Best Gift Idea to Father’s Day


If you’ve been looking for a better Father’s Day gift for your daddy, this wireless charger will be your best choice.

Old father always like electronic products, they keep pace with the times, why pick up a cool gift for father?


Why is the best choice to choose wireless charger?

Sometimes, it is annoying if we can not find the charger cords. Especially when our iPhone was power exhausted, but other’s is the android cord, helpless for this moment.

Now say goodbye to cables or USB interface require, you will not be troubled by different phone cords anymore!


Power monitor for safety to protect your phone and wireless charging with a function of Temperature control. Compatible with phone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy note5/galaxy s6/galaxy S6 edge/galaxy S6 edge+/galaxy S6.

You know we worry about that if the phone fells from the desk suddenly while charging. Take it easy, Opernee wireless charger comes with IP54 waterproof skid resistant,scratch-resistant, dustproof, anti-slip, anti-drop and anti-shock.


How can I know if my phone fully charged?

LED indicator light to let you know about the status of your charging!

Slove embarrassed income problem. If you don’t have too much income, but neither want to send something looks cheap. Opernee wireless charger is your decent choice, it is a kind of fashion, but also without losing the practicality of the function, now you can get the most favorable price, as long as the $7.94, in this summer, turn technology fashion in your palm.

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