Is there any DIY Natural Moisturizers for Routine Skincare?


We are here sharing very simple DIY natural moisturizers! Each moisturizer requires only 3 ingredients or less!  Ready These Ingredients:


If you have unmanageable hair, dry, cracked, or irritated skin, or simply want a natural moisturizer for your face and body, try our pure and natural Jojoba Oil. 

  • Nourishes skin
  •  Naturally moisturize scalp.
  • Gives hair strength, moisture, manageability as a humectant 
  •  Anti-inflammatory properties soothe, protect, and evens tone for irritated skin caused by weather – chapped, dry, chafed skin or lips. 
  •  Boosts hair resilience, and restores brittle hair to natural moisture, body and shine 
    Great for every hair type

1) For Hair: Massage 2-4 drops of Jojoba Oil into scalp 10 to 20 minutes before showering. 

2) For Skin: To moisturize skin, apply 2-3 drops to area of skin and notice how quickly your skin absorbs the Jojoba Oil. 

3) For Makeup Removal: Rub 3-4 drops on face, gently dislodging any makeup or dirt buildup. Wipe away with warm, wet towel or rinse with warm water. 




  • Small wound and cut healing
  • Scar appearance reduction
  • Stretch mark elimination
  • Wrinkle relief
  • Arthritic discomfort relief
  • Inflammation reduction

frankincense oil


Aroma: Floral. Benefits: Soothing, normalizing, balancing

  • Soft and calming aroma
  • Can be diffused for aromatherapy or added to a warm bath
  • Clean light scent and texture make it one of the most versatile oils
  • Its clean, light scent and texture make it one of the most versatile oils
  • 100% pure and natural providing all of the active aromatherapy constituents
  • Can be diffused for aromatherapy or added to a warm bathlavender-essential-oil-for-routine-skin-care


  • Naturally non-comedogenic
  • Anti-inflammatory agents reduce swelling, stinging and redness
  •  Loaded with vitamin A (for cellular turn over and also collagen production)
  • Vitamins E, F and fatty acids for deep moisture
  • Repairs aggravated skin
  • Fights fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone
  • Shields skin from pollution, sunlight and strong winds
  • Contains phenols, the same antioxidants found in green tea
  • Completely safe for men, women, children and also pregnant moms
  • Helps stop the itching of stretching skin
  • Strengthens and regenerates skin by enhancing collagen production
  • It is an essential ingredient in homemade salves, balms, body butters, soap, lotions and more!



  • Botanical name: Prunus dulcis | Extraction: Cold-pressed from the kernels of sweet almonds | Absorption: Sweet Almond is well absorbed into the skin, and leaves a slightly oily feeling.
  • Perfect carrier oil for creating your own essential oil blends.
  • Full of vitamins A, B, and E which promote healthy skin and have a lasting effect on your hair and nails, too!



  • No parabens or petrochemicals, fragrance and color free for all types of skin including dry, irritated or sunburned, scratches, scars, stretch marks and it helps treat acne too. Use it on your hair as a hair gel.
  • Absorbs into your skin and hair rapidly without an oily or sticky residue, as frequently happens with other products. Perfect for the whole family including the youngest ones!


DIY Natural Moisturizer

Moisturizer #1: 5 ml jojoba oil 3 drops Frankincense 3 drops lavender

Moisturizer #2: 1/4 cup shea butter 1/8 cup sweet almond oil A few drops of your choice of essential oils

Moisturizer #3: Equal parts aloe vera gel and jojoba oil A few drops of your choice of essential oils

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