How to Stay away from wrinkles?

People do not hesitate to invest in their own beautiful career. Wrinkles, Aging become the target of the public. As well known, Moisturizing Cream is the most basic skin care product, according to the survey data show that three-fourths of women and half of the men use the moisturizing cream every day. Even the straight man who never studies skin care may put a little moisturizing cream on his face in autumn and winter. Is moisturizing cream really useful? Will the more expensive moisturizing cream effect is better?!


The researchers invited 25 volunteers to do the experiment. Asking they to rub moisturizer on one side of their face for the next three weeks, and then compare the data before and after the experiment. The researchers selected the three kinds of UK’s top-selling moisturizing creams, priced at 1.6 pounds per 100ml, 24 pounds, 43 pounds, represent of the cheap, medium and top level. Of course, the volunteers didn’t know what they were using. Before release of the results, the moderator let everyone guess which effect is the best, while most people believe the theory of “cheap No Good goods”, they all thought the most expensive one was being used on themselves. However, data hit their face: The cheapest moisturizing effect is the best one, following is the middle section, and the most expensive that is actually the worst!

Is moisturizing cream really useful?

The main reason to cause wrinkles is sunshine, not age?

In this BBC program, the host and experts to find a 40-year bus driver, show us his left and right face, you can see clearly, the right face by the window side which was exposed to the sun for a long time, the eyes around the wrinkles significantly more than the left!

The main reason to cause wrinkles is sunshine, not age?

The professor then explained: 75% of wrinkles are blamed for the sun’s rays, and a large portion of the remaining 25% is due to external factors, such as environmental pollution and smoking. 



If a person almost does not touch the sun, her skin will also be very good even if in his 60-year-old, until about 80 years old, will begin to have the traces of aging. So the original we are most concerned about the age of growth will not cause wrinkles, in fact, the impact is negligible! Specifically, the real culprit is ultraviolet light in the sun, where short-wave ultraviolet (UVB) can cause sunburn, and UVA (UVA) lead skin aging.




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