How to well-manicured for fingers?


Manicure is a kind of work to decorate the nails, also known as the art design, which has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest.


Manicure tools

1⃣️ nail phototherapy lamp

The general nail polish can be shaped by air drying, and the nail polish glue must be lighted to dry. Keywords: nail phototherapy lamp, 36W, 120 second timing

2 ⃣️ nail care tools

Slanted Nail Clipper: Trimmed A Type It is easier to cut out the desired type A with this flat nail clipper.

Nail Frustration: Adjusting the nail shape

Round head steel push: repair the dead skin on the upper end of the nail and use the flat nail clipper better.

⚠️Frustration can only be used to polish the edge of the nail. Do not use it on the nail surface. Rough strips will hurt the nail surface!


3⃣️ nail material

Balance solution: The first layer of the nail applied to the nail after the start of the nail is to dry the nail surface.

Removable primer: the second layer of nails. Apply a layer of removable primer to the base before applying the nail polish. Prevent the nails from turning yellow. The light can be colored in 15 seconds.

Color nail polish: nail protagonist layer A lot of brand selection on a treasure price is not the same Every coat needs to light 60 seconds

No-clean seal: After the color is applied, the final seal layer can make the nail polish gel brighter and fuller.

⚠️Removable primer and color glue will still stick when it is finished. It is not without drying. It is made of floating glue on the surface. It can be wiped with a piece of cotton dipped in gel water to remove the floating glue. It can also be directly used for the next step. After the lamp is finished, the nail surface is smooth and does not stick.

4⃣️ post-nail care

Finger oil: Apply nail to the edge of the nail. Gently massage to soften the dead skin. Prevent barb formation.

It’s best not to touch the water right away.

5⃣️Unloading tool

Unloading bag: It is similar to alcohol tablets. It is like a three-in-one of unloading liquid, unloading towel and tin foil. Open the mouth of the unloading bag. Insert the finger. Pack for a while.

Then use the round head steel to push the nail surface and push it to remove the colloid.

Wash hands with hand sanitizer after disposal

Apply hand cream or finger oil massage massage. Ok.

Manicure category

  1. Painted nail art: Use a special nail pigment such as “acrylic pigment” to paint the composition on the nail surface! Draw a variety of hand-painted patterns of flowers and plants landscape characters and so on.

2, patch manicure: with nail special glue, the full or half-stick piece attached to the nail surface, resulting in a long A-type, thus making up for the regret of the hand is not beautiful, the disadvantage is poor ventilation.


3, embossed manicure: carved with a carved three-dimensional pattern, embossed nail art is very artistic, generally in special occasions, such as weddings, banquets, shows, etc., thinking that carved A is more prominent, ordinary work and housework will Very inconvenient.


4, crystal nails: crystal and crystal powder to create a beautiful type A, plasticity can extend the nails, characterized by strong wear and tear, not easy to break.


5, phototherapy nails: the use of ultraviolet light to polymerize the natural resin on the surface of the real nails, to make a tough and smooth nails. Not hurting the real nails can increase the strength of the nails. As long as the nail repair is done every two to three weeks, you can have a beautiful, crystal-clear nail. Even if you apply ordinary nail polish on weekdays, the nail polish will be The resin is made to make it easy to fall off and easy to take care of.


6, nail polish nail art: is a nail polish similar to nail polish is also baked with a baking lamp, but not as good as the color and hardness of phototherapy than the phototherapy retention time is shorter. About half a month.



Nail shape trimming

The most commonly used forms in life are: square, square, oval, pointed, round, and fan-shaped. You can create a perfect shape based on your hand shape and preferences.

■ 1. Square A: In general, square nails are personalized and lead the trend, not easy to break, more like professional women and white-collar workers and Westerners like.

■2. Square round nails: The rounded nails have straight front and side sides, and the corners are rounded. This kind of solid shape will give a soft feeling, and it is obvious to the joints. Customers with thin fingers can make up for the shortcomings.

■3. Oval nails: oval nails, starting from the free edge, to the front of the nail, the outline is oval, is a traditional oriental shape.

■ 4. Pointed nails: The pointed nails are easy to break due to the small contact area, while the Asians are thinner and not suitable for sharpening.

■5. Round: Suitable for people who have long slender hands and good fingers.

■6. Fan shape: common in water nails, can be squared, or square.


Nail Style

Basic monochrome

Applying a single-color nail polish, the first step in getting started with nails at home. Although nail polish is simple, some people don’t always paint well. In fact, it is because there are quite a few tips on it. Before applying colored nail polish, you must brush the base oil! Because it not only strengthens the nail surface, but also makes the color last longer. The most important thing is to protect the nails from attacking the nails. Before you start to apply the colored nail polish, you must scrape off the excess nail polish on the back of the brush head. Leave a layer on the front side. When you apply it, start brushing from the middle. You don’t need to use too much force. Keep the brush bar tilted forward. Then fill the gap between the left and right sides and try to control it within three strokes. Even if there are some corners, don’t brush it back and forth. Be sure to wait until it is dry before applying the second layer and then correct it. In order to prevent the fingertips from being knocked off, you will usually drag a circle at your fingertips and finally apply it. Top oil, so you can get a very full-color monochrome nails.



Cat’s eye

Cat eye nails are no different from ordinary monochrome nail polish coating methods. Just to make cat eye nails, you need special cat eye nail polish. The nail polish of the cat’s eye contains iron powder, which is also used with a magnetic plate (usually when you buy cat eye nail polish).

The specific coating method is as follows: firstly apply the single-color nail polish method, first apply the primer and the first layer, then, when applying the second layer, each time a nail is applied, the magnetic plate is placed on the nail for 10 seconds. . When you suck, you must be quick and accurate. If you are a little slower, you may fail. Finally, you must apply a top oil seal. Otherwise, the cat’s eyes will easily spread.




The secret to success in making a gradual nail is: a nail polish with a high transparency. Use this translucent nail polish on the nails to stack a gradual effect.

The steps to be done are not difficult. First, after the primer is applied, the first layer is only applied to the fingertips. When the first layer is dried, the second layer can be applied to the half of the nail, and then thinly Apply a third layer on the entire surface of the nail, and finally apply the top oil. A super girl’s gradient nails are finished. If there is no nail polish on the hand, you can use a makeup sponge to make a gradient like a stamp. But remember to use it with anti-overflow glue.



Stitching nails is a relatively popular nail art D.I.Y fancy, the main method is color block stitching. The simplest of these is the two-color stitching. To do two-color stitching, first give the nail a base color, and then wait for the background color to dry out, then use other colors to draw a half circle or bevel on the top, but the disabled friends do not have to panic, in fact, there are Different shapes of nail stickers can help you draw stitching blocks without having to tremble yourself. However, don’t be impatient with nail stickers. Be sure to wait until the second layer is dry and then tear it off. These stickers can also be used to make translucent French armor. The changes are quite a lot, and everyone can slowly explore.

Manicure-category-nail-polish-nail-art-Glamfields-Basic-monochrome-nail-Splice nail


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