What kind of facial mask should we use when menstrual come?


Can the mask be applied during the physiological period?

I believe that many girls will have such a question: Can the mask be applied during menstruation? The answer is “YES”! The menstrual period can be said to be the “platinum” of skin care, especially after the menstrual period, the skin absorption capacity is quite strong. However, if you want to achieve twice the result with half the effort, you must follow the “Natural”!


1.Physiological period (menstrual period 1-5 days)

During the physiological period, the female has the lowest amount of estrogen secretion, the skin tends to become dry and sensitive, and the sebum secretion is strong. It is easy to cause pores to clog, and the skin loses its transparency and becomes dull and rough. Therefore, in the menstrual maintenance, do not use skin care products with too high nutrient content, mainly based on moisturizing, taking into account the mild exfoliation, and use a soothing blue foam hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask every other day. It is best to use the hydrating eye mask when applying the mask to relieve the thirst of the eyes.


2.Pre-ovulation period (6-12 days after menstruation)

In the first week after the physiological cycle, the water content and sebum of the skin reach the optimal state, and the skin is fine and shiny. At this stage, skin metabolism is strong, and it is the best time for “tonic”. In order to improve the absorption of the skin, you can do a deep cleansing exfoliation before applying the mask, and then boldly supplement the nourishing and repairing mask. Apply a layer of muscle essence in front of the mask, such as the blue caviar gold caviar essence, which can help the ingredients in the mask penetrate quickly!

3.Ovulation period (13-15 days after menstruation)

During this period, the estrogen decreased significantly, the secretion of lutein increased, the state of the skin became unstable, the ability to absorb skin care products began to weaken, the skin color was dull, and the color spots were obvious. At this time, the whitening mask was the first choice and could be used every two days. A whitening mask while alternating the moisturizing mask. Of course, you can also apply the cotton pad to the lotion, apply it to the dense spots, and then apply the whitening products. The whitening effect will be better!

4.late ovulation (16-28 days after menstruation)

After ovulation, estrogen continues to decrease, progesterone secretion dominates, causing endocrine disorders, excess sebum secretion, and melanin accumulated in the deep layers of the skin shifts to the surface of the skin with metabolism. At this time, it is recommended to use a mask that removes yellow skin and moisturizes water. Steaming a sauna before using a cleansing mask is a great way to thoroughly clean your pores. Hot air and steam can soften the keratin more quickly, opening pores and helping the dirt dissolve.

And now, first we should know facial mask divided into 8 categories by function


1. Cleansing mask, this is the most common type of mask that removes dirt and excess oil from pores and removes dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and clean

2. Moisturizing mask, contains a moisturizing agent that locks the moisture in the film, softens the stratum corneum, and helps the skin absorb nutrients for all skin types.

3. Smoothing mask, quickly soothes the skin, relieves fatigue, restores skin’s luster and elasticity, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

4. Firming mask, shrink pores, shallow wrinkles, especially suitable for women who don’t have time to go to the beauty salon for care!

5. A regenerative mask, containing plant extracts to soften the epidermal tissue and promote skin metabolism for dry or dehydrated skin.

6. Whitening mask, completely removes dead skin cells, both clean and whitening effect, so that the skin reproduces young and smooth, white and transparent.

7. Instant whitening hydrating mask, 5 minutes maintenance mask, instantly achieve whitening hydrating effect!

8. Aspirate dirt while astringing pores, leaving skin soft and full of shine, suitable for all skin types.


Second, how often the facial mask do we use?


1. Moisturizing mask: Apply 3 times a week. If used every day, it will easily cause acne and acne.

2. moisturizing mask: This type of mask is mainly moisturizing, can be used every day in winter, but it is still recommended to be generally twice a Monday is enough.

3. whitening mask: This type of mask can be used 1-2 times a week, not too frequently used.

4. deep cleansing mask: oily skin can be used once a week, but dry skin once every two weeks is enough.

5. anti-wrinkle mask: This type of mask has a high nutritional content, can be used once a week.

6. tear-off mask: dry skin once a month, oily skin can be used twice a week for three times.

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