eyebrow eyebrows is a gentle and beautiful gentleman with a very soft heart. There are not many women with such eyebrows. If they encounter it, they must actively grasp it so as not to miss the opportunity and be chased away by other people.

Tapered 1.jpg

Eight-character eyebrows: The mind is broad and has no contention with the world, but it is easily troubled by human feelings. Easy to be led by the nose!

Intimate Tips: Try to raise the curvature of the eyebrows to make the brow bones appear, it seems more confident; carefully choose friends around you to avoid being betrayed.

According to your favorite eyebrow shape, you should correct your personality, think twice, and do not make mistakes.


Tool preparation

Pulling the eyebrow clip: Especially dealing with short hairs, and pulling out the first-class sticks.

Eyebrow scissors: Repair the eyebrows that are too long to make the eyebrows more solid.

Eyebrow knives: Build a perfect eyebrow angle.

Eyebrow comb: Let the eyebrows be affixed, and help the eyebrow scissors to control the length of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow powder: The color of the eyebrow powder is lighter and more natural than the eyebrow pencil, and is suitable for people with clear eyebrows. Use the eyebrow brush to apply the right amount of eyebrow powder, first mix the eyebrow powder color on the back of the hand and then draw it, so that it will not be uneven, first draw the eyebrows to the eyebrows, then use the remaining powder to draw the part of the brow, then use Eyebrow brush brushing the eyebrows can make the eyebrows even.

Eyebrow dyeing: It can adjust the eyebrow color naturally, and can make the eyebrows three-dimensional. Talents with eyebrows can use it. After extracting the eyebrow brush, first remove the excess eyebrow cream on the paper and then brush it. Use the eyebrow cream to start brushing from the root, from the eyebrow to the brow, and brush in the opposite direction of the hair flow. Then dye the eyebrow cream on the hairbrush, the eyebrow color will be more obvious.


Eyebrow pencil: used to draw the backbone line and the lower line, you can draw a clear eyebrow. Choose a color that is closer to the eyebrow color. The best eyebrow pencil color is brown and brown, and the color is more natural. The core of the pen should be thin, and it is easier to draw slender lines. The pen core is moderately soft and easy to color. After drawing the eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, brush it again with a spiral brush, and the eyebrow color is more even and natural.

Eyebrow-type glue: Fix the hair flow of the chaotic hair, make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional, and the eyebrow color is not thick enough. First, draw the eyebrow color and then brush the eyebrow-type glue to have the effect of modification.

Eyebrow pen liquid: Super sweat-resistant liquid eyebrow pencil, before using the eyebrow pencil liquid, first use the cotton swab to clean the emulsion and cream on the eyebrows, and the eyebrow color is more durable.


Drawing your eyebrows

  1. Determine the eyebrow shape

First draw the correct eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, then remove the extra eyebrows, and the drawn eyebrows will be more accurate.

Brow: Place the eyebrow pencil vertically next to the nose, in line with the corner of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the brow.

Brow head: Place the eyebrow pencil on the side of the nose and draw it in line with the outside of the pupil. The intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the eyebrow.

Brow tail: Place the eyebrow pencil next to the nose, in line with the end of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrows is the eyebrow.


  1. Trimming

First brush your eyebrows with a brow brush, then wipe with a lotion to clean.

Apply cotton flakes or hot towels soaked in warm water for 2 minutes at the eyebrows to reduce the pain during removal. You can also apply a layer of moisturizer.

In bright natural light, use a magnifying glass with a normal mirror to reduce the rate of eyebrow errors.

Trim the oversized eyebrows to the appropriate length, leaving the tail part slightly shorter and staying closer to the brow.

Use the eyebrow tongs to pull one out of the eyebrows in the direction of eyebrow growth. Immediately after pulling out, brush the eyebrows and check if there is any error.

When an eyebrow is removed from the root, it should be transferred to another eyebrow to ensure balance.

After pulling out the extra eyebrows, use a razor to scrape the cold hair around the eyebrows, and finally use a small brush to lightly brush.

If you have pain, use cold ice to relieve it; or use tea tree oil to improve redness.


  1. Drawing

You should choose a lighter eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, which looks more comfortable overall.

Eyebrow powder is more natural than eyebrow pencil. If you use an eyebrow pencil, the texture is softer and harder to master.

When using the eyebrow pencil, start from the center of the eyebrow and draw a stroke at the vacancy to the brow or the end of the eyebrow. This effect will be more natural. You can also sweep the eyebrow brush on the eyebrow brush, and then gradually smudge the color from the middle of the eyebrow to the brow, the effect will be more delicate.

The middle of the eyebrows is slightly heavier, and the brows and brows are slightly lighter, which makes the makeup more vivid.

After drawing, use a spiral eyebrow brush to lightly brush a few times to make the color blend better. Finally, use the eyebrow shaping liquid to swipe to make the eyebrows tidier. You can also use transparent mascara instead.


Have no hesitation to check the step-by-step eyebrows shape, trimming and drawing tutorials out in today’s post. They can provide you with makeup tricks as well as beauty tips. You can go nowhere but stay with us to learn these useful ways, get inspired and enjoy.

What should we know to choose and use facial steamer?

If you’re looking to make some difference to your skin this year, the facial steamer is the best tool for skincare routinely. It’s warming, comforting, gets you in a meditative state, and preps the face for the rest of the facial.

If you’re looking to make some difference to your skin this year, the facial steamer is the best tool for skincare routinely. It’s warming, comforting, gets you in a meditative state, and preps the face for the rest of the facial.

Why should we use a facial steamer?

If you’ve ever had a facial, then you know just how relaxing and refreshing the spa treatment is. Facials leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and rejuvenated, and will have you wondering how soon you can book your next appointment. Well, if you don’t want to spend all of your time (and money) at the spa or you just want a mini spa treatment in between appointments, then consider investing in a facial steamer. Facial steamers are an effortless way to achieve fresh skin in mere minutes. You can create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with this convenient tool that is as simple as it sounds. A facial steamer emits steam that moisturizes your skin and opens up your pores to draw out dirt, blackheads and other impurities. Facial steamers should be used in tandem with the products you use your skincare routine, like masks, as they increase the effectiveness and result in better product absorption.



  1. Hydrating and Tighten Skin, Create Radiant Beauty
  2. More Effective for Next Step “Clean Skin Dirt with Facial Mask”
  3. Softens surfaces skin to help remove dead skin, dirt, oil and makeup remnant.
  4. Allows sweating and therefore helps remove toxins.
  5. Removes congestion in the sinuses.
  6. Naturally deep cleansing to purify the skin, boots blood circulation and prevents the signs of aging.
  7. Open the pores, reduces acne and blackheads/whiteheads.
  8. Allows you to forget the stress of the day for a while.
  9. Bring back your beauty, make your confidence all the days with a clear face.
  10. facial humidifier improves cell vitality and oxygen absorption through the skin for a healthier younger looking complexion, so you can make up more naturally.


How to choose the best facial steamer?

We usually choose it from these criteria: Capacity/Volume, Quality of steam, Optional features, Warranty, Pricing, Ozone Function, Noise, Speed of use, Automatic Shutoff, Robustness, below we recommend best 4 facial steamers as below:



Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Warm Mist Humidifier Atomizer Humidifier Moisturizing Face Spa Steamer Blackhead Remover Kit Hair Band

Amazon reference price: $37.99



1. UV Light Sterilize

2. Advanced Nano Ionic Steam technology

3. Segmented Atomization System

4. Waves of ionic steam particles 4,000 times

5. Compact and hand-held design

6. Efficient decomposition of atomized molecules

7. Come with a hair band and well made 7pcs blackhead remover kit.



KINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Hot Mist Facial Steamer Warm Mist Moisturizing Face Steamer Unclogs Pores Clearing Blackheads Acne Removal Home Sauna SPA Facial Atomizer Facial Hydration Nano Sprayer Blue

Amazon reference price: $26.99



  1. Nano-ionic Hot Mist face sprayer
  2. Automatic Shut-off Timer Setting
  3. 2-in-1 Warm Steamer
  4. Quick start-to-steam and High-end Design
  5. PTC ceramic heating element
  6. High-tech ozone function



ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer Hot Mist Moisturizing Cleansing Pores Face Steamer Sprayer Face Humidifier Hydration System Home Sauna SPA,5 Piece Blackhead Remover Kit

Amazon reference price: $29.99

ECVISION-Nano Ionic-Warm-Mist-Facial-Steamer-Hot-Mist-Moisturizing


  1. Nano-atomization technology
  2. Include blackhead remover tool kit
  3. PTC Ceramic heating element
  4. A  large70ML water tank
  5. UV light
  6. 12 minutes of steaming time


 LONOVE Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Warm Mist Face Steamer Home Sauna SPA Face Humidifier Sprayer for Women Men Moisturizing Cleansing Pores, Bonus Stainless Steel Skin Kit and Hair Band

Amazon reference price: $29.99



1. Nano-Ionic Steamer, Deep Hydration/cleaning, 10min for per time, auto-off

2. Real Strong Nano Ionic Steam Instead of Water Vapor

3. Multi-functional, Professional Facial Treatment

4. 10 Times Penetration than Regular Steam, but Silent operation

5. Super Strong Amount of Mist, Deep Hydration


How to use it?  Convenient for Personal Sauna SPA

Step 1: Be sure to cleanse your skin (Recommend Glamfields Facial Cleansing Brush) before using face steamer

Step 2: Place the main unit on a flat surface and fill the water to the water tank.

Step 3: Insert the water supply tank to the facial steamer and plug into a power outlet.

Step 4: Push up the power switch to turn on the facial steamer, direct the steam to your face.

Step5: After the end of steaming, please off the steam device, plug out the power.

Note: The distance between the steamer and face should be 7-8″ inches when steaming

Step6: We also can use facial mask when using it, more effectively improve your skin, double improvement, keep steaming 10 minutes.

Step7: Splash your face with cool water to rinse.

Step8: Choose your favorite moisturizer or serum and apply generously, you will probably feel great and relaxed than ever before.


What else you should we know when using it?

#1 Make sure do face cleansing before facial steamer

This isn’t something the two experts told me, but something I observed myself. As promised, the heat and evaporation from the steamer did wonders for softening my pores. It made it much easier and safer for me to use a comedone extractor and get out any congestion on my nose. All it took was a gentle push, and debris slid out easily. This combined with a clay mask had me waking up with totally minimized pores—something I’d typically only see if I’d gotten a professional facial.

#2 Use facial steamer Twice or Three-time every week

It’s tempting, but do your skin a favor and hold off on steaming most days. Gross recommended nine minutes per session, once or twice a week. “By doing this, you will see both immediate and long-term results,” he said. Graham advised steaming for five to 10 minutes, max to three-time a week. Going over that “can dry out the skin and cause inflammation,” she said.



  1. How frequently should we complete this treatment?

Shall we do it daily? Yes, depending on your skin dry level, but we suggest twice or three times a week, make sure to moisturize your skin with good hydrating products to compensate for the water loss from sweating.

  1. How long should my treatments last?

It’s up to your condition and skin type, usually facial steamer treat you with 10 minutes, and we recommend you enjoy it 8 minutes enough.

  1. When should we use it better?

Definitely at night, after shower and cleaning face, use it before sleep, the effectiveness is a quite wonderful and stronger moisturizer.

  1. What distance from the steam is ideal?

The best distance between the steamer and face should be 7-8″ inches when steaming



Choose the best facial steamer to get luster and moisturizer for your skin, enjoy Spa at home. A face steamer is the best tool for skincare routinely, fast improvement and get back your beauty, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself quickly.


How to well-manicured for fingers?

Manicure is a kind of work to decorate the nails, also known as the art design, which has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest.


Manicure tools

1⃣️ nail phototherapy lamp

The general nail polish can be shaped by air drying, and the nail polish glue must be lighted to dry. Keywords: nail phototherapy lamp, 36W, 120 second timing

2 ⃣️ nail care tools

Slanted Nail Clipper: Trimmed A Type It is easier to cut out the desired type A with this flat nail clipper.

Nail Frustration: Adjusting the nail shape

Round head steel push: repair the dead skin on the upper end of the nail and use the flat nail clipper better.

⚠️Frustration can only be used to polish the edge of the nail. Do not use it on the nail surface. Rough strips will hurt the nail surface!


3⃣️ nail material

Balance solution: The first layer of the nail applied to the nail after the start of the nail is to dry the nail surface.

Removable primer: the second layer of nails. Apply a layer of removable primer to the base before applying the nail polish. Prevent the nails from turning yellow. The light can be colored in 15 seconds.

Color nail polish: nail protagonist layer A lot of brand selection on a treasure price is not the same Every coat needs to light 60 seconds

No-clean seal: After the color is applied, the final seal layer can make the nail polish gel brighter and fuller.

⚠️Removable primer and color glue will still stick when it is finished. It is not without drying. It is made of floating glue on the surface. It can be wiped with a piece of cotton dipped in gel water to remove the floating glue. It can also be directly used for the next step. After the lamp is finished, the nail surface is smooth and does not stick.

4⃣️ post-nail care

Finger oil: Apply nail to the edge of the nail. Gently massage to soften the dead skin. Prevent barb formation.

It’s best not to touch the water right away.

5⃣️Unloading tool

Unloading bag: It is similar to alcohol tablets. It is like a three-in-one of unloading liquid, unloading towel and tin foil. Open the mouth of the unloading bag. Insert the finger. Pack for a while.

Then use the round head steel to push the nail surface and push it to remove the colloid.

Wash hands with hand sanitizer after disposal

Apply hand cream or finger oil massage massage. Ok.

Manicure category

  1. Painted nail art: Use a special nail pigment such as “acrylic pigment” to paint the composition on the nail surface! Draw a variety of hand-painted patterns of flowers and plants landscape characters and so on.

2, patch manicure: with nail special glue, the full or half-stick piece attached to the nail surface, resulting in a long A-type, thus making up for the regret of the hand is not beautiful, the disadvantage is poor ventilation.


3, embossed manicure: carved with a carved three-dimensional pattern, embossed nail art is very artistic, generally in special occasions, such as weddings, banquets, shows, etc., thinking that carved A is more prominent, ordinary work and housework will Very inconvenient.


4, crystal nails: crystal and crystal powder to create a beautiful type A, plasticity can extend the nails, characterized by strong wear and tear, not easy to break.


5, phototherapy nails: the use of ultraviolet light to polymerize the natural resin on the surface of the real nails, to make a tough and smooth nails. Not hurting the real nails can increase the strength of the nails. As long as the nail repair is done every two to three weeks, you can have a beautiful, crystal-clear nail. Even if you apply ordinary nail polish on weekdays, the nail polish will be The resin is made to make it easy to fall off and easy to take care of.


6, nail polish nail art: is a nail polish similar to nail polish is also baked with a baking lamp, but not as good as the color and hardness of phototherapy than the phototherapy retention time is shorter. About half a month.



Nail shape trimming

The most commonly used forms in life are: square, square, oval, pointed, round, and fan-shaped. You can create a perfect shape based on your hand shape and preferences.

■ 1. Square A: In general, square nails are personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more like professional women and white-collar workers and Westerners like.

■2. Square round nails: The rounded nails have straight front and side sides, and the corners are rounded. This kind of solid shape will give a soft feeling, and it is obvious to the joints. Customers with thin fingers can make up for the shortcomings.

■3. Oval nails: oval nails, starting from the free edge, to the front of the nail, the outline is oval, is a traditional oriental shape.

■ 4. Pointed nails: The pointed nails are easy to break due to the small contact area, while the Asians are thinner and not suitable for sharpening.

■5. Round: Suitable for people who have long slender hands and good fingers.

■6. Fan shape: common in water nails, can be squared, or square.


Nail Style

Basic monochrome

Applying a single-color nail polish, the first step in getting started with nails at home. Although nail polish is simple, some people don’t always paint well. In fact, it is because there are quite a few tips on it. Before applying colored nail polish, you must brush the base oil! Because it not only strengthens the nail surface, but also makes the color last longer. The most important thing is to protect the nails from attacking the nails. Before you start to apply the colored nail polish, you must scrape off the excess nail polish on the back of the brush head. Leave a layer on the front side. When you apply it, start brushing from the middle. You don’t need to use too much force. Keep the brush bar tilted forward. Then fill the gap between the left and right sides and try to control it within three strokes. Even if there are some corners, don’t brush it back and forth. Be sure to wait until it is dry before applying the second layer and then correct it. In order to prevent the fingertips from being knocked off, you will usually drag a circle at your fingertips and finally apply it. Top oil, so you can get a very full-color monochrome nails.



Cat’s eye

Cat eye nails are no different from ordinary monochrome nail polish coating methods. Just to make cat eye nails, you need special cat eye nail polish. The nail polish of the cat’s eye contains iron powder, which is also used with a magnetic plate (usually when you buy cat eye nail polish).

The specific coating method is as follows: firstly apply the single-color nail polish method, first apply the primer and the first layer, then, when applying the second layer, each time a nail is applied, the magnetic plate is placed on the nail for 10 seconds. . When you suck, you must be quick and accurate. If you are a little slower, you may fail. Finally, you must apply a top oil seal. Otherwise, the cat’s eyes will easily spread.




The secret to success in making a gradual nail is: a nail polish with a high transparency. Use this translucent nail polish on the nails to stack a gradual effect.

The steps to be done are not difficult. First, after the primer is applied, the first layer is only applied to the fingertips. When the first layer is dried, the second layer can be applied to the half of the nail, and then thinly Apply a third layer on the entire surface of the nail, and finally apply the top oil. A super girl’s gradient nails are finished. If there is no nail polish on the hand, you can use a makeup sponge to make a gradient like a stamp. But remember to use it with anti-overflow glue.



Stitching nails is a relatively popular nail art D.I.Y fancy, the main method is color block stitching. The simplest of these is the two-color stitching. To do two-color stitching, first give the nail a base color, and then wait for the background color to dry out, then use other colors to draw a half circle or bevel on the top, but the disabled friends do not have to panic, in fact, there are Different shapes of nail stickers can help you draw stitching blocks without having to tremble yourself. However, don’t be impatient with nail stickers. Be sure to wait until the second layer is dry and then tear it off. These stickers can also be used to make translucent French armor. The changes are quite a lot, and everyone can slowly explore.

Manicure-category-nail-polish-nail-art-Glamfields-Basic-monochrome-nail-Splice nail


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What magic skincare tool you know?

As a perfect beauty, we can’t lazy and lack of this magical skincare tool – Cleansing brush, 5 mins reach the health, soft and clean skin you need.

We take Glamfields facial brush an example, this product is a profession cleansing and cosmetic equipment, the main use of the motor to wash the brush head rotation, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage. Glamfields facial cleansing brush has two – way button speed, 360 rotating deeply clear; 5 minutes intelligent control the time, intelligent protection the motor, let’s the item use longer, USB recharging, easy take for traveling.

As a perfect beauty, we can’t lazy and lack of this magical skincare tool – Cleansing brush, 5 mins reach the health, soft and clean skin you need.

We take Glamfields facial brush an example, this product is a profession cleansing and cosmetic equipment, the main use of the motor to wash the brush head rotation, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage. Glamfields facial cleansing brush has two – way button speed, 360 rotating deeply clear; 5 minutes intelligent control the time, intelligent protection the motor, let’s the item use longer, USB recharging, easy take for traveling.

Glamfields Face Cleansing Brush: Reference price: $19.99


What You Get:
1 x GLAMFIELDS Electric Facial Brush; 1 x Extra Gentle Brush Head; 1 x Exfoliating Brush Head; 1 x Natural Foam Brush Head; 1 x Base; 1 x USB Line; 1 x English Instruction

What’s that  3 brushes for?

(You will get 3 different unique replacement brush heads, each unit has a unique function.)

Extra gentle brush head
It is characteristically super fine, super soft and elastic. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at removing the dirt deep in the pores, the sebum, and the residue of the make-up. The pores can be cleaned, blackheads and acne cleared up and the skin becomes fine, firm and tender.

Glamfields-Extra-gentle-brush head
Exfoliating brush head 
Superelastic brush designed for those who have oily skin. It is used for removing the make-up, getting rid of the dead skin and the horny. If used with help of cleanser, it is effective at dealing with the oily skin, adjusting the skin PH level and therefore getting rid of the blackheads.

Natural foam brush head
Made of natural latex sponge and manufactured with great craftsmanship, natural sponge brush is elastic, flexible and environmentally -friendly. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at clearing up the dirt in the pores, dealing with the oily skin, removing the residue of make-up, easing the weariness around the eyes and get rid of the bags under the eyes.



7 FAQ:

#1 Is there any caution for first time use?   To sustain battery lifetime, please fully charge the appliances before using the first time.

#2 How long does the brush head last until it needs replaced?   It depends on your using item, we suggest replace the brush head after 3 months.

#3 Do I need to use a specific soap when using brush?  No, you don’t need to use a specific soap.

#4 where can you order replacement heads?  You can order replacement heads by this link:  https://amzn.to/2C57R9B

#5 how does the charger work mine is keep show me red   Stayed plugged in on the cheap plastic dock it comes with.

#6 Is this item waterproof? What’s the waterproof grade? How many times can it be charged?  Yes, the appliance is water-resistant,the waterproof grade is IP66 and uses the rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It can be recharged for up to 300 times and a 2-hour charge can enable 4 hours of intermittent use

#7 Can I use this everyday or is it too harsh to use everyday?  Yes, you can according to your need and we suggest you replace the brush head after 90 days used.


5-Star Review

#1 Buyers: Scoobyrogers  WIN WIN for me. Great facial brush I need one for me now

 I got this for my girl and the 1st thing she said when she seen it was ohhhhh, a rechargeable one !!! I said what. She said she has one, but its battery operated and she doesn’t use it often due to taking batteries and dying frequently, (I apparently bought that one too). The 2nd thing she said was, BONUS a cradle to set it in. Hers does not have a cradle, therefore gets thrown in a drawer and never used…hence the reason I didn’t think she had one.
I asked her what ate the benefits, she said its a good exfoliator for your face. She demonstrated on me. Now it didn’t have much of a charge so it was a quick demonstration. We then put it on charge. After the unit was charged, we grabbed my face wash and started using… Holy Cow this thing is awesome. I got it for her, but now o will be using it also. I have big pores so she said I definitely need to use it more often. I will use it and may have to buy me one for myself. Only complaint is you can’t charge the unit while it sits in the cradle. I didn’t remove a star, because JEY, it came with a cradle which apparently is a BONUS !!!


#2 Buyers: Katrina A Garrett   So thankful I purchased this facial brush

I am in love with my new Glamfields facial brush! This brush has 2 speeds & comes with its own USB port, plus it comes with a total of 3 different brush heads & they are all soft and it feels really good when you are exfoliating your skin. (not too soft to remove any excess oils, makeup, etc.)
For the price, it is an absolute steal! I am ecstatic that I chose this brush to purchase. So if you are looking for a reasonable, low-cost brush that’s going to clean, exfoliate & remove any dirt, oil/makeup buildup, I am suggesting to purchase this brand, I promise you will not regret it!


#3 Buyers: RB    Lightweight and soft brushes.

Nice packaging and lightweight when handling. I did have an issue with my USB charger. My charger comes a little lose connecting the port to the facial brush handle during charging. The charging light comes off and I’ll have to adjust it so it turns back on. I’ve used both the foaming and exfoliate brushes. I LOVE the exfoliate brush is super soft and my face does feel clean after using it. It also has 2 speed soft and gentle on the skin. I wasn’t able to wash off the residue of my foundation off from the foaming brush and I probably won’t use that brush again. Overall, it’s lightweight and brushes are soft and it cleans my face.

black facial brush face cleansing.jpg


Conclusion: It’s a helpful skincare tool for makeup remove, exfoliating, facial massage, faster and easier to get rid of dead skin and alleviate dry, chapped and oily skin.

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How to remove freckle in natural?

How to remove freckle in natural?

How to remove freckle in natural?

1, Rice water

Rice water wash can brighten skin and moisturize, because rice contains vitamin A, B, E, amino acids and other nutrients, which can effectively improve cell metabolism, prevent cell aging, strengthen skin’s resistance, and thus be more tenacious. Resistance to melanin is calm.


2, Tofu

Tofu can whiten the skin, soy products contain soy isoflavones, which have an estrogen-like effect. Soy isoflavones can activate the skin and restore youthfulness. Each time a piece of white tofu is poured into the mud and evenly applied to the face, gently massage for fifteen minutes, wash it twice a week, adhere to January, you will find that the skin turns white.


3, Carrot juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A has the function of lubricating and strengthening the skin, and can prevent rough skin and improve freckles. Every time you break the carrots, then leave the juice, pat the face with carrot juice every morning and evening, and drink a glass of carrot juice, which has the effect of freckle.


4, Egg white

The nutrients contained in the egg white can act as a whitening spot. Every time you sleep, wash your face, then put the prepared egg white out of the foam, and finally apply it to your face. The spotted area can be thicker and the hands are slowly massaged from bottom to top until the egg is dry. , wash your face clean.


7 tips to help you whiten all summer

External application tips:

1, Aspirin Mask

According to the amount you need, take a few tablets of aspirin, then mash into a powder, add a small amount of pure water and mix thoroughly, apply a proper amount of aspirin solution with a cotton swab or cotton pad, and wash it on the face for 20-30 minutes. net. After washing your face, you will feel the skin is smooth and delicate, the skin becomes white and even, and you can dilute the acne marks.


2, Make a water film before going to bed

Before going to sleep every night, put hot water under the face, use steam from the hot water for 3 minutes, not only moisturizing, but also draining and decomposing the garbage in the pores. Stick to this method, your skin will be unexpected. The water is clear and clear.


3, Loofah juice mask

Choose fresh loofah, wash and peel, put it into the juicer and filter it, then add the flour as neatly and mix it into a paste. Spread it evenly on the face. Wash it after drying. Loofah is rich in a variety of vitamins, which have a very good effect on whitening skin, especially for pigmented skin, which makes the skin glow white and white from the inside out.


4, Sweet wine brewing whitening

Take a proper amount of liqueur into the mask bowl, and use the rice inside. Then smash the rice, put the mask paper or cotton pad into it after the preparation, and wait until the mask paper absorbs enough wine, and then apply it to the face for 8-10 minutes.


Internal adjustment method:

5, Lemonade

Drinking a glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning can eliminate the garbage and toxins in the body. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and a variety of vitamins, which can dilute the melanin in the skin, eliminate freckles on the face, and have the effect of naturally whitening the skin.


6, Yogurt

Yogurt contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which can help the body toxins, oils, garbage and other harmful substances to transform and excrete, and reduce melanin deposition, leaving skin white.


7, Tremella

Tremella is a beauty product, contains a variety of rich beauty ingredients, long-term consumption, can make the skin become white and delicate, can also help to remove toxins from the body, and remove the face chloasma, freckles.


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Get DIY exfoliating whole body scrub

People tend to pay too much attention to the “face problem”, so the skincare for the face is always in place, but it ignores the skin care work in other parts of the body. It seems that there is no problem, but the real beauty should be for yourself rather than for Others, and not paying attention to maintaining some parts of their skin, such as the neck, can easily expose your age. Therefore, perfect skin should pay attention to the whole body care. Today, the focus is on introducing the method of exfoliating the body. Only by removing the old dead skin cells can you create a more fair and smooth skin.

 DIY exfoliating method

1) Honey and sugar

Honey itself is a natural material to moisturize the skin, while sugar has a great exfoliating effect. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of fine sugar, then massage it on the body during bathing, then lick it. Ultra-smooth and sleek skin.


2) Coconut oil and salt

Coconut oil also has a great moisturizing effect. Adding it with salt is an excellent leg exfoliating cream! Just mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and half a tablespoon of salt and salt.


3) Lemon and sugar

This is another exfoliating cream that is suitable for dealing with rough parts such as knees and elbows. Just mix the lemon juice with a teaspoon of sugar and mix it!


People tend to pay too much attention to the “face problem”, so the skincare for the face is always in place, but it ignores the skin care work in other parts of the body. It seems that there is no problem, but the real beauty should be for yourself rather than for Others, and not paying attention to maintaining some parts of their skin, such as the neck, can easily expose your age. Therefore, perfect skin should pay attention to the whole body care. Today, the focus is on introducing the method of exfoliating the body. Only by removing the old dead skin cells can you create a more fair and smooth skin.


The neck is probably the skin with the highest exposure rate outside the facial skin, but compared to other parts of the body, its skin is thinner and darker. If this part of the exfoliation work is not done, it will let You are exceptionally old. It is recommended that when you do facial exfoliation care, every time you go to the next slide, you can also do some care for the neck, it is convenient and simple, just a little more to exfoliating. products.



The skin on the chest is relatively delicate, and the body scrub is difficult to handle. It may damage the skin. It is recommended that you choose to exfoliate gels. They generally do not contain large particles of scrub particles. The texture is relatively mild, just gently massage. To achieve a cleansing effect, the skin will not be reddened or discomfort or injured due to excessive force.



It’s probably more unfamiliar to licking the horny, but the beauty expert told us that it is the hardest hit area for horny accumulation. Because of long-term hair removal, excessive contact between the skin and the razor produces some unsightly black dullness, winter is good, summer skin is exposed, and it seems that the bath is not washed as far as it looks, not only not good-looking, but also very embarrassing. . It is recommended to use exfoliating products with whitening particles to combine cleansing and whitening, first, metabolize excess keratin, and then let the whitening ingredients penetrate perfectly, the skin will become clear and white, and help to remove sweat and body odor.




Because the back is sweaty and wrapped in clothes, it often has sweat mixed keratin, which is easy to cause acne. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, you will suffer. It is recommended to try some muddy body membranes to moisturize the skin while taking away the old dead skin cells and excess oil.



Office workers think that for a long time sedentary, the most sinful is the waist and buttocks, while the buttocks and the chair are too much contact, the skin is thickened by friction, and the stratum corneum is thickened accordingly. In addition, the inner side of the thigh and the place where the underwear is rubbed are also the dead ends of the exfoliation that we easily overlook. For the keratin removal in these places, you can first gently massage with a scrub glove, you can take away some of the surface waste such as dead skin, then mix the olive oil with brown sugar, massage in a circular motion, so you can get rid of the horny troubles. It can nourish and firm the skin.



In this regard, some eyebrows that pay attention to skin care have already been done. Compared with the texture of small particles of facial mask scrub, the body scrub particles are relatively large, and can promote metabolism when circular massage, thereby removing excess keratin. Generally good body scrub can be distinguished. If the massage product gradually decomposes, it will produce fine foam and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the body. This product is good. Some facial scrubs that are about to expire can also be used to reconcile the body with exfoliating cream.

While performing exfoliation work, you should massage in a circular motion. The elbows and knees are recommended to add a proper amount of essential oils, which not only increases the degree of lubrication, but also promotes faster and better absorption of the ingredients. After applying the cream, the skin will become drier. Always remember to apply a moisturizing lotion to help hydrate the water.


Hand and foot

It is best to go to the beauty salon regularly for professional hand and foot care. If you are in trouble, you can use the pumice stone to remove the dead skin of the foot during the bathing. Then apply the foot lotion and put on the professional foot mold to sleep. Only one is needed. In the evening, you will find that the skin becomes like a newborn. For hand care, you only need to take some scrubs on the back of your hand for a few moments of massage, then wash the scrub, and long-term adherence will create smooth and moist skin.

Hand- foot--exfoliating-skincare-body-scrub-women-glamfields

Exfoliating product recommendation:

Austin Strawberry Body Scrub:

[Efficacy]: The active ingredient of amino acid contained in strawberry seed oil can effectively smooth and moisturize the skin; the almond shell and strawberry seed scrub particles can promote the metabolism of the skin, and gently and quickly dissolve dead skin cells and waste keratin, and reproduce Healthy skin and radiance!

How to use: When bathing, take a proper amount of this product and massage it in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Wash with water. You will feel the smoothness of your skin instantly! Recommendation: Use 1-2 times a week, sensitive skin for 1-2 weeks.


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