Famous Chinese Movie Star with 3% Body Fat

“I knew that I had to make desperate efforts since I’m not particularly talented.”

彭于晏 Eddie Peng


Jiang Wen, a famous Chinese director, actor. “What most surprises me is that he can control himself,” There was a scene, Eddie Peng said, “director, is this scene should like Bruce Lee?” I said yes, everyone can have the ABS, but here the subcutaneous fat should be thinner than 6%. Peng said to give him some time, he can do it. And finally, he really did it. Control your body with your brain, which is something that many people can’t do.

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

Sunshine smile, muscular muscle, and superb acting, the charming man was really into the limelight when he films the movie “Jump Ashin!”.

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

What enviable and surprising people is that he learn and get a new skill when each movie he filmed. In 2005, Eddie Peng played a mail role in his movie “When dolphin met cat “, In order to play a good role, he specializes in dolphin training, and also got a dolphin trainer qualification certificate. Even more, the experience is written in his book: “Peng’s Dolphin Diary.”


In 2007, “Wayward Kenting”, Eddie Peng in order to be a good surfer, he learned surfing from a coach, as we known, he never asks a replace role while filming.

Eddie Peng

In a movie “Hear Me”, he was playing as a deaf-mute, you will never believe he also put his heart into learning sign language. And yes, he did.

 Eddie Peng

“If there is only a chance to turn over in your life, you have to do your best!” He has practiced for eight months at that time he at age 28. Every day he only drinks water and eats some vegetable to keep fit, but more than 10 hours a day to do Gymnastics exercises, Horizontal bars, rings, pommel horses … What he did is for a movie called “Jump Ashin!”. That he had learned all the items of gymnastics later. God never disappoints the studious. Eddie Peng won the Golden Horse Best Actor Award.

 Eddie Peng

He has charming a body by all women, man ashamed himself because of Eddie Peng 3% fat of his body. We often can see people comment his works, “I enjoyed every minute of the film and your performance as Sun Wukong. Since I was a little girl I like that character and the story of the Journey to the West. Greetings from a Cuban who resides in Chile.”

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

How many people forget what they want to pursue, what is now, in a hurry behind the time? Peng always know his time was used to promote himself, and every second of his life cannot be perfunctory.


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