How to remove label residue adhesive?

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Today I will show you how to remove label residue adhesive. The adhesive residue on the label is very troublesome and it is not easy to remove. Actually, the method of removal depends on how stubborn the glue is. I want to introduce several good ways to remove the adhesive.

Method 1: Rub, press, scrape
1. Try to pry the glue into a ball. If it is the glue that has just stick, it will not too tenacious. This method is very effective. Rub repeatedly all viscose with a little force in your fingers. The glues will roll up into balls slowly and can be easily peeled off.

2. Use your scissors, old credit card, or a knife to scrape off the remaining adhesive. If you are using a very sharp tool, try to scrape it horizontally, otherwise, it will be easy to scratch. You don’t have to worry about scratching the surface of the object with a credit card so you can operate it more carefully.
Use knives or scissors to treat glass or metal items with care. It may scratch the surfaces. So it is best to use other methods to remove the adhesive.

Remember do not face the blade while scraping, to avoid inadvertently hurt.
3. Wrap the tape around your finger to press the remaining adhesive. Tape around the index finger and middle finger with the adhesive facing outward.
If the tape loses its stickiness without cleaned the adhesive. You can go to the other side or use the new tape directly.

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4. Wipe the remaining adhesive vigorously with a damp cloth, ordinary wipes or disinfecting wipes. Rub the remaining adhesive vigorously with a damp cloth until it no longer sticky. You may need to wait until the surface dries up and repeat several times before you can completely remove the adhesive.

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Method 2:Use soapy water and vinegar
1. Pour soapy water into the container. This method is best for glass jars that can be soaked in water without damage. The container must be able to hold what you are washing and a few glasses of water, for example, you can use a big bowl. Mix the dishwashing detergent with hot water and pour it into the container.

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Do not fill it too full, otherwise, the water will overflow when the object is soaked in.
2. Soak for half an hour. The labels and residual adhesive on the glass jars must be completely soaked in soapy water. After soaking for half an hour, the glue will dissolve and the residue should come off easily.

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3. Rub the surface with soapy water. It should be easily removed after soaking for half an hour, then wipe the rag with soapy water and wipe off the residue.

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4. Try to use vinegar. No matter what kind of glue, it should be softened after soaked in soapy water. Even if there is some stubborn glue on the surface of the object, it should be removed easily with diluted vinegar.
Notice, vinegar cannot be used on marble, gemstones, aluminum and pig iron. It will corrode and damage the surface of these objects.

Why your hair dry and mess?

Soft hair can save us a lot of time in the day!
We never want our hair is so messy when waking up in the morning, especially as it is annoyed if we late for work or delay the appointment because of it.

Hair scales were injured due to external influence, it is easily destroyed, which reduces the tightness of the neatly arranged state. Lack of natural moisturizing factors, which results in the hair becoming dry, obese and knotted. Normal hair straighteners straighten the entire head of hair for at least half an hour. A lot of heat is consumed and applied to the hair. Due to long and high calories, moisture in the hair is baked even damage your hair. The hair would become dry without gloss if without necessary fats and oils.


Glamfileds Straightening Brush working with the moderate temperature and just take about 5 minutes to straighten the entire head of hair. This consumes only about one-sixth of the calorie Glamfileds Straightening Brush on the hair compared to the straight-plate clamps. Such a small amount of heat does not completely dry your hair. The moisture in the scales will not roast the moisturizing oil, it makes the closed hairs of the scales smooth like the ironing wool clothes. Because of the heat, the hair conditioner in the scales A small amount will spill over the surface of the hair, leaving the hair looking smooth and shiny.


Today hair straightening brushes are the latest fad among girls with all hair types. Gone are the days of flat ironing your hair with all that excruciating pain! If you want to try something new and versatile, Glam field’s hair straightening brush is just the right thing for you. The Glam field’s hair straightening iron brush is ideal for people who prefer a natural healthy look for their hair over the poker straight look. This hair straightening brush is truly the smartest hair styling solution ever.

Ceramic comb teeth can heat up fast without wasting time waiting, the straight hair effect can be kept for a few days before shampooing. Double Anion repair rough, bifurcated and damaged hair, make hair a natural, healthy and sleek look. Adjustable 4 Heat Setting is suitable for all kinds of hair condition and hairstyle. International voltage, 360 rotating handles, 30 minutes auto off, temperature lock, Small details show the user-friendly design. Mini rose gold body with black combs and high-end gift wrap, the best choice for gifts.

Why you still hurt your hair even you spend a lot of money to do straight hair modeling? Something does help you from now on!
Hair Straightening brush VS flat iron –

You might be having second thoughts about trying out a straightening brush if you have been using flat irons for the longest time. So let’s get down to the points that will give you a better understanding of how a hair straightening brush works better than a flat iron –Quick results – Getting your hair straightened through a flat iron means spending hours in front of the mirror till you get it finally done! While a straightening brush requires you to do is to run through the hair a few times and get a section done! Preserves natural moisture – One of the most significant features that give a straightening brush an edge over flat ironing is its ability to preserve the natural moisture of your hair. When you use a flat iron to straighten your hair, it is very likely to steal away the moisture from your hair. Safe to use– A straightening brush is much safer to use in comparison to flat irons. A flat iron has hot plates that are quite easy to come in contact to anyone while using them. These are hot plates can cause burns if touched accidentally. But a straightening brush saves you from any such possibilities, through their protecting bristles.



Affordable price– Another factor that makes a straightening brush much more desirable in comparison to a flat iron is its affordable pricing. A straightening brush is definitely going to cost you much lesser than a flat iron. Above it all, a straightening brush gives you lustrous looking hair without any trace of damage, unlike a flat iron that will even cost you higher. It is a great deal because you get great results without spending too much on it. Keeps the volume of the hair intact – If you are someone who likes to style your hair keeping its natural volume intact, you must go for a straightening brush instead of a flat iron. Ironing will give your hair a flattened look, taking away its naturally rich volume and shine. A straightening brush will straighten your hair without transforming its natural shape and add more individuality to your personality over a flattened look that appears all the most same on everyone.


Better heat protection– Heat protection is one of the most crucial factors that make a straightening brush a much better option over a flat iron. Extreme exposure to heat can damage your hair to a great extent. It can lead to weakened hair, split ends, and hair fall. Even a one-time use of flat ironing can cause severe damage to your hair. A straightening brush, on the other hand, will not cause such extreme levels of damage to your hair.No paint– Use a flat iron to straighten your hair can be quite a painful experience with all the clamping and dragging involved in the whole process. But when you are using a straightening brush you can save yourself from all the painful tugging as the brush tends to run through your hair from the root in a more smooth way.

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