How to Make your Hair look Shiny and Textured

How to Make your Hair look Shiny and Textured

How to make your hair look shiny and textured, rather than rough, a lot of broken hair blown up? Before high school, my hair volume is very much a lot. But later, my hair loss and edgy matte. After graduating from senior high school, hair care for a year and a half, it became good, and my hair not greasy, water and oil balance. I would like to share my experience here.

If the hair has been edgy to seriously affect your mood when you looking in the mirror, absolutely hay hair appearance, then I suggest that the hair should be decisively cut short, new start!

How to Make your Hair look Shiny and Textured

Replenish the nutrition needed to the hair. “Hair is the End of Blood”, that said your hair, scalp actually to some extent also reflects your health status. If you do not have extra budget to buy quality hair care products. I suggest walnuts, sesame, black beans should be the best choice. I have eaten black sesame walnut powder for a year and a half, or you can also take them with oats. In addition, the hair is protein composition, so if some people are Vegetarian, pay attention to supplement beans. I like mixing black beans in brown rice, such as soybean beans. I don’t really suggest eating meat, but if you have a good digestive system you can skip this. I am not professionals so I don’t understand the principle of professionalism, but my own experience tells me that scalp oil is usually too greasy of my diet. healthy_food_good_diet

Sleep regularly and go to bed early. The quality of the hair is related to the function of liver hematopoiesis detoxification. Go to bed early, not only to the hair, facial skin, also to our mood is very good. Just select the shampoo and conditioner which suit yourself. Wash your hair gently, use your abdomen to massage, remember to wring your hair before using conditioner. Finally, rinse your hair with cold water and wash your hair (away from the scalp), via doing this step you can smooth out the hair scales.

How to Make your Hair look Shiny and Textured

Trim your hair regularly, most people may not know that long hair tail is dead. So, not only keep your hair a bit oily, regularly repair hair tail could stimulation growth. In all, your natural hair doesn’t look good because you’ve likely never taken proper care of it, simply because you didn’t know better. If you want healthier, better-looking hair, just start making a healthy diet and using products geared towards healthy hair and cope with the transition phase you will encounter as best you can.


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