Christmas is a festival used by Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Western Christianity usually sets the festival on December 25. Some people call it Christmas.


Christmas is a festival used by Christianity to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Western Christianity usually sets the festival on December 25. Some people call it Christmas.


Christmas is usually the biggest annual economic stimulus for countries that celebrate Christmas. In almost all retail areas, sales will grow dramatically, such as people buying gifts, decorating, and serving parties for guests.
The store took the opportunity to launch new products at a high price, and consumers used this time to buy some discounted goods. In the United States, the “Christmas Shopping Season” of the retail industry was extended to begin with Thanksgiving and ended on Good Friday. For some stores and businesses, Christmas is the only day of their year. The Christmas and New Year discounts have caused stores to sell their backlog, and the economic impact of this phenomenon will continue until the end of the day.

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In many countries, business organizations, schools, and organizations will hold Christmas parties and dance parties a few weeks before Christmas. Some organizations also have Christmas parades, and performances sometimes include stories of the birth of Christ. Some groups will also have open-air choir activities, such as visiting a neighbor’s house to sing Christmas songs. Some people want to use holidays to evoke people’s attention to relationships between people, to participate in special volunteer work, or to conduct charitable fundraising activities.

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The most typical decoration in Christmas is the Christmas tree. People will hang gifts and lanterns on the small fir trees or small pine trees, and install a big star on the top of the tree. These decorations are symbolic. The lanterns on the trees symbolize the light that Jesus brings to the world. The stars at the top of the tree represent the stars that led the three Magi to Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus. In addition to the Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe are also common decorations in Christmas. Americans often use holly branches to make a wreath on the door, or put a few branches of winter on the table as a holiday decoration. Other families hang a bunch of mistletoe on the door frame or ceiling. According to traditional customs, at Christmas time, anyone standing under the mistletoe can kiss her. The naughty boy often deliberately led the girl to the mistletoe and kissed her with confidence.


Which country are you living? Let’s see how many Public Holiday you can get for Xmas.

  • United Kingdom:2 Weeks
  • Greece:2 Days
  • Austric:2 Weeks
  • Italy:2 Weeks More
  • Irland: 2 Weeks
  • Danmark: 2 Weeks
  • Netherlands: 2 Weeks
  • Switzerland: 1 Week
  • Indonesia: 1 Week
  • South Afric:1 Month
  • Malaysia:1 Week
  • Australia:2-3 Weeks
  • Japan: 1 Week
  • New Zealand: 2-3 Weeks

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