What is the most popular color of makeup in 2018?

Sorry, I won’t answer you directly, but below this blog will help you find the answer.

Make-up is one of the means of beauty, out of courtesy and more confident. Some performances also use make-up, and even include costumes such as masquerade, imitation show, Cosplay and so on.


BASE –Highlight

Natural, transparent and bright, is the main appeal of 2018 makeup.

But it is not a plain makeup like a sense of fog, but a delicate radiance on the makeup of a plain face. There is no glimpse of the radiance, but there is no trace of the makeup product, and the bright luster from the inner layer of the skin.

I have to mention HIGHLIGHT when talk luster this year! Brightening is a very important makeup keyword in 2018! Brightening products, whether liquid, powder or even creamy, can be seen everywhere this year.

With a high-gloss look, European and American bloggers like to brighten their cheekbones and create a very cool look, like Rehanna’s makeup. However, if the Orientals brighten their cheekbones, they will be very proud, so they can be converted into bright spots at the apex of laughter to create a cute feeling.


Lip Makeup

Lip glaze is also the main item of lip makeup this year, with high concealer and color.

I also like to use the lip glaze to draw the lips full of lips, and then use cotton swabs to gently slide from the center of the upper lip to create a heart-shaped effect.

In addition, 2018 will be popular “make your lips.” That is, the pattern is drawn on the lips, or the lip products of different textures are used to achieve the effect of makeup. For example, only the lip line is drawn, or only the half lip is drawn, and there are many exaggerated colors.


Dry Rose Eye Makeup

 Earth-shadow eyeshadows are a must-have item for this year. However, you can match it with different textures.

For example, first use the skin gold, or dry rose to make a base, dark to paint the eyelids, the depth of the eyes will come out. Then use the crystal diamond to spot the pupil directly above the pupil to create a shiny feeling. Be sure to draw your eyeshadow, the entire eye will naturally zoom in, and the complete eye makeup will add a sense of light.


Emma Watson’s Gradient Blush

This year’s cheek color is focused on the layering. Through a stack of different textures and colors, a blush of gradation is created. This year, I personally like to blush the blush on the top of the laughing muscles, so that you can create a youthful, cute, slightly sensation, and also improve the popularity of people!


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