The best Wireless Charging in May 2018

Top wireless charger with affordable price in May. Wireless charging is a technology that allows charging over (very) short distances without cables.

The best Wireless Charging in May 2018
If you do not change with the technologic fashion, you will be out by the tide of the Times!
1. Your desktop often has a variety of messy charging lines, and sometimes you can’t find the one that belongs to your phone.
2. When iPhone was just launched, owning an iPhone was a symbol of identity. Later, iPhone became an arcade and you found that it was no longer proud.
What makes you different?

best Wireless charger
—Wireless chargers QI-compatible devices.
—Compatible with WPC 1.2 standard
—Fast Charging support iPhone 7.5 W/ Samsung 10W
—Compatible with 5W device
—Compatible with QC 2.0/ QC 3.0 power socket
—Temperature, power monitor for safety
—LED status indicator.
Typical Compatible Device:
 Apple:iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
Samsung:Galaxy Note5/Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 edge/Galaxy S6 edge+/Galaxy S6 active/S7/S8
Advanced Safety Feature_swireless_charging


—Choose QC2.0/QC3.0 power socket; Normal DC 5V1A/2A socket only working with 5W

—Connect the charger cable to the power adapter and plug it into the power socket.

—For wireless charging, place the device to be charged on top of the charger. The device must be placed directly over the center of the charger for charging function to work optimally. Note that on some devices you may have to activate wireless charging in settings.

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