What gifts should we prepare for them in New Year?

Hey guys, look at your calendar, it’s 28th, Dec. today, only last 3 days in 2018.  Are you ready to say goodbye to 2018? Are you thinking same with me, why this year go end such quickly? Until now, my wallet…….still… a little bit empty yet…Haha.

Today the topic is, New year is coming soon..How many days you get off on New Year? Is it exactly a nice holiday for you? Some friend replied:  Definitely yeah,  we will have time to rest, a new face, new concept, new plan,  and maybe have a nice journey with family, as well make some new friends,  new achievements, sounds cool, can’t wait it’s coming.


While there are few people said:  Noooo…… Holiday’s coming like a big headache. You know why? Coz we have to make some budget and ready gifts for our best relatives. I believe kids will happier on holiday, they can have lucky money, gifts, new clothes, new shoes….


So for getting cured this headache, we take some guiding for our friends to solve it. First, you need to make a budget chart to clear how to spend and save some money for your wallet.

Budget Chart ( Better you take a note to avoid overbudget, something like below)

  1. For buying new things:  20%
  2. For Gift: 20%
  3. Travel: 40%
  4. This budget only for yourself, to achieve what you want but don’t have yet: 20%

Below will show some suggestion for New Years Gift for your parents, grandparents, lovers, kids, friends, sister, and brother.


A garment steamer, Massager, sphygmomanometer, body fat meter, blood glucose measurement, footbath, foot bath, ginseng, Essential oil disphuser,Bird’s nest, blood donkey



Nutrition food, sweeping robot, socks, scarfs, Clothes,



Clothes, toys, pens, notebook, shoes, bags, games, headbands, head bow, kids guitar, intelligent robot,



Watches, bags, scarf, perfume, necklaces, lipsticks, skincare, and makeup items.



Perfume, hairbrush, lipstick, bags, Facial Cleansing Brush Rechargeable Waterproof.



Sister: Necklace, earrings, watch, chain bracelet, lipstick, facial steamer, skincare products, makeup products.

Brother: Electric shavers, belt, wallet, tie, watch, gorgeous pen.


Finally, above these suggestion enough for your choice, hope these tips can help save some time and get some ideas.

Are you ready welcome 2019?  Let’s get started to countdown the last days of 2018. Pls leave us your like, comment and share and subscribe if you like our blog, thank you for reading.

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