Does the body need to exfoliate?


1, Does the body need to exfoliate?

It is only necessary to exfoliate when the following conditions occur:

1, The skin looks a bit dull, and the touch is also rough and unsmooth;

2, After using the essence and cream, it feels that for a long time, the skin care products “float” on the skin surface and cannot be quickly absorbed by the skin.

Exfoliation work is performed for up to 2 weeks. Frequent exfoliation removes the useful stratum corneum, causing the skin to dry out and even become allergic due to loss of protection.


2, Which conditions should not be exfoliated

1, Drying or peeling has occurred: Do not think that exfoliating can remove the skin. At this time, it should be moisturizing. Exfoliating will only reduce the skin’s self-defense, and the peeling will be more serious.

2, There are pus or inflamed acne: as long as there is acne is not suitable for exfoliation, especially with infectious pustule acne, it is recommended to avoid the place where the acne is long, do not touch acne.

3, Ghere are skin diseases: if there are skin diseases, avoid infection, not suitable for exfoliation. For example, flat warts.

4, Red blood skin: whether it is dry or oily red blood skin, the skin is very thin skin (can see the microscopic blood vessels of the dermis), water lipid membrane barrier function damage skin, so it is particularly vulnerable to the outside world Injury causes irritation and allergies. Such skin, even if it is detected in the skin test, there is no exfoliation.


Woman with skin blemish isolated, beige background. Beautiful young Caucasian female model

3, The benefits of body exfoliation

When it comes to exfoliation, it is not just casual, you must master the many essentials of exfoliation. Generally speaking, exfoliation can be done once every 2 weeks. If the frequency is too frequent, it will cause the skin to chap. In addition, you must use the opponent’s method, or you will make more small lines, like the neck technique from the bottom up, against the gravity, will not finish the horny, the skin is also wrinkled. More importantly, some skin conditions cannot be exfoliated, so it must be particularly noticed, otherwise it is intended to maintain the skin, but the result is self-defeating, making the skin worse. Face exfoliation time face plus neck for about 3-5 minutes. Exfoliating oily skin, T-shaped part of mixed skin 1-2 times / 1 week

Users are very concerned about facial skin care, but often ignore the maintenance of the body skin. The skin lacks the necessary maintenance and tends to accumulate aging keratin, especially at the joints of the limbs, such as the knees and elbow joints. Appropriate use of body scrub can clean the aging keratin, which can restore the skin to light and tender.


4, The steps of body exfoliation

  1. Dry the body with a tool (lobe, body brush or exfoliating glove) before bathing. The effect of this is to make the body more compact and prepare for the next formal exfoliation. Brush up from the sole of the foot.
  2. After brushing your body, wet your body with water. Do not perform an exfoliation step if you have been sunburned recently, or if you have any small wounds on your skin.
  3. Use pumice to remove rough skin and calluses for the feet. If your feet are rough, pour a glass of milk into a bowl of warm water and soak your feet for 30 minutes before bathing. Clean the milk and squeeze it into a loofah or exfoliating glove. Start from the soles of the feet and circle the skin around the body. When touching sensitive areas, gently scrub the body to avoid skin damage.
  4. Use a body brush to exfoliate the back and other hard-to-reach areas.
  5. When exfoliating the face, use a formula that is different from exfoliating the body because the skin on the face is more delicate. Especially around the eyes and around the mouth, lip skin, exfoliating techniques should be extraordinarily gentl.
  6. do not forget to exfoliate for both hands. The skin of your hands will become smoother.
  1. After exfoliating the whole body, wash the body with warm water. Then adjust the water temperature to the coldest temperature you can tolerate and rinse your body. You can decide whether to use shower gel according to your needs.
  2. After bathing, apply moisturizing lotion to your body. A moisturizer containing AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid) is suitable for exfoliation and removes dead skin cells.
  3. Apply lotion or moisturizer to your body once a day. After skin exfoliation, you need to replenish moisture and continue to moisturize.

Beautician applying anzymatic peeling on woman’s face in spa

5, How to properly exfoliate

1, normal metabolism

Keratin is an important natural barrier to the body and is metabolized every 28 days. Keratin formation is a normal metabolic process of healthy skin. Old dead keratin cells gradually push to the epidermis and become dry and naturally fall off. When the skin is inflamed and over-dried, the keratin is abnormally thickened and accumulated, and cannot be normally metabolized. Various skin problems.

2, the horny is too thin and too thick is not good

The keratin is too thin or incomplete, the skin is susceptible to external stimuli and sensitive; if the keratin is too thick, it can not fall off naturally, the skin is easy to be rough, itchy, inflamed, and there are acne, acne, dullness and other disturbing skin problems, which may cause serious damage. Pigmentation, stubble, pits and other issues.

3, excessively susceptible to sensitive muscles

Many people use exfoliating products to accelerate keratin metabolism. Generally, the way to exfoliate can be divided into physical and chemical. Physically, there are friction or adsorption methods at home, such as scrub, soft beads, plucking mask, or diamond micro-carving, laser phototherapy, and excessive use. It is easy to cause skin keratin defect, and the soft beads are not easy to decompose and pollute the environment. The chemical is through the dissolution method, such as acid, acid, salicylic acid and other acid components, to remind sensitive people to be careful to use, or It is recommended to exfoliate every day.

4, neutral exfoliating products

How to properly exfoliate? Select neutral mild exfoliating products, such as Neutral bacillus fermentation broth, with microbial fermentation ingredients, which can effectively soften the natural exfoliation of keratin, only affecting the old dead keratinocytes and not acting on healthy cells, without excessive friction to cause damage to the skin; It can be used every day. After use, it is the most sensitive and fragile state of the skin. It must strengthen moisturizing, repairing and sunscreen to maintain normal metabolism of the skin. It looks natural and bright and shiny, and maintenance can do more with less.


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