How many face shapes do you know? And what is yours?

Everyone will find that their different hairstyles have different visual effects, and the visual effects of wearing different collars are different. These different effects are of course because each person has a different face shape, and through the face type we can find the style that best suits your hair, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, … clothes. So now I’m going to talk about my face~

Some friends will ask why do you want to distinguish your face?

Everyone will find that their different hairstyles have different visual effects, and the visual effects of wearing different collars are different. These different effects are of course because each person has a different face shape, and through the face type we can find the style that best suits your hair, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, … clothes. So now I’m going to talk about my face~

We divided the common faces into 7 categories, but how can we determine which category we belong to?


1.Square face

Square faces may contain rectangular faces and square faces.

a. Chin has a sense of angle

b. Your cheekbones are almost the same width as your forehead and chin.

The square face can be roughly divided into a square face and a rectangular face. Although the length and width may vary, there is a square chin on both sides. If your chin has not only a square corner but a thicker face, you may want to consider a triangular face.

Visual sense: very modern, giving a strong impression, some not soft enough.

Styling points: soft and visually reduce the lower half of the face

Square face.jpg


2. Round Face

The shape of a round face is similar to an ellipse but slightly shorter, usually with a rounded chin, also known as a baby face. Most friends with a round face usually looks younger than the actual age. The disadvantage is that no matter which angle it looks childish and immature, it is difficult to create a sense of trust.

The characteristics of the round face:

a. Round face is about the same length and width, almost a 2, 4 line treaty, etc.

b. The face shape of a round face is a gradually curved line instead of a hard corner.

c. Round face chin fullness

It should be noted here that it is possible that your chin will be a prominent pointed chin, but if you smile, it is still smooth, then you are also a round face.

Visual sense: lively, lovely, healthy, easy to be close, but easy to show naive, lack of trust and professionalism.

Modeling point: If your overall visual effect is full and wide, then you still have to refer to the triangle face.

Round face.jpg


The triangular face is also called the pear-shaped face. This face is narrower on the forehead. The widest part of the face is the lower jaw. It presents a small triangle with a large upper and lower face. The triangular face and the round face are similar to the most youthful face, but the disadvantages. It is obvious that the face is wider.

Features of the triangular face:

a. Narrow forehead, wide jaw and fleshy

b. Presents a small visual sense and a stable feeling

Visual sense: friendly and gentle, but lacks femininity.

Modeling point: Try to visually reduce and soften the lower half of the face to maintain a true balance of the face.

Triangle face

4.Oblong Face

Oblong face, it is possible that the entire face looks elliptical, triangular, square, but the main attribute is visually long. This face type of friend generally has a face width smaller than two-thirds of the face length. This face looks easy. Obviously arrogant.

Oblong face features:

a. Whole face is long and narrow

b. You may have a long chin / forehead

Visual sense: easy to show, giving the impression of old-fashioned, arrogant.

Visual point: mainly the vertical length of your face that is visually shortened.


5.Oval Face

The face length of the elliptical face is about 1.5 times the face width. The oval face is also known as the goose egg face. It is called the ideal face shape in the traditional aesthetic vision, or many fashion people are pursuing the face shape.

The characteristics of the elliptical face:

a. Forehead and tibia are basically the same width, slightly wider than the lower jaw,

b. Face width is about two-thirds of the face length

c. Chin is a slight circle, not too big or too small

Visual sense: beautiful and elegant, dignified and elegant, but a lack of sexy. (Mark: If your chin is not very long, then consider the rule of a round face)


6.Diamond Face

The diamond-shaped face is similar to the heart-shaped face, with a pretty pointed chin, and the face of the diamond-shaped face is well-defined, because your forehead has a narrow top and a narrower chin, and the narrow chin and the slightly sharp shin are your characteristics.

Diamond face features:

a. Temple depression, the humerus arch is prominent;

b. The forehead is narrow, the tip chin c is the shin bone.

Visual sensation: It has the advantages of three-dimensionality and making the face rich, but it will leave a bad impression of indifference, nervousness and momentum.

Modeling point: Visually expand your forehead/hairline and chin.

Diamond Face.jpg

7.Heart Face

The heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangle face. This is also the face that many people chase now, similar to the diamond face.

Heart-shaped face features:

a. Sharp chin, of course, may not be very sharp is a small round chin

b. Wider forehead or the entire upper part of the face, from the hairline to the tibia

Visual sense: sharp, charming, soft and feminine, but also easy to appear mean.

Modeling point: The heart-shaped face is different depending on the width of the face, so there is a difference in the method to be used: widening or modifying,

If you are a heart-shaped face with a short vertical length, you also need to refer to the law of a round-faced girl. If your face is very long, then the main reference is for long-faced girls.

Heart face.jpg

What is the Best Hair Straightener Brush in 2019?

I’ve been trying tons and tons of hair “reconstructing” and “strengthening” products for a long time but could never find one to make my crazy hair smooth and soft. I’ve tried everything from masks to sprays to soaks in order to make my hair get well from the last time two damage.

I will not forget the worst hair straightening experience that I used to suffer when my first time to do my hair. Later, I bought one hair straighter to touch up my flat ironed hair in the mornings. It left my hair worse looking than before I used it. Doesn’t smooth the ends at all, made them look like a frizzy fried mess. Smelled burnt and powers off on its own at random times. Just an FYI for the mixed race ladies out there, I am half white and the rest black and Spanish… I have curly thick hair, not too coarse but takes time and a good amount of heat to straighten. This puts out a lot of heat but doesn’t distribute evenly and doesn’t grip the hair the way the hot brush iron I just bought does.


Anyway, not a lot of reviews from ladies with ethnic backgrounds here… If your hair is naturally thick, curly, and/or prone to frizz. I have returned it for these reasons plus the fact that it shuts itself off and not as a function of the auto power off feature. These two times hair straightening keep me away from the hair beauty tools for several months until I try to search some gift for my cousin sister for the becoming Christmas. However, everything should be tested before send it as a gift.


Will it be the best Hair Straightening Brush in 2019? I have no idea, come with me to view these new models of Glamfields.


Iron Hair straighter,  the Curved Design make it a bit different from most of the normal hair straighteners sold on the market. I just laugh at it like a banana-like design at the beginning until I used it to straighten my hair, precisely because this full curvature made me able to grasp the angle better during the process of pulling the hair. For the head of the straight hair clip is specially designed with anti-scalding material. It can be held without being burned when straightening and lifting, which can straighten the hair a bit better.


I think many people will complain that like me, overheating will damage hair. However, this simple gadget comes with ion function, which can transfer negative ions to nourish hair while straightening our hair. Either its weight nor its size will not bother you even you take it to travel.


Well, when I first time to see this little brush, I used to think it is for litter girl, even I don’t believe it can work on human hair. Very small body make you feel like a kids’ toy. However,  you can’t take a part for the whole. Many people pay great attention to their “appearance” when choosing hairdressing tools. They like to buy products with good hand feeling and good color, but they often ignore its existence value. There is something exactly describe this pink hair straightening brush. It only comes with one heating setting, turns it on and after heating up to the temperature of straightening, then works. Very good handy, the moderately sized comb is suitable for all kinds of hair, and there is a protection around the anti-scald comb, so there is no possibility of burns.


Wow, excited with these two new models, happy to test them before buying as a gift, so that I can add to my cart without hesitation, I have very wavy hair and it is not the forest time for me to straightening hair, so I don’t mind straightening my hair. It takes me a lot less time than using a flat iron or hair dryer. My hair comes out silky, smooth and straight. Absolutely an awesome gift for this Christmas, happy to review them.

Is it true that you do not need to wash your hair?

Why do you think it is good to not wash your hair? Do you worry that shampooing every day causes hair loss to make hair less and less? However, wash hair does not cause the hair to fall more. In general, the total number of people’s hair exceeds 100,000. Normal people will drop about 50 to 100 hairs per day. At the same time, there will be a corresponding amount of new hair supplements to keep the total amount of hair unchanged.


Absolutely impossible not to wash your hair. The hair still needs to be washed. Yet, can it be washed every day? Not really, washing your hair every day will not let your hair fall more, nor will it make dandruff more, but it will harmful to the hair. However, if we do not wash our hair for a long time, the oil and other impurities secreted by the sebaceous glands will block the hair follicles, then affect the normal hair growth of the hair follicles, then lead to hair loss.


How often is it necessary to wash your hair?

Actually, people can base on their hair quality and the season and activity space to decide the times to wash their hair per week.

Oily hair, If your hair excreted sebum vigorously in the summer or you’re oily hair, you will find the hair is greasy and thick, and it is easy to knot and not shiny. Then it will be better to wash your hair once a day to ensure the hair clean and healthy.


Neutral or dry hair, Adjust the frequency of cleansing hair once every 2 days or once every 3 days. If you are an outdoors lover, your hair is easily stimulated by strong ultraviolet rays and dust in the air. It is also advisable to wash your hair every day in order to avoid damage to the hair.

Hair loss patients, Unless it is a very oily person, it is recommended to reduce the number of hair washing for two reasons. One is that the hair loss itself is in the period of retreat and the number of hair in the rest period is too large, too often hair wash may make them fall faster. The psychological pressure, this kind of hair loss patient may be relatively fragile. Patients with seborrheic alopecia can wash their heads once every 1-2 days. Patients with normal hair loss can also wash their heads in 2-3 days.


To wash your hair in winter should be reduced by 1-2 times compared to summer. If you wash your hair every day, you could reduce the amount of shampoo or use shampoo once every other day, in case damage to your hair.

Prevention” What should I pay attention to before and after shampooing?

In addition to the amount of shampooing, how to wash your hairs also very important. Some people who wash their hair that not hurt their hair every day. Yet those who will not wash their hair scientifically. Even seldom wash hair, one hair washes will still damage it. Here are some tips on shampooing you need to know:


1. Do not use irritating shampoo. This suggestion varies from person to person. If you feel itchy, sloppy, dry, and not clean, indicating after washing your head, that this shampoo is too alkaline. so it will be better to change something softer.

2. Do not pour shampoo directly onto the scalp. The normal practice is to pour shampoo into the palm of your hand and then wash your hair with plenty of foam. This method will wash your hair more fully and reduce shampoo residue.


3. Do not use excessive amounts of shampoo. The problem of shampoo residue needs to be paid enough attention. If you use a lot of shampoo every day, you may leave some shampoo on the scalp. Over time, it is bad to your hair.


4. Don’t sleep if your hair still wet. The scales are open when the hair was wet. At this time, the hair is very fragile and not resistant to friction. If the hair is combed and sleeping at this time, hair loss will obviously increase.

5. Do not use your nails when you wash your hair. The correct way is to gently push the scalp with your fingertips. Because there are many bacteria in the nail, once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection.


6. Do not wash hair while sick, or in menstruation. During this period, the human body generally has poor resistance. Although the shampoo itself does not cause illness, the water on the scalp absorbs a lot of heat when it evaporates. If it is not handled properly, it is easy to have headaches and colds.

Those Secret of Women’s Shopping Cart

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

With the development of the times, the trend of online shopping has gradually developed into an indispensable part, and the coverage is becoming wider and wider.

The reasons for this are as follows: First, the changes in the times have accelerated the development of the economy and made life services more convenient. Second, the pace of life is going fast and the psychological pressure feels higher. When the psychological state of tension and desire dissatisfaction reaches saturation level, the driving force behind the dissatisfaction is to shift to all aspects, to find a “venting point”, and the desire to buy will happen.


Especially women, you can find a lot of interesting things in their shopping carts. Let’s explore the shopping carts of female. Talking about female shopping cart is very excited and happy. If you want to know a woman’s shopping cart, or are annoying to choose what gift to her, then this article will help you.

Young Women
Beauty and personal care Series

Skincare (Essential Oil, Face Mask, Face Cream & Lotion, Eye Mask, Skin Care Serum, Body Lotion, Other Skin Care Products, Lip Balm)


Makeup  (Lip Make-up, Eye Makeup, Powder, Nail Polish, Makeup Remover, Makeup Sets, Concealer, Body Glitter)


Hair  ( Hair Straightener, Comb, Hair Dryer, Other Hair Salon Equipment, Hair Extension Tools, Hair Trimmer, Hairdressing Cape, Hair Roller)


Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories 

(Necklaces, Pendants & Charms, Rings, Earrings, Watches, Belts)
(Handbags, Backpacks, Wallets & Holders)
(Slippers, Boots, Sandals, Sports Shoes)


Middle-aged Woman
Kitchen supplies & Household items


Above mentioned is only a part. As a beautiful woman, have to buy any gadget, and one of the biggest reasons in cart but not buy is: Money. Because most women are pursuing brand and quality, and the price is affordable, there are not many choices, so they will add a few in shopping carts and wait for final choice. At the same time, due to women love beauty, they are very willing to invest in themselves, whether external or internal.

It is really not easy to be a woman. If you meant a lot of a woman, please cherish her with your heart and don’t lick your wallet.

What are some good hair growth tips for man?

Throw away all kinds of Conditioners, Shampoos which in the name of hair regrowth.  However, this is definitely a dead hole, no man is not willing to lose hair, having a handsome hair is definitely a plus item!

Today I will show you guys some good hair growth tips:


1. Diet
You can eat some foods that are good for hair growth and help your hair grow fast. The main component of hair is the protein of sulfur-containing amino acids. Eating fish, lean pork, milk and soy products every day will have a certain effect on the growth rate of hair, at least not inhibited. Vitamins A, B, and E are important ingredients for hair growth. Walnuts, animal livers, and fish and shrimps are rich in vitamin A. Peanuts, soybeans, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms are rich in vitamin B. Corn, sesame, and vegetable oils are rich in vitamins. E. Also, you need to pay attention to avoid spicy food, they may promote blood circulation in the short term, but in the long run, it will inhibit some activity of hair follicles.


2. Scalp Massage
A very simple method, many people have heard it, but there is less actually do it, or can’t keep it. It is a well-established fact that most of the nutrients in the hair come from the blood, not the nutrients we use. Nutritional hair products can penetrate the scales to make the hair smooth, but the roots of hair growth are still from the blood. So massage the scalp is a good way to promote hair growth, but also prevent hair loss. The proposal to massage the scalp is still to use your fingers to slide 5~6 times from the squat “powerful” to the top of the head. There is no fixed explanation for the massage technique, but it is very important that the direction must be from the bottom to the top. If against the direction of hair growth will cause hair loss. The comb can also be used instead of massage, but make sure use a wide-toothed horn comb, to minimize damage to the hair. Also, give yourself a hot oil massage. Growing hair starts from the roots – which means that taking care of your scalp and the roots of your hair can stimulate growth.


3. Vitamin Supplementation
Two high-quality vitamins for fast and long hair: vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 are directly related to hair growth and synthesis. Besides, vitamin A and vitamin E also important. Generally speaking, they are not lacking, but once lack, hair growth will be definitely affected. The cod liver oil could provide the supplement of vitamin A. One of the wonderful use of vitamin E is can be used externally. In the field of whitening and skin care, vitamin E is often used externally. For example, long eyebrows and eyelashes can be applied directly on the hair part. And vitamin E can also be used together with shampoo and conditioner when washing hair, to accelerate hair growth!


4. Minoxidil
Minoxidil is a very famous hair-developing drug. In fact, people used to hear about that Minoxidil be used when hair loss must be very serious. Not really, when your hair loss is trending, 2% minoxidil can help hair grow quickly. Although many hair loss patients have difficulty growing their hair as before due to DHT, etc.


As long as the hair follicles are still there, these methods are somewhat helpful, to a certain extent, the hair can be cured if you keep following the tips above. So that the hair will grows faster. Take care of your body, schedule to rest. Don’t have too much mental stress, and reduce to use a hairdryer.

Why does your hair keep falling?

Why your Hair Falling? You confused, worried, upset, even can not fall into sleep at night. Go to the hospital to see the doctor, after checking all the body, that is nothing reactionary molecule inside. But why you can not stop the falling haircut?

Losing hair is a universal situation, there is a report that Prince Harry, the 34-year-old Royal’s bald patch has doubled in the last year. But you are not Prince Harry, you may say he has their family genetic. When I google this word “genetic losing hair “, It occurs when you have a genetic predisposition that causes hair follicles on your scalp to be sensitive to normal levels of circulating androgens (male hormones). “In other words, your hair follicles gradually shrink and produce hairs that are slightly finer and shorter with each passing hair growth cycle.” It seems helpless if your family bring genetic losing hair. However, they can be treated with Hair Transplant.


Leave it there, today we are gonna to talking about another hair loss situation. It is not genetic but acquired factors. After a few weeks of study, I conclude several reasons that will make you hair falling cut (Especially office workers) :

Physical stress

When you get sick or suffer external trauma from certain parts of your body, it can cause hair loss. When you have a very nervous event, it will shake the hair cycle and (push) more hair into the shedding stage. Hair loss usually becomes apparent by up to six months. But it will get well and regrow when your body recover.

Sick woman laying on sofa talking on telephone. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

Psychological stress

We have seen a report in this year, many office workers that staying up late to work overtime, superiors’ oppress, tense project, resulting in a decline in their sleep quality, and hair loss, and the hair-line has become a topic of contemporary middle-class self-taunting. However, as a be hired workers who can not turn over side should try to relax and learn to have an easy stressful day.



Improper shampoo

The case of continuous hair loss caused by the use of inappropriate shampoo has really happened to my friend Mia. Luckily, her thick straight hair saves her from the annoying hair losing. Actually, she was upset and complain at that time, I suggested to try another shampoo to stop it. After a week, no longer falling haircut.


Overdoing hair beauty

Everyone loves beauty. Many girls are doing their hair to achieve the best hairstyle, but improper hot dyeing can damage the hair and even cause hair loss. Lack of hair care causes the hair to become dull and dry, and leading their hair sparse. In order to keep your hair stay in a better state and avoid hair loss, sometimes we can use some hair beauty tool which less damage your hair, instead of too much hair salon, not only its expensive cost but also do bad to our hair. It will be better if you use Haircare essence after washing it, hair straightening or curly.


There are many types of hair loss, besides above our mention, a lack of protein causes your hair to stop growing, fall out, and even … are altered. Find out the reasons for hair loss in men and hair loss in women, and treat it with a proper method. It will not be a long stubborn problem, forget that and just relax and don’t give yourself too much stress.


How to care for your long hair and keep it perfectly?

There are a good idea and choice – Glamfields hair straightening brush share for our friends today. I believe every girl dream with a long smooth, shinning hair from inside to outside. But for most girls, it is a big headache when your long hair meet stubborn, messy hair, isn’t it?

There are a good idea and choice – Glamfields hair straightening brush share for our friends today. I believe every girl dream with a long smooth, shinning hair from inside to outside. But for most girls, it is a big headache when your long hair meet stubborn, messy hair, isn’t it?

Hair straightening brush

Here are some questions to you about hair:

  • How often do you wash your hair?
  • Did you choose the right shampoo for your hair?
  • How many times go to the salon in a year?
  • What products you use to care for your hair?
  • Are you familiar with your hair type?
  • Except for shampoo, What else do you use?

For make your crowning glory the envy of all by permanently banishing bad hair days. Below some tips from our expert Willian for our reader.

You will need these:  A good haircut, A daily routine, A dryer sheet, Dry Shampoo, and Hair straightening brush.

2018 latest Hair-straighter-brush- for grils
Care healthy hair.

Here are some tips you can have a try:

Step 1 -Get a great haircut to ensure your tresses will behave well. Tell your stylist the type of hairstyle you want and the time you can spend on that look. If you can’t keep up with your current style, make adjustments. Get regular trims – every six to eight weeks – to keep hair under control.

Step 2 -Develop a daily routine for grooming your hair and stick to it. Allow adequate time, since rushing could cause you to skip styling techniques that result in good hair days.

Step 3 -Tame annoying flyaways and static by rubbing your hair with a dry sheet. It will help strands stick together to make styling easier and give you great- smelling hair to boot.

Spet 4 -Apply dry shampoo – Shampoo that sprays on dry and brushes out- onto roots if your hair is greasy or flat. Fluff with your fingers and then brush for an oil-absorbing root lift. Make your own dry shampoo using ground oatmeal semolina flour, talcum powder, or cornstarch.

Step 5 -Use the right products for your hair type. Too many bad hair days may mean you’re using the wrong products o neglecting your tresses. Your hair stylist can help you select the right products.

Step 6 -Don’t shampoo every day The extra oil in hair makes it easier to style and prevents frizz.

Step 7 -Consider clip- in hair extensions. They’re less expensive than permanent extensions, they’re easy to use, and they add body and highlights to your mane.

Did you know? By the time reach menopause, 40 percent of women will have female pattern hair loss.

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