Shopping Habit Between MEN & WOMEN

1. Before shopping

  • Male – first understand the product features, functions, follow-up services, etc., and then choose according to demand, and finally the price, for everyday products, feel free to buy anything that looks good.
  • Female – first ask about the experience of friends around you, store location, consider the appearance and portability, usually buy it intuitively, and spend more time for men than everyday products.Before Shopping

2. When shopping

  • Male – will go out shopping when there is a clear need, shopping has a strong purpose, goal-oriented, like quick fix, use the least time to complete the mission quickly.
  • Female – purely enjoy the fun of shopping, discover the thrill of new products, absorb popular new information, accompany the sisters to walk away, feel bad mood, like to deal with many things at the same time, will buy it one month before the holiday.

Sales Strategy:

  • Male – for purpose sales, reminders on the day of the holiday or the first one or two days to provide a more convenient and efficient shopping environment and process, men always want to do things quickly, even if they are not in a hurry.
  • Female – cannot resist the low price, novelty small things, it is easy to accidentally buy a bunch when shopping, increase the product exposure, provide as much merchandise as possible, to meet the needs of a purchase, you can The second item is packaged together and offers a discounted price.

On shopping.jpg

3. Waiting Time

  • Male – Waiting time automatically switches to sleep mode.
  • Female-waiting time heads will search for other items that need to be purchased.

Sales Strategy:

  • Male – It is best not to let male compatriots wait too long, otherwise it will be classified as a refusal of the current household.
  • Female – When you wait too long, you can buy one get one free coupon. When she buys something for someone else, I might buy one for myself.

waiting time.jpg

The impact of social media on online shopping

Online shopping platforms and social media are sites that young people like and often use. Both can be very well integrated, and men are more likely to buy than women through social platform recommendations, presumably because men are lazy.

  • 30% of online shoppers say they will buy through social media recommendations like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  • 20% of online shoppers recommend through Facebook
  • 17% of online shoppers recommend purchases through Pinterest
  • 14% of online shoppers buy through Instagram
  • 12% of online shoppers recommend purchases via Twitter
  • 10% of online shoppers recommend through Snapchat

Social media.jpeg

Customer choice

  • 55% of online shopping is in independent stations of major brands, and 45% is through e-commerce platform
  • And in this 45%: Amazon -36%, eBay-8%, Etsy, etc. 1%
  • Average annual consumption: $ 488
  • What you bought: books, movies, music (44%), clothing, shoes and accessories (43%), computers and electronics (34%), health and beauty products (29%)

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