Do you Hate Acne? Let’s Say goodbye

Why is acne so not like to be seen by people? Do you hate it, do you think acne is ugly? Can acne be cured? How should we prevent acne?


Why is acne so not like to be seen by people? Do you hate it, do you think acne is ugly? Can acne be cured? How should we prevent acne?

We all know that acne makes people’ face look dirty, we never want it to appear on our faces. Usually, people are frustrated because of acne, think it makes us ashamed. I have a female roommate in college, she has a good figure, but what bothers her is that there is always an endless acne on her face. Long acne and blackheads in her face leave a lot of potholes, as we know, such kind of facial skin will not too smooth, even the thick foundation cannot cover. What’s more, she lost some interview opportunities because of the relationship between acne.


Another friend of mine, now she is working for a professional beauty company. Also plagued her is the acne, she is a woman that loves beauty very much, there has a variety of skin care products and cosmetics in her room. there is a period of time, her face crazy grow out acne because of the pressure of work, you can hardly imagine a so beautiful people encounter acne. She began to stop using cosmetics, accepts medication, and medical beauty, absolutely spent nearly two months salary on a few courses of treatment.


Everything change since she takes my opinion, I am a person seldom has acne, because I do my skincare every day and always clean it deeply. However, 3 years ago, I was a person that with crazy acne on my face. I read a tip that told people why Acne exist and what is the original reason. Clean Skin! Then I try it myself, in my 3-year testing, I found a great gadget to help me with my skin beautifully, it is a facial brush. This product is a must for anyone even men, if you suffer from acne buy this! The reason I bought this is because I was using the new too faced foundation for a week and oh man it destroyed my face, I broke out everywhere and I rarely break out, if I do it’s usually on my forehead. Well anyways this foundation turned my face to look awful and I wanted to cry, I tried buying high-end products from Sephora because I was so desperate to fix my face and nothing worked, I stopped putting that too faced makeup on but my face still did not clear up and I really wanted to cry because of how bad my face was getting so I went on a search on Amazon to try and find something to help and I discovered this scrubber and thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and I am so happy I did! It is the best $20 I have ever spent in my life. As a die-hard Sephora fanatic, I almost bought the former mini or the Clarisonic, both are extremely expensive but thanks to the Glamfields cleanser I don’t even need to waste the extra money because this device is amazing! You will not be disappointed! And on a side note, I have really really sensitive skin and the brush did not hurt my face at all.

qqe688aae59bbe20180625155851.png           QQ截图20180625144906


As you can see from my before and after pics I do still have some acne but the majority of it has gone away and that was from me using the Glamfields only once.



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