Why does your hair keep falling?


Why your Hair Falling? You confused, worried, upset, even can not fall into sleep at night. Go to the hospital to see the doctor, after checking all the body, that is nothing reactionary molecule inside. But why you can not stop the falling haircut?

Losing hair is a universal situation, there is a report that Prince Harry, the 34-year-old Royal’s bald patch has doubled in the last year. But you are not Prince Harry, you may say he has their family genetic. When I google this word “genetic losing hair “, It occurs when you have a genetic predisposition that causes hair follicles on your scalp to be sensitive to normal levels of circulating androgens (male hormones). “In other words, your hair follicles gradually shrink and produce hairs that are slightly finer and shorter with each passing hair growth cycle.” It seems helpless if your family bring genetic losing hair. However, they can be treated with Hair Transplant.


Leave it there, today we are gonna to talking about another hair loss situation. It is not genetic but acquired factors. After a few weeks of study, I conclude several reasons that will make you hair falling cut (Especially office workers) :

Physical stress

When you get sick or suffer external trauma from certain parts of your body, it can cause hair loss. When you have a very nervous event, it will shake the hair cycle and (push) more hair into the shedding stage. Hair loss usually becomes apparent by up to six months. But it will get well and regrow when your body recover.

Sick woman laying on sofa talking on telephone. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

Psychological stress

We have seen a report in this year, many office workers that staying up late to work overtime, superiors’ oppress, tense project, resulting in a decline in their sleep quality, and hair loss, and the hair-line has become a topic of contemporary middle-class self-taunting. However, as a be hired workers who can not turn over side should try to relax and learn to have an easy stressful day.



Improper shampoo

The case of continuous hair loss caused by the use of inappropriate shampoo has really happened to my friend Mia. Luckily, her thick straight hair saves her from the annoying hair losing. Actually, she was upset and complain at that time, I suggested to try another shampoo to stop it. After a week, no longer falling haircut.


Overdoing hair beauty

Everyone loves beauty. Many girls are doing their hair to achieve the best hairstyle, but improper hot dyeing can damage the hair and even cause hair loss. Lack of hair care causes the hair to become dull and dry, and leading their hair sparse. In order to keep your hair stay in a better state and avoid hair loss, sometimes we can use some hair beauty tool which less damage your hair, instead of too much hair salon, not only its expensive cost but also do bad to our hair. It will be better if you use Haircare essence after washing it, hair straightening or curly.


There are many types of hair loss, besides above our mention, a lack of protein causes your hair to stop growing, fall out, and even … are altered. Find out the reasons for hair loss in men and hair loss in women, and treat it with a proper method. It will not be a long stubborn problem, forget that and just relax and don’t give yourself too much stress.


2 thoughts on “Why does your hair keep falling?”

  1. Essential oils can also help prevent hair loss by improving circulation and promoting follicle growth. Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, and Thyme are some of the better ones to use.


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