Best deal in May|80% off get Solar Spotlight

Best deal in May_Solar Spotlight

Opernee Solar Light with a motion sensor is excellent. I’ve purchased and returned a few outdoor lights recently and finally stumbled across these. I received the lights about a week ago and took them out of the box just last night about two hours before total darkness. I set them up on the ground as landscape lighting just to see how they worked. These turned on at dusk and have a lower light setting that is actually quite bright, and then when motion is detected, they shine brighter for a bit. Well much to my surprise, I went outside at 5:30 and they were still on, and when I passed my hand in front of the lights they kicked into high gear as if the night was just starting! So I’d say it was a solid 10 hours of pitch black operation and they were still working at full power. Can’t speak to the longevity, but the out-of-the-box performance is awesome! It’s really easy to install on your wall.


How to use Solar Spotlight?

Just follow the instruction step by step, let the solar panel face the sun so the battery can charge automatically. After installation, you can adjust the light’s direction, turn the lights in the direction you want, then just wait the night come. After the sun goes down, the dark raise up, you can see the light up. The thing I like is the light has the sensor that can detective when people come closer, the light becomes brighter. The light bulbs are LED, so the effect very obviously, you can see very clear under the lights! After all, this LED solar lights just incredible and helpful to your home.


How does Opernee Solar Spotlight reach to achieve long-term lighting?

It comes with 6”x6” larger solar panel & bigger capacity offer longer working time. Using the best polysilicon solar panel(5V/3W), 4.5h fully charged for 4500mAh battery lighting up to 9-11h, quickly and absolutely absorb solar energy. Get all night security lighting without any expense.

If you worry about there would be thieves at night! No worry! This Solar Spotlight built-in PIR Motion Detection Sensor, can detect up to 20ft away, range 120 degrees, bright mode(600LM) turn on for the 60s after the motion detected, then turn to DIM mode. Beware of fakes! Please identify the OPERNEE solar light only sold by OPERNEE Direct! The double lamps on the two sides of the solar spotlights with 6 LED*50 Lumen in each one. No darkness dead corner with 60°solar panel and twin 350°rotatable spotlights. It can be independently flexibly rotated, and set lighting to any angle you want. How safe that suit for family, must be a great choice to set in your yard.

Solar Spotlight

Maybe now it is spring or summertime, so it is longer than other days. You don’t think it is a must-have household item, but once winter comes, the daytime length will become very short. At that time, you will find that with a solar lamp earlier should be a wise decision. After all, press the switch and install the outdoor yard wireless light on the wall by anchors and screws. And its waterproof and weather resistant for all kinds of severe weather, Perfect for garden yard lawn patio landscape security, not least for garage porch driveway pathway decking or any spot alike.

Luckily, I checked out last week, and Opernee is on the deal and we can get 80% off. Such an attractive discount! Follow their Facebook to get the code.

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