What to buy for kid on Christmas’ Day 2018


If you guys all put an eye with Black Friday buying just about anything, I will willing to share my shopping guide to steer clear of the duds and get only the best bargains before this Christmas, especially for kids.

Every year, base on the report we have seen there is many questions such as “I am in need of some Christmas gift ideas for my little girl. I am wondering what some of you will be getting for your babies and what are the must-have toys?”.


Or “I am going crazy trying to think of a great Christmas present for my 14-month-old daughter. I have the other toys, but I’m not sure what to get her for the “big” toy. Any suggestions? Did your baby get a great toy for their birthday that they just loved and still play? All suggestions greatly appreciated :)”. Let us leave it there, so now how to choose a special gift for kids.

As a mom with 3 children, you should take care of their pure glass dream in every new year day, it is important to then to receive a special gift on Christmas. You will never imagine that how they will mess all my plan if you still no baby.


When I was young to be a mom, I’m not too sure of the must-have toys, but we have bought our LO a trike which adjusts as she grows to about the age of 2. Also, mega blocks and her Aunt has bought her a walker (the one which they push around) with an activity center attached. Furthermore, just baby musical instruments and baby/ children’s cd’s with nursery rhymes and songs because she loves music. At this age, it seems they are more interested in the wrapping paper and empty boxes! every child is different so you are the best judge on what she likes. Try to learn more about your kid.


A stocking, one large gift each ( a doll house and FurReal pet ) and 6 smaller ones from Santa will not meet their expectancy. I was aware that my 3 years old son loves craft toy when his grandpa sent him a Manual pickup truck. From that time, I collected many craft magazine and try to find more new creative craft model. Most of the pleasure I won is the sweet smile of the little guy.



However, when my third baby born, I have realized something during care babies. I reading something in the paper yesterday and found it quite fitting with how some people view Christmas… “We celebrate the birth of a man who shunned materialism and greed with an obscene display of materialism and greed.

We usually do one present for each boy and then let them pick out presents to give to Toys For Tots. My kids, like most kids I know, have a ton of toys. More than they play with, more than they need. We feel Christmas should be a time of giving to those who don’t have instead of indulging our kids’ every whim. There’s no need to pile toys on them – in 20 years they won’t remember the toys but they will have memories of the time we spent together decorating the tree, making pancakes Christmas morning, singing carols, and all the other fun things we will do on Christmas as they grow up.

That’s the life we look forward, a meaning to celebrate Christmas.


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