What Kind Of Hair Do You Have?


In daily life, we find that some people’s hair is curved like a wave, but some people’s hair is firm and straight. People are accustomed to distinguishing according to some characteristics and standards of hair.

Straight 1.jpg

For example, according to the intuitive appearance of the hair, the hair can be divided into three types: straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair.

  • Straight hair, including hard straight hair, straight hair and shallow wave hair, etc.;
  • Wave hair, including wide wave hair, narrow wave,  hair waves;
  • Curly hair, including 5 kinds of curly hair, curly hair, tight curly hair, loose spiral and tight spiral hair.


The color of hair is diverse, black, brown, yellow, white and red, etc. It is affected by the amount of melanin contained in the pigment cells of the hair follicle matrix, the presence or absence of bubbles and the structure of the hair epidermis. When it contains many melanins, it is black, when it contains less melanin, it is gray. When there is no melanin, it is red when it contains iron pigment. When there is bubble, it is lighter. If there is no bubble, it is darker. The difference between these hairs is determined by heredity and race. Caucasians are in the form of straight hair, spiral hair, wavy hair and curly hair. The color ranges from light yellow to black, and the cross-section is oval. The black hair is curled, black, and has an oblate cross-section. The yellow man’s hair is straight and not curled, and the hair has a round cross-section, black, and is a cylinder.


In addition, we can also subdivide into the following 5 types according to the traits and shape of the hair:

  • Soft hair: the hair has a small hair shaft diameter (fine hair), soft hair, poor elasticity, easy combing but not easy to shape;
  • Hard hair : This hair is thick and hard, the hair shaft is large in diameter, flexible, and difficult to comb;
  • Curly hair: hair is naturally curled, related to heredity;
  • Oily hair: more oil on the hair, resistant to erosion, but the elasticity is not stable enough, easy to form Dandruff; –
  • Sexual hair: Contrary to oily hair, lacking oil, hair is easy to dry, dull and easily broken, below straightening brush can help you possibly.

Glamfields hair brush

The latter is more commonly used in the latter classification method. This classification of hair according to nature, shape, etc. will provide a theoretical basis for effective and correct care and beauty of hair in daily life. In addition, no matter what classification method is used, it is summarized according to the characteristics of all normal human hair. There are always a high proportion of people in the population and rare hair types, and different classification methods are available. Its unique application occasions cannot be done.


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