Best soap dispenser for Thanksgiving!

When I saw my mom get crazy while cleanup, I decide to pick up a helper as Thanksgiving gift. She pressing the Soap Dispenser so many times, and can’t release her hands to take a rest, let this hand-off gadget stops the busy day.

Germs are everywhere and hands provide the perfect transport vehicle to spread illness and possible infection. Washing hands properly is the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading the illness to others, Glamfields touch-less automatic liquid soap dispenser helps you stay germ-free and comes with built-in accurate infrared motion & IR sensor detection technology that detects your hand within one pass.



The bothers of traditional dispenser.

  1. No touch-free, repeatedly press make your cleanup messy;
  2.  Multiple presses are required when the infusion tube has gas;
  3. Residual liquid in the liquid outlet will condense and block the liquid outlet in winter!
  4. Touch type will have the bacterial infection!
  5. Without liquid control, spurt out liquid would increase the burden of housekeeping!
  6. Press-type soap bottles seldom recycling, not in line with the concept of environmentalism!
  7. Unable to control the amount of liquid cause waste!
  8. Nowadays, everyone is using modern home furnishings, fashionable.

However Glamfields soap dispenser overturn all shortages:

1. Glamfields Touch-free Soap dispenser easy to install & fill the liquid, drip directly by wave hand under the dispenser.
2. Perfect compact areas & features a no-drip valve with water-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof design.

3. Touch-free to reduce germs and cross-contamination.
4. Strong anti-interference ability-effectively strengthen the ability of anti-interference from floodlight or sunlight,detect your hands accurately and speedy.
5. Upgraded motor-power system-updated motor gear settings make the motor turn more smoothly and more powerful. Lasts up to 4000 spins.

6. Convenient on-off button-only one gentle press of the power button can easily turn on/off the device.
7. Two level of dispensing volume-circular 2 levels volume adjustable, more convenient and easier to adjust the dispensing volume.
8. Delivery standardized dose of hand soap or sanitizer-immediate & controllable detection, hands off(gently) detection stops, needless to worry about waste if soap.


It is hailed by the Wiki as one of the top ten inventions that change the habits of modern family health. If you still looking for a household to improve your life quality, you should not miss Glamfields automatic soap dispenser, let it add style to your bathroom or kitchen. If you wanna to test this new gadget, you can also enter their Free Trial Center.


What if the kleenex stick on the wet clothes?

When it comes to washing clothes in the machine, the most troublesome is “wash clothes with paper towels together“. What should we do?
As well known, many people sometimes may forget to take out the kleenex from their pockets while washing their clothes. Accidentally, paper towels will be crushed and stained on clothes, in this situation, sanitary confetti destroyed a whole barrel of clothes.

Absolutely we don’t want to wash the kleenex clothes again, so let’s clean it now:

No.1: Sponge

It’s not easy to get rid of the confetti. At this moment, you can use a sponge and soak in the water, put flat the clothes, then start to wipe the confetti with a wet sponge, you will find that these small pieces of tissue can quickly wipe off.


No.2: Dry the clothes

You don’t need to worry to wash again, as long as naturally dry in the sun, shaking the clothes back and forth. Sometimes, this method is effective, the paper towels can be clean off. But most of the time, this method will not work on cotton-padded clothes.

No.3: Scotch Tape

Try to wrap the Scotch tape around the brush or your hand, and then stick the confetti off the clothes, which takes time but works well.


No.4: Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover

Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover, in fact, similar to double-sided glue, but it is a drum, so just scroll on the drying of clothes for a few times, wipe off all the confetti is okay.

Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover,



Why people Use Soap Dispenser?

More and more people using Soap Dispenser, the touchless soap dispenser is a device that sensed by the human body to induce automatic soap solution. The signal produced by a sensor with a lens and a pyroelectric tube is compared, then amplified by the electronic circuit, outputting a switch signal and driving a DC motor to drive the deceleration mechanism to rotate. The connecting rod of the deceleration mechanism pushes the piston and squeezes the soap liquid.

Why people Use Soap Dispenser?

However, there still a lot of people feeling is numb to the existence of the sink soap dispenser, they don’t think the sink soap dispenser comes with any effect. In fact, the invention of the sink soap dispenser has a certain significance and the value of existence. First of all, sink soap dispenser is a prerequisite for quality of life, furthermore, it fixed the liquid hand sanitizer on the sink to facilitate the fixation of hand sanitizer. Nowadays, soap dispenser is fully automatic and convenient, not just for people to develop a good habit of clean hygiene, it also the pursuit of noble and elegant life, absolutely an ideal choice.

Before installing the soap dispenser, it is necessary to understand that not all sinks can install the sink soap dispenser, only the sink with soap dispenser hole can be installed. Before installing the tank soap dispenser with the soap dispenser hole matching model, some model does match. While installation, only needs to be the sink soap dispenser in the soap liquid hole, in accordance with the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the stable. After finished it, check if the sink soap dispenser can be put into use normally or not.

The Merchant is always aware of public opinion. In order to reduce the soap dispenser installation procedure, we found those exquisite compact induction SOAP liquid device starts to appear in the market. People only need to hand sanitizer or other soap liquid into the appliance and install the soap dispenser at the bottom of the battery. Then we can use it very conveniently.

OPERNEE Soap Dispenser, Automatic Hands Free Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser, IR Infrared Motion Sensor Touchless Autosoap Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom

I used the Opernee soap dispenser for a couple weeks now and I love it! I can operate with one hand while holding a baby on another. It is very convenient and practical, especially when I have to wash one hand after changing the poopy diaper. I also like it for not creating a mess when the soap is about to run out. With the traditional bottle, you have to pump a few times when the soap runs low. Sometimes I pump it so hard that suddenly a large amount of soap spreads everywhere. With this dispenser, it senses your hand and dispenses the amount of soap according to your setting. No muss, no fuss.

The sensor in this soap dispenser is just right, not too sensitive and not dull. You need to put your hand directly below the dispenser for the sensor to work. So if you wave your hand in front of it, or have other motions, it would not accidentally dispense soap. The only drawback I can see so far is that I wish there are increment settings between two dispense amounts. The lowest setting does not dispense quite enough soap, and the next set is more than what I need. I am able to get by with the lowest setting most of the time. Although I would let it dispenses twice if my hands are greasy. It would be nice to have a smaller increment between settings. Also, you need to be aware that the setting appears to reset back to the default once you power off.


Why to Use the Wireless Charger?

Recently got a new phone that had Opernee wireless charging capabilities. I saw this charger with good reviews and an unbeatable price and bought it to charge my phone at work. It has worked great until recently. I would set it on the charging pad and my phone would charge, but now I have to put my phone in just the right spot for it to charge and even then it cuts in and out of charging. I’ll keep it for now since it still technically works.


Why use the Wireless charger?

One important concept of wireless charging is made mobile phone recharged itself during the fragmentation time.

When we use the phone, just pick it up directly, because of the electricity already enough. Let’s assume two scenarios:

Weekday: In the morning, the mobile phone is full (charged last night).

Morning (office): put the mobile phone on the table (under the desktop with a wireless charger) to recharge it, you start a day of work never worry there is without charging to carry on your next task.


Noon: Play game, watch soap opera.

Evening: Before going to bed, put the cell phone on the table and start charging, never worry the phone is overcharged that could lead damage. So the cycle, working days do not have to worry about the phone will no electricity, there is no need to charge while using the phone.


Non-working days: Take it easy if stop electric in the home, just go out. Wireless chargers are installed in various public places, such as coffee shops and so on.

Now you don’t have to worry about not having a place to recharge your phone. What’s more, it very slim and visually pleasing. I like the LED lights on the sides that rotate for 1 minute after charging has begun. It charges my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge very well and I like how the Opernee logo looks.


What can a Soap Dispenser do?

A friend gave me a Soap Dispenser as a Christmas gift last year. Decided to buy one more for another bathroom. This Glamfields dispenser is made of stainless steel, looks high quality. Sensor is working fine, just move your hand underneath the dispenser. Holds quite a lot soap – my entire 7.5oz Dial soap. The base is sturdy. It’s nice to have an on/off button so you can turn it off when refill / relocate it. Very considerate! There are 2 setting for liquid volume so it’s up to your choice. The one star less is, actually because of the liquid volume – even the larger one is still a bit less than the usual hand pump from Dial. Perhaps that’s only personal view. Plus the dispenser is slightly slower than my other one but acceptable. Overall it’s a good deal. Recommended for personal hygiene. In fact, it’s much easier and better for kids to wash their hands especially when coming back from outdoor.

soap-dispenser-Free your hand for hand wash or hand dish wash.   I feed my dogs raw, so I have to wash my hands often. I do not want to touch the top of my old pump soap dispenser due to germs. This is so convenient to just put my hands there and get the soap so I can wash without spreading bacteria or germs. I did find you could adjust the flow with the dial on top. This is very practical.

soap-dispenser-Free your hand for hand wash or hand dish wash.

This soap dispenser set comes with Built-in Accurate Infrared Motion & PIR sensor detection technology that detects your hand within one pass. To dispense soap automatically, place your hand in front of the sensor, which helps to prevent the spread of germs. No need to wave your hand multiple times.

I feed my dogs raw, so I have to wash my hands often. I do not want to touch the top of my old pump soap dispenser due to germs. This is so convenient to just put my hands there and get the soap so I can wash without spreading bacteria or germs. I did find you could adjust the flow with the dial on top. This is very practical.

Equipped with Japanese intelligent motion infra-red sensor, this touch-free, and easy-to-use dispenser is built to last with great water-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof technologies. So you don’t need to worry about it may get rusty when you put on the stove, or bathroom sink. You may say I like traditional bottles with press button. These soap dispensers are not useful to me. Obviously, you can be a little cooler. This advanced kitchen equipment not only frees up our hands but also intelligently controls the amount of usage. It is a good working partner for environmental protection purposes and reasonable use of water resources.

I feed my dogs raw, so I have to wash my hands often. I do not want to touch the top of my old pump soap dispenser due to germs. This is so convenient to just put my hands there and get the soap so I can wash without spreading bacteria or germs. I did find you could adjust the flow with the dial on top. This is very practical.

Update your mind, when we can afford lost of modern household equipment, we always want to live better. The Soap Dispenser compatible with all kinds of liquid hand soap or dish soap, and also works great with hand lotion or body lotion. Comes with a 9.56oz capacity re-fill tank. No need to refill frequently. How useful!

I think the best gifts I received last year is this gadget, green home life has always been my favorite lifestyle.

Top 3 Instagram Fashion Bloggers in 2018

Ever wished to be like her? The girl everyone looks at? You can! All you need to do is accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and blossom!

Most Beautiful fashion Curly Hairstyles 2018
Most Beautiful fashion Curly Hairstyles 2018

“So many beauty bloggers, which one should I follow?” Do not worry about, everyone should have chosen difficulties? Today Glamfields will come up with the top 10 bloggers on Instagram that deserve attention. Beauty, hair and nails, all you want will be here.



Pony is definitely the most influential beauty makeup artist in Korea. Really not need to introduce too much. Because too hot, you must have seen her beauty makeup video!

Top 10 Instagram Fashion Bloggers in 2018

Pony’s makeup no just beautiful but stylish, with the visual effects, she often teaches super practical, easy-to-handle makeup tutorial is also the biggest reason for fans love her! Master super high makeup method, she is not only a beauty blogger but also a professional makeup artist. Her own makeup brand is also enviable!

Makeup style Korean, Japanese, European and American Department all have, like what you choose ▼



If you think that Em Ford is just a blond, a common beauty blogger, it’s wrong!

Top 3 Instagram Fashion Bloggers in 2018

With a lot of fans, rely on the beauty on the line is that okay? Look at her contrast before and after the makeup, you will know how cool her bottom makeup!

Top 3 Instagram Fashion Bloggers in 2018

It was a face full of acne, but I can’t really see it at all after makeup. No flaws totally, absolutely is a natural and refreshing look. Don’t you heartbeat?


Top 3 Instagram Fashion Bloggers in 2018

Patrickstarrr is the most popular male beauty blogger on the ins. This attractive full score, who is trying hard to turn Po into an S-type, is really a sexy man! He is really a full of rough Boy before makeup, after the makeup field full of open air immediately, you may feel a male version of Kim Kardashian’s immediate sense.


His Make-up technology is first-rate. In the tutorial video, usually with the same style. To read his tutorial, you not just learn skills but get a laugh and unzip!

Surprise still unstop if you follow Glamfields Instagram.


Best deal in May|80% off get Solar Spotlight

Opernee Solar Light with a motion sensor is excellent. I’ve purchased and returned a few outdoor lights recently and finally stumbled across these. I received the lights about a week ago and took them out of the box just last night about two hours before total darkness. I set them up on the ground as landscape lighting just to see how they worked. These turned on at dusk and have a lower light setting that is actually quite bright, and then when motion is detected, they shine brighter for a bit. Well much to my surprise, I went outside at 5:30 and they were still on, and when I passed my hand in front of the lights they kicked into high gear as if the night was just starting! So I’d say it was a solid 10 hours of pitch black operation and they were still working at full power. Can’t speak to the longevity, but the out-of-the-box performance is awesome! It’s really easy to install on your wall.


How to use Solar Spotlight?

Just follow the instruction step by step, let the solar panel face the sun so the battery can charge automatically. After installation, you can adjust the light’s direction, turn the lights in the direction you want, then just wait the night come. After the sun goes down, the dark raise up, you can see the light up. The thing I like is the light has the sensor that can detective when people come closer, the light becomes brighter. The light bulbs are LED, so the effect very obviously, you can see very clear under the lights! After all, this LED solar lights just incredible and helpful to your home.


How does Opernee Solar Spotlight reach to achieve long-term lighting?

It comes with 6”x6” larger solar panel & bigger capacity offer longer working time. Using the best polysilicon solar panel(5V/3W), 4.5h fully charged for 4500mAh battery lighting up to 9-11h, quickly and absolutely absorb solar energy. Get all night security lighting without any expense.

If you worry about there would be thieves at night! No worry! This Solar Spotlight built-in PIR Motion Detection Sensor, can detect up to 20ft away, range 120 degrees, bright mode(600LM) turn on for the 60s after the motion detected, then turn to DIM mode. Beware of fakes! Please identify the OPERNEE solar light only sold by OPERNEE Direct! The double lamps on the two sides of the solar spotlights with 6 LED*50 Lumen in each one. No darkness dead corner with 60°solar panel and twin 350°rotatable spotlights. It can be independently flexibly rotated, and set lighting to any angle you want. How safe that suit for family, must be a great choice to set in your yard.

Solar Spotlight

Maybe now it is spring or summertime, so it is longer than other days. You don’t think it is a must-have household item, but once winter comes, the daytime length will become very short. At that time, you will find that with a solar lamp earlier should be a wise decision. After all, press the switch and install the outdoor yard wireless light on the wall by anchors and screws. And its waterproof and weather resistant for all kinds of severe weather, Perfect for garden yard lawn patio landscape security, not least for garage porch driveway pathway decking or any spot alike.

Luckily, I checked out last week, and Opernee is on the deal and we can get 80% off. Such an attractive discount! Follow their Facebook to get the code.