Why is your hair getting worse after 23 years old?


Why your hair super straight and healthy from the top but frizzy and dry from the length? Newborn baby’s skin always smooth and tender, and new growth hair should soft and shiny.

Why does the hair become dry and rancid, and the hair is getting worse?

Dry hair is caused by lack of nutrition in the hair, especially in summer, the ultraviolet rays are more intense, causing serious damage to the hair. It is easy to produce oil. If you wash hair every day, hair will lose moisture, and it does not doubt that will become dry. The hair dryer would deepen the damage to the hair, resulting in the hair getting worse and worse, losing the original luster and becoming dry and rancid. 


In addition, staying up late usually, the body’s metabolism will be disordered, secreting too much junk material, resulting in hair without nutrition, will make the hair very dry and easy to hair loss, less night to the hair is good. If you have a perm in the near future, it will cause some damage to the hair, the hair will become fragile and lackluster. After perming, you must use hair care oil that has a repairing effect on the hair.

How to care your hair? 

One thing that must be recognized before hair care is that hair care depends on internal adjustment, followed by external support, and finally external care. Even if you use the appropriate care products, yet other does not do enough, even the better hair care product is just a cure for the symptoms, once the hair adapts to the cycle, the care products may not play a role. But this does not mean that the care products are not important, come with me and I will detail you more about hair care.


What is the internal adjustment?

Most people never know their hair state reflects the condition of the body, the internal organs are not adjusted. Seldom people know the health of the hair depends on the kidney, if you have good kidneys, you will have better hair. The main method of internal adjustment is tonic. Girls need to realize that the essence of hair is mainly protein, amino acids, and Vitamin B. No matter how you reduce your meal for losing weight, the rice must be guaranteed, because the rice contains the amino acids and Vitamin B are necessarily needed to the hair growth, and then the protein. It is suggested to eat one egg a day, for their protein nutrition supplement.

Of course, you can be added from other foods. As well known that the most important food supplement was black sesame black bean and black rice flour. This is a coarse grain that is easy to digest for lose weight and will never gain weight. It is recommended to go twice a day, morning and evening.


Some people reacted to black sesame seeds. just try to learn about whether black sesame seeds are cooked or fried before purchase. In addition, you can add honey or milk to the paste. Of course, it can be mixed with other coix seed red beans, etc. You need to pay attention to the amount of black sesame. This food supplement must be adhered to, insist on the healthy meal to see the change of hair!

Hair wash cycle and shampoo frequency

The first step in raising hair is to keep your hair wash frequency in place! Hair clean cycle is longer than the cycle time of the face cleaning, so you must pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair to maintain your hair. Wash it once every 3 or 4 days in the summer, and twice a week, using the hair mask every time will be better. Too often will break the balance of water and oil! Unless you have a super good foundation and the hair is super oily, it will be washed every day!


Some people with oily hair that can’t stand without washing one day! In fact, they don’t know their hair would more and more oily if daily hair wash. So if you really want to improve your hair quality, first change from the frequency of washing your hair, try to insist on it, wash it once every three days. After one month, you will find the hair may itch after three days. Only keep a good habit, then you can talk about hair care!


If you are lazy, what are the easiest ways to avoid hair damage?

Hair burrs due to your less care to maintain your hair. If you don’t have too much time to care for your hair, here are some reasons why you can avoid hair from getting rid of frizzy and dry. As long as you pay more attention, avoid it properly and your hair will not be excessively damaged.

1. Inferior shampoo, some people’s hair lack of wetness. Dry, if you comb with your hand, you will find it is not smooth.


2. Frequency Hot dyeing, many girls love to toss their hair, and finally, it is difficult to recover from hair damage. I am an example!

3. Excessive use of hair dryers or electric styling tools, I usually do not shape, but every time I wash my hair, I will blow my hair with a hairdryer, make sure the temperature should not be too high, or it will damage hair.

4. Excessive exposure to sunlight or strong winds can result in severe water loss.

5. The chlorine content contained in the swimming pool or hot spring bath or bathing water source causes the hair to be damaged by the chemical attack.


If you really like do your hair, enjoy different hairstyle, I would suggest you a hair tool Glamfields iron hair straightening brush, I use it in my daily life, I’ve been using this brush for about a year and I love it. If you want your hair to be super straight a flat iron is probably a better option. I have naturally wavy fine hair and I prefer this over a flat iron. The flat iron takes away all the volume and body from my hair. I keep some of my wave but it does a great job of smoothing out the frizz.


I use the lowest heat setting to minimize the damage. It doesn’t snag or pull on my hair so there’s less hair left in the brush. It made my hair smooth and shiny. Easy to use and quick to achieve a straight and smooth look.

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