What magic skincare tool you know?

As a perfect beauty, we can’t lazy and lack of this magical skincare tool – Cleansing brush, 5 mins reach the health, soft and clean skin you need.

We take Glamfields facial brush an example, this product is a profession cleansing and cosmetic equipment, the main use of the motor to wash the brush head rotation, so as to achieve high efficiency without stimulation of cleaning and massage. Glamfields facial cleansing brush has two – way button speed, 360 rotating deeply clear; 5 minutes intelligent control the time, intelligent protection the motor, let’s the item use longer, USB recharging, easy take for traveling.

Glamfields Face Cleansing Brush: Reference price: $19.99


What You Get:
1 x GLAMFIELDS Electric Facial Brush; 1 x Extra Gentle Brush Head; 1 x Exfoliating Brush Head; 1 x Natural Foam Brush Head; 1 x Base; 1 x USB Line; 1 x English Instruction

What’s that  3 brushes for?

(You will get 3 different unique replacement brush heads, each unit has a unique function.)

Extra gentle brush head
It is characteristically super fine, super soft and elastic. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at removing the dirt deep in the pores, the sebum, and the residue of the make-up. The pores can be cleaned, blackheads and acne cleared up and the skin becomes fine, firm and tender.

Glamfields-Extra-gentle-brush head
Exfoliating brush head 
Superelastic brush designed for those who have oily skin. It is used for removing the make-up, getting rid of the dead skin and the horny. If used with help of cleanser, it is effective at dealing with the oily skin, adjusting the skin PH level and therefore getting rid of the blackheads.

Natural foam brush head
Made of natural latex sponge and manufactured with great craftsmanship, natural sponge brush is elastic, flexible and environmentally -friendly. If used with the help of cleanser, it is effective at clearing up the dirt in the pores, dealing with the oily skin, removing the residue of make-up, easing the weariness around the eyes and get rid of the bags under the eyes.



7 FAQ:

#1 Is there any caution for first time use?   To sustain battery lifetime, please fully charge the appliances before using the first time.

#2 How long does the brush head last until it needs replaced?   It depends on your using item, we suggest replace the brush head after 3 months.

#3 Do I need to use a specific soap when using brush?  No, you don’t need to use a specific soap.

#4 where can you order replacement heads?  You can order replacement heads by this link:  https://amzn.to/2C57R9B

#5 how does the charger work mine is keep show me red   Stayed plugged in on the cheap plastic dock it comes with.

#6 Is this item waterproof? What’s the waterproof grade? How many times can it be charged?  Yes, the appliance is water-resistant,the waterproof grade is IP66 and uses the rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It can be recharged for up to 300 times and a 2-hour charge can enable 4 hours of intermittent use

#7 Can I use this everyday or is it too harsh to use everyday?  Yes, you can according to your need and we suggest you replace the brush head after 90 days used.


5-Star Review

#1 Buyers: Scoobyrogers  WIN WIN for me. Great facial brush I need one for me now

 I got this for my girl and the 1st thing she said when she seen it was ohhhhh, a rechargeable one !!! I said what. She said she has one, but its battery operated and she doesn’t use it often due to taking batteries and dying frequently, (I apparently bought that one too). The 2nd thing she said was, BONUS a cradle to set it in. Hers does not have a cradle, therefore gets thrown in a drawer and never used…hence the reason I didn’t think she had one.
I asked her what ate the benefits, she said its a good exfoliator for your face. She demonstrated on me. Now it didn’t have much of a charge so it was a quick demonstration. We then put it on charge. After the unit was charged, we grabbed my face wash and started using… Holy Cow this thing is awesome. I got it for her, but now o will be using it also. I have big pores so she said I definitely need to use it more often. I will use it and may have to buy me one for myself. Only complaint is you can’t charge the unit while it sits in the cradle. I didn’t remove a star, because JEY, it came with a cradle which apparently is a BONUS !!!


#2 Buyers: Katrina A Garrett   So thankful I purchased this facial brush

I am in love with my new Glamfields facial brush! This brush has 2 speeds & comes with its own USB port, plus it comes with a total of 3 different brush heads & they are all soft and it feels really good when you are exfoliating your skin. (not too soft to remove any excess oils, makeup, etc.)
For the price, it is an absolute steal! I am ecstatic that I chose this brush to purchase. So if you are looking for a reasonable, low-cost brush that’s going to clean, exfoliate & remove any dirt, oil/makeup buildup, I am suggesting to purchase this brand, I promise you will not regret it!


#3 Buyers: RB    Lightweight and soft brushes.

Nice packaging and lightweight when handling. I did have an issue with my USB charger. My charger comes a little lose connecting the port to the facial brush handle during charging. The charging light comes off and I’ll have to adjust it so it turns back on. I’ve used both the foaming and exfoliate brushes. I LOVE the exfoliate brush is super soft and my face does feel clean after using it. It also has 2 speed soft and gentle on the skin. I wasn’t able to wash off the residue of my foundation off from the foaming brush and I probably won’t use that brush again. Overall, it’s lightweight and brushes are soft and it cleans my face.

black facial brush face cleansing.jpg


Conclusion: It’s a helpful skincare tool for makeup remove, exfoliating, facial massage, faster and easier to get rid of dead skin and alleviate dry, chapped and oily skin.

What else do  you want to know, pls drop a comment below or write to us by:

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