What is the best Gift to Girlfriends|2018 May

Best friendship-best-gift-girlfriends-gift

A simple and thoughtful gift is warm and loving care among friends. We may agree that pick a gift to girlfriends is easier than send a gift to our sisters. Because with the progress of society, there are fewer and fewer brothers and sisters living in a common circle. With the formation of small homes, there are seldom common topics. Therefore, more emotions are placed on friends of the same age.

The best time we accompany with our girlfriends:

Every day we went to school with the same hair knot! We hid in the room to dress up the
Barbie doll, we would love to share with each other, feeling happy in our childhood.

girls with same hairstyle-glamfields

We used to quietly talk about the boys we crush and walk silently behind him on campus. Going to the basketball court to watch him plays basketball, everywhere we go if he was there. We even invite he to our birthday party…

hubbys job

When you broke with your boyfriend, your girlfriend accompanied with you. You talk about it upset on the embankment, after a few hours, you feel relief.


Later, you graduated, each of you had your own work. Sometimes you gather together and started to gossip about each other’s work and salary. Then you laugh again. This is the best time, also the most confused moment.


In the spare time, you will go out on a date with them and do hair together. They are the group of people who you can meet without doing shampoo. You never feel impolite and they never feel embarrassed.


Sometimes your friendship is like a straightener hairbrush, straightforward. It is not noble, not necessary, but it does give you the most gentle and timely comfort at any time. No burden, never feel dragged.

best Gift to Girlfriends-STRAIGHTENER-HAIRBRUSH



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