Which kind of soap dispenser more hygienic?

Is an automatic soap dispenser more hygienic than a manual one?

Definitely yeah, the touch-free soap dispenser is more hygienic than the manual soap because they are touch-free soap so they are more attractive and tends others attention in the future. As this is a touch-free soap no one can retouch this soap manually and does not cause infection by it.

And handle soap dispenser is very easy to install and they eliminate the germs from transferring which is the best thing in the automatic dispenser. Hence they are highly hygiene and protects the children from germs.

Here show details of  – Manual VS Automatic

Type A: Manual

  • Out of control when push button,
  • It will get the mess if users hand with oil or other
  • Indirectly touch with bacteria

Type B: Automatic 

Automatic soap dispenser –It is calling for global water conservation! The quantitative secretion of liquid of the automatic /Touch-free soap dispenser can avoid the waste of water resources! Reuse soap dispensers can reduce environmental and water pollution!

  • Automatic & touch-free
  • Get right amount Liquid soap
  • More Hygienic


Some friends heard that there are automatic soap dispensers that are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

How do they work?

Usually, they use a laser-based proximity sensor. Hands get close and reflect enough light back to a receiver and activate an electric actuator to pump the soap out. In theory they are good, however, I’ve seen more that are horrible, than ones that are exceptional. Many either have poor sensors or dispense enough soap to wash one finger with every action.

Operation: Soap is automatically dispensed when hands are placed in sensor zone. Dosage is preset by factory. Unit is reloaded by unlocking lock with special key (supplied), swinging open dispenser body, and removing and refilling internal soap container. Soap dispenser will continue to feed properly until empty. Tank supply is replenished manually on a cycle determined by maintenance needs. A complete instruction manual is provided in a carton with each unit.

And it is perfectly applicable to most decors such as restroom, bathroom, kitchen, coffee bar, offices, school, hotels, and restaurants.

Touchfree soap dispenser

Are you tired of cleaning the shower bottle clutter or the mess around the kitchen sink? Are you fed up with the bottles and jars crowding around your wash basin and occupying too much space? Glamfields Automatic Soap Dispenser will be your best choice of a hygienic solution — a must-have for your loving home or office, hotel, restaurant, and other public places. It allows you to buy your favorite liquids in bulk to lower your cost and save space! With one or two strokes of a pump, you will get just the right amount of liquid soap, shampoo, lotion.


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