How to remove freckle in natural?

How to remove freckle in natural?

How to remove freckle in natural?

1, Rice water

Rice water wash can brighten skin and moisturize, because rice contains vitamin A, B, E, amino acids and other nutrients, which can effectively improve cell metabolism, prevent cell aging, strengthen skin’s resistance, and thus be more tenacious. Resistance to melanin is calm.


2, Tofu

Tofu can whiten the skin, soy products contain soy isoflavones, which have an estrogen-like effect. Soy isoflavones can activate the skin and restore youthfulness. Each time a piece of white tofu is poured into the mud and evenly applied to the face, gently massage for fifteen minutes, wash it twice a week, adhere to January, you will find that the skin turns white.


3, Carrot juice

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A has the function of lubricating and strengthening the skin, and can prevent rough skin and improve freckles. Every time you break the carrots, then leave the juice, pat the face with carrot juice every morning and evening, and drink a glass of carrot juice, which has the effect of freckle.


4, Egg white

The nutrients contained in the egg white can act as a whitening spot. Every time you sleep, wash your face, then put the prepared egg white out of the foam, and finally apply it to your face. The spotted area can be thicker and the hands are slowly massaged from bottom to top until the egg is dry. , wash your face clean.


7 tips to help you whiten all summer

External application tips:

1, Aspirin Mask

According to the amount you need, take a few tablets of aspirin, then mash into a powder, add a small amount of pure water and mix thoroughly, apply a proper amount of aspirin solution with a cotton swab or cotton pad, and wash it on the face for 20-30 minutes. net. After washing your face, you will feel the skin is smooth and delicate, the skin becomes white and even, and you can dilute the acne marks.


2, Make a water film before going to bed

Before going to sleep every night, put hot water under the face, use steam from the hot water for 3 minutes, not only moisturizing, but also draining and decomposing the garbage in the pores. Stick to this method, your skin will be unexpected. The water is clear and clear.


3, Loofah juice mask

Choose fresh loofah, wash and peel, put it into the juicer and filter it, then add the flour as neatly and mix it into a paste. Spread it evenly on the face. Wash it after drying. Loofah is rich in a variety of vitamins, which have a very good effect on whitening skin, especially for pigmented skin, which makes the skin glow white and white from the inside out.


4, Sweet wine brewing whitening

Take a proper amount of liqueur into the mask bowl, and use the rice inside. Then smash the rice, put the mask paper or cotton pad into it after the preparation, and wait until the mask paper absorbs enough wine, and then apply it to the face for 8-10 minutes.


Internal adjustment method:

5, Lemonade

Drinking a glass of lemonade on an empty stomach every morning can eliminate the garbage and toxins in the body. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and a variety of vitamins, which can dilute the melanin in the skin, eliminate freckles on the face, and have the effect of naturally whitening the skin.


6, Yogurt

Yogurt contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which can help the body toxins, oils, garbage and other harmful substances to transform and excrete, and reduce melanin deposition, leaving skin white.


7, Tremella

Tremella is a beauty product, contains a variety of rich beauty ingredients, long-term consumption, can make the skin become white and delicate, can also help to remove toxins from the body, and remove the face chloasma, freckles.


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