How many face shapes do you know? And what is yours?


Some friends will ask why do you want to distinguish your face?

Everyone will find that their different hairstyles have different visual effects, and the visual effects of wearing different collars are different. These different effects are of course because each person has a different face shape, and through the face type we can find the style that best suits your hair, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, … clothes. So now I’m going to talk about my face~

We divided the common faces into 7 categories, but how can we determine which category we belong to?


1.Square face

Square faces may contain rectangular faces and square faces.

a. Chin has a sense of angle

b. Your cheekbones are almost the same width as your forehead and chin.

The square face can be roughly divided into a square face and a rectangular face. Although the length and width may vary, there is a square chin on both sides. If your chin has not only a square corner but a thicker face, you may want to consider a triangular face.

Visual sense: very modern, giving a strong impression, some not soft enough.

Styling points: soft and visually reduce the lower half of the face

Square face.jpg


2. Round Face

The shape of a round face is similar to an ellipse but slightly shorter, usually with a rounded chin, also known as a baby face. Most friends with a round face usually looks younger than the actual age. The disadvantage is that no matter which angle it looks childish and immature, it is difficult to create a sense of trust.

The characteristics of the round face:

a. Round face is about the same length and width, almost a 2, 4 line treaty, etc.

b. The face shape of a round face is a gradually curved line instead of a hard corner.

c. Round face chin fullness

It should be noted here that it is possible that your chin will be a prominent pointed chin, but if you smile, it is still smooth, then you are also a round face.

Visual sense: lively, lovely, healthy, easy to be close, but easy to show naive, lack of trust and professionalism.

Modeling point: If your overall visual effect is full and wide, then you still have to refer to the triangle face.

Round face.jpg


The triangular face is also called the pear-shaped face. This face is narrower on the forehead. The widest part of the face is the lower jaw. It presents a small triangle with a large upper and lower face. The triangular face and the round face are similar to the most youthful face, but the disadvantages. It is obvious that the face is wider.

Features of the triangular face:

a. Narrow forehead, wide jaw and fleshy

b. Presents a small visual sense and a stable feeling

Visual sense: friendly and gentle, but lacks femininity.

Modeling point: Try to visually reduce and soften the lower half of the face to maintain a true balance of the face.

Triangle face

4.Oblong Face

Oblong face, it is possible that the entire face looks elliptical, triangular, square, but the main attribute is visually long. This face type of friend generally has a face width smaller than two-thirds of the face length. This face looks easy. Obviously arrogant.

Oblong face features:

a. Whole face is long and narrow

b. You may have a long chin / forehead

Visual sense: easy to show, giving the impression of old-fashioned, arrogant.

Visual point: mainly the vertical length of your face that is visually shortened.


5.Oval Face

The face length of the elliptical face is about 1.5 times the face width. The oval face is also known as the goose egg face. It is called the ideal face shape in the traditional aesthetic vision, or many fashion people are pursuing the face shape.

The characteristics of the elliptical face:

a. Forehead and tibia are basically the same width, slightly wider than the lower jaw,

b. Face width is about two-thirds of the face length

c. Chin is a slight circle, not too big or too small

Visual sense: beautiful and elegant, dignified and elegant, but a lack of sexy. (Mark: If your chin is not very long, then consider the rule of a round face)


6.Diamond Face

The diamond-shaped face is similar to the heart-shaped face, with a pretty pointed chin, and the face of the diamond-shaped face is well-defined, because your forehead has a narrow top and a narrower chin, and the narrow chin and the slightly sharp shin are your characteristics.

Diamond face features:

a. Temple depression, the humerus arch is prominent;

b. The forehead is narrow, the tip chin c is the shin bone.

Visual sensation: It has the advantages of three-dimensionality and making the face rich, but it will leave a bad impression of indifference, nervousness and momentum.

Modeling point: Visually expand your forehead/hairline and chin.

Diamond Face.jpg

7.Heart Face

The heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangle face. This is also the face that many people chase now, similar to the diamond face.

Heart-shaped face features:

a. Sharp chin, of course, may not be very sharp is a small round chin

b. Wider forehead or the entire upper part of the face, from the hairline to the tibia

Visual sense: sharp, charming, soft and feminine, but also easy to appear mean.

Modeling point: The heart-shaped face is different depending on the width of the face, so there is a difference in the method to be used: widening or modifying,

If you are a heart-shaped face with a short vertical length, you also need to refer to the law of a round-faced girl. If your face is very long, then the main reference is for long-faced girls.

Heart face.jpg

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