Why to Use the Wireless Charger?


Recently got a new phone that had Opernee wireless charging capabilities. I saw this charger with good reviews and an unbeatable price and bought it to charge my phone at work. It has worked great until recently. I would set it on the charging pad and my phone would charge, but now I have to put my phone in just the right spot for it to charge and even then it cuts in and out of charging. I’ll keep it for now since it still technically works.


Why use the Wireless charger?

One important concept of wireless charging is made mobile phone recharged itself during the fragmentation time.

When we use the phone, just pick it up directly, because of the electricity already enough. Let’s assume two scenarios:

Weekday: In the morning, the mobile phone is full (charged last night).

Morning (office): put the mobile phone on the table (under the desktop with a wireless charger) to recharge it, you start a day of work never worry there is without charging to carry on your next task.


Noon: Play game, watch soap opera.

Evening: Before going to bed, put the cell phone on the table and start charging, never worry the phone is overcharged that could lead damage. So the cycle, working days do not have to worry about the phone will no electricity, there is no need to charge while using the phone.


Non-working days: Take it easy if stop electric in the home, just go out. Wireless chargers are installed in various public places, such as coffee shops and so on.

Now you don’t have to worry about not having a place to recharge your phone. What’s more, it very slim and visually pleasing. I like the LED lights on the sides that rotate for 1 minute after charging has begun. It charges my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge very well and I like how the Opernee logo looks.


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