How to remove label residue adhesive?

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Today I will show you how to remove label residue adhesive. The adhesive residue on the label is very troublesome and it is not easy to remove. Actually, the method of removal depends on how stubborn the glue is. I want to introduce several good ways to remove the adhesive.

Method 1: Rub, press, scrape
1. Try to pry the glue into a ball. If it is the glue that has just stick, it will not too tenacious. This method is very effective. Rub repeatedly all viscose with a little force in your fingers. The glues will roll up into balls slowly and can be easily peeled off.

2. Use your scissors, old credit card, or a knife to scrape off the remaining adhesive. If you are using a very sharp tool, try to scrape it horizontally, otherwise, it will be easy to scratch. You don’t have to worry about scratching the surface of the object with a credit card so you can operate it more carefully.
Use knives or scissors to treat glass or metal items with care. It may scratch the surfaces. So it is best to use other methods to remove the adhesive.

Remember do not face the blade while scraping, to avoid inadvertently hurt.
3. Wrap the tape around your finger to press the remaining adhesive. Tape around the index finger and middle finger with the adhesive facing outward.
If the tape loses its stickiness without cleaned the adhesive. You can go to the other side or use the new tape directly.

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4. Wipe the remaining adhesive vigorously with a damp cloth, ordinary wipes or disinfecting wipes. Rub the remaining adhesive vigorously with a damp cloth until it no longer sticky. You may need to wait until the surface dries up and repeat several times before you can completely remove the adhesive.

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Method 2:Use soapy water and vinegar
1. Pour soapy water into the container. This method is best for glass jars that can be soaked in water without damage. The container must be able to hold what you are washing and a few glasses of water, for example, you can use a big bowl. Mix the dishwashing detergent with hot water and pour it into the container.

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Do not fill it too full, otherwise, the water will overflow when the object is soaked in.
2. Soak for half an hour. The labels and residual adhesive on the glass jars must be completely soaked in soapy water. After soaking for half an hour, the glue will dissolve and the residue should come off easily.

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3. Rub the surface with soapy water. It should be easily removed after soaking for half an hour, then wipe the rag with soapy water and wipe off the residue.

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4. Try to use vinegar. No matter what kind of glue, it should be softened after soaked in soapy water. Even if there is some stubborn glue on the surface of the object, it should be removed easily with diluted vinegar.
Notice, vinegar cannot be used on marble, gemstones, aluminum and pig iron. It will corrode and damage the surface of these objects.

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