What kind of Celebrity do you like?

“Web Celebrity” refers to a person who is popular in the real life or online life because of an event or behavior, and who is popular with the Internet or who continues to export professional knowledge for a long time.


Web Celebrity” refers to a person who is popular in the real life or online life because of an event or behavior, and who is popular with the Internet or who continues to export professional knowledge for a long time.

Their popularity is magnified by the role of the Internet because of certain characteristics of their own. It is in line with the psychology of Internet users’ aesthetics, ugliness, entertainment, excitement, voyeurism, delusion, taste and spectator, and is intentionally or unintentionally sought after by the online world. Become a “Web Celebrity”. Therefore, the generation of “Web Celebrity” is not spontaneous, but the result of a combination of interest groups such as Web Celebrity, network promoters, traditional media, and audience psychological needs under the network media environment.


Development of Future

The web celebrities are divided into three generations: one in the writing era; the second in the graphics age; the third in the broadband era.

Web Celebrity in the era of writing

The earliest network reds, even in the 56k era of the Internet, it is an era of literary enthusiasm, nurturing the generation of network reds, their common feature is to settle down and become popular.

Web Celebrity in the Graphic Age

When the Internet has entered the high-speed graphics era, the reds at this time began to flourish like fashion magazines. In such an era, online women have taken advantage of them and carried them in pictures. If you want to ask why, the reason is that the Internet at this time has a taste of the era of reading pictures.

Web Celebrity in the Broadband Era

As the Internet became wider and wider, and entered the era of broadband, the popularity of online songs was also a prominent feature of the arrival of reds in the broadband era.

Different Celebrity in 4 Kinds

1.Artistic talent

This type of network red people mainly relies on their own artistic talents to get the majority of netizens sought after. Most of them are located in the grassroots. They are not born in the class. They do not accept the so-called “regular” training. They often rely on their extraordinary talents and self-learning under the control of interest, thus forming they are own unique in an art field. Style or skill. They are popular by passing their work on personal websites or on some of the more influential professional websites. Because they are different from the mainstream unique tastes in art, they can gradually accumulate good popularity and have a certain A fixed fan base.


2. Funny and famous

This type of Web Celebrity has caused a lot of net name attention by publishing “self-display” (including self-exposure) of videos or pictures on the network, and then became popular. Their “self-presentation” is often characterized by sensationalism, and their speeches and behaviors often attract public attention by “out of place.” Their behavior has a strong purpose, including a certain commercial purpose, and there is no difference between the star and the hype, in order to arouse everyone’s ideas.


3. Accidental fame

This type of network red person is opposite to the second type. They are not subjectively speculating themselves, but they are inadvertently transmitted to the network by netizens through photos or videos because their identity and their performance are the same. The general impression has a large contrast and quickly attracts the attention of the majority of netizens, becoming a “Web Celebrity.” Because they have one or two bright spots because of their “avant-garde” that is inconsistent with their identity, they are discovered and spread by some netizens who are eye-catching. The public is concerned by the psychology of hunting, and they feel fresh and interesting as a pastime. But they often don’t know that they have become the focus of the network at some point.


4. Network pusher fame

This type of network red man is carefully planned, and there is often a team behind them. After careful planning, they generally choose to deliberately show themselves through certain actions in a certain high-caliber situation, leaving a part of the public. Deeper impressions will then organize a lot of manpower and material resources to promote and post discussions in various popular forums across the country, creating a very hot illusion that will attract more attention from netizens.


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