Your garment looks okay? Decent? Or Perfect?


21st century, are you still used that overdated, clumsy, heavyweight garment iron?

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Come on! Have you tried this before? — Garment steamer, it also calls fabric steamer, hanging iron machine, hanging iron, vertical iron, which is a machine that can hang ironing and cloth. The ironing machine continuously contacts clothes and fabrics through the hot steam generated inside to achieve the purpose of softening the fibrous tissue of the clothes and fabrics, and flattens the clothes and fabrics by “pulling”, “pressing” and “spraying” to make clothes and fabrics. As good as new.

Hanging machine is generally used in noble families mainly has the following advantages:

  1. Suitable for ironing of fabrics such as fabrics, silk fabrics and wool materials;
  2. The principle of straight-through steam heating used in the hanging machine, the pressure of the steam is small, the flow rate is high, the ironing effect is very obvious, and the ironing is not required;
  3. hanging hot machine can not only iron clothes, but also can achieve the effect of dust sterilization, disinfection;
  1. At the same time, the use of the hanging machine is also very convenient and convenient, the temperature rises quickly, there is no need to wait, plus one water can iron more than 50 pieces of clothing, the capacity is very large.


The vertical steam ironing machine was invented by Americans in 1946. It was mainly used in high-end tailoring shops and aristocratic families. It is suitable for textiles made of cloth, silk, wool, cotton, and linen, especially at home. Fabric sofas, curtains, and bedding are indispensable for ironing equipment.

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Hanging machine is divided into hand-held hanging machine, ordinary steam hanging machine, pressure type steamer.

Hand-held steamer: It is small and easy to carry. It is good to carry when traveling. However, thick clothes are difficult to iron and machine life is low.


Ordinary hanging hot machine, generally adopts the principle of straight-through steam heating, the steam pressure is small, the steam flow is small, generally only 27-32g per minute, the steam temperature of the outlet is high, the effect of ironing needle silk chemical fiber clothes is obvious, the effect of ironing heavy clothes is general Need to iron repeatedly!

The pressure type steamer is generally pumped with water, and the heater is closed. The steam pressure is large, the steam flow is large, and the steam injection distance is long. The gas output is 30g, and the outlet temperature is low. The principle is the same as the high-pressure cleaner. Ironing ordinary clothes and heavy clothes works in general!


Advantages in different area:

1. comparative advantage: Studies have shown that clothes often use a flat iron to press, easy to damage the fabric, resulting in fabric fibers hard and aging. The hanging machine is ironed under natural suspension. It avoids direct damage to the fabric under the dual action of gravity and high-temperature steam (temperature above 100 degrees), and can iron clothes quickly, conveniently and easily. Make the clothes shine as new and maintain the best shape.

2. the advantages of use: steam ironing machine ironing contact with the clothes (nozzle outlet parts) is far from the steam source, the use of domestic water due to high-temperature dirt will never be as easy as a flat iron or steam ironing brush Sprayed onto the clothes, but completely in the bottom of the heater compartment (at the bottom of the heating furnace). At the same time, high-temperature steam also has the effect of dust removal, sterilization, and disinfection.

3. convenient advantages: when the hot machine is in use, the steam output speed is often 30 seconds, take the comparison, do not worry about not put on the burned clothes. When the flat iron is used, it is necessary to wait for the water in the water tank to be fully boiled, the speed is slow, and the interval of use needs to be placed vertically, etc., which is relatively cumbersome.

4. easy to operate advantages: steam hanging machine is simple to operate, just plug in the power to open the switch, adjust the temperature knob required for the clothing, will never burn to clothe. It is a must-have item for all ages and fashion homes, and flat irons are well known. If you don’t pay attention, you will burn your clothes. In addition, some hanging hot machines are specially equipped with 6 or even 9-speed adjustment functions, suitable for silk, cotton, linen, wool and other fabrics, easy to iron and live well.

5. Capacity advantage. For steaming machines that can iron more than 50 pieces of clothes at a time, for modern families, adding water should be able to use for more than one week. However, flat irons must be filled frequently because of their small amount.

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Tips for using:

First, try not to lack water. Although there are internal temperature protection measures, it is necessary to pay attention.

The second is maintenance. After using for a period of time, feel the gas volume is small, mix it with white vinegar and water 1:1, then pour it from the water inlet, shake it repeatedly, open the descaling valve at the bottom of the machine, let it go, then Rinse several times with water until there is essentially no smell of vinegar. The third is the technique of ironing clothes. The thick clothes use large power, and thin clothes such as silk use small power, close to the point, and the speed is slow. In addition, when ironing pants, you can use the spray clip. If not, you can put the pants on a flat surface and replace the flat iron with a smooth metal nozzle to achieve flat pressing.

After use, apply a professional dust cover to prevent falling soil and prevent the color of the outer plastic from discoloring or yellowing.

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