Get DIY exfoliating whole body scrub

 DIY exfoliating method

1) Honey and sugar

Honey itself is a natural material to moisturize the skin, while sugar has a great exfoliating effect. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of fine sugar, then massage it on the body during bathing, then lick it. Ultra-smooth and sleek skin.


2) Coconut oil and salt

Coconut oil also has a great moisturizing effect. Adding it with salt is an excellent leg exfoliating cream! Just mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and half a tablespoon of salt and salt.


3) Lemon and sugar

This is another exfoliating cream that is suitable for dealing with rough parts such as knees and elbows. Just mix the lemon juice with a teaspoon of sugar and mix it!


People tend to pay too much attention to the “face problem”, so the skincare for the face is always in place, but it ignores the skin care work in other parts of the body. It seems that there is no problem, but the real beauty should be for yourself rather than for Others, and not paying attention to maintaining some parts of their skin, such as the neck, can easily expose your age. Therefore, perfect skin should pay attention to the whole body care. Today, the focus is on introducing the method of exfoliating the body. Only by removing the old dead skin cells can you create a more fair and smooth skin.


The neck is probably the skin with the highest exposure rate outside the facial skin, but compared to other parts of the body, its skin is thinner and darker. If this part of the exfoliation work is not done, it will let You are exceptionally old. It is recommended that when you do facial exfoliation care, every time you go to the next slide, you can also do some care for the neck, it is convenient and simple, just a little more to exfoliating. products.



The skin on the chest is relatively delicate, and the body scrub is difficult to handle. It may damage the skin. It is recommended that you choose to exfoliate gels. They generally do not contain large particles of scrub particles. The texture is relatively mild, just gently massage. To achieve a cleansing effect, the skin will not be reddened or discomfort or injured due to excessive force.



It’s probably more unfamiliar to licking the horny, but the beauty expert told us that it is the hardest hit area for horny accumulation. Because of long-term hair removal, excessive contact between the skin and the razor produces some unsightly black dullness, winter is good, summer skin is exposed, and it seems that the bath is not washed as far as it looks, not only not good-looking, but also very embarrassing. . It is recommended to use exfoliating products with whitening particles to combine cleansing and whitening, first, metabolize excess keratin, and then let the whitening ingredients penetrate perfectly, the skin will become clear and white, and help to remove sweat and body odor.




Because the back is sweaty and wrapped in clothes, it often has sweat mixed keratin, which is easy to cause acne. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, you will suffer. It is recommended to try some muddy body membranes to moisturize the skin while taking away the old dead skin cells and excess oil.



Office workers think that for a long time sedentary, the most sinful is the waist and buttocks, while the buttocks and the chair are too much contact, the skin is thickened by friction, and the stratum corneum is thickened accordingly. In addition, the inner side of the thigh and the place where the underwear is rubbed are also the dead ends of the exfoliation that we easily overlook. For the keratin removal in these places, you can first gently massage with a scrub glove, you can take away some of the surface waste such as dead skin, then mix the olive oil with brown sugar, massage in a circular motion, so you can get rid of the horny troubles. It can nourish and firm the skin.



In this regard, some eyebrows that pay attention to skin care have already been done. Compared with the texture of small particles of facial mask scrub, the body scrub particles are relatively large, and can promote metabolism when circular massage, thereby removing excess keratin. Generally good body scrub can be distinguished. If the massage product gradually decomposes, it will produce fine foam and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the body. This product is good. Some facial scrubs that are about to expire can also be used to reconcile the body with exfoliating cream.

While performing exfoliation work, you should massage in a circular motion. The elbows and knees are recommended to add a proper amount of essential oils, which not only increases the degree of lubrication, but also promotes faster and better absorption of the ingredients. After applying the cream, the skin will become drier. Always remember to apply a moisturizing lotion to help hydrate the water.


Hand and foot

It is best to go to the beauty salon regularly for professional hand and foot care. If you are in trouble, you can use the pumice stone to remove the dead skin of the foot during the bathing. Then apply the foot lotion and put on the professional foot mold to sleep. Only one is needed. In the evening, you will find that the skin becomes like a newborn. For hand care, you only need to take some scrubs on the back of your hand for a few moments of massage, then wash the scrub, and long-term adherence will create smooth and moist skin.

Hand- foot--exfoliating-skincare-body-scrub-women-glamfields

Exfoliating product recommendation:

Austin Strawberry Body Scrub:

[Efficacy]: The active ingredient of amino acid contained in strawberry seed oil can effectively smooth and moisturize the skin; the almond shell and strawberry seed scrub particles can promote the metabolism of the skin, and gently and quickly dissolve dead skin cells and waste keratin, and reproduce Healthy skin and radiance!

How to use: When bathing, take a proper amount of this product and massage it in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes. Wash with water. You will feel the smoothness of your skin instantly! Recommendation: Use 1-2 times a week, sensitive skin for 1-2 weeks.


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