2019 Top 3 Feet Care Tips

The skin of the feet is dry and rough, and the effect is not only the appearance. The foot is a very complex musculoskeletal system that supports your entire body throughout your life. In addition to helping your feet to relieve knee, hip and back pain, wearing sandals will also look great. There are many ways you can improve dry and rough foot skin.

The skin of the feet is dry and rough, and the effect is not only the appearance. The foot is a very complex musculoskeletal system that supports your entire body throughout your life. In addition to helping your feet to relieve knee, hip and back pain, wearing sandals will also look great. There are many ways you can improve dry and rough foot skin.


Here are factors why your feet are dry, the skin of the soles becomes dry and rough:

Age: The aging process, such as aging and menopause, causes hormonal imbalance, which can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and oil and easily become dry.

Climate: The climate is dry, the skin moisture is reduced, and it is easy to become dry. In addition, turning on the air conditioner will also remove moisture from the air and reduce the natural moisture in the skin. Winter weather is also very harmful to the skin.

Skin condition: If you have atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, there will be dry, rough skin on the affected area.

Chlorine: Swimming or soaking in a swimming pool that has been sterilized with a large amount of chlorine will reduce the natural moisture in the skin.

Disease: The skin of the feet of diabetic patients is usually very dry and easily infected. Poor blood circulation, skin cells can not get enough water, it is easy to cause complications.

How to care for dry and rough feet?

Tips 1


Soak your feet. It is not good for the skin to soak in a swimming pool or a hot water bath that has been disinfected for a long time. However, just soaking your feet for 15 minutes is helpful for exfoliating or moisturizing. Once the skin heals, no longer dry and rough, you don’t need to soak your feet.

  • Soaking in hot water for too long will remove the skin’s natural oils, which will cause the outer layer of water to evaporate. These conditions will dry the skin, so don’t soak for too long.
  • Do not soak your feet more than 3 times a week, otherwise the skin condition will not improve, but it will become more and more drier.
  • You can mix your own feet with water:
  • Pour baking soda, water and a small amount of vinegar into a bucket of warm water.
  • Add a mild soap to a bucket of warm water. If you like, you can use scented soap.
  • Add about 100 grams of Epsom salt to a bathtub filled with warm water.
  • Pour 60 ml of white vinegar into a bucket of warm water and mix.
  • Add 60 ml of lemon juice to dissolve dead skin and dry skin.


Tips 2


Exfoliate. Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin for your skin care. After soaking the superficial skin, exfoliate with pumice, hard brush or loofah.

  • Pills are sold in the drugstores of pharmacies or large department stores.
  • You don’t need to buy a special hard brush. You can even use the brush sold in the Home Cleaning Products Division and don’t use it anywhere else.
  • Before exfoliating, you may want to soak your feet with warm water or take a warm bath.

Tips 3


Moisturizing. After removing the dead skin, it is time to add moisture to the skin. Immediately after bathing or soaking your feet, apply a non-alcoholic moisturizer to lock in moisture on your skin and keep your skin moist. Some moisturizers lock the moisture on the skin’s surface, while others penetrate the underlying skin. [5]

  • Eucalyptus, Sitafu and other thick moisturizers can lock the moisture in the skin. The same is true for other lanolin products. Olive oil has the same effect on the skin. Maybe you have olive oil in your kitchen. You don’t need to buy it. Just apply a little bit to the skin and massage to the skin.
  • Other moisturizers are absorbed into the skin and function on the underlying skin. Coconut oil has many benefits, including natural antibacterial and anti-fungal effects, which can moisturize the skin, promote healing of the cleft palate, and help prevent infection. [6][7]
  • Alcohol-containing products may not feel too greasy to feel, but will make the skin drier faster.
  • After applying a moisturizer, wear cotton socks. This is not easy to slip, you can also leave the moisturizer on the skin of your feet.


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How to get rid of rough and chapped hands?

There are fewer sebaceous glands in the skin of the hand, and the stratum corneum is developed. It is easy to lack water and dryness when exposed to the air for a long time. The water loss causes the skin to be rough. In the winter, these hand problems will become particularly obvious, so the skincare of the hands is as important as the face. And to do comprehensive and targeted care, how to maintain the skin of the hand?

There are fewer sebaceous glands in the skin of the hand, and the stratum corneum is developed. It is easy to lack water and dryness when exposed to the air for a long time. The water loss causes the skin to be rough. In the winter, these hand problems will become particularly obvious, so the skincare of the hands is as important as the face. And to do comprehensive and targeted care, how to maintain the skin of the hand?


Amazing remedies for rough and dry hands

1. Diligent cleaning and hand cream maintenance
Step 1: softening keratin
Sometimes thick horny dead skin makes the hands feel rough, so it is recommended that you have a hand scrub (every Monday to twice). If you don’t want to start a ready-made scrub, you can mix the young salt or sugar with honey to make your own mortar. Soak your hands in hot milk water or rice water for about five minutes, then use your honey scrub to gently rub your hands (especially around your nails) for about ten minutes, once to satisfy the three desires of exfoliation, whitening and moisturizing.

Step 2: Soothing with heat
Gently heat the wet towel in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, then gently wipe the mortar with a hot towel, wipe it clean, and then apply a hot towel with both hands for a few minutes.

Step 3: massage repair
After hot application, the residue is washed with warm water, and then massaged with olive oil and water, because it not only promotes blood circulation, but also reduces swelling of the hands. It contains vitamins A, D, and E. It can prevent the appearance of wrinkles and relieve symptoms of skin allergies.


Step 4: focus on radical cure
Apply Vaseline to the nails and to the tiger’s mouth (or in a particularly dry position) to help prevent barbs and focus on moisturizing the skin.

2. Scrub hand
If your hands are rough and dry, soak them in warm water, wash your hands with a fatty soap or a moisturizing lotion, then dry with a towel, gently massage with your hands on your fingers for 10 minutes, then apply care. Hand cream.

3. Hand skin needs acid protection
Every time you wash your hands and dry them, soak them in vinegar to form an acidic protective film on the surface of your hands. The protection of your opponent is very good.
4. Knocking method to promote blood circulation in the hand
Frequently tapping the keyboard, playing the piano, or tapping on the table with your fingers helps to promote blood circulation in your hands and helps to treat frostbite in the winter.
5. Tips to care for hand skin
Before going to bed at night, soak your hands in hot water for 20 minutes, then massage for 10 to 20 minutes to speed up blood circulation and promote sebaceous gland secretion. Put the hand cream or lotion into the microwave oven and heat it at low temperature. Apply to your hands and put on thin cotton gloves to sleep. In doing so, the next morning you will find that the skin will become soft and smooth, and once a week, the skin on the hands will be greatly improved.

6. DIY hacks care hand skin


Honey brown sugar hand mask

Material: 150 ml of honey, 15 grams of brown sugar. Method: Pour honey and brown sugar into a small bowl, stir evenly, wash with hot water, rub your hands to half dry, take a proper amount of honey brown sugar on the palm of your hand, and rub the left and right hands together, wash away after 15 minutes. Efficacy: Brown sugar contains a special ingredient “molasses”, which has a strong “detoxification” effect. It can remove excess melanin from the dermis layer and excrete it through the whole body’s lymphoid tissue, preventing melanin formation from the source, and honey can moisturize the skin. The two can be used as a hand mask to improve the complexion of the hands and make your hands white. It should be noted that sugar can not be used as a raw material instead of brown sugar, because the processing of white sugar can greatly reduce the nutrients.


Fresh milk banana moisturizing hand mask

Material: fresh milk 100 ml, banana half root, olive oil 10 ml, honey 10 ml. Practice: peel the banana and cut it into cubes, put it into a pure shape, mix it with milk, honey and olive oil, mix well, apply it on the hand, wrap the plastic wrap, and wash it with warm water after about 20 minutes. Efficacy: Helps soften the keratin, keeps the skin smooth and delicate, soothes the skin, strengthens the skin’s anti-oxidation, and at the same time moisturizes and whitens the skin of the hands, maintaining the skin’s bright effect. After the hand mask is finished, gently tap and massage the hands to activate the skin cells, promote metabolism, and make the skin better absorb the nutrients of the hand mask.


Vaseline Milk Hand Mask

Material: Vaseline Hand Cream, 30 ml of milk, compressed hand film. Practice: first squeeze the right amount of hand cream in the bowl, about 15 cm, pour fresh milk, stir evenly, immerse the compressed hand film paper into the milk liquid, wait for it to fully absorb and slowly expand, then take it out and apply it. On the hand, remove the handkerchief paper after about 20 minutes and wash it with warm water. Efficacy: Vaseline is a mineral wax that will not be absorbed by the skin. It can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, so that the moisture of the skin is not easy to evaporate, and it is extremely insoluble in water and can adhere to the skin for a long time. Good moisturizing effect, it is very suitable for dry skin. It can be used with milk to make your hands moisturize and whiten. It should be noted that Vaseline is too oily and only suitable for extremely dry skin or for use in extremely dry winters. It is not suitable for people with oily skin properties, which can clog pores and cause acne and hemorrhoids.


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How to rescue dry and chapped lips?

Chapped lips are a common problem in autumn and winter, often chapped lips, cracks and bleeding. This is mainly due to the dry weather in winter, large wind and sand, insufficient vitamin intake and irregular work schedule.

Chapped lips are a common problem in autumn and winter, often chapped lips, cracks and bleeding. This is mainly due to the dry weather in winter, large wind and sand, insufficient vitamin intake and irregular work schedule.



1. When peeling on the lips, don’t use your hands to tear them hard. Apply them with a hot towel for a minute or two. After the skin is completely softened, apply a lip balm again, and finally apply a moisturizing lip gloss.
2. After the meal, you must first wipe the oil on the lips with a paper towel, and then apply lip gloss or lipstick, which helps to protect the skin of the lips.
3. Frequently rubbing your lips, biting your lips, or smoking, will make your lips become more and more dry and even peeling. It will make lip gloss or lip glaze difficult to spread and fade easily.
4. If the lip lines are densely covered, it is recommended to use a gel-like lip balm with moisturizing effect, which not only locks the moisture in the skin, but also intensively hydrates and reduces pigmentation.

5. If the fine lines on the lips have spread beyond the lip line, it is best not to apply the lipstick often, because the paste easily penetrates into these fine lines, making the lip makeup look less clean.
6. Try to buy quality lip makeup products. Because cheap lipsticks basically contain excessive amounts of wax, it not only does not moisturize the lips, it also affects normal metabolism.
7. Before applying lipstick, it is best to apply a layer of lip balm first, which can deeply moisturize the lips, and also prevent the pigment in the lipstick from penetrating into the lip lines, and at the same time make the color of the lipstick more vivid.
8. Use a special lip makeup remover with no alcohol and mild ingredients to avoid excessive cleansing power and remove lip oil, causing lip irritation.


The skin of the lips is sensitive, so when choosing a makeup remover, try to choose a milder one. Gently press on the lips with a clean cotton dampening the lip balm for 5 seconds, then divide the lips into 4 zones and gently wipe from the lip corners.

Lip-specific exfoliating products generally contain a cool mint formula that smoothes and moisturizes the lips while also providing a repairing and calming effect, once a week.



Why not use your thumb and forefinger to gently massage your lips while sitting at home watching TV? The method is: use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the upper lip, the index finger does not move, the thumb is gently pressed; then use your index finger and thumb to pinch the lower lip, the thumb does not move, gently move the index finger to massage the lower lip. Then, massage the upper and lower lips rhythmically in the opposite direction in the above manner, and repeat it several times, which can reduce the lateral wrinkles of the lips. If you have longitudinal wrinkles in your mouth, use both hands to honing from the center of the lips to the sides of the lips, which will make the skin feel elongated. The upper lip and the lower lip can be repeated several times.


Lipstick & Lip balm

Remember to use a moisturizing lip balm that does not contain flavors and pigments, contains natural yeast extracts and has hydration. Before going out to apply lipstick, first use lip balm to strengthen the protection of the lips and mucous membranes. Some lipsticks can also protect from the sun. After bathing at bedtime, the blood circulation in the lips is very good, so the lip balm effect is the best at this time. 5. Upper lip membrane
The lip membrane will give the lips a more considerate care. You can use a serum and a gentle nutrient cream to mix in a ratio of 1:1 and apply it carefully around the lips and lips. But now in the mall and cosmetics counters, you can buy a lip film. It is convenient and very good.


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Why is your hair getting worse after 23 years old?

Why your hair super straight and healthy from the top but frizzy and dry from the length? Newborn baby’s skin always smooth and tender, and new growth hair should soft and shiny.

Why does the hair become dry and rancid, and the hair is getting worse?

Dry hair is caused by lack of nutrition in the hair, especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are more intense, causing serious damage to the hair. It is easy to produce oil. If you wash hair every day, hair will lose moisture, and it does not doubt that will become dry. The hair dryer would deepen the damage to the hair, resulting in the hair getting worse and worse, losing the original luster and becoming dry and rancid. 


In addition, staying up late usually, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, secreting too much junk material, resulting in hair without nutrition, will make the hair very dry and easy to hair loss, less night to the hair is good. If you have a perm in the near future, it will cause some damage to the hair, the hair will become fragile and lackluster. After perming, you must use hair care oil that has a repairing effect on the hair.

How to care your hair? 

One thing that must be recognized before hair care is that hair care depends on internal adjustment, followed by external support, and finally external care. Even if you use the appropriate care products, yet other does not do enough, even the better hair care product is just a cure for the symptoms, once the hair adapts to the cycle, the care products may not play a role. But this does not mean that the care products are not important, come with me and I will detail you more about hair care.


What is the internal adjustment?

Most people never know their hair state reflects the condition of the body, the internal organs are not adjusted. Seldom people know the health of the hair depends on the kidney, if you have good kidneys, you will have better hair. The main method of internal adjustment is tonic. Girls need to realize that the essence of hair is mainly protein, amino acids, and Vitamin B. No matter how you reduce your meal for losing weight, the rice must be guaranteed, because the rice contains the amino acids and Vitamin B are necessarily needed to the hair growth, and then the protein. It is suggested to eat one egg a day, for their protein nutrition supplement.

Of course, you can be added from other foods. As well known that the most important food supplement was black sesame black bean and black rice flour. This is a coarse grain that is easy to digest for lose weight and will never gain weight. It is recommended to go twice a day, morning and evening.


Some people reacted to black sesame seeds. just try to learn about whether black sesame seeds are cooked or fried before purchase. In addition, you can add honey or milk to the paste. Of course, it can be mixed with other coix seed red beans, etc. You need to pay attention to the amount of black sesame. This food supplement must be adhered to, insist on the healthy meal to see the change of hair!

Hair wash cycle and shampoo frequency

The first step in raising hair is to keep your hair wash frequency in place! Hair clean cycle is longer than the cycle time of the face cleaning, so you must pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair to maintain your hair. Wash it once every 3 or 4 days in the summer, and twice a week, using the hair mask every time will be better. Too often will break the balance of water and oil! Unless you have a super good foundation and the hair is super oily, it will be washed every day!


Some people with oily hair that can’t stand without washing one day! In fact, they don’t know their hair would more and more oily if daily hair wash. So if you really want to improve your hair quality, first change from the frequency of washing your hair, try to insist on it, wash it once every three days. After one month, you will find the hair may itch after three days. Only keep a good habit, then you can talk about hair care!


If you are lazy, what are the easiest ways to avoid hair damage?

Hair burrs due to your less care to maintain your hair. If you don’t have too much time to care for your hair, here are some reasons why you can avoid hair from getting rid of frizzy and dry. As long as you pay more attention, avoid it properly and your hair will not be excessively damaged.

1. Inferior shampoo, some people’s hair lack of wetness. Dry, if you comb with your hand, you will find it is not smooth.


2. Frequency Hot dyeing, many girls love to toss their hair, and finally, it is difficult to recover from hair damage. I am an example!

3. Excessive use of hair dryers or electric styling tools, I usually do not shape, but every time I wash my hair, I will blow my hair with a hairdryer, make sure the temperature should not be too high, or it will damage hair.

4. Excessive exposure to sunlight or strong winds can result in severe water loss.

5. The chlorine content contained in the swimming pool or hot spring bath or bathing water source causes the hair to be damaged by the chemical attack.


If you really like do your hair, enjoy different hairstyle, I would suggest you a hair tool Glamfields iron hair straightening brush, I use it in my daily life, I’ve been using this brush for about a year and I love it. If you want your hair to be super straight a flat iron is probably a better option. I have naturally wavy fine hair and I prefer this over a flat iron. The flat iron takes away all the volume and body from my hair. I keep some of my wave but it does a great job of smoothing out the frizz.


I use the lowest heat setting to minimize the damage. It doesn’t snag or pull on my hair so there’s less hair left in the brush. It made my hair smooth and shiny. Easy to use and quick to achieve a straight and smooth look.

How to well-treat our EYES?

The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and there are many wrinkles, so the skin around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the skin around the eyes are less distributed, especially dry and dehydrated. These factors determine where the eye is most prone to aging and cause problems. Generally, since the age of 25, the skin around the eyes begins to go downhill, and there are problems such as dark circles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, granulation, and edema. Therefore, prevention and care are very important.

The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and there are many wrinkles, so the skin around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the skin around the eyes are less distributed, especially dry and dehydrated. These factors determine where the eye is most prone to aging and cause problems. Generally, since the age of 25, the skin around the eyes begins to go downhill, and there are problems such as dark circles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, granulation, and edema. Therefore, prevention and care are very important.

Nursing products

Mainly divided into three major categories of eye cream, eye gel, eye mask. Eye care products are mainly used to achieve eye moisturizing, eye wrinkle resistance, fine lines, dry lines, eye lifting, firming, edema, dark circles and other effects!


Internal Care

Eye care is divided into internal maintenance, external maintenance and special care:


(1) Sufficient sleep, avoid staying up late.

(2) Drink plenty of water at ordinary times and avoid drinking plenty of water before going to bed.

(3) Maintain optimism and timely treatment of diseases, especially endocrine disorders.

(4) Avoid direct sunlight.

(5) Do not develop bad habits of sputum, sputum, squeezing, and rubbing your eyes.

External Care

Eye mask usage

1)Eye also uses  eyes mask


To solve annoying eye contours, eye bags, dark circles and other issues, in addition to choosing the right eye cream, one or two eye masks should be used every week. The hydrogel eye mask helps moisturize dry and dehydrated eye skin, reduces dry lines at the end of the eye, and improves nutrient supply and blood circulation in the eye area.

Just place the eye mask at the position of the eyelids or at the end of the eye (depending on the design of the eye mask), then gently press it with your finger for a few seconds. Some eye masks that contain a lot of lotion or need to be used together with moisture have better moisturizing effect. You can also apply a cream or creamy eye mask around the eyes to accelerate the blood circulation with the massage action. It can help reduce the dark circles while moisturizing the skin and improving the dry lines.

2) The best time to use eye mask


One week after the physiological period, the body’s estrogen secretion is strong, the metabolism increases, and the absorption capacity becomes better. At this time, the application is most effective.

When you take a bath, you can speed up the circulation while applying bubbles.

After exercise, metabolism increases and can accelerate absorption.

3) The three major emergency effects of the eye mask


Immediately soothing: Most of the sedating eye masks are flake jelly or gel-like. Even if it is noticed, its touch is still cool and soft. It instantly gives a feeling of relaxation and soothing from the senses to the psychological, especially suitable for summer eye fatigue.

Rapid hydration: The skin around the eyes with water loss is prone to fine lines, and the collagen-rich moisturizing eye mask instantly replenishes the moisture of the eye area. Use in a dry environment, use 1-2 times a week to replenish moisture in the eyes.

Strengthen nutrition: Nutritional eye mask contains essential oils such as essential oils, ginseng and chamomile. It can quickly replenish nutrients and repair damaged cells, and promote blood circulation, dilute dark circles, and can be used when staying up late or eye fatigue. “Panda eyes”.

4 ) smart way to use the eye mask


—Use eye mask after thorough cleaning, and the maintenance ingredients are more easily absorbed.

—Put the eye mask into the refrigerator, and double the cold feeling will make it more comfortable.

—Do not waste the remaining essence of the eye mask after use. Apply it to the raised head or the part that also needs special care.

—The golden time of the film: apply before bedtime, can be better absorbed; after exercise, the metabolism is accelerated when the metabolism is strong; one week after the physiological period, it is a period of strong estrogen secretion in the body, and the effect of applying the eye mask will be good!

—Most eye masks contain high-energy nutrients and are not recommended for daily use.

—When applying the eye mask, it is best to remove it after seven or eight minutes, so as not to take away the moisture of the skin around the eyes.


Eye pattern removal

1)The right medicine


To make your eyes smooth and new, you must first distinguish which eye lines you belong to and treat them symptomatically.

— Dry lines: Usually the corners of the eyes are dry, and there is no grain in the corners of the eyes when no expression is made. To deal with dry lines, be sure to use an eye cream with hydrating function.

— Wrinkles: Wrinkles are deeper than dry lines, so you need to use moisturizing eye creams, such as vitamin E, UV-containing filters, and eye creams that prevent skin aging.

—Expression lines: expression lines, not only in the corners of the eyes, as long as the expression, there will be many places on the face. For the treatment of facial expressions, it is necessary to use an eye cream containing anti-wrinkle ingredients, firming the skin, and containing collagen. Can a beauty pen wrinkle?

Long holidays let the eyes also take a holiday. Wear contact lenses to prevent eye stones.

Eye wrinkle pen is a popular product nowadays. Its principle is to simulate the human life magnetic field, accelerate the secretion of coenzyme Q10 in the skin, promote the skin itself to continuously synthesize collagen protein, and promote the reactivation of skin cells that have been depleted of energy. It is full and resilient.

2) Two minutes wrinkle massage


Eliminate wrinkles under the eyes (1 minute): Apply eye cream to the eye area, then press the index finger of both hands on both sides of the eyes and pull firmly toward the temple until the eyes feel tight. Close your eyes 6 times, then let go and repeat 4 times.

Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes (1 minute): The index and middle fingers are pressed on both sides of the eyes, slowly pushing the skin on the side of the eye while closing the eyes. When the eyelids hang down, the fingers slowly pull toward the ears, counting from 1 to 5, then let go. Repeat 6 times.

Avoid makeup remover damage: Many eye injuries, including the causes of aging, come from bad makeup removal habits.

3) The correct way to remove makeup


—Clean mascara: Use a cotton pad to remove eyelashes and hold the eyelashes. After the mascara is dissolved, wipe the cotton pad forward to remove the mascara. Do not rub too much makeup remover to avoid seeping into your eyes. You can also use a cotton stick to remove makeup and remove it at a vertical angle to the eyelashes. Be careful not to touch your eyes.

—Clear eye shadow: Keep your eyes dry, apply cotton pad and eye make-up remover, wipe your eyeshadow from the eye socket near the nose to the end of the eye, and repeat until clean.

—Eye Makeup Remover is a stimulating effect on the delicate skin of the eyes after removing makeup. It is best to apply the eye mask for a while after removing makeup to better nourish and repair the skin around the eyes.

4) Eye cream separate use sooner or later


Eye problems in women over the age of 25 are often multiple. At this time, you need to use different eye creams in the morning and evening. For example, use a refreshing eye cream with high moisture and sunscreen in the morning to make your skin moisturize. Now, radiant photos; while using high-nutrition, repair-type eye cream at night, can well replenish the skin’s moisture and nutrient loss, so that the next day you look good.


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How to get rid of frizzy within a week

Quickly save dry hair, is it hard to get smooth hair? Do you know how to get rid of frizzy hair within a week? I wrote this because I was praised by my friends and said that my hair is like silk recently! Come with me, I will show you how I get my hair shiny, silky and straight!


I was lazy and not too care my hair in the past months, which cause my hair lack of quality, I decide to return to the battlefield and save my hair back! Concentrated and quickly saved, the effect is still very obvious! How does it work? Go ahead to read.

Swisse anti-hair removal hair capsule

As we all know skin care should pay attention to the inside not just the interface. Actually, hair care as the same. Only when the inner nutrition is in place, the hair quality will be good, and it will grow the healthy and shiny hair.


Swisse anti-hair removal hair capsule combines the good nutrients for the hair. Eats two pieces every day when we have meals. After a period of time, you will find that the hair loss less obviously, and the hair will not be broken when combing, the whole to be stronger, tough and bright. It is said that as long as the hair follicles are not necrotic, there is a hair growth effect.

Milbon Deesee’s deep nourishing hair mask

The repair effect is a bit powerful! For me, I generally use intensive repair care. Apply the hair on the hair for a while, avoid to touch the scalp and hair roots. Wrap it in a hot towel and wash it off after 5 minutes. The main effect of this hair mask is mainly smooth, save your hair away from dry and knotted.


Christophe Robin thorn pear seed oil soft repair hair mask

I used to share it in a nursing note. It is especially suitable for dry and damaged hair.

Although it is called hair mask, I usually use it as a hair conditioner, no matter which shampoo, put this hair mask on your hair after clean your hair with warm water, apply for 3-5 minutes to wash off, immediately supple. Moreover, it does not contain silicon, you will find it is not fake smooth, and the hair roots do not collapse. It is the kind of healthy and fluffy suppleness.


Alterna bamboo series Mane spray

First aid artifact, well know among me and my friends who used to test it. Before going out, you can spray two times, and the small broken hairs are all smoothed at one time. It is best to spray about 20 cm from the hair, so that the essence of the spray will be evenly distributed.


Glamfields hair straightening brush

Recently, Glamfields iron hair straightening brush with the effect of coming out with the hair dryer is like the hand of Tony! With it, there will be no fried stars in the world!

I usually use it when the hair is blown for 7/8 minutes, hold a part of the hair, and then comb your hair from the root to the end. Its design and bristles are awesome, it will blow straight and clean, and it can hold a lot of hair every time, no time-consuming.

To make your hair more textured and shiny, you should use the hair dryer correctly. Use an absorbent towel to absorb the drip from the hair

When the hair is no longer dripping, lift the hair dryer

✔️ hand raised his head and dried his hair vertically
✔️ Just let the air cylinder keep moving when it is blown dry
✔️ and pay attention to keep the distance from the hair above 10 cm, so the winding tube will not hurt the hair.
✔️ Let it dry naturally when hair was dried a half.
Every time you blow your hair, it is best to let the hair dryer 20-30cm away from the hair, so that the hair dryer and the hair can maintain this safe distance, it will decrease damage to hair.


How to select a right Hairdryer?

✔️ Must have a constant temperature function, 122F.
✔️Make sure it comes with negative ions or nano-water ions, which effectively prevent the damage of hair scales.
✔️ Bigger power supply
Of course, if conditions permit, natural drying is definitely the best~

If you have oily hair, try to reduce the intake of meat. Eat more cereal, black beans and black sesame seeds are very good, you can also eat with soy milk. Soy milk is very good for girls, especially who are pregnant.

black sesame

If you have less hair, eat red dates, it will help you improve blood, and help your hair grow better. Try to go to bed early, get up early, sleep well and normal work is the basis of your skin condition and physical condition. You will find everything has a greatly improved, wish you all have a soft and shiny hair and a back killer.


Is using hair conditioner every day a safe practice?

Is using hair conditioner every day a safe practice? Hair conditioners don’t need to be used every day. Hair conditioners are generally used after shampooing, which can increase the smoothness and luster of the hair. Yet it is not appropriate to wash your hair every day. Washing your hair every day will make your scalp oil lose, and the right amount of scalp oil is equivalent. A natural protective layer that protects hair from the outside world. If you need to wash your hair every day for special reasons, it is recommended to use the conditioner once every other day. Under normal circumstances, not exceed four times a week.


What if the conditioner is not clean?
Consequence 1. Blocking hair follicles

Nursing hair is now a concern of many people. Some people mistakenly believe that leaving hair conditioner on the hair may protect the hair. In fact, after the chemical substances in the residual conditioner are in contact with the air, it is easy to mix dust and adhere to the scalp, block the hair follicles or cause dandruff and cause inflammation.


Consequence 2. hair discoloration

If hair conditioner is left on the hair after washing the hair, it may cause discoloration of the hair under the sunlight. It is recommended to rinse with warm water after applying conditioner.

Consequence 3. split ends

Hair conditioner can only replenish hair in a certain period of time. Once it exceeds the effective time, it can not nourish hair, and it is easy to knot your hair, causing bifurcation and dryness.


Consequence 4. Affecting the appearance

If the conditioner is not cleaned, it will affect the health and visual effects of the hair over time. For those who are used to using conditioners, if the long-term washing is not clean, the residual hair care products are easy to mix dust and stick to the hair, and it is easy for people with soft hair to appear flattered, giving a kind of hair. The feeling of less hair and no fluffiness.

Is it good for hair with conditioner?

Only by using conditioner regularly can the hair’s protective film be permanently formed to protect the hair from harm. The surface of a healthy hair consists of a complete set of hair scales and naturally secreted oil to form a protective film for the hair. Excessive washing, hot dyeing, and sun exposure will destroy this layer of natural protective film, causing loss of moisture in the cortex, causing hair to dry up and losing, elastic and soft.


How to use conditioner correctly? The main ingredients of conditioner and its efficacy.

Hair conditioners are mainly composed of surfactants, co-surfactants, cationic conditioning agents, fat liquors, oils, chelating agents, preservatives, colors, flavors, and other active ingredients. Among them, the surfactant mainly acts as emulsification, antistatic and antibacterial, and the auxiliary surfactant can assist the emulsification. Cationic conditioning agent can soften, antistatic, moisturize and regulate the hair. Fatliquor such as lanolin and olive oil Silicone oil, etc will improve the nutritional status of hair in hair conditioner and make the head bright and easy to comb. Other active ingredients to dandruff, moisturizing, sunscreen, vitamins, hydrolyzed protein, plant extracts, they impart various functions to hair conditioner. Commonly on the market has sold dandruff conditioners, aloe vera or ginseng-containing conditioners, and the like.


Washing your hair with a conditioner is equal to whitewashing.

It can be seen that the hair conditioner does not contain ingredients for cleansing hair. We often use conditioner after using up shampoo, so that the tangled hair is obedient and easy to comb. If you use hair conditioner to wash your hair directly, you will first give a feeling that it is still not refreshing and clean after washing, and the hair will soon become greasy and stick to the scalp, make your hair feel guilt. This absolutely equivalent to whitewashing hair.


If you put conditioner on the scalp accidentally and do not rinse it thoroughly, will it cause hair loss?

According to experts said, it will not cause hair loss generally. Hair loss is mainly caused by hormone levels, with hair hole blockage caused by hair loss, do not dare to say no, but at most only 0.0001 cents. However, for sensitive scalp, if the conditioner on the scalp is not thoroughly rinsed, it will cause itching within 30 minutes after washing.