Eyebrow shapes and trimming tips #3 Makeup


Eyebrow shapes,  It is roughly divided into an arched toward the tail eyebrow, straight eyebrow, around eyebrow, and so on. The eyebrow reflects a person’s personality attitude from a certain angle. A pair of beautiful eyebrows, like the designer’s hair, has an absolute bonus to us. Different eyebrows give people different impressions.

Eyebrow Shapes

Arched Toward the Tail: delicate feelings, far-thinking, and elegant temperament.

Applicable industry/face type: artist, literary and art worker/melon face


Straight Eyebrow: Have the responsibility, be thoughtful, have a plan to do things, and give people a decisive and bright impression. The disadvantage is that the personality is less flexible, and it is not willing to give in, it is better.

Applicable industry/face type: Female strongman, financial industry/face type with golden rice bowl.


Arched in the Middle eyebrows: character is determined, not to the last moment, never give up. Everything can be done in the end, so it is one of the good eyebrows.

Suitable for face round and short (babyface), and the eyebrow length is only a little more than the end of the eye, it has a decorative effect.


S-Shaped eyebrows: personality is very proud, stubborn, very confident about yourself, believe in yourself, not easy to trust others.

Applicable industry/face type: Model, free industry/square or round face can be


High Arches: the sense of justice is very strong and upright. The shortcoming is that it is not self-reliant and somewhat self-willed.

Applicable industry/face type: lawyer, business staff/face round

Eyebrows are messy: impulsive, self-willed, and moody, have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships.


Tapered eyebrows:: It is very popular on the surface. The shape of the eyebrows is quite large, and the eyebrows of the arc type are present at the same time, and the long eye reaches the rear of the eye. The woman with the eyebrow eyebrows is a gentle and beautiful gentleman with a very soft heart. There are not many women with such eyebrows. If they encounter it, they must actively grasp it so as not to miss the opportunity and be chased away by other people.

Tapered 1.jpg

Eight-character eyebrows: The mind is broad and has no contention with the world, but it is easily troubled by human feelings. Easy to be led by the nose!

Intimate Tips: Try to raise the curvature of the eyebrows to make the brow bones appear, it seems more confident; carefully choose friends around you to avoid being betrayed.

According to your favorite eyebrow shape, you should correct your personality, think twice, and do not make mistakes.


Tool preparation

Pulling the eyebrow clip: Especially dealing with short hairs, and pulling out the first-class sticks.

Eyebrow scissors: Repair the eyebrows that are too long to make the eyebrows more solid.

Eyebrow knives: Build a perfect eyebrow angle.

Eyebrow comb: Let the eyebrows be affixed, and help the eyebrow scissors to control the length of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow powder: The color of the eyebrow powder is lighter and more natural than the eyebrow pencil, and is suitable for people with clear eyebrows. Use the eyebrow brush to apply the right amount of eyebrow powder, first mix the eyebrow powder color on the back of the hand and then draw it, so that it will not be uneven, first draw the eyebrows to the eyebrows, then use the remaining powder to draw the part of the brow, then use Eyebrow brush brushing the eyebrows can make the eyebrows even.

Eyebrow dyeing: It can adjust the eyebrow color naturally, and can make the eyebrows three-dimensional. Talents with eyebrows can use it. After extracting the eyebrow brush, first remove the excess eyebrow cream on the paper and then brush it. Use the eyebrow cream to start brushing from the root, from the eyebrow to the brow, and brush in the opposite direction of the hair flow. Then dye the eyebrow cream on the hairbrush, the eyebrow color will be more obvious.


Eyebrow pencil: used to draw the backbone line and the lower line, you can draw a clear eyebrow. Choose a color that is closer to the eyebrow color. The best eyebrow pencil color is brown and brown, and the color is more natural. The core of the pen should be thin, and it is easier to draw slender lines. The pen core is moderately soft and easy to color. After drawing the eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, brush it again with a spiral brush, and the eyebrow color is more even and natural.

Eyebrow-type glue: Fix the hair flow of the chaotic hair, make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional, and the eyebrow color is not thick enough. First, draw the eyebrow color and then brush the eyebrow-type glue to have the effect of modification.

Eyebrow pen liquid: Super sweat-resistant liquid eyebrow pencil, before using the eyebrow pencil liquid, first use the cotton swab to clean the emulsion and cream on the eyebrows, and the eyebrow color is more durable.


Drawing your eyebrows

  1. Determine the eyebrow shape

First draw the correct eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, then remove the extra eyebrows, and the drawn eyebrows will be more accurate.

Brow: Place the eyebrow pencil vertically next to the nose, in line with the corner of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the brow.

Brow head: Place the eyebrow pencil on the side of the nose and draw it in line with the outside of the pupil. The intersection of the eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow is the eyebrow.

Brow tail: Place the eyebrow pencil next to the nose, in line with the end of the eye, and the intersection of the eyebrows is the eyebrow.


  1. Trimming

First brush your eyebrows with a brow brush, then wipe with a lotion to clean.

Apply cotton flakes or hot towels soaked in warm water for 2 minutes at the eyebrows to reduce the pain during removal. You can also apply a layer of moisturizer.

In bright natural light, use a magnifying glass with a normal mirror to reduce the rate of eyebrow errors.

Trim the oversized eyebrows to the appropriate length, leaving the tail part slightly shorter and staying closer to the brow.

Use the eyebrow tongs to pull one out of the eyebrows in the direction of eyebrow growth. Immediately after pulling out, brush the eyebrows and check if there is any error.

When an eyebrow is removed from the root, it should be transferred to another eyebrow to ensure balance.

After pulling out the extra eyebrows, use a razor to scrape the cold hair around the eyebrows, and finally use a small brush to lightly brush.

If you have pain, use cold ice to relieve it; or use tea tree oil to improve redness.


  1. Drawing

You should choose a lighter eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, which looks more comfortable overall.

Eyebrow powder is more natural than eyebrow pencil. If you use an eyebrow pencil, the texture is softer and harder to master.

When using the eyebrow pencil, start from the center of the eyebrow and draw a stroke at the vacancy to the brow or the end of the eyebrow. This effect will be more natural. You can also sweep the eyebrow brush on the eyebrow brush, and then gradually smudge the color from the middle of the eyebrow to the brow, the effect will be more delicate.

The middle of the eyebrows is slightly heavier, and the brows and brows are slightly lighter, which makes the makeup more vivid.

After drawing, use a spiral eyebrow brush to lightly brush a few times to make the color blend better. Finally, use the eyebrow shaping liquid to swipe to make the eyebrows tidier. You can also use transparent mascara instead.


Have no hesitation to check the step-by-step eyebrows shape, trimming and drawing tutorials out in today’s post. They can provide you with makeup tricks as well as beauty tips. You can go nowhere but stay with us to learn these useful ways, get inspired and enjoy.

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