Best soap dispenser for Thanksgiving!

When I saw my mom get crazy while cleanup, I decide to pick up a helper as Thanksgiving gift. She pressing the Soap Dispenser so many times, and can’t release her hands to take a rest, let this hand-off gadget stops the busy day.

Germs are everywhere and hands provide the perfect transport vehicle to spread illness and possible infection. Washing hands properly is the single most important thing we can do to keep from getting sick and spreading the illness to others, Glamfields touch-less automatic liquid soap dispenser helps you stay germ-free and comes with built-in accurate infrared motion & IR sensor detection technology that detects your hand within one pass.



The bothers of traditional dispenser.

  1. No touch-free, repeatedly press make your cleanup messy;
  2.  Multiple presses are required when the infusion tube has gas;
  3. Residual liquid in the liquid outlet will condense and block the liquid outlet in winter!
  4. Touch type will have the bacterial infection!
  5. Without liquid control, spurt out liquid would increase the burden of housekeeping!
  6. Press-type soap bottles seldom recycling, not in line with the concept of environmentalism!
  7. Unable to control the amount of liquid cause waste!
  8. Nowadays, everyone is using modern home furnishings, fashionable.

However Glamfields soap dispenser overturn all shortages:

1. Glamfields Touch-free Soap dispenser easy to install & fill the liquid, drip directly by wave hand under the dispenser.
2. Perfect compact areas & features a no-drip valve with water-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof design.

3. Touch-free to reduce germs and cross-contamination.
4. Strong anti-interference ability-effectively strengthen the ability of anti-interference from floodlight or sunlight,detect your hands accurately and speedy.
5. Upgraded motor-power system-updated motor gear settings make the motor turn more smoothly and more powerful. Lasts up to 4000 spins.

6. Convenient on-off button-only one gentle press of the power button can easily turn on/off the device.
7. Two level of dispensing volume-circular 2 levels volume adjustable, more convenient and easier to adjust the dispensing volume.
8. Delivery standardized dose of hand soap or sanitizer-immediate & controllable detection, hands off(gently) detection stops, needless to worry about waste if soap.


It is hailed by the Wiki as one of the top ten inventions that change the habits of modern family health. If you still looking for a household to improve your life quality, you should not miss Glamfields automatic soap dispenser, let it add style to your bathroom or kitchen. If you wanna to test this new gadget, you can also enter their Free Trial Center.


Best Hair Epilator capture and remove in one stroke

If one day Kim Kardashian forgets to shave her underarm hair and unfortunately, she was photographed by the paparazzi, we will be scornful to such kind of picture. Girl, remove your armpit hair if you don’t want show people your embarrassing unwanted hair when you dress a bikini.


Almost all girls have armpit hair naturally (except maybe those with alopecia). It is completely natural. Shave it if that’s your personal presence, but if you don’t like the negative effects of shaving (dry skin, ingrown hairs, textured skin), don’t worry about other’s opinions and do whatever you’re comfortable with. But if you really care, thinking about to own smooth skin and beauty bodyline, let’s remove the unwanted hair growth.


Recently, CHAINER Hair Epilator occupies my timeline, that all my Facebook friends swear by. Saying that get set for touchably smoother, sexier skin all from the comfort and ease of our own bathroom. I decided to try out this word of mouth hair clipper, when I first eye to this gadget, nothing different compare to other Epilators that sell on Amazon. When I further use it on my leg, something surprises me, it removes my leg hair very quickly and cut out all the unwanted hair growth. There isn’t even a rough hair root. What’s even more amazing is that it really does not hurt the skin. Totally as my friends said. I tried not to use it again within a month, gonna to see the result it will be. And if my leg hair grows quickly like after using other epilators.


Everything out of my expectation, with CHAINER hair epilation, I did get smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. That’s because removing hair from the root means that hair takes longer to grow back than removal. One of my best friends has been using an epilator for over 2yrs, she has really sensitive skin under her arms and bikini area and would always get irritation bumps after shaving. But since epilating, that has become a minimal non-issue. Sometimes, she’ll follow up epilating with Tend Skin (after a day or two…that stuff will sting like a mutha!), which helps with ingrown and other irritations and the itchy/prickly feeling when the hair reaches the surface of the skin when growing. She fancy with CHAINER like me, when I told her, CHAINER release its new arrival, the epilator! She added to her cart without any hesitation. There is no doubt that why she will choose the shaver which more hairs are captured and removed in one stroke, while the revolutionary CHAINER Tweezer Technology with wider, longer, and deeper tweezers increases epilation performance—removing hair 4X shorter than wax does.



Can Glamfields Hair straighter be used on African-American hair?

Many people go through Glamfields, and they often ask a common question”Does this hair straightening brush can be used on black women?” or “Can I use Glamfields Hairbrush on course ethnic hair?” Of course, my answer is absolutely it works on your hair!

Why black women confused about if Glamfields hair straightener fits on their hairstyle? As we all know that African American hair and African American hairstyles are the diverse ways that African American men and women style their hair. Because many black people have hair that is thick with tighter and smaller curls than people of other races, unique hairstyles have developed.

Quick Hairstyles For Curly Ethnic Hair-Awesome-blow-drying-natural-hair-straight-Natural-Hair-Pinterest

Is it necessary to change your hairstyle?
African women on the continent and in the Diaspora, whether sporting a wig or weave, natural, tightly coiled or loosely curled, bald, dyed, locked—the myriad ways they have as black women to express ourselves and their unique beauty. I have met a client who is from the United States and has thick hair with a sleek curl. She has read Glamfields’ article about the hair straightening brush, but still not believe that this straighter can be used in ethnic hair. She keeps the same opinion as me, sometimes we do our hair and even change our hairstyle is not mean we don’t like our currently looking. Indeed, we love it so we trying to embrace its different beauty. In addition to this, many black hairstyles concern the product before they decide to buy it.


After a market-based study and an in-depth understanding of the hairs of Native American and African Americans, Glamfields developed two hair straighteners with similar properties but a slightly different appearance. Rose Gold hair straightener is suitable for soft, smooth hair and the Purple Square hair straightening brush suit African-American hair. We have told about the Rose Gold one, see Why do you need to brush your hair? |Update 2018

Why the Purple Square hair straightening brush more fits your hairstyle?

Glamfields purple square hair straighter compares with the rose gold one, the comb tooth density is smaller, which means that there are more gaps between the comb teeth, the tiny different support accommodates thicker, thicker hair. At the same time, we set 12-speed temperature control, the user can adjust the temperature according to the adaptability of his hair. If you encounter the LED temperature control lock, you can re-open it by pressing for a few seconds. Expect these, other processes such as PCBA design MCH technology and the shell process are the same as the Rose Gold straightening brush.


It does not damage the hair. The outermost comb is slightly higher than the comb in the inner layer to protect your scalp, and the temperature is completely set according to the degree to which the human body can adapt. Package also comes with gloves, and a tiny brush that you can use to remove any remaining hair from the comb.

Nothing is better to see the video, check out below:



How did I get rid of the split hair?

I think very few people would like split hair ends, the ends of the forked hair make you look not so brilliant, even if you use the expensive shampoo, you probably won’t be excited with the party shines at the weekend. Such a dull hair.


But everything goes better in this year, I got rid of the dry hair in a few months which I have been carrying for many years before! You may wonder how can I do that, read on:

  • Decisively bid farewell to the past! Bad things are not worth having.

I have always had long hair and never done a hair salon. The only time I remember to straightening hair was in my senior high school, that caused my hair to be dry for a few years from then on. It not more glossy, even though I use a good shampoo, and cut it several times. Until last year, I no longer missed this long hair that disappointed me. One day, I walked into the salon and asked the hair stylist to cut it all off. The barber looked at me in surprise, “Are you sure to cut it? It has been really long and good looking.” “I am pretty sure that I am sure I will lose it all.” The hair stylist picked up the scissors, after half an hours my long hair became a short one.


  • Good menu make your beauty from the inside out.

Most of my friends know that I am a carnivorism. They rarely see green vegetables and fruits in my recipes, but more meat and pasta. The dry split hair made me realize that cutting my long hair can’t put an end to this dull hair, and when it grows, it will still become dry. Hair absorbs nutrients, which must be related to food. So I decided to start with my menu. Since then, my recipes have increased green nutrition, green vegetables, broccoli and so on.


  • Proper conditioner can protect your hair

About March this year, I re-visited the salon and did the first perm in my life. This is a satisfying hairstyle. Surprisingly, my hair is no longer forked and dry, it becomes shiny, this is definitely not an accident. I insist on using the conditioner, the hair can be well nourished.

I used to thought that my hair would never return to the previous lustrous and supple state, but later this series of changes brought me surprises but also made me believe that many things in life can be changed by persisted and working hard. improve. Today’s sharing hopefully will bring you useful suggestions. If you like my share, I will appreciate if you thumbs up.

Famous Chinese Movie Star with 3% Body Fat

“I knew that I had to make desperate efforts since I’m not particularly talented.”

彭于晏 Eddie Peng


Jiang Wen, a famous Chinese director, actor. “What most surprises me is that he can control himself,” There was a scene, Eddie Peng said, “director, is this scene should like Bruce Lee?” I said yes, everyone can have the ABS, but here the subcutaneous fat should be thinner than 6%. Peng said to give him some time, he can do it. And finally, he really did it. Control your body with your brain, which is something that many people can’t do.

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

Sunshine smile, muscular muscle, and superb acting, the charming man was really into the limelight when he films the movie “Jump Ashin!”.

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

What enviable and surprising people is that he learn and get a new skill when each movie he filmed. In 2005, Eddie Peng played a mail role in his movie “When dolphin met cat “, In order to play a good role, he specializes in dolphin training, and also got a dolphin trainer qualification certificate. Even more, the experience is written in his book: “Peng’s Dolphin Diary.”


In 2007, “Wayward Kenting”, Eddie Peng in order to be a good surfer, he learned surfing from a coach, as we known, he never asks a replace role while filming.

Eddie Peng

In a movie “Hear Me”, he was playing as a deaf-mute, you will never believe he also put his heart into learning sign language. And yes, he did.

 Eddie Peng

“If there is only a chance to turn over in your life, you have to do your best!” He has practiced for eight months at that time he at age 28. Every day he only drinks water and eats some vegetable to keep fit, but more than 10 hours a day to do Gymnastics exercises, Horizontal bars, rings, pommel horses … What he did is for a movie called “Jump Ashin!”. That he had learned all the items of gymnastics later. God never disappoints the studious. Eddie Peng won the Golden Horse Best Actor Award.

 Eddie Peng

He has charming a body by all women, man ashamed himself because of Eddie Peng 3% fat of his body. We often can see people comment his works, “I enjoyed every minute of the film and your performance as Sun Wukong. Since I was a little girl I like that character and the story of the Journey to the West. Greetings from a Cuban who resides in Chile.”

彭于晏 Eddie Peng

How many people forget what they want to pursue, what is now, in a hurry behind the time? Peng always know his time was used to promote himself, and every second of his life cannot be perfunctory.


How to improve your Daily life?

She is a 90-year-old mom. This is the state of pregnancy for 7 months, from the front, firm abs were clearly visible.

Girl with  firm abs

Pregnancy for women is a happy and very “painful” thing, the body is out of shape, the skin or worse, the face is awkward, every day with her big belly should be very cautious. Until more than nine months of pregnancy, the baby’s arrival will be looking forward.

However, something different to this long legs girl, the pregnancy girl still keep her shape the perfect body, in addition to the pregnant belly, we can not help to praise the slender figure from the back, which is known as the hot mom who has been pregnant for 7 months.


During pregnancy, she never stops on the management of her stature. she controlled daily exercise strictly, never find excuses for “lazy“.

She has said, “While you still have time, do your best, try to do what you want to do, be the person you want to be, and live the life you want most.”

Maybe we are always too small, but this does not prevent us from choosing the way to live. The world is always more exciting than you think, don’t be a loser, don’t stop because others say.”

Pregnant exercise

Pregnant exercise must be different from person to person, base on your own feelings, remember do not blindly imitate others. After all, you are not alone in sports, you are responsible for yourself and your baby. It is best to carry out under professional guidance.

Pregnant exercise

Reasonable diet + proper training + persistent accumulation + continuous learning, develop your fitness into your own career and devote yourself to your favorite sport.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

We often say that the greatest pain in life is not the failure. All that you do, do with your might; things done by halves are never done right. Keep enthusiasm and love for life and live happily every day.

“Peach Pink Fever”, Dress up your fashion

Fashion is like a gust of wind, fast, and come to your side without any sound, then walk quietly.

Everyone love fashion, it is like a wind, Starting from July, it ushered in the autumn and winter haute couture week in Paris, France. All fashion brands are exerting force to show its own high finished workpieces. And in the high week of this session, a prominent element is–“fairy“.


Lots of brands use the Peach Color. Dedicated to creating a fairyland full of peaches, it is also known as the “Year of the Peach” 2018, that provides more fashion inspiration.

What is on popular in the hot summer? I think a simple and special peach bag would be the best accessory for leisure and commuting. Especially when the children’s bag is on the hot topic, the convenient and beautiful peach mini bag has become a popular choice for various combinations.


When talking about a peachy sense of youth, it may remind you the motorcycle leather jacket like Gigi, it weakens the neutral wind and balanced girly and man mix and match.


You should totally agree that Peach-colored pouch is especially suitable for matching with geometry. No one against Elegant colors hit the minimalist geometric design properly and can handle any style of wear well.


Not too eye-catching colors, even with exaggerated fashion and fun design. It won’t be too awkward in everyday collocation, instead, there is an increase in detail.


Speaking of here, is your girlish rippling? If you fashion enough and you will find Glamfields Hair Straightening Brush is Rose pink, why not fill your life in this summer with a peach pink hair straightener?