How to well-treat our EYES?

The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and there are many wrinkles, so the skin around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands in the skin around the eyes are less distributed, especially dry and dehydrated. These factors determine where the eye is most prone to aging and cause problems. Generally, since the age of 25, the skin around the eyes begins to go downhill, and there are problems such as dark circles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, granulation, and edema. Therefore, prevention and care are very important.

Nursing products

Mainly divided into three major categories of eye cream, eye gel, eye mask. Eye care products are mainly used to achieve eye moisturizing, eye wrinkle resistance, fine lines, dry lines, eye lifting, firming, edema, dark circles and other effects!


Internal Care

Eye care is divided into internal maintenance, external maintenance and special care:


(1) Sufficient sleep, avoid staying up late.

(2) Drink plenty of water at ordinary times and avoid drinking plenty of water before going to bed.

(3) Maintain optimism and timely treatment of diseases, especially endocrine disorders.

(4) Avoid direct sunlight.

(5) Do not develop bad habits of sputum, sputum, squeezing, and rubbing your eyes.

External Care

Eye mask usage

1)Eye also uses  eyes mask


To solve annoying eye contours, eye bags, dark circles and other issues, in addition to choosing the right eye cream, one or two eye masks should be used every week. The hydrogel eye mask helps moisturize dry and dehydrated eye skin, reduces dry lines at the end of the eye, and improves nutrient supply and blood circulation in the eye area.

Just place the eye mask at the position of the eyelids or at the end of the eye (depending on the design of the eye mask), then gently press it with your finger for a few seconds. Some eye masks that contain a lot of lotion or need to be used together with moisture have better moisturizing effect. You can also apply a cream or creamy eye mask around the eyes to accelerate the blood circulation with the massage action. It can help reduce the dark circles while moisturizing the skin and improving the dry lines.

2) The best time to use eye mask


One week after the physiological period, the body’s estrogen secretion is strong, the metabolism increases, and the absorption capacity becomes better. At this time, the application is most effective.

When you take a bath, you can speed up the circulation while applying bubbles.

After exercise, metabolism increases and can accelerate absorption.

3) The three major emergency effects of the eye mask


Immediately soothing: Most of the sedating eye masks are flake jelly or gel-like. Even if it is noticed, its touch is still cool and soft. It instantly gives a feeling of relaxation and soothing from the senses to the psychological, especially suitable for summer eye fatigue.

Rapid hydration: The skin around the eyes with water loss is prone to fine lines, and the collagen-rich moisturizing eye mask instantly replenishes the moisture of the eye area. Use in a dry environment, use 1-2 times a week to replenish moisture in the eyes.

Strengthen nutrition: Nutritional eye mask contains essential oils such as essential oils, ginseng and chamomile. It can quickly replenish nutrients and repair damaged cells, and promote blood circulation, dilute dark circles, and can be used when staying up late or eye fatigue. “Panda eyes”.

4 ) smart way to use the eye mask


—Use eye mask after thorough cleaning, and the maintenance ingredients are more easily absorbed.

—Put the eye mask into the refrigerator, and double the cold feeling will make it more comfortable.

—Do not waste the remaining essence of the eye mask after use. Apply it to the raised head or the part that also needs special care.

—The golden time of the film: apply before bedtime, can be better absorbed; after exercise, the metabolism is accelerated when the metabolism is strong; one week after the physiological period, it is a period of strong estrogen secretion in the body, and the effect of applying the eye mask will be good!

—Most eye masks contain high-energy nutrients and are not recommended for daily use.

—When applying the eye mask, it is best to remove it after seven or eight minutes, so as not to take away the moisture of the skin around the eyes.


Eye pattern removal

1)The right medicine


To make your eyes smooth and new, you must first distinguish which eye lines you belong to and treat them symptomatically.

— Dry lines: Usually the corners of the eyes are dry, and there is no grain in the corners of the eyes when no expression is made. To deal with dry lines, be sure to use an eye cream with hydrating function.

— Wrinkles: Wrinkles are deeper than dry lines, so you need to use moisturizing eye creams, such as vitamin E, UV-containing filters, and eye creams that prevent skin aging.

—Expression lines: expression lines, not only in the corners of the eyes, as long as the expression, there will be many places on the face. For the treatment of facial expressions, it is necessary to use an eye cream containing anti-wrinkle ingredients, firming the skin, and containing collagen. Can a beauty pen wrinkle?

Long holidays let the eyes also take a holiday. Wear contact lenses to prevent eye stones.

Eye wrinkle pen is a popular product nowadays. Its principle is to simulate the human life magnetic field, accelerate the secretion of coenzyme Q10 in the skin, promote the skin itself to continuously synthesize collagen protein, and promote the reactivation of skin cells that have been depleted of energy. It is full and resilient.

2) Two minutes wrinkle massage


Eliminate wrinkles under the eyes (1 minute): Apply eye cream to the eye area, then press the index finger of both hands on both sides of the eyes and pull firmly toward the temple until the eyes feel tight. Close your eyes 6 times, then let go and repeat 4 times.

Eliminate wrinkles around the eyes (1 minute): The index and middle fingers are pressed on both sides of the eyes, slowly pushing the skin on the side of the eye while closing the eyes. When the eyelids hang down, the fingers slowly pull toward the ears, counting from 1 to 5, then let go. Repeat 6 times.

Avoid makeup remover damage: Many eye injuries, including the causes of aging, come from bad makeup removal habits.

3) The correct way to remove makeup


—Clean mascara: Use a cotton pad to remove eyelashes and hold the eyelashes. After the mascara is dissolved, wipe the cotton pad forward to remove the mascara. Do not rub too much makeup remover to avoid seeping into your eyes. You can also use a cotton stick to remove makeup and remove it at a vertical angle to the eyelashes. Be careful not to touch your eyes.

—Clear eye shadow: Keep your eyes dry, apply cotton pad and eye make-up remover, wipe your eyeshadow from the eye socket near the nose to the end of the eye, and repeat until clean.

—Eye Makeup Remover is a stimulating effect on the delicate skin of the eyes after removing makeup. It is best to apply the eye mask for a while after removing makeup to better nourish and repair the skin around the eyes.

4) Eye cream separate use sooner or later


Eye problems in women over the age of 25 are often multiple. At this time, you need to use different eye creams in the morning and evening. For example, use a refreshing eye cream with high moisture and sunscreen in the morning to make your skin moisturize. Now, radiant photos; while using high-nutrition, repair-type eye cream at night, can well replenish the skin’s moisture and nutrient loss, so that the next day you look good.


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