How to rescue dry and chapped lips?

Chapped lips are a common problem in autumn and winter, often chapped lips, cracks and bleeding. This is mainly due to the dry weather in winter, large wind and sand, insufficient vitamin intake and irregular work schedule.

Chapped lips are a common problem in autumn and winter, often chapped lips, cracks and bleeding. This is mainly due to the dry weather in winter, large wind and sand, insufficient vitamin intake and irregular work schedule.



1. When peeling on the lips, don’t use your hands to tear them hard. Apply them with a hot towel for a minute or two. After the skin is completely softened, apply a lip balm again, and finally apply a moisturizing lip gloss.
2. After the meal, you must first wipe the oil on the lips with a paper towel, and then apply lip gloss or lipstick, which helps to protect the skin of the lips.
3. Frequently rubbing your lips, biting your lips, or smoking, will make your lips become more and more dry and even peeling. It will make lip gloss or lip glaze difficult to spread and fade easily.
4. If the lip lines are densely covered, it is recommended to use a gel-like lip balm with moisturizing effect, which not only locks the moisture in the skin, but also intensively hydrates and reduces pigmentation.

5. If the fine lines on the lips have spread beyond the lip line, it is best not to apply the lipstick often, because the paste easily penetrates into these fine lines, making the lip makeup look less clean.
6. Try to buy quality lip makeup products. Because cheap lipsticks basically contain excessive amounts of wax, it not only does not moisturize the lips, it also affects normal metabolism.
7. Before applying lipstick, it is best to apply a layer of lip balm first, which can deeply moisturize the lips, and also prevent the pigment in the lipstick from penetrating into the lip lines, and at the same time make the color of the lipstick more vivid.
8. Use a special lip makeup remover with no alcohol and mild ingredients to avoid excessive cleansing power and remove lip oil, causing lip irritation.


The skin of the lips is sensitive, so when choosing a makeup remover, try to choose a milder one. Gently press on the lips with a clean cotton dampening the lip balm for 5 seconds, then divide the lips into 4 zones and gently wipe from the lip corners.

Lip-specific exfoliating products generally contain a cool mint formula that smoothes and moisturizes the lips while also providing a repairing and calming effect, once a week.



Why not use your thumb and forefinger to gently massage your lips while sitting at home watching TV? The method is: use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the upper lip, the index finger does not move, the thumb is gently pressed; then use your index finger and thumb to pinch the lower lip, the thumb does not move, gently move the index finger to massage the lower lip. Then, massage the upper and lower lips rhythmically in the opposite direction in the above manner, and repeat it several times, which can reduce the lateral wrinkles of the lips. If you have longitudinal wrinkles in your mouth, use both hands to honing from the center of the lips to the sides of the lips, which will make the skin feel elongated. The upper lip and the lower lip can be repeated several times.


Lipstick & Lip balm

Remember to use a moisturizing lip balm that does not contain flavors and pigments, contains natural yeast extracts and has hydration. Before going out to apply lipstick, first use lip balm to strengthen the protection of the lips and mucous membranes. Some lipsticks can also protect from the sun. After bathing at bedtime, the blood circulation in the lips is very good, so the lip balm effect is the best at this time. 5. Upper lip membrane
The lip membrane will give the lips a more considerate care. You can use a serum and a gentle nutrient cream to mix in a ratio of 1:1 and apply it carefully around the lips and lips. But now in the mall and cosmetics counters, you can buy a lip film. It is convenient and very good.


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