How to choose the best blow dryer 2019?

To fasting drying and living decently, you deserve a blowout without frizz, flyaways, or any other kind of foolishness a blow-dryer that’s not up to snuff will add to your precious crown. And you deserve to get that flawless look in the comfort of your own home. Believe it or not: Quality makes all the difference when it comes to speed, durability, and a bomb-ass blowout.

Most of us are going to pursue living wonderful and decently, particularly those perfectionists, we have to choose every exquisite and well-built gadget for life carefully. And it can’t deny that men and women have spent so much time when choosing the right one.

People always blind to buy something that doesn’t expensive but not durable, cheap but low quality, it’s difficult to find out the right price with strong function. We are here to share the experienced of choosing the blow-dryer. We need to concentrate on weight, performance, dry time, heating and speed setting as well as wind power, below are the best blowout we found,  top choices hair dryers with different rates.



BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

Amazon Reference Price: $79.99

Features and Benefits:

Tourmaline Titanium technology; Ultra-lightweight design; 6 heat/speed settings with Cold shot; Soft-touch rubberized finish 1900 watts.

Product Overview:

The first thing you’ll notice about this very contemporary 1900-watt dryer is the rubberized finish. It feels good when you hold it, providing a more comfortable grip and reducing stress on the hand and wrist. The Tourmaline Titanium technology emits millions of ions for incredible shine, and far-infrared heat for faster drying and styling, which is easier on hair. Six heat/speed settings, a cold shot button, and a 9-foot-long cord are other features that make this unique non-slip dryer a favorite of professionals.



Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Black

Amazon Reference Price: $34.49

Features and benefits:

Fast Drying- More Manageable Hair; Hinged Filter for Easy Cleaning; Easy storage with foldable handle and retractable cord; Dual voltage for worldwide use and travel convenience; Adjustable settings; Ionic and Tourmaline Ceramic Technology; Powerful High Torque DC Motor

Product Overview:

Fast drying, less frizz; Custom settings for all hair types; Concentrator for smooth styles, the diffuser for bouncy waves; Uniform heat dries hair gently and fast; easy cleaning for long-lasting motor life. Tourmaline Ceramic Technology provides uniform heat for fast drying and less damage.

Easy storage with foldable handle and retractable cord; Helps fight frizz for healthy-looking hair; Dual voltage for worldwide use and travel convenience; Adjustable settings for a variety of hairstyles.

Salon results at home. Powerful styler ergonomically designed for comfort. High-performance motor creates salon-quality results. Get effortless styling and gorgeous results.


Remington Hair Dryer with Ionic Ceramic  Tourmaline Technology, Purple, D3190

Amazon Reference Price: $34.49

Features and benefits:

Micro-Conditioners; 3 Heat + 2 Speed Settings + Cool Shot; Dry hair fast with 1875 Watts Max Power; Removable Air Filter

Product Overview:

The Remington Hair Dryer with Ionic + Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology combines a trio of technologies with powerful airflow. Ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technologies reduce frizz and static and help to dry hair faster* with 1875 watts max power. With three heat and two-speed settings, you can find the airflow performance that’s right for your hair. Then lock in the style with the cool shot button. Use the concentrator and diffuser attachments to create gorgeous styles.



Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer with Hair Clips

Amazon Reference Price: $21.99

Features and benefits: 

  • Infrared heat technology for maximum shine, softness and control
  • Tourmaline Ionic Technology reduces frizz and enhances shine
  • 2 Heat/2 Speed Settings and Cool Shot Button for maximum control
  • Bonus 3 Hair Sectioning Clips Included
  • Concentrator and Diffuser Attachments Included

Product Overview:

Revlon Hair Tools is dedicated to helping women achieve beautiful hair they’ll love! Whether women desire gorgeous blowouts, big enviable waves, striking straight locks, or the perfect fashion accessory to complete the look, Revlon has the styling tools you desire. Our innovative Pro Collection line will provide you with the latest technology to help you achieve desired results fast! ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The Revlon Salon Infrared Styler creates unforgettably beautiful blowouts! Designed with Infrared Heat Technology which taps into your hair’s natural moisture, prevents over-drying and delivers maximum shine. This Revlon hair dryer combines three layers of Ceramic Coating to help reduce heat damage. Boosted with Tourmaline Ionic Technology, for perfect hair and smooth results. Plus, added Concentrator and Volumizing Finger Diffuser attachments give you maximum precision for truly customized hairstyles.


Andis 1600-Watt Quiet Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer with Night Light, White (30975)

Amazon Reference Price: $45.75

Features and benefits: 

  • Wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light
  • Built-in Lifeline shock protection; 3 position switch with 2 heat/air settings
  • Metal mounting plate for secure wall attachment with exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage
  • Long-lasting electronic light-no bulbs to burn out or replace
  • Less expensive to operate than most night lights – stays cool and is energy efficient

Product Overview:

Andis 30975 Quiet hangup 1600 Watt hair dryer with night light, is a wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light. It has a quiet, long-life motor, and Lifeline shock protection that is built into the unit. It has a 3 position switch with 2 heat and air settings. The metal mounting plate is for secure wall attachment. It features a new hanger loop. An exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage. It has a long-lasting electronic light, no more bulbs to burn out or replace. Its soft, diffused light provides visibility for safely moving around. It is less expensive to operate than most night lights. It stays cool and is energy efficient. It is ADA compliant when mounted below 48 inches.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia

Amazon Reference Price: $300.39

Features and benefits: 

Prevents extreme heat damage;  Ultra-fast drying; Magnetic attachments; Dyson smoothing nozzle;  Dyson styling concentrator;  Dyson diffuser; Cool to touch; Lightweight and balanced; Acoustically tuned; 3 precise speed settings

Product Overview:

  • Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control
  • Fastest digital motor, ultra-fast drying. For fast drying you need controlling, high-velocity airflow
  • Magnetic attachments – Dyson smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator, and diffuser
  • Lightweight and balanced. We’ve turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle
  • Acoustically tuned. The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency
  • Cool to touch. With heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool
  • 4 precise heat settings –212°F fast drying and styling; 176°F regular drying; 140°F gentle drying; Constant cold.(82°F cold shot, to set your hair after styling)
  • 3 precise speed settings – fast drying, regular drying, and gentle drying



To fasting drying and living decently, you deserve a blowout without frizz, flyaways, or any other kind of foolishness a blow-dryer that’s not up to snuff will add to your precious crown. And you deserve to get that flawless look in the comfort of your own home. Believe it or not: Quality makes all the difference when it comes to speed, durability, and a bomb-ass blowout.

How to dry your hair fast and healthy?

When it comes to our morning routines or getting ready for a night out, we often haven’t got the luxury of time. Depending on your hair type and hairstyle, your hair may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to dry naturally. Freshly clean hair makes a huge difference to how we look and feel, so if you’ve planned to wash your hair, going without it is not an option. Therefore, you need to know how you can dry it fast! 

When it comes to our morning routines or getting ready for a night out, we often haven’t got the luxury of time. Depending on your hair type and hairstyle, your hair may take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to dry naturally. Freshly clean hair makes a huge difference to how we look and feel, so if you’ve planned to wash your hair, going without it is not an option. Therefore, you need to know how you can dry it fast!


1. Wash your hair. You can use the original shampoo, but for better drying and protection, use some moisturizing shampoo (usually called dry hair formula). This shampoo keeps the hair moist and protects the hair from the blower. It also protects you from straightening or perming, adding moisture to your hair.
2. Stay away from the bathroom. Many girls used to wash their hair in the bathroom after washing their heads. In fact, the humidity of the bathroom is high, and it is not ventilated, which has the opposite effect on the dryness of the hair. Finding a relatively dry environment, such as heating, often does more with less! (If you are not afraid of cold, you can try to open the window!)

3. Gently wipe the hair with a towel so that the hair does not drip. Do not rub your hair with a towel, or it will cause excessive split ends and edging, causing additional damage. Gently wrap the hair around the towel and squeeze out the water. If your hair is too short to do this, wrap your head in a towel and then rub the hair very gently in a circle. Don’t rub too fast or too hard. If you feel pain or your hair is damaged, stop quickly. In this step, your hair doesn’t need to be very dry, as long as it doesn’t drip.

4. Divide your hair into several parts. The more hair in each part, the more time it takes to blow dry. It is best to divide into 4-6 groups to ensure that there are no hair entangled. If your hair is very thick or long, try to trim it. If your hair is too short, you can split it into two parts.

5. Blow your hair through a towel. It is not enough to wipe it with a towel. Use a dry towel on the freshly washed head and blow the head across the towel. This will allow the moisture in the hair to be absorbed and accelerate to dry! And the towel can also isolate the direct heat and avoid damage to the hair. It is the skill of the exclusive person!


6. Dry hair towel, a type of towel. Dry hair towels and dry hair caps are not a substitute for hair dryers, but the water absorption effect is definitely much better than ordinary towels, which is enough to make the hair dry, sleep without headache, and does not hurt the hair, very soft. When using a dry hair towel, lower your head to let the hair hang naturally, then put the dry hair towel on your head, put all the hair into the dry hair towel, then you can go to the book and make a mask. After ten minutes, the hair will be Will do it.

7. Start blowing your hair from the top or root, about six inches away from your scalp. Keep this distance and you won’t burn. Don’t blow your hair from the bottom up, as this will cause damage. Blowing from the scalp prevents moisture from getting wet again.

8. Don’t dry your hair completely with a hairdryer so that it does not cause damage. If you have been blowing at a certain point for a long time, it will cause dryness and burns, and it is better to dry naturally. Let your hair get a little damp. Don’t stop until your entire head is very dry – you need to keep a little humidity so your hair won’t dry, split or be damaged. A little moist, but it won’t wet your clothes, and the hair can dry naturally in 5-10 minutes.

9. Finally let the cold air to finish the finishing work. Gently comb your hair or use your fingers to clear it. If necessary, use a moisturizing or anti-pilled serum to dredge. You can also use a little olive oil. This way your hair will become shiny and smooth and will stay clean all day long.



Hair Drying Tips:

 Never blow your hair when your hair is dripping, or you are cooking your hair. Dry with a towel first.
 Blow your hair from top to bottom and keep it in one direction.
 Do not leave the hair dryer too close to the scalp.
 Keep the brush and comb clean.
 Use a colder to make your hair softer.
 Do not comb wet hair and use your fingers to clear it.
 Protect yourself from heat before drying your hair.
 If you can, don’t blow more than three times a week. If you can let your hair dry naturally, dry it naturally. If you have enough time on the weekend, or if you don’t plan to go out, simply comb your hair and let it dry naturally.
 Use a round comb with a metal core. The heated metal in the middle helps dry the hair and shape it better, helping you to better handle your hair.
 If your hair is very short, simply wipe it with a towel or blow for two minutes.
 After drying your hair, you should use some moisturizing spray of hair to prevent hair cream. A healthier way is to use a little olive oil to provide a healthier and more natural humidity.
 Let your hair empty for five minutes, then start with a towel and then blow.
 Do not rub your hair hard. You may be late, but you don’t want your hair to turn into a haystack.
 Trim the hair every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends.
 Blow the hair dryer upside down.



 Avoid getting close to the bathtub – it can be fatal.
 If your scalp starts to burn, stop immediately!
 If you use a hairdryer for years, it may cause a headache. Do not exceed one and a half hours at a time.
 Do not use thin rubber bands to tie your hair, no matter what type of hair, because they can damage the hair. Use a thick ribbon.
 Do not blow dry when the hair is still dripping.
 Do not use a comb. Use the “soft pig bristle brush”.
 The hair dryer can only be used to blow hair. Do not use it to dry other parts of the body. Otherwise it may have erythema or even burns.
 Don’t blow freshly dyed hair, it’s enough to dry.


Above are the healthy fast tricks for drying your hair, what else you may concentrate on choosing good-quality hair dryer as well hair straightener brush and towel will save you time and money in the long run, make it more easier and quicker. If you have other tricks and experience, pls write to us or drop a comment below with your idea.

Is there any fast remedies for rough pores?

Pores rough: The large pores are caused by the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue in the hair follicle and the abnormal keratinization of the sebaceous glands and the shrinkage of the skin aging tissue. The four common causes are as follows:

Pores rough: The large pores are caused by the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue in the hair follicle and the abnormal keratinization of the sebaceous glands and the shrinkage of the skin aging tissue. The four common causes are as follows:

Type 1: Oily skin

Caused by oily skin: sebum secretion is particularly strong, excess sebum accumulates in the hair follicle, swells pores, and slowly becomes enlarged. Regular deep cleansing and exfoliation work are important for you. Regardless of the makeup, clean the face every day, wash your face with cleansing cream, remove the grease and dirt, then wash the dirt with water to remove the dirt and dirt in the pores. After washing your face, be sure to apply lotion on your face. Choose a lotion that contains astringent ingredients. Beat it from bottom to top. After a while, it will make the pores look fine and also have the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion.


Type 2: Improper cleaning

Caused by improper cleaning: the basal layer of the epidermis of the skin continuously produces cells and transports them to the upper layer. After the cells are aged, if the skin is not cleaned, the metabolism is not smooth and cannot be detached as scheduled, causing the pores to expand. Why your capillary pores will be stretched, because the result of long-term residual sebum dirt is not removed. The biggest reason for this result is because the makeup removal step is not fully implemented. There are two steps to remove the makeup: first remove the makeup from the lips and lips, then remove the makeup from the face, wash the face with a cleanser, and wash with water. Finally, apply a toner with a shrinking pore. In addition, when using the foundation in general, pay attention to the choice of lightweight liquid foundation with good breathability, so as not to block the pores and affect the free breathing of the skin.


Type 3: Skin aging

Caused by aging of the skin: as the age increases, the blood circulation gradually becomes unsmooth, and the subcutaneous tissue fat layer of the skin is also prone to slack and lack of elasticity. If proper maintenance and care are not given, the aging will be accelerated, and the pores will be accelerated. Naturally, it has also expanded. Because your pores are caused by skin aging, it is imperative to control your skin’s aging rate. First of all, it is necessary to use some high-nutrient moisturizing ingredients every morning and evening, and at the same time, it has an anti-aging essence that can tighten the skin and relax the skin, and massage to promote absorption; in addition, moisturizing refreshing and non-irritating pores and firming toner are also essential.

Do not use a tear-off oil or firming mask, as they will make your skin more fragile and loose under excessive tough tearing.


Type 4: bad habit

Caused by bad habits: smoking, drinking, improper squeezing, improper makeup (using irritating cosmetics and long-term use of powerful bactericidal powerful creams, anti-inflammatory water, will make the capillary block more serious, the oil can not be excreted, If there is no proper care, it will become more and more serious, and the pores will be thicker.), excessive use of the mask (many deep-layer membranes first enlarge the pores, in order to penetrate the pores to bring oil and dirt out, excessive use Deep cleansing mask will also make the pores thicker). Tobacco and alcohol is your primary taboo. If you don’t want to have a 50-year-old woman’s face when you are 30, you must change the habit of excessive alcohol and tobacco.


Shrinking Pores

1, ice application – the iced lotion with a cotton pad damp, applied to the pores of the thick place, can play a good convergence effect.


2, cold towel – put a clean special small towel in the refrigerator, after cleaning the face, put the ice towel on the leg for a few seconds.


3, DIY fruit facial mask – watermelon skin, lemon peel, etc. can be used to apply the face, they have a good convergence of soft pores, inhibit oil secretion and whitening and other effects.


4, lemon juice cleaning – oily skin people can drop a few drops of lemon juice in the water, in addition to convergence pores, can also reduce the production of herpes. (but note that the concentration should not be too strong)


5, cotton pad + lotion – prepare a small bottle of oil-free lotion and then put on a cotton pad, after an hour, spray the lotion with a cotton pad to wipe out the oil, for the pores you are refreshing Also effective.


6, egg olive oil firming – break an egg, add half a lemon juice and a little bit of coarse salt, stir well, add olive oil to the egg juice, so that the two are evenly mixed. This film can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays. Applying it once or twice a week can make the skin firm, improve the pores and promote the smoothness and fineness of the skin.


7, chestnut skin firming – take the inner skin of chestnuts, smashed into the final shape, and evenly stirred with honey, applied to the legs, can make the skin smooth and elastic.

8, pearl powder pore mask – prepare a good amount of high-quality pearl powder, lotion, mask paste. First use pearl powder to mix facial cleanser to deeply cleanse the skin, then mix the pearl powder (about 1g) with a lotion to make a paste, evenly apply to the enlarged pores; then apply the film to the film, remove it for about 15-20 minutes. Just fine. It is suitable to do 2-3 times a week. This method can reduce pores and restore firmness and detail.




Only on the right way to do face cleansing, have a routine diet and sleeping time, your body and skin will get cure, to improve skin is a continuous behavior, let’s take action from now on.


What will you choose between wireless earphone with wire one?

Earphone, it is really a cool electric product, now I can’t live without it, I listen to music when going to work, school, library, the way to travel and strolling and so on. As century developing, all commodities are changing and updating if they want to keep it alive, and today we take wireless headphones and wire headphones an example.

Wireless Headphones VS Wire Headphones – Both have its’ advantage and disadvantage

#Wireless Headphones: Expensive, Convenient, Charge, Wireless, Bluetooth far control, Portable. Applying to use it when running, strolling, working, learning, hands busy.

#Wire Headphones: Cheap, Not Convenient, No charge, Wire, No Bluetooth, Limited of far control, Clumsy cable. Applying to use it when strolling, working, learning.



Here introduce CHUNNUO wirelesss headphones and Betron Earphone.

#CHUNNUO Wireless Headphones, TWS-8 Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless In-ear Earbuds 16H Playtime Hi-Fi Sound Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with Microphone and Charging Case for iOS, Android, PC 

Amazon Reference Price:  £28.99

  • 【True Wireless & Touch Control】
  • 【16 Hours Battery Life】
  • 【HI-FI 3D-Stereo Sound】
  • 【Easy Operation & 3 Modes】
  • 【IPX5 Water-Resistant】


The TWS-8 wireless in-ear headphones with the latest in Bluetooth 5.0 technology, certified IPX5 waterproof protection, 16-hour battery life and auto-pair technology. Easy Pairing & Simple Operation!

Touch Control

  1. Call: Accept, hang up, decline
  2. Music: playback, pause, next song, previous song
  3. Voice Assistant: Siri, Google Assistant …

⇒ IPX5 Waterproof

IPX5-certified waterproof ensures that no sweat or rain gets into the internal headphones.

⇒ Delivery

2 x CHUNNUO Wireless Earbuds 1 x 500mAh Portable Charging Box 1 x User Manual 1 x Mirco USB Charging Cable 3 x Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips(S/M/L)


First-time use – Take the TWS-8 Bluetooth headphones out of the charging case and then click  “TWS-8” in Bluetooth menu to connect your phone.

Second-time use – Just take the TWS-8 earbuds out of the charging case, then the earbuds will automatically connect to your phone.



  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Operation Range: Up to 10 meters
  • Battery Capacity: 65mAh
  • Talking/Playing Time: 4-5 Hours
  • Charging Time: 40 Minutes
  • Noise Canceling: CVC 8.0

Charging Case:

  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging for Ear phones: 4-5 Times
  • Input: Micro USB DC 5V – 100mA
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Dimension: 8*5*3 cm


#Betron YSM1000 Headphones, Earbuds, High Definition, in-Ear, Noise Isolating, Heavy Deep Bass for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Cell Phones and Smartphones (Gold with Microphone)

Amazon Reference Price: £16.79


⇒ Heavy Bass Driven Sound and Stylish Earphones by Betron – these in-ear headphones from Betron are easy to slip into a pocket or backpack. Their punchy bass driven audio output unlocks more detail in every track and with a handy built-in microphone, taking and making calls is simple.

⇒ In-Line Conversations

A built-in mic and remote let you take calls, play and pause your music on the move. (Remote and MIC are compatible with Apple devices only. Please check the other variations of the product for compatibility.)

⇒ Crisp Audio

As the 9.2 mm neodymium drivers deliver powerful and balanced sound, the 20Hz–20kHz frequency range taps you into every layer of your tracks.


Carry Case and Various Silicon and Memory Foam Earbuds

Perfect size, perfect listening experience

YSM1000 comes with a large sellection of earbuds which are different sizes and materials. There is always a pair of right size for everyone. You can either choose a pair of rubber one for amazing noise isolating or a pair of memory foam for comfort.

Remote Control and Microphone for Apple

The built-in microphone and remote control allows you to:

  • Increase and decrease music or call volume.
  • Skip previous or next track.
  • Play/ Pause songs.
  • Answer or hang up calls.


Are you clear how to choose the right earphone for yourself now? Like and drop comments to let us know, thanks for your support and keep follow our blogs, should you have any question or inquiry, welcome to contact by:


How to well-manicured for fingers?

Manicure is a kind of work to decorate the nails, also known as the art design, which has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest.


Manicure tools

1⃣️ nail phototherapy lamp

The general nail polish can be shaped by air drying, and the nail polish glue must be lighted to dry. Keywords: nail phototherapy lamp, 36W, 120 second timing

2 ⃣️ nail care tools

Slanted Nail Clipper: Trimmed A Type It is easier to cut out the desired type A with this flat nail clipper.

Nail Frustration: Adjusting the nail shape

Round head steel push: repair the dead skin on the upper end of the nail and use the flat nail clipper better.

⚠️Frustration can only be used to polish the edge of the nail. Do not use it on the nail surface. Rough strips will hurt the nail surface!


3⃣️ nail material

Balance solution: The first layer of the nail applied to the nail after the start of the nail is to dry the nail surface.

Removable primer: the second layer of nails. Apply a layer of removable primer to the base before applying the nail polish. Prevent the nails from turning yellow. The light can be colored in 15 seconds.

Color nail polish: nail protagonist layer A lot of brand selection on a treasure price is not the same Every coat needs to light 60 seconds

No-clean seal: After the color is applied, the final seal layer can make the nail polish gel brighter and fuller.

⚠️Removable primer and color glue will still stick when it is finished. It is not without drying. It is made of floating glue on the surface. It can be wiped with a piece of cotton dipped in gel water to remove the floating glue. It can also be directly used for the next step. After the lamp is finished, the nail surface is smooth and does not stick.

4⃣️ post-nail care

Finger oil: Apply nail to the edge of the nail. Gently massage to soften the dead skin. Prevent barb formation.

It’s best not to touch the water right away.

5⃣️Unloading tool

Unloading bag: It is similar to alcohol tablets. It is like a three-in-one of unloading liquid, unloading towel and tin foil. Open the mouth of the unloading bag. Insert the finger. Pack for a while.

Then use the round head steel to push the nail surface and push it to remove the colloid.

Wash hands with hand sanitizer after disposal

Apply hand cream or finger oil massage massage. Ok.

Manicure category

  1. Painted nail art: Use a special nail pigment such as “acrylic pigment” to paint the composition on the nail surface! Draw a variety of hand-painted patterns of flowers and plants landscape characters and so on.

2, patch manicure: with nail special glue, the full or half-stick piece attached to the nail surface, resulting in a long A-type, thus making up for the regret of the hand is not beautiful, the disadvantage is poor ventilation.


3, embossed manicure: carved with a carved three-dimensional pattern, embossed nail art is very artistic, generally in special occasions, such as weddings, banquets, shows, etc., thinking that carved A is more prominent, ordinary work and housework will Very inconvenient.


4, crystal nails: crystal and crystal powder to create a beautiful type A, plasticity can extend the nails, characterized by strong wear and tear, not easy to break.


5, phototherapy nails: the use of ultraviolet light to polymerize the natural resin on the surface of the real nails, to make a tough and smooth nails. Not hurting the real nails can increase the strength of the nails. As long as the nail repair is done every two to three weeks, you can have a beautiful, crystal-clear nail. Even if you apply ordinary nail polish on weekdays, the nail polish will be The resin is made to make it easy to fall off and easy to take care of.


6, nail polish nail art: is a nail polish similar to nail polish is also baked with a baking lamp, but not as good as the color and hardness of phototherapy than the phototherapy retention time is shorter. About half a month.



Nail shape trimming

The most commonly used forms in life are: square, square, oval, pointed, round, and fan-shaped. You can create a perfect shape based on your hand shape and preferences.

■ 1. Square A: In general, square nails are personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more like professional women and white-collar workers and Westerners like.

■2. Square round nails: The rounded nails have straight front and side sides, and the corners are rounded. This kind of solid shape will give a soft feeling, and it is obvious to the joints. Customers with thin fingers can make up for the shortcomings.

■3. Oval nails: oval nails, starting from the free edge, to the front of the nail, the outline is oval, is a traditional oriental shape.

■ 4. Pointed nails: The pointed nails are easy to break due to the small contact area, while the Asians are thinner and not suitable for sharpening.

■5. Round: Suitable for people who have long slender hands and good fingers.

■6. Fan shape: common in water nails, can be squared, or square.


Nail Style

Basic monochrome

Applying a single-color nail polish, the first step in getting started with nails at home. Although nail polish is simple, some people don’t always paint well. In fact, it is because there are quite a few tips on it. Before applying colored nail polish, you must brush the base oil! Because it not only strengthens the nail surface, but also makes the color last longer. The most important thing is to protect the nails from attacking the nails. Before you start to apply the colored nail polish, you must scrape off the excess nail polish on the back of the brush head. Leave a layer on the front side. When you apply it, start brushing from the middle. You don’t need to use too much force. Keep the brush bar tilted forward. Then fill the gap between the left and right sides and try to control it within three strokes. Even if there are some corners, don’t brush it back and forth. Be sure to wait until it is dry before applying the second layer and then correct it. In order to prevent the fingertips from being knocked off, you will usually drag a circle at your fingertips and finally apply it. Top oil, so you can get a very full-color monochrome nails.



Cat’s eye

Cat eye nails are no different from ordinary monochrome nail polish coating methods. Just to make cat eye nails, you need special cat eye nail polish. The nail polish of the cat’s eye contains iron powder, which is also used with a magnetic plate (usually when you buy cat eye nail polish).

The specific coating method is as follows: firstly apply the single-color nail polish method, first apply the primer and the first layer, then, when applying the second layer, each time a nail is applied, the magnetic plate is placed on the nail for 10 seconds. . When you suck, you must be quick and accurate. If you are a little slower, you may fail. Finally, you must apply a top oil seal. Otherwise, the cat’s eyes will easily spread.




The secret to success in making a gradual nail is: a nail polish with a high transparency. Use this translucent nail polish on the nails to stack a gradual effect.

The steps to be done are not difficult. First, after the primer is applied, the first layer is only applied to the fingertips. When the first layer is dried, the second layer can be applied to the half of the nail, and then thinly Apply a third layer on the entire surface of the nail, and finally apply the top oil. A super girl’s gradient nails are finished. If there is no nail polish on the hand, you can use a makeup sponge to make a gradient like a stamp. But remember to use it with anti-overflow glue.



Stitching nails is a relatively popular nail art D.I.Y fancy, the main method is color block stitching. The simplest of these is the two-color stitching. To do two-color stitching, first give the nail a base color, and then wait for the background color to dry out, then use other colors to draw a half circle or bevel on the top, but the disabled friends do not have to panic, in fact, there are Different shapes of nail stickers can help you draw stitching blocks without having to tremble yourself. However, don’t be impatient with nail stickers. Be sure to wait until the second layer is dry and then tear it off. These stickers can also be used to make translucent French armor. The changes are quite a lot, and everyone can slowly explore.

Manicure-category-nail-polish-nail-art-Glamfields-Basic-monochrome-nail-Splice nail


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Who is that new ‘power’ of faster getting into hair world?

Recently, we found that there is a new power getting into hair world, it named ArchiKing, they are professional OEM/ODM manufacturer integrating production and sales services,the factory was established in 2008 and located in Shipai Town Dongguan City, covering an area of nearly 20,000 square meters. It has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and certification of third-party companies such as ITS, BV, TUV and SGS.

Recently, we found that there is a new power getting into hair world, it named ArchiKing, they are professional OEM/ODM manufacturer integrating production and sales services,the factory was established in 2008 and located in Shipai Town Dongguan City, covering an area of nearly 20,000 square meters. It has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and certification of third-party companies such as ITS, BV, TUV and SGS.


They are mainly engaged in the design, research, and development of various electronic hairdressing products, such as hair straighteners, hair flat iron, hair curlers, hot air comb and other electronic hair products. They closely combine the market, clear positioning, based on product quality, and focus on product industry design and innovation. After more than 20 years of hard work, there are 350 employees, including 5 industrial designers and 13 full-time R&D personnel. Equipment and sophisticated mould design and production staff, and equipped with 15 production assembly lines.

A series of hair straightening brush ArchiKING.

Electric Personalized LCD Display Hair Straightening Comb Ionic Massage Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Model GF-HSB002



About the product

Ceramic comb teeth can heat up fast without wasting time waiting, the straight hair effect can be kept for a few days before shampooing. Double Anion repair rough, bifurcated and damaged hair, make hair a natural, healthy and sleek look. Adjustable 4 Heat Setting is suitable for all kinds of hair condition and hairstyle. International voltage, 360 rotating handles, 30 minutes auto off, temperature lock, Small details show the user-friendly design. Mini rose gold body with black combs and high-end gift wrap, the best choice.




  1. Double Negative Ions
  2. Advanced MCH technology
  3. 4 Heating Setting
  4. Easy To Use & Travel-Friendly
  5. Auto shut off
  6. Fast heating


1.Heater: Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH)     2.Temperature range: 330°F to 450°F
3.Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds                      4.Automatic Shutoff: 30 Minutes
5.360°Rotate Swivel Power Cord: Yes         6.Voltage: 100–130V/220-240V AC
7.Frequency: 50 -60 HZ 45W                        8.Product size: 300×70×40mm
9.Product Weight:350g         10.Material: PET+Fiber          11.Certificate:CE PSE


Latest designs hair flat iron of Archiking:

#MODEL: Hair Flat Iron V039 GF-HSB002


#MODEL: Cool Steam Spray Hair Flat Iron  V179

Unique Replenishment Spray Design, Floating spray port design, 3D floating plate mist, comes out from groove to reduce the damage from heat


#MODEL: Anti-heated Handle Hair Flat Iron V039

Exclusive anti-heating handle salon grade design, fast heating, 5 temperature setting, 2 IN 1 straightening & curly





ArchiKing, first factory with One-Stop Service, why is a new power in Hair World?

  1. Accept OEM&ODM
  2. Professional R&D Dept. and stronger producing capacity
  3. Senior Designer well-conceived design
  4. Advanced Injection Machine & Technology
  5. One-Stop Service ( Include design to sell proposal)
  6. International standard quality with certificates.
  7. Stable producing capacity, delivery on time
  8. Full tracking service, after sales without worry.
  9. 20 years of experiences in manufacturing hair iron


Around Worldwide Exhibition 

#Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, #Cosmoprof  North America, #Cosmoprof Asia, #Hong Kong Electronics Fair, #Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas.



Contact ArchKing:

Shenzhen ChangLe Enhui Technology Co., Ltd

Whatsapp/Mb:+8613430500547                       Tel.&Fax.: 0755-29829125                Web:

Office Address: Room 506, South 4th Area, Mingzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen ( Kezn Building, Room 506)

Factory Address: No. 6, North Donglian Road, Miaobianwang, Shipai Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Soical Media










What magic skincare tool you know?

As a perfect beauty, we can’t lazy and lack of this magical skincare tool – Cleansing brush, 5 mins reach the health, soft and clean skin you need.

We take Glamfields facial brush an example, this product is a profession cleansing and cosmetic equipment, the main use of the motor to wash the brush head rotation, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage. Glamfields facial cleansing brush has two – way button speed, 360 rotating deeply clear; 5 minutes intelligent control the time, intelligent protection the motor, let’s the item use longer, USB recharging, easy take for traveling.

As a perfect beauty, we can’t lazy and lack of this magical skincare tool – Cleansing brush, 5 mins reach the health, soft and clean skin you need.

We take Glamfields facial brush an example, this product is a profession cleansing and cosmetic equipment, the main use of the motor to wash the brush head rotation, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage. Glamfields facial cleansing brush has two – way button speed, 360 rotating deeply clear; 5 minutes intelligent control the time, intelligent protection the motor, let’s the item use longer, USB recharging, easy take for traveling.

Glamfields Face Cleansing Brush: Reference price: $19.99


What You Get:
1 x GLAMFIELDS Electric Facial Brush; 1 x Extra Gentle Brush Head; 1 x Exfoliating Brush Head; 1 x Natural Foam Brush Head; 1 x Base; 1 x USB Line; 1 x English Instruction

What’s that  3 brushes for?

(You will get 3 different unique replacement brush heads, each unit has a unique function.)

Extra gentle brush head
It is characteristically super fine, super soft and elastic. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at removing the dirt deep in the pores, the sebum, and the residue of the make-up. The pores can be cleaned, blackheads and acne cleared up and the skin becomes fine, firm and tender.

Glamfields-Extra-gentle-brush head
Exfoliating brush head 
Superelastic brush designed for those who have oily skin. It is used for removing the make-up, getting rid of the dead skin and the horny. If used with help of cleanser, it is effective at dealing with the oily skin, adjusting the skin PH level and therefore getting rid of the blackheads.

Natural foam brush head
Made of natural latex sponge and manufactured with great craftsmanship, natural sponge brush is elastic, flexible and environmentally -friendly. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at clearing up the dirt in the pores, dealing with the oily skin, removing the residue of make-up, easing the weariness around the eyes and get rid of the bags under the eyes.



7 FAQ:

#1 Is there any caution for first time use?   To sustain battery lifetime, please fully charge the appliances before using the first time.

#2 How long does the brush head last until it needs replaced?   It depends on your using item, we suggest replace the brush head after 3 months.

#3 Do I need to use a specific soap when using brush?  No, you don’t need to use a specific soap.

#4 where can you order replacement heads?  You can order replacement heads by this link:

#5 how does the charger work mine is keep show me red   Stayed plugged in on the cheap plastic dock it comes with.

#6 Is this item waterproof? What’s the waterproof grade? How many times can it be charged?  Yes, the appliance is water-resistant,the waterproof grade is IP66 and uses the rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It can be recharged for up to 300 times and a 2-hour charge can enable 4 hours of intermittent use

#7 Can I use this everyday or is it too harsh to use everyday?  Yes, you can according to your need and we suggest you replace the brush head after 90 days used.


5-Star Review

#1 Buyers: Scoobyrogers  WIN WIN for me. Great facial brush I need one for me now

 I got this for my girl and the 1st thing she said when she seen it was ohhhhh, a rechargeable one !!! I said what. She said she has one, but its battery operated and she doesn’t use it often due to taking batteries and dying frequently, (I apparently bought that one too). The 2nd thing she said was, BONUS a cradle to set it in. Hers does not have a cradle, therefore gets thrown in a drawer and never used…hence the reason I didn’t think she had one.
I asked her what ate the benefits, she said its a good exfoliator for your face. She demonstrated on me. Now it didn’t have much of a charge so it was a quick demonstration. We then put it on charge. After the unit was charged, we grabbed my face wash and started using… Holy Cow this thing is awesome. I got it for her, but now o will be using it also. I have big pores so she said I definitely need to use it more often. I will use it and may have to buy me one for myself. Only complaint is you can’t charge the unit while it sits in the cradle. I didn’t remove a star, because JEY, it came with a cradle which apparently is a BONUS !!!


#2 Buyers: Katrina A Garrett   So thankful I purchased this facial brush

I am in love with my new Glamfields facial brush! This brush has 2 speeds & comes with its own USB port, plus it comes with a total of 3 different brush heads & they are all soft and it feels really good when you are exfoliating your skin. (not too soft to remove any excess oils, makeup, etc.)
For the price, it is an absolute steal! I am ecstatic that I chose this brush to purchase. So if you are looking for a reasonable, low-cost brush that’s going to clean, exfoliate & remove any dirt, oil/makeup buildup, I am suggesting to purchase this brand, I promise you will not regret it!


#3 Buyers: RB    Lightweight and soft brushes.

Nice packaging and lightweight when handling. I did have an issue with my USB charger. My charger comes a little lose connecting the port to the facial brush handle during charging. The charging light comes off and I’ll have to adjust it so it turns back on. I’ve used both the foaming and exfoliate brushes. I LOVE the exfoliate brush is super soft and my face does feel clean after using it. It also has 2 speed soft and gentle on the skin. I wasn’t able to wash off the residue of my foundation off from the foaming brush and I probably won’t use that brush again. Overall, it’s lightweight and brushes are soft and it cleans my face.

black facial brush face cleansing.jpg


Conclusion: It’s a helpful skincare tool for makeup remove, exfoliating, facial massage, faster and easier to get rid of dead skin and alleviate dry, chapped and oily skin.

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