What if the kleenex stick on the wet clothes?

When it comes to washing clothes in the machine, the most troublesome is “wash clothes with paper towels together“. What should we do?
As well known, many people sometimes may forget to take out the kleenex from their pockets while washing their clothes. Accidentally, paper towels will be crushed and stained on clothes, in this situation, sanitary confetti destroyed a whole barrel of clothes.

Absolutely we don’t want to wash the kleenex clothes again, so let’s clean it now:

No.1: Sponge

It’s not easy to get rid of the confetti. At this moment, you can use a sponge and soak in the water, put flat the clothes, then start to wipe the confetti with a wet sponge, you will find that these small pieces of tissue can quickly wipe off.


No.2: Dry the clothes

You don’t need to worry to wash again, as long as naturally dry in the sun, shaking the clothes back and forth. Sometimes, this method is effective, the paper towels can be clean off. But most of the time, this method will not work on cotton-padded clothes.

No.3: Scotch Tape

Try to wrap the Scotch tape around the brush or your hand, and then stick the confetti off the clothes, which takes time but works well.


No.4: Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover

Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover, in fact, similar to double-sided glue, but it is a drum, so just scroll on the drying of clothes for a few times, wipe off all the confetti is okay.

Multi-Purpose adhesive Dust Remover,



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