Are you ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is referred to the first day after Thanksgiving every year in the United States. This day is deemed to the official start of the Christmas shopping season and is seen as a barometer of the annual Christmas sales performance of the retail industry, and one of the most valued and busy days of the year.

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People usually start Christmas purchases from this day. Many stores will get a large amount of money from customers. Traditionally, inks of different colors have been used for bookkeeping. Red indicates a deficit or a deficit, while black indicates a profit. So this Friday is called Black Friday, and they hope that after this day, the annual revenue will turn from negative to positive, from red to black. The store’s employees use the name Black Friday to ridicule, saying that this day will be awfully busy. Although Black Friday is generally a big buying spree, it can only be regarded as the second or third highest sales in a year. Usually, it is the climax on Christmas Eve or one Saturday before.


Because merchants often publish their list of price-cutting goods at the last minute, and regard this as a trade secret, and on the Internet, there are often price reduction messages received from various channels a few weeks ago, which has led to some legal disputes.

On Black Friday, most shops open at five or six in the morning, some even earlier. More merchants opened the door at 6 o’clock in the evening on Thursday. Merchants will also advertise in the newspapers a few days before Thanksgiving, issue coupons, and significantly reduce the price of goods to attract customers. Many consumers see this day as a golden moment for preparing Christmas gifts or buying bargains. Due to the limited number of price-cutting products, many popular stores (such as Wal-Mart) will line up in the front of the night. The moment of store opens, it is occasionally caused by overcrowding and scrambling. 


2018, 23TH Nov. is Black Friday,  remain a week until it comes, here is a strategy for fasting order and help you save the time.  Those Stores and websites we must know: 


shopping store

What else do you know about Black Friday? And what kind of products do you prefer to? Pls leave us messages to if you need help, as well share more interest thing to us if you get first-hand information. Glamfields wish you have a good experience in Black Friday.


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